Once the love lost , lost forever….true love only comes 1 in our life..so we shd recognize our love.. if we r unable to recognize it dn we lost it…. One of greatest fear in our life is losing smone to whom we love.. if u love sm1 dn sy it… jst say abt r feeling at tht time… without wasting time…if u will wait.. maybe u will lost it… so its better to say abt  ur feelings.. don’t bother abt regret.. more important thing is expressing ur feelings…

You will never knw true happiness, until u Hve truly loved, n u will never understand what pain really is until u have lost it”

           Insane ko taklif tab nahi hoti jab koi dur chala jat hai…….Taklif tab hoti hai jab koi paas hokar bhi duriyaaan bna leta hai…

        Ek ladki ne god se pucha- vt is love????

God ne kaha- jaao bag mn se ek phool lao, vo ladki phool lene gae.. usse 1 phool psand aya.. par vo zyada sundar chahti thi.. isliye aage chali gae,lekin use usse achha phool na mila.. vo wapas vo phool lena gae to usse vo bhi na mila., vo both pachtae, usne god ko akar batya.. dn god said-  THIS IS LOVE.. jab pyaar tumhare paas hota hai to uski kadar nahi hoti, par uske jaane k baad uska ehsaas hota hai….

             MY FIRST OS…. HOPE U WILL LIKE IT…Image

Maan n Arnav r frnds…Khushi is maan’s younger sis… they r neighbors… 3 of dm r frnds… they r nt rich.. don’t have d lxareis bt have enough money to live life happily.. Geet is their frnds.. she is rich. She is a vry kind grl. She is down to earth. Never show her richness. Frnd of maan, arnav n khushi.. bt she is bst buddy of maan.. share evrythng with maaan. Man also share his all secrets with her.. geet live in a big palace. 3 of them jst live near geet;s house… theyr childhoos frmds… study in same sch.. geet, maan, arnav r in same class.. maan alwz stood 1st n geet 2nd… khushi is also in same sch bt nt in deir cls as she is 1 yr younger.. after schoolinh dy decide tht dy will took admission in same clg.. dy will alwz remain together a bst buddeisssss….

Secretly maan loves geet.. bt never dare to tell her abt his feeling.. geet’s father didn’t like his these frnd.. he alwz told her to stay away 4m tdm.. bt geet didn’t listen.. she say she loves her frd n cnt live without dm…her father ask her to d frndshp wth their class, status people…this is 1 reason bcs of which maan never try to tell his feelings abt her to geet.. n also of regret.. as by sying he may also lost their frndshp.. so he alwz remain geet;s best buddy.…khushi loves arnav.. bt never tell him abt this.. cs of maan n also regret….

1 day before xam…

Geet- maan, mera kya hoga???

Maan- hoga kya.. har baar ki tarah 2nd aoge..

Geet- kya maan, kanhi to mje tumse age nikalne do.. hmesha … bachpan se aisa hoi hota a rha hai.. mn piche reh jaati hu

Maan- pakka?????

Geet- kya pakka???

Maan- kuch nahi… tm padho.. kl hmara last xam hai.. n its our last yr of clg..

Geet- hmmm…

( maan alwz help geet in her studies.. dy alwz do grp study.. as dy like to spent time with eachother n thus dy learn better)

Xam time..

Geet doing her paper.. maan kept staring at her.. he was nt doing his paper properly…. Wanted her geet’s wish to cm true.. wanted tht geet score more marks dn him.. so didn’t attempt his paper fully…

Maan (st)- geet I love u.. I lve u so much.. can do anything 4 u.. dn this lil paper doent matter… I can die 4 my MISHTY….

Geet was also watching maan during xam..she noticed he’s nt doing paper bt dn she ignored..After xam.. geet was vry happy… as her paper goes well…

Geet- maan…. Yee.. mera paper bohtt achha gya… thnk u thnku thnk uuuuu so much.. tumne hi meri madad ki.. mje tyaari (preparation) karvai.. achha tumhara kaisa gya??

Maan- mera bhi achha tha.

Arnav- my wasgood..

    Result day.. maan thought tody he will tell geet abt her feelings towards her..

Geet stood 1st n maan 2nd. Geet call maan.. she said, maan meet me at same place where we meet alwz.. I want to tell u smnthg imp. Maan also said tht he also wants to smthg to her……. They reached tht place… maan was holding a flower at his back..

Geet- maan maan..

Maan- geet geet.. sy at same time…

Dn dy both saycollectively.. mje tumse kuch kehna hai..

Dy brust into laughter as dy said it collectively..

Maan- pehle tm bato..

Geet- okkk… n closed her eyes n holds maan hans.. n say.. maan.

Maan- hmmmm…

 Geet- maan.. I I I love…. Maan was feeling happy as he also sying d same tht he wants to sy to her… haan geet bolo

Geet- maan.. I love I love arnav……..

Maan got shocked.. his eyes got wet. D rose fell on ground he was holding.. geet hugs him tight..

Geet- maan.. m so happy tody.. m jst on 9th cloud.. I love him soo much. N he too loves me.. its jst all like a dream..tody finaaly he confess he love…

Maan- its its to good news yr.. m vry happy 4 for.. bt 4m inside maan was crying…

       After 3 mnths…

Khushi- bhai.. bhai.. where r u????

