Hellooo’ me here again to make u irritate with my so called writing skills’ s

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Maan was in clg’ he is 2nd year of he is cool dued of clg.. hav huge frnd circle.. bt only sm frnds r real.. others r jst behind his money.. yes.. he is a rich man’ thts y he is surrounded by a lot of fake frnds.. tht say him frnd only 4 sake of money.

Bt rohan’ his bst buddy.. both r like chaddi buddies’ love eachother.. knws evrythng abt thmself.. knw all secrets of each other.. 1 can do anything 4 other’

Once maan was sitting on a bench.. its new session’ n new comers r gonna come today’ maan is in old batch.. so he is senior’ he don’t like ragging so he was sitting quite.. rather many were teasing the new comers’


Suddenly he felt a scent’ smthng attracts him’ he saw to tht side’ a beautiful.. pretty girl wearing a baby pink chudidaar’ her hairs r curly.. she tied it n were in front above her shoulder’ sm hair strands were on her face.. she was like an angel descended 4m heaven’.. n jst for him.. no1 else’ his eyes got stuck on her.. he could evn blink his eye lashes’ with the fear if he did so.. she might go disappear.. no no.. he cant let tht happen’ so he kept looking at her’


She is wearing small studs in her ears.. nthng on her face tht can be seen.. a natural beauty.. her milky white skin.. her eyes were so deep.. he wanna swim in tht eyes n knw her heart.. her eyes shows hw innocent she is.. her lips.. pinky luscious lips.. tht making him insane’ she is like tht which can make any1 crazy for her.. same is with him’ he is drooling over her.. hw sm1 can be so beautiful jst 1 ques came to his mind’ she is holding sm books in her hands..

 girl was coming near..

her dress


 she is on her way’ seems she is a new comer’ she talks to a girl like asking her abt class’ her way of talk’ hayeee thts toh breath taking’ her smile,.. her giggle.. her cute dimples..uff his heart skip thousands beats seeing her angelic face’ she is smiling with the girl whom she was asking smthg a sec ago.. aftr a small talk she moves ahead.. surrounded by sm boys..

the boys ask her smthng.. maan was far frm her.. so vt they were talking couldn’t heard 4m there’

he is trying his best.. to listen.. bt in vain..

aftr 2 sec.. he heard a sound’ thadmmm’. Hehhehehe the boy who surrounded her was now holding his red cheeks with his hand’ n girl’s eyes were full angry.. furious ovr him.. she slapped him.. a new comer slapped a senior thts smthng new.. n daring.. tht shows hw much she is daring n full of courage..

girl “hw dare u???? vt u think of urself.. if u r a senior.. dn u can do vt ever u want.. listen be careful.. m not tht type of girl who bowed her head n say yes sir to the people like u.. u moron ppl.. who don’t respect a girl only deserve this’ if u evr try to do this again dn u will pay 4 it.. she was abt to go.. dn move back’.

1 more thing’. Its geet kapoor‘ mind it.. don’t evr forget this name n hmm this slap in ur lifen dare to mess with me’  n she moves ahead..


Wowww tht was like amazing’ seeing her innocent n nave face no1 can judge tht she can be so vt we can say it.. hmmm’ she can give answer to sm1 like this’


She goes 4m thre leaving tht angry n head bowed with shame boy n drooling maan n many other boys..




a cute girl.. belongs to a rich family.. she is nave bt she cant tolerate insult n especially women’s bad treatment’ she is 4m London.. 1 month ago she came to India for the sake of her mother,, a perfect emotional blackmailer’  she knws only English n lil bit hindi too’ as she grew up in London so her hindi is weak’ she is simple.. likes to wear evrythng.. it can be suits, saree, jeans or skirts’ n evrythng suits her the most’ vt evr she wars it alwz compliments to her beauty’

She is college to complete her she is in 2nd year’ she is intelligent.. she is her papa’s girl.. loves her papa a lot.. most of time she remains quite  bt whn it came to pride, repo, injustice.. she is alwz ready to raise her voice against it’ she don’t care abt the dam world’


Tht day she did all necessary work of clg regarding admission tht was left..


Nxt day.

She came to class’ when she enter the class hayee all boys were like can die for her’ ystry she was full traditional n tody.. oh gosh.. she is wearing  a  black knee length dress n classy red heels’ toady she tied her hairs back.. with a pony tail.. she is wearing simple black studs in her ears’ her nails were painted English red clr..


Her white white skin is seen’  we can say tht she is looking dam sexy.. tody she is totally opposite to yesterday bt 1 thing is similar.. her eyes the innocence in her eyes’

She came into class n boys strtig setting up their shirts with the hope might she ll hav a look into them.. bt she didn’t give a damm to them..

She came n sit on bench.. the benches r big.. like 4 ppl can sit on 1 it’s a lecture room’

She was sitting quite.. she speaks less .. n she is new so she don’t knw any1 there..

A girl came at the time n ask.. “may I sit ??”

Geet replied vry politely to her.. “yaa sure.. n gave her most famous n killing smile to her’

The girl sits near her..

Girl forwards her hand ‘ hy its ”


          part 2 on page 10








Hmm’ hope u all like it.. I tried my best.. n gave a updte of it’ if u liked it dn let me knw abt it.. so I can further continue it n type it..  all bad cmnts r most wlcm.. tell me abt my mistakes..

As I need a break 4 my I thnk no1 likes dm’  so thought to write this.. 4m many days smthng was cmng in my mind.. many more concepts r revolving.. bt I don’t hav time to type it.. n also my health doesn’t allow me these days to sit more in front of my lappy’ so its jst 1st.. will try my best if I can type  my else imagination too’.

Its my new os’ so will be of 2 prts’

Will updte soon’

Sorry for any English, grammar mistakes’ lolzzzSleepySleepySleepy


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