part 10

Geet came out of house…

N came near the car.. she stands in front of car…

“oyee kutte bahar nikal… aj tujhe btati hu…

Loho k ghar k bahar ja k ese tang krne ka kya anzaam hota hai.. bahar a tu..



Maan opens the door of car.. n steps out of the car..

Geet with shocking expression- tum??

Maan- haan..

Geet- tum yha???? Kya kar rahe ho?

Maan- vt was u saying????

Geet.. itni galian tum mje de rai thi??

Geet- aree nahi toh.. kisne kha??? Mn toh pagal gadhe car chalane vale ko bol rahi thi.

Maan- geet car mn hi chla rha tha..

Greeting his teeth…

Geet bites her tongue..

Geet(St)- geet.. soch smjh k bola kr.. ab kya karegi tu.. dekh kitna ulta sida bol dia tune maan ko.. usse kitna bur alga hoga na.. par vo toh ulti siddhi harkatte krta hai.. bahar horn bjane ki kya zaroorat thi.. haina babaji..


Maan- geet..

Geet- nahi mn.. vo… chaddo tum yha????

Maan dn realizes vt she is wearing, she is wearing  a red clr slighter long dn knees dress.. n she is looking pretty in it.. like the dress is made only for her..

Normally she wears suits.. 1st time he seeing her in western dress..

N she is looking jst perfect in it…her milky white white angel like skin…her hairs  were not tied…

As its evening air was blewing..

Coz of winds… her hair strands were coming on her face. Hiding her almond hazel like eyes.. disturbing him to look at her sherni..

She calls him.. maan… m sorry.

Bt maan was not in his senses.. he was lost in her angelic beauty…


Geet n sweety notices  tht maan is not listening.

Gete went to sweety n said..

Geet- ee sun.. kahi isse sadma toh nahi lg gya na???

Sweety saw geet with omg expression… shutup yr..

N prem came closer to maan n shook him..

Maan came to his senses…

Hana voh,

Geet- kya hua???? Vo m sorry

Maan jst gave her a smile..

Geet- vaise tum yha kya kr rahe ho??? Hmm???

Sweety interrupt.. aree kuch nahi.. ye toh hawa khane aya hai.. haina maan???

Maan too nodded.. haan.. vo dekho na kitni achhi hwa hai.. suhana mausam..


Geet stand their with her arms folded near to her chest.. with her eye brows up…

This shows them tht she is not satisfy with their ans…

Sweety- aree.. kuch nahi. Tu chl na andar

Maan- haan haan chlo andar chlte hai..

N strted walking towards the home..

Geet- ek min… maan tum yha kyu .. mnz ghar pe??

Maan- hou geet.. hum yha ayege.. toh tum hume ghar pe nahi bulaogi kya?? Vry bad..

Geet- no no.. she came into maan’s talk..

Haan aao na..

N maan winked to prem n sweety..


Dy came in to home…

Rosy was their.. she was dressed in blue jeans with white shirt.. n her hairs were tied in a pony tail…..

Prem saw her.. awe she is looking so beautiful..

He rooted on the place n couldn’t  move his gaze form her..

Rosy saw him…. She realizes his burning gaze ovr her n lowered her eye lashes..

Sweety- ab yha time waste kyu kar rahe ho.. chlo chlte hai na

N reality hit prem n he changed his gaze 4m rosy… rosy giggled a lil… prem was lil embraced with his action..

Maan- haan.. chlo chale..

Geet- kha????

Maan- surprise 4 sherni???

Geet- m not going anywhere…

Sweety- aree chal na.. we ll hav fun.. the meri kasam.. the jana hoga.. agr tu mje apni sis manti hai.. apne aap ko proof kr tht u r my sis… chal chlte hai

In a melo dramatic way..

Geet is left with no othr optn.. so dy headed toward the car n seated.

Maan on driving seat n prem on front seat..

All the 3 beautiful ladies were on back seat..

Maan drove the car to XYZ. Disc..