Maan was doing his work on laptop. Bolo.. kya hua???

Khushi- bhai.. m tooooooooo happy tody.. tody arnav proposed me.. we love eachother so much..

Maan- vt??????? Maan got shocked

Khushi- vt happen bhai??? Aap khush nai ho?

Maan- this cant happen … stay away 4m arnav..

Khushi- bt bhai.. I love him n he to luv me… we want to marry

Maan- ek baar keh dia bs kehdia… topic closed.

Khushi- bt y???? hw it an be???? Aap ko btana hoga.. kya wajah hai?? Aapko hmara rishta kyu manzoor nai hai??

Maan- u want to knw????? Dn listen.. he loves geet. N geet loves him..

Khushi- hw??? Its nt true..

Maan- it is khushi n accept this..

Khushi fell on ground… srting crying.. brust into cry..bt hw bhai???? Its nt true…..

Y arnav… y u do this with me???? Mne tumhara kya bigada tha.. tmne mere dil ke sath khela… aur aur geet.. vt abt her???? She was broken

Khushi wipe her tears..n stands.. bt bhai.. geet???? U love him na.. iska matlab vo geet n mje dhoka de rha hai.. hme iske bare mn geet ko btana chahiye..

Maan- yaa.. I’ll talk to her….. nxt dy he decide he will talk to geet abt arnav n will her truth.. he ws on d way. He saw arnav with sm other grl….. he goes to geet

Maan- geet.. mje kuch btana hai tmhe.

Geet- haan bolo.. kya baat hai

Maan- geet.. vo arnav.. arnav is cheating u.. he lies to u. .he tell her all abt khushi n vt he see’s on d way..

Geet- no maan.. its nt true.. tm jhoot bol rahe ho.. mn abhi arnav se puchti hu

She calls arnav… n tells him abt vt maan said..

Arnav- no baby.. its nt true.. u trust me na..

Geet- hmmm

Arnav- oo.. knw I got it.. vo tmhe isliye keh rha hai.. as he loves u.. n vo hmare bech drar daal kr.. khud jagah lena chahta hai..he wants to seperae us.. n also tht khushi loves me n I refuses… vo apni behn (sister) a svarth dekh rha hai.. call ended.. ( phone was on speaker)

Geet- maan…. Sun  lea….

Maan- nahi geet.. vo jhoot bol rha hai.. tme apne bst frnd par vishwas nahi??

Geet- jst stop maan…u love me??

Maan- vo geet..

Geet- jst give me ans. Do u love me??

Maan – yess…..

Geet angrily.- so.. ab mn kya samjhu??? Iska matlab jo arnav e kha is true.. tm mje usse alag karma chahte ho.. aur khud jaga lena chahte ho..

Maan got shocked on her words.. he was broken.. his heart breaked away.. hw  hw??? My bst frnd doent trust me??  Bg… chann se toote koi sapna

                Koi rahe na jab apna

               jag soona soona lage… jag soona lage..

nxt day dy dicided thy will expose arnav.. n open geet eyes….khushi calls geet n tell her to meet at XYZ hotel.. geet agrees n went to tht place.. there she saw arnav hugging sm other grl.. her heart break into pieces.. n goes straightly to arnav n slaps him tight…

geet- hw could u????? haan… tmne mje dhoka dia??? Maan sahi keh rha tha. Tht u r leing.. u moron. U cheater. I jst hate u.. jst go away 4m my life..

                  I don’t regret my past

                   I I jst regret my time

                  I’hve wasted with wrong people..

Arnav didn’t match geet’s eyes n moves 4m there..

After tht maan didn’t talk o geet.. dy were nt like bst frnds as before..

After 1 mnth… geet realizes tht maa truly loves him.. n she also loves him..  her life was lonely without of maan.. she decide to tell his to maan… she goes to her home..

Standing on d door..

Maan was holding geet’s pic.. n was admiring tht…

Geet I love u so much.. bt u broke my heart by sying tht words on tht day… dn Geet goes straight to maan n hugs him geet (selfthought)…. Maan… maan.. I love u.. nw I realized tht.. plss forgive me.. jst forget vt ever jst happen tht day… I cant live without u.. my life is dead without u…… maan didn’t hug her back. N whisper..

Maan- m getting marry… geet moves step back.. she give her d wedding card tht ws lying on near sideby table.. geet got shocked..

M marrying suhana.. she loves me.. our marriage is nxt weak… agar mn apna pyaar na pa ska to kya hua.. kisi aur ko to uska pyaar de sakta hun…

Geet- m really happy 4 u maan….. congo…

Maan- thxxx geet…

                 “Mitouna chava ta vi nai mitega tera naam mere dil ton…

                   Kyuki mitaya oh janda hai jo galti naal likhya jave”

   After 1 weak wedding took place.. geet njoyed their wedding…..

    It shows tht if we love sm1.. so we shd express our feelings, without wastng time… if its late maybe we lost it… maan didn’t tell her feelings  at right time. When geet came to kn abt it thts nt right way n time…. n geet also cant tell her feelings… n lost her love..




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