Geet stood infront maan n sit on floor’ m sorry’.

Maan- vo kisliye’

Geet with her eyes indicates to his red feet..

Maan- ohh is k liye’

Gee- vo mje maaf krdijiye.. meri vajah se apko chot lagi na’

( plzz forgive me’ bcz of me u got hurt na)

Maan- hmm’ maan with  a smirk on his face’.

Geet lowers her eye lashes..

Maan- hmm.. saja to milegi hi..

Geet widen her yes. As she thought he will nt take it serious.. bt he is toh his’.

Maan- okk nw get up’ geet did as he says. He stands’

Achha to tm kya kr sakti ho’. Lemme guess’

Nw apni ek arm upar uthyao.. geet widen her eye balls’ n was with is he mad expression..

Aree ghur kya rai ho.. tabhi tabhi mne tumhara naam sherni rakha tha, abhi u said na u will do vt I’ll say. So do it.


“yaa.. m doing na..”

She does same.. she took her left arm up’ n siles.


“vryy good’. Nw take the second 1 also'”


Geet dn take he 2nnd arm up n with cuty sa face.. maan wanted to pull her cheeks at tht moment. She is so innocent like a small baby.. maan was jst teasing her..

Geet was all doing.. n kept murmuring in her mouth..


“hayee babaji’ ye kya bol rha hai. Aur mn kya kr rahi hu.. bachaoo babi mje iss dusht se”


Kuch kha kya tumne???


“aree mne’ nahi toh. Kuch bhi nahi n gave a afake si smile..


Maan was hardly controlling his laughter..

Achha vry gud.. ab apni leg upar uthao’ geet widen her eyes with his statement’




Kyaa nahi’ leg.. leg upaar.. hindi smj nahi aati hai kya.. geet cutly nodded her head to yes’

So?? Maan said..


Geet has no choice, no option.. she is at fault n she herdelf told him tht she will do vtever he will ask to repent her action’

“elloo.. babaji.. aj vo kahavat acche se smj mn a rahi hai.. vaise ek nahi.. 2-3 aj mere palle pad gae..”


“o god!! Today I got to knw abt the proverb.. btw not 1 bt 2-3 r nw clear in my mind”


Ek toh’ , ” aa bail(an animal) mje maar‘ khud hi isko bola punish krne ko aur isne maan lia. N nw I hav to bear”.. ufff’

2sra’, ” logo ko hath pakdao vo arm pakad lete hai.. mne to isse aise hi kha tha. Ye sachhi mn maan gya”..uff


Maan notices her blabbering.. n said,

“Kiise se baate kr rahi ho miss. Sherni????”


Mn?? Kisse se bhi nahi.. vo toh mn bs.. n maan with his eyes tell her to to ake her leg up.. she nodded.. she took her leg up n gave a fake n threatening smile like gonna kill u, jst 1 chance’


Achha ab apni vo jo n points to her leg with whose support she was standing’ use bhi uthao..


Geet- vt??? Vt the hell’ n nw it was the limit 4 her patience.. he is ordering her.. nw the sherni mata is wokeup in geet n she is full sherni avtar’

She poins her finger to maan n strting walking towards him..


uu.. uuu..

maan- kya u??? uske V. fr W X  Y Z..

geet- grhhh’ vt do u think of urself?? Haan

maan- hmm. Tht m hot, dashing, handsome, intelligent, smart’

{stinna- hm.. vo to hai hi, thts y many r flat on u. *wink*}

n wanted to continue bt bt .. cant do this na’

geet- grh.. mera matlab.. tha k

maan- kya matlab. Ab jb tk smjhaogi nahi h I’ll get to knw??

 Geet- she placed her finger on his lips’

A current pass through is body with her touch.. he shivers with her touch. The same is with geet.. a current passes through her spine’ tht was a new feeling for both’

Dy both got lost in each others eyes.. dy forget abt the world, abt the surroundings’

Jst lost in each other’.  Suddenly geet cam back to her sences n she continue her blabbering..

Geet- vo.. r u mad??? If I took my another leg dn hw I’ll stand u duffer’ u don’t kwn this..

Maan- aree I knw.. I toh was jst kidding..

Geet- vt????

Geets eyes were like I will eat u at the vry moment.. maan was with bachoo koi to bacho is sherni se..

Maan- uff’ okk nw sachhi’ lets be frnds??? N forward his hand

Geet stands their sideways with crossed arms to her chest n pouted her lips.


Maan- aree tum na bilkul khadus types ho’

Hearing khadus geet was O shape mouth n turn in a jerk to maan.. maan was standing with his hand forward, she suddenly moves backward’ bt with angry face’

Maan’s one hand goes near to his ear.. n said with a pleasing sound n with a cuty sa face’ sorry’


(stinna- at time jst imagine.. he will be looking dam cute..hayeee..)


Geet smiles with his cuty face.. maan’s face can melt any1 ‘s anger’ he has power to melt any1.. aweee..

Geet shