trip of love prt2

   Trip of love -2



dd- mommmm…. She knws hw to melt her mom by making cry baby faces…

mom- okkk.. u can go.. happy…

dd jumps n hugs her mother.. ooo mom thnk u thnk u soooooooo much.. u r d worlds bstest mom ever.. umaaaah.. place a kiss on her cheeks..

mom- cha lab.. zada maska marne ki koi zarurat nahi hai…

dd bites her tongue.. n moves back..

nw dd goes n pick her mob n calls phalky..



phalky picks d phone..

phalky- hy meri goro.. .. my simo kaise hai tu..( phalky sweetly says her simo… a her nick name is simran also.. n goro as she is of fair complection… smtimes 4m vt name tht cmes 4m her mouth)

dd- hy sweetyyyy… making sad n low voice..

phalky- kya hua???? Mom nahi maani??? Chal tu meri baat krva mn keh seti hu..

dd- e looo…. Mom ne kha mje kisi ki sifarish nahi chahiye…

phalky- lee.. tu bula to aunty ko…

dd- hehehehhe…. Meri sweetoo.. tub hi na… luv u meri jaan.. mn to ainvayiiii bol rahi c..

phalky- simooooo…. Tu mil sahi, tujhe to na main.. mai chodugi nahi…. Chudail kahi ki

dd- tu kamini chup kr… sun ab hum both maza karega…

phalky- hunn… angry face

dd- lee… tu gussa ho gae.. aye haye.. nakhre to dekho meri sweeto ke.. chal yr chod na.. hme tyari bhi to krni hai jaane ki.. kya pehnege, kya leke jana hai.. vagera vagera..

phalky- achaaa.. chal chad… hmm both maza ayega…. Achaa tune sandy aur hmari fatty ko bataya??

dd- oye nai… unke liye surprise…

maza ayega.. jaane vale din batayege…




    trip day…

all stdts were sitting in bus.. sandy n harmeen(fatty) were sitting with golgappa face on other side phalky was sitting happily as only she knws tht dd is cmng….

(sandy, harmeen, phalky n dd r bst frnds.. dd was their jaan.. she isbubly.. all said her bachha.. bcz of her talkings..she kept blabbering all time.. a full chatterbox.. she loves to watch tv d most…. So any news abt any show can get 4m dd..)

Dy were sad as dd is nt there n so dy cant join.. dy will miss her blabbering…. Suddenly sm1 comes 4m back n cover sandy n fatty’s eyes… phalky said guess??????? Who it can be????

Sandy- ee sun.. mazak mat kr.. hath utha na… pehle hi mera mann nai hai…

Fatty- yr stop na..                        

dd- surpriseeeeeeeeee….. in a loud voice..

teacher said.. silent grls.. dd bite her tongue…. Oppssss..

sandy- oyeee goro.. tu kive??? (hy hw u here)

fatty- phalky don’t say.. tje pata tha..

phalky n dd gave a smirk n talk through eyes..

phalky- eee mje kuch mat kha.. ye sab es chudail k liye kiya mne..

dd with O shape mouth… houuu..



dd- sweetooo.. u call me chudail.. tu chudail..

sandy- tu sadi hue kamini… hunn..

dd- eeloooo mne ek to tm sab ko surprise diya aur tum… hunn.

3 of dm collectively- oleee, mela bachhaaa… nw dy 4 shares a hug together…

Dy were njoying d trip..playing antkshri, dum shrasz, atlas, etc..dy used to talk to others vry lil.. dy njoy within.. don’t like to talk to others.. nw dy all were stop at sm place.. as to njoy the trip have a stop smwhere…

Dy were playing hide n seek… its dd’s turn to hide.. she hides n goes a far away.. so dy cant seek her… n teacher calls all to cm back.. dy have to reach shimla till evng.. dy went back to bus.. sandy n others thought tht dd mst be in bus n dy sit in bus.. as teacher said to be quick…

       Other side.. ( stinna wonders itna sara only dd ka.. hmm nt fare… challoo nw gc’s turn.)

