trip of love

Hello all lovlies…. Hws u all…. Frnds today m here with my new os.. thnks 4 giving ur support in my previous os ‘ONCE LOVE LOST, LOST FOREVER’ …. U all give me support.. so here me with new os…. In tht I got cmnts tht it has sad ending.. u don’t like maaneet apart.. make them together n many more like this….. so this os is smthng new.. it’s a cute os…. I don’t knw will u all like it??? Vt ur views will be to this os???? Bt frndssss after reading, all ur rotten tomatoes.. juttis n chapalls are most welcm… bt in this os I need ur cmnts.. so do help me 4 ur frnd…..


This os is 4 all my frnds n to  holidays.. yaar its june mnz holidays 4 a mnth.. u all maybe sm r suely going 4 their sch or clg trips.. hai na?????? so this os is of trip.. ur njoymnt… hayee babji kitna lecture jhaad rahi hu.. sab bore ho gaye hoge… chalo ab strt krti hu.. so here u all go…


                 TRIP OF LOVE

Hmm … before strting story.. thodi c intro to bta du… abt characters.. a vry lil intro.


Drashti- happily married grl… jst 8 mnths ago she got married.. bubbly, cute, shy… jaan of her hubby n her frnds.. a choreographer & dance is her passion… loves her family n frnds.



Gurmeet-  bst hubby of her cute drashti wifey.. a business tycoon.. loves his family a lot.. vry romantic..

These were main characters nw sm thers…


Phalky-  bst frnd of drashti.. business partner of gurmeet n an interior decorator also.. she loves to do drawings…she is straight forward to evry1.. & single..


Sandy- frnd of drashti n phalky.. vry cute bubbly grl… a well known singer.. nw in London 4 her work.


Harmeen- drashti, sandy n phalky’s frnd.. a software engineer.. lives in America 4m past 2 yrs.. work 4 MNC’s…. dy calls her fatty.. she is engaged.


Aditya- frnd of gurmeet.. lives in America 4m past 1year.. n engaged to harmeen.. loves her a lot..



4m nw the story begins….. njoy reading this…

Its morng… drashti is sleeping peacefully in her bed…. Sunlight came 4m window tht makes her cute face more beautiful.. she is an angel.. tht almond hazel eyes… pinky chicks… tht cute nose.. tht rosy lips.. a beautiful smile on it.. this makes any1 crazy… sunlight was giving a true compliment to her mesmerizing beauty…. She is totally in her sleep.. dreaminggggg…. Rolling over the bed… having a cute soft-toy of baby pink colr in her hands.. holding it tight in her embrace…


A sound came… jaaaaaan… shonaaa… utho na… get up my sweet wify….

Here cms gurmeet… d dashing dued.. can make any1 flat on him… he is standing with a try in his hands having tea 4 his mishty n black coffee 4 himself.. he is wearing a black vest.. its fitted n showing his toned body.. showing his pcks…. Hs muscular body…. He is most handsm person having cute n speaking eyes… his M shaped lips.. n words best smile…

Shonaaaa… get up na…                

Drashti murmur.. hunnnnn.. sone do na… let me sleep..

Gurmeet place d try in side by table n sits beside her.. admiring his mishty.. staring at her with all his love…. Heslowly moves toward her n softly peck her forehead.. drashti smiles in her sleep… he move towards her hazel like eyes n peck softly on it 1 by 1.. he placed a soft kiss on his rosy cheeks… n nw turn 4 her rosy lips…

( stinna wonders.. gc u r too naughty.. me blushyingggg.. *wink*)

He moves towards her lips.. bt damm dd turns at right time.. when gc was at a inch distance 4m her lips…

( lolzzzzz gc ka to pachka ho gya..)

( 4m nw I resemble drashti as dd n gurmeet as gc.. )


Gc makes a irritating bt yet a cute face.. seeing her mishty’s nakhre.. he was neharinggggg her with his all love… nw dd got up.. jst showing her nakhre by moving another side..

Gc again say.. baby get up.. utho na…nw dd got melt n giveup her nakhras n sits on bed cross legged.. having a pillow n her soft-toy in her lap.. yawning… gc sweetly- good mrng my shona..

Dd gave her a smile n said, good mrng my shona…

Gc- oyee hoyee… shona n all… bada pyaar a rha ai apne hubby par.. in a teasing voice..

dd- e looo.. ek to mn pyaar se baat kar rahi hu aur aap…. Aap bhi na.. n makes a puppy baby face..

gc- o hooo…. Mishty mn to aise hi keh rha hu.. tm gusssa mat ho na..

dd- haan to.. mn bhi to bs ainvayiiiiiiiiii…. N laughs..

nw in her laugh gc got lost… he nw again neharifyingggg (staring) his jaan… dd stops laughing n saw d try on side table… shona ye kya??? Aap ne kyu banae???

Gc- kyuu mn tmhare liye itna to kr hi sakta hu…hai na… dd smiles..

