Characterskketch of ss’.



– a sweet, cute n bubbly girl.. vryy beautiful.. her brother is cruel. who alwz hurt her.. she is her step-sis. Thts y her bro didn’t like her ‘. Bt she loves him.. never say anything to him” no demands’.never complains’ simple sweet girl.. bt she loves to do dance’. Bt her family didn’t like this’ so she cant complete her dream.. a full chatterbox bt only infront of her frnds’ no1 else..



A cool dued of clg’. Handsome hunk can make any1 crazy’. A flirter type.. bt a true frnd.. loves his frnds.. have a toned body.. the top dancer of clg’. Loves his fmily.. bt his family doesnt have enough time 4 him’



Bst frnd of maan.. dance partner of maan’ she loves him secretly bt never dare to tell him’ lil selfish also’



Sister of geet’ loves her so much..  a chatterbox.. ek dam bindaas’. Knws everything abt geet’ knws all the hot gossips around’vry bubbly’ have a thousand volt smile’. Tht can make any1 crazy..



Geet n sweety’s frnd’ a full flirter type.. secretly loves geet.. never  told her.. bt keep flirting to her n all other grls’



Frnd of geet’she is in the wait 4 mr. right 4 her.. a cute girl..



Geet’s n other gang frnd’ nt flirter type.. a sincere boy’ bt alwzys keep smiling’ loves kritika. Bt she didn’t give damm to him.



Frnd of maan’ maan is like a big bro to her’. A sweet girl’ beautiful girl’. Knws tht karan likes her.. she also likes him bt never told him.. keep ignoring him..



Frnd of maan.. cool dued.. handsome’ likes rosy’ wants to express his feelings..


These were all he characters of ss’ if there is nyy1 more.. it will introduce later’



Frnds its an ss’. So the story will go fast’ I don’t knw hw many parts it would be.. bt it soon came to end’ a happy end’.


Story is abt’. Hw maan geet will become frnds’. As nw dy don’t knw eachother’hw the other love stories of ss will go’.. Hw tht cruel bro hurts geet n vt will happen’. Hw they fall in love’. Hw they will confess n many more’.. till dn njoy this..


Here’s the character sketch of my ss’. Hope u all like it’ plzz do cmnt nd let me knw hw u all find this’


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