Gc is cool dued of sch.. he never saw dd.. don’t knw her.. maybe jst ever saw her glimpse smtime.. nt more thn dat… he was in another bus in was also going with other stdts.. dy were nt in same bus as both were in diff. streams…. Gc n his frnds were playing cricket.. d ball goes smwhere in jungle n he goes to get tht n ask his frnds tht he is cmng.. on d way he saw a beautiful flower.. he get d ball n give it to his frnd bt goes bak sying he is cmg in 2mins…. At tht teacher calls stdts to cm back.. n gc said he is cmng.. he goes to get tht flower… stdts sits in bus n bus moves.. dy thought of gc tht he is maybe playing sm trick as alwyzzz…


When g came back after getting d flower, he saw their was nobody.. oo dammm… shit yr..gc said… he check his mob.. no tower.. vt a creep…

Dd came out 4m where she is hiding.. n saw no1 is there.. she in loud voice.. phalky… fattyyyyy… sandyyy… sweetoo.. where r u??? omg… where I stuck.. vt a creep… oh no.. mob bhi bus mn reh gya… she is getting scraed nw… she nw moving in between d road… gc was also there moving on road so tht he may get lift 4m sm1.. bt dy were far away 4m eachother.. suddenly a motorcycle came.. 3 boys were sitting… dy passes 4m dd….

Boy- oyee dekh… ladki..

2 boy- haan yaar… dy take motorcycle near dd n say- hy miss.. do u want lift.. we can drop u..

dd- no thnks..

boy- oyee hoyee nakhre..

dd saying to babaji- hayee babji kithe fasa ta mainu… mummy ne kea c.. naa ja.. lekin mn hi bhuddu hu.. jisko jaane ki paddi thi.. hayee ab kya hoga… babji bachalo.



(hy god.. where u stuck me??? Mom said me nt to go.. bt I m bhudu.. who wants to go.. nw vts gonna happen?? Save me..)

Boy- ee ladki… dy stop motorcycle..n moves towards dd.. n holds her hands grip….

dd- choddo mje.. uu moron.. leave me. Varna

boy- zada angrezi mat jhadd.. sidhe se chal.. hme mat dhamki de..

dd strts screaming loudly bachaoooo.. bachaoooo… sweetooo where r u… mommmm… bachaooo

gc hear smthng.. he thought it mst be his illusion.. dn again when dd scream, gc hear tht… he thought smthg is fishy.. he runs faster n saw tht boys holding dd’s wrist n dd screaming.. he hurriedly moves towards her…

gc- choddo usse..                  

boy- kyuu.. oyee chal pidde.. tu hume roke ga?? Chal khisak yha se.. varna.. ek laffa padega sari akkad thikaane a jayege..

gc- mne kha choddo usse.. voice is strong.. eyes r red due to anger..

gc gave a tight punch on 1 boy standing behind dd on his face.. with this he fell on ground..

( gc is doing martial arts when he was jst of 8yrs… nw he is fully trained.. no1 can stand infront of him.. he is champion of his play..)

Stinna wonders.. u non sence boys.. kiss se panga le rha ho??? Ab to tm sab ki watt lagi…


Nw gc hold tht boy’s hand who is holding dd’d wrist.. n gave a push d other 4m his leg.. he fell on ground.. nw one tight punch on boys’s face.. ye ek aur.. dhishuuuummmmm… nw he dig his albow on boy’s back.. with this he sits on ground on his knees… all 3 boys r ne on ground.. lifeless..

Gc- agli baar agar kisi ladki ko pakda na tohhh…. Mje yaad karlena.. remind gurmeet n ur this stage…

With this he hold dd’s hand  n dy move ahead n dy goes…

dd- thnkuuuuu so much.. u saved my life..

gc- no.. don’t say thnx.. its all okk miss..

dd- drashti.. n moves her hand ahead 4 a hand shake..

gc- gurmeet…

dd- yup.. knw..                              

gc with questioning face..


dd- abhi tmne btaya tha na.. dy both brust into laughter…

on other side… grls dd’s frnds notice tht she is nt in bus n gc’s frnds too noticed tht.. so d busses were cmng back o find d two stdts… gc n dd both were walking chit- chatting.. n came to knw dy 4m same sch n were on same trip..

bus finds dm cming to their side… n phalky came running…

phalky- sweetooo… kha thi tm??? N hugs her.. haan kha thi.. mn kitni pareshaan ho gayi.. u knw tht,, meri to jaan hi nikal gae..

dd- agar jaan nikal gae to yeh tera bhot hai???

Phalky hits her on her back.. bhudduuu..

Sandy n harmeen also came n dy share a hug…

Gc’s frnd came n dy also were worried.. dy goes into bus n dy goes further to their way happily…

Dy reach shimla n njoy their journey… having fun.. on d way dd tells her all story hw she met gc n he saves her.. n nw du were good frnds..

Dy came back home d nxt day..