Gc- chalooo nw have ur tea..

dd- aur aap????

Gc- me coffee… tmhari vo fiki begaar chini vaali black coffee..

Both have their coffee n tea gossiping.. njoying their happily married life…. Nw gc has to go office.. n getup 4m their to got ready… was moving towards washroom… dn suddenly moves back… dd said kya hua???? Jayea na..

Haan ja rha hun.. tumhe kuch dena tha.. bhool gya… n he gaves her a envelop.. which dd said.. ye kya hai???

Hy babaji.. ye kitne sawal karti hai… kuch to hoga na mishty.. bs wen I’ll go to office aftr tht u will open this.. got it…

dd- makes baby face to knw vts thi??

Gc- no mnz no.. jb mn jau uske baad.. thik hai.. on this she agrees.. n gc got ready 4 office n was abt to go dd held his hand 4m wrist…

Gc- kya hua…

Dd slowly moves towards him n place a soft kiss on his both cheeks… gc got happy n he move his lips towards dd’s lips to have a kiss their also.. on it dd slaps softly on his lips… nahiiiii… aaj nahi…

Gc made O shape.. par kyun..

dd- hunn.. vo mje satane k liye… aapne mje vo envelop kholne nahi dia na.. uske vajah se.. hunnn n moves out of room giving a winning smile…

(stinna- oyee hoyee.. tm to bohtt chalu ho dd)

Nw gc cant do anyhng as its all bcs of him n moves to office… when gc goes dd hurriedly went to her room.. n opens the envelop.. to which she founds a letter it was written…

Hmm.. mje pta tha.. jaise hi mn nikluga tm bhaag k ese dekhne aaoge.. n dd smiles hw much hi love knws her.. n read further..

Achha nw stop blushing n envelop dekho… dd saw d envelop n there she got tickets of shimla…

N read letter… zada socho mat.. ye hmari shimla ki tickets hai.. we r going their today.. d flight is today so get ready n do the packing fast.. I’ll cm at home soon.. dd thinks.. par kyuu jaa rahe hai??? Abhi to hm London ho k aye the, fir itni jaldi kahi jaane ki kiya zarurat hai….

n realize she was reading her love’s letter n read further… mje ye bhi pta tha.. k tm yehi sochogi k hm kyu ja rahe hai… to zad sochne ki zarurat nahi hai.. got ready d flight is @4pm… do paking 1st.. baad mn jitney chahe mere dreams le lena… dd blush… n picks d phone… reading letter.. mishty don’t u try… haan.. rakho phone.. mje phone krne koi zarurat nahi hai… I mst be in meeting so better u do ur work.. dd makes a baby face…

mishty ab aise muh fulla kr baithoge to hm late ho jayege.. chalo nw getup.. n 1 more thing…

          LOVE U JAAN….

 Which dd says love tooooooo my hubby…. N kiss d letter n goes ready n was doing d paking…. She remembers



A small grls nt so smaal bt of 17 yrs… in 12 class… telling, requesting her mom..

Grl- mom plz plzzzzz mom.. pls jaane do na.. u knw na, its my last yr of school n all my frnds r going.. mne aage kabhi aapko jaane k liye kha hai kya…

Mom- chinky beta… plzz ab aap mje emotionally blackmail mat karo…

Grl makes baby face.. ( its dd.. her mom calls her chinky)

Mom- u knw.. mn aap ko akele jaane nahi de sakti.. fir aap aise shakle bna kr mje melt mar karo..

Chinky makes baby cry face.. mom plzzzzz…. Phalky is also going na.. ( phalky is her bst frnd.. both r bestest buddy) n haan baki meri frnds bhi jaa rahi hai… teachers bhi hogi na.. so I’ll be fine.. u don’t worry mom… I’ll njoy their… plzzzzz

Mom- beta plzzz na… don’t force me..

dd- mommmm…. She knws hw to melt her mom by making cry baby faces…

mom- okkk.. u can go.. happy… 

dd jumps n hugs her mother.. ooo mom thnk u thnk u soooooooo much.. u r d worlds bstest mom ever.. umaaaah.. place a kiss on her cheeks..

mom- cha lab.. zada maska marne ki koi zarurat nahi hai…

dd bites her tongue.. n moves back….

PRECAP- nw hw dd will njoy their… vt will happen their?????


Frnds I knw, os have only 1 prt.. bt dearies sryyy… I’ll complete it in 2 prts… as m hell tired n cant write more… after giving xams nw me nt in state to write.. as my schools r also going.. my holidays will strt on 1st june.. so understand ur frnds situation… n wait 4 nxt prt.. sryyyy 4 nt completing it in 1 update… I knw I can update it later bt I want it nw as I cant wait to tell u abt this os… I want to write it before bt dn my xams stucks in between… so nw me giving update….nw its ur turn.. tell hws this?????? Do cmnts… I need it badly..





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