On the way prem kept seeing at rosy through corner of his eyes…

Maan saw geet through the mirror.. geet was sitting silent looking outside.. the beautiful n pleasant weather… n a small smile was on her rosy lips…

Maan smiles seeing her..

Sweety was totally bore.. she was sitting cursing herself.. cursing to the log way journey.. waiting when dy will reach..


N dy reached there..

The 1st word came 4m geet’s mouth.. vt the????? Why we r here???

Sweety- aree party krne.. bhuduu

Subha maan told u abt party na.. bs vhi

Geet- grhhh… kya yr..

Maan- nthng gonna happen with this tough look n ur angry glare sherni.. chlo ab a gae ho nw njoy yaar..

Dy were standing there… waiting 4 others to come..

Rohan came there in 2 mins…

Sweety- thank god.. tu  Aa gya..

Rohan- achha.. lgta haiaa koi hmare bgaar bore ho rha hai

He encircled his arm on her neck…

Sweety- oyee heloo.. stop flirting achaa..

Rohan- tjse aur flirt.. chal chal.. in ur dreams

Sweety- achha.. pehle toh apna hath utha.. n rohan take off his arm..

Rohan- vts upp guys???? Lets go.. chlo chlo..

Maan- hmm.. wait na…

He call kriya.. she told him tht she is on the way.. will be reaching anytime.. on this convo. Kritika n karan reached there same time.. dy all say hi to eachother..

Maan said all to go in n geet n he will be waiting 4 kriya to come..

Maan- u go.. me n geet r here… u order smthg.. okk

All agreed n went in to disc.

Maan n geet were usually talking…kriya came there.. she saw maan… geet was facing back to her .

She came there… n say- hy maan…

Kriya came there n saw geet..

Kriya- geet…

Maan- haan… yr u r so late..

Kriya- vt u doing here???

Mana- aree yr jis k liye party hai.. vo to hogi hi na

Kriya- bt I thought.

Mana- vt babes????

Kriya- nhtg… lets go..

Kriya’s blood boiled seeing geet there.. she thought she is going alone with maan.. bt heer geet.. grhh… she thinks maan as haddi.. in between of maan n kriya the kabbabs..

(stinna- aee.. haddi toh tu hai… in b/w my maaneet)


Geet nvr come to disc in her lifetime else once she came ther 4 a frnds party..

Lights were dim.. some clrful lights wre there..

Loud music was playing.. all were dancing.. like losted smwhere…. Some were drinking to the corner…


Trio came to the gang, they hav sm soft drinks… n maan drags geet to dance floor..

All headed to dance floor..

(stinna-  don’t knw vts there in disc.. all I knw by watching on tv.. so if I went wrong… m sorry..)



There’s something about tonight 
Something very special
Something about the way you move that thing
Something very special
Something about the way you lookin’ at me
Something very special yeah
Something about tonight
Something very special (x2)

MAAN was on the dance floor.. hayee the most hottest hunk, handsome, n n n .. most sexiest too.. flaunting his toned body, muscular body in his see through shirt.. his deep eyes… his M shaped lips.. girls were surrounding him as he is a  smthng too see.. like smthg in museum…

Kriya strted dancing with him… they were dancing.. geet was stnding there mum.. maan asked her to dance geet bt geet refused.. coz of loud music dy were unable to hear anything.


Here we go..
Saari ki saari duniya bhula ke
Main tto tere naal nachna
Baby you’re so sexy!


Maan came near to geet.. surrounds her… came to her left n dn right saying her to plz come n dance with him.. n dn he twirl her..


Boy you could be my one and only
Main toh tere naal nachna


Kriya came there.. she said the wordings n drags maan with her to the centre…  maan was holding geet’s hand.. as kriya drags maan there hand got apart..