Gc- jaan jaan… packing ho gae????? Jaldi karo.. we r already late..

dd- haan baba.. chaloo.. par hm kyuu.. didn’t let her complete n dy moves to airport n have their flight..

in d flight dd’s is vry tired so she goes to sleep n gc kept staring at his love, his life, his mishty his evrythng… dd’ id dreaming abt her clg life…


Gc n dd were in ame clg.. n nw dy were bstest frnd…. Phalky also in same clg.. bt harmeen is nt in tht clg bt dy keep calling n meeting.. sandy is out of town 4 her singing….

Nw dd n gc feels smthng…. N one day gc calls her at beautiful beach… its all dark..

dd- koi hai???? Where r u guru?? Hy babaji kha a gae mn.. chadoo mn challi… n thts it… gc holds her hand n ush her strong n dd fall on her strong chest… gc cant keep balance n both fell on ground.. nw an eye- lock..  MAHIIIIIIIIII MAHIIII.. MAHI VE MAHI MAAHI VE…. MAHIIIIIII…..

 phone ring broke their eye- lock..

men- sir.. strt..

gc- wait.. do it in 1 min..

cuts d call… gc covers dd’s eyes with a cloth.. yeh kya kar rahe ho??? Stop na…

gc- wait 4 smtime.. jst 1 min yr..

he takes her to fst left n dn right… n nw removes d cloth.. dd saw him nowhere n beach is fully decorated with lights.. its so beautiful… n dn saw gc on his knees… he hold her hand sofly.. n says..

gc- I LOVE U…WILL U MARRY ME???? N kiss her hand.. hw she can say no…. her eyes filled with tears… 1 small tear slips 4m her eyes.. dis was her ans.. both shares a tight hug… n MAHIIII MAHIIIII….



Their marriage took place aftr 4 mnths..

Gc- jaan utho.. we reaachd.. n dd’s dream broke…

Nw dy were njoying roaming in shimla.. having fun.. more eyelocks.. mahiii mahii… playing with snow.. lauging.. at night he takes dd at sm place.. covering her eyes with cloth… hum kha ja rahe hai shona?? Dd said…

Gc- wait na.. it’s a small surprise 4 my mishty.

When he removes cloth.. their was a big hotel name ‘GURTI’… this is 4 my mishty.. n happy anniversary… deir we meet 4 1st time.. n made forever together.. we r in a strong knot tht no1 can apart us.. I love u so much my mishty…. Her eyes fill with sm tears by seeing his hubby’s unconditional love.. n says her love u tooo.. n hugs eachother tight



Phalky- aree yr.. bs karo… kitna karoge.. mn to pak gae hu..

Harmeen- yr dy love eachother so jst..

Sandy- achhaa ggg….

dd- tm???? Tm sab yha kaise??? Fatty tu kb ae??? Batao???

Sandy– jha hmari sweeto vha hm… n gave a smirk to gc..

Bt it didn’t get unnoticed by dd… n says.. don’t tell me.. tmhe pta that ht dy r cmng…

Fatty- lee.. hm to 2 din se yha hai..

dd- vt??????? Par mje bataya kyu nai n saw phalky…. Tune bhi nahi bataya… hunn

phalky- lee.. agar mere jiju ne mje kuch kha to mn vo na karu????

Fatty- us din tune hume nai btya n hme surprise diya tha.. aj hmne the surprise dediya.. bss…

Dd with o shape mouth…

Gc- aree baba.. agar tmhe bta deta to surprise kya reh jata.. hmm????

Phalky- ohh plzz.. don’t strt again haan…

Dd kiss gc on his cheeks.. kyuuu… tera bill padta hai kya????



Sandy- aree vaah.. jiju ko kissyy.. hmne itni tyaari ki hume?????

Dd goes to her n hugs her n kiss her n dn to fatty n phalky n shares a big huggg together..

Gc- sahelian mili nahi.. k bechara hubby??? Usko to bhul hi gaye…


All moves towards gc n dn dy hug again together… n laughs…



Soooo frnds… hws this??????? Plzz plzzz do cmnts.. n tell me… I knw its usual stry.. bt fir bhi bta do.. all bad cmnts r wlcm here.. jo mann mn aata hai bta do..

NOTE-  I specially  dedicate this os to my school bstest frnds n my cutiees.. – phalky, sandy n harmeen.. I luv u my cutoossss.. n will miss u aftr this year as its our last year together.. after this all will go to their diff way.. lov u…



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