Then I see you lookin’ on me
Aaja baat kar le dil ki
Hone lagenge afsaane


Karan n kritika were looking at each other 4m corner of their eyes…  smiling.. getting lost bt then sweety cme frm behind n their going to strt eye lock broke… lolzzz


You know it so sing it
Now do your hands up and say


Rohan says this n dn sweety.. n all came to centre of dance floor.. doing the step


Disco Deewane
Aahaan ahaan
Ho Disco deewane
Aahaan ahaan
Ho nasheelee hai raat
Ho Haathon mein haath
Naachein-gaayein saath
Disco Deewane
Aahaan.. ahaan

The step tht was in movie.. all did it together..

Dn  maan drags geet n she also did it..

Disco…. Kriya was J when maan went n bring geet… geet was happy..


There’s something about tonight
Something very special
Something about the way you move that thing
Something very special
Something about the way you lookin’ at me
Something very special yeah
Something about tonight
Something very special


Geet was now in the mood… she is dancing… moving her ankles, twsting it.. her waist in disco steps.. prem n rosy were dancing together…


Ho hai naa mujh pe nazar teri
Aankhon hi aankhon mein baatein hoti hain
Aaja baahon mein aa meri
Aisi hi to raatein shuru hoti hain


Maan was looking at geet n geet at maan.. n kriya at maan 4m corner of her eyes while doing their steps matching the beats..

Sweety says this n came in b/w of them

She drags maan n encircle her arms around his neck.. n winked at geet… rising her eye brows up..


Kabhi pal do pal mein yun fussy-fussy baatein hoti hai
Do hi mulaqaton mein mill jaate hain zamaane
Disco deewane

Maan take rounds around geet n dn twirl her 2-3 times..geet landed over maan’s arm.. n a small eye lock…

The beats change n goes loud n geet stand straight.. saw right left… n all drags them..

Dy did disco step..

You know it so sing it
Now go your hands up and say
Disco Diwane
Aahaan ahaan
Ho Disco diwane
Aahaan ahaan
Ho nasheelee hai raat
Ho Haathon mein haath
Naache gaayein saath
Disco Deewane
Aahaan.. ahaan

they All were doing dance matching the beats.. with whole heartedly..

in b/w some drinks were being served.. geet was feeling vry thirsty.. coz of dancing n the she not restless coz of dim light n loud music.. she goes frm there.. maan hold her 4m her wrist n she banged to maan’s chest.. maan said in her ear where she is going???? Geet said tht coming in 2 mins.. saying she left 4m there.

A waiter was passing 4m there.. he forward the tray.. geet hurriedly took it.. without seeing vts tht.. she thought tht t must be cold drink..she gulped it in 1 go.. n dn she took 1 more glass n dn again gulped it.. maan saw her drinking smthng… dn he ignores..


Ho nasheelee hai raat
Ho Haathon mein haath
Naache gaayein saath

Ishq wala love..


Geet came on dance floor.. she feels smthng like her head is getting heavy…

(stinna- sorry guys.. I don’t knw abt any drink.. so don’t knw vt geet gulped.. yr koi bhi drink assme krlo jisse nasha chad jaat hai.. I knw the names like votka n wine.. take any of ur choice.)


The drink shows its effect slowly slowly.. n geet was not in her sences.. she was dancing  like mad.. all were amazed seeing her dancing n tht too vry fast..

Maan came near to her.. geet pull him.. “let me dance”

Maan thought smthng is fishy 4 sure… he again came to geet n holds her tight… n made her look into his eyes… geet got lost in tht black  magical eyes.. thts like a hypnotizing her..

Maan saw her brown almond hazel eyes.. tht seems like drunk now.. awe thts so beautiful..

Geet shrugged off maan’s hand 4m her shoulder n goes 4m there to other side..


Disco Deewane
Aahaan.. ahaan

She did the step of disco… n till now she is fully lost.. unware vt she is doing n vts happening… lost in her own dreamland…





Sry 4 late updte… bt updte of 2000+ words will compensate it.. I thnk..


Thanx 4 reading n giving ur cmnts.

Sorry 4 mistakes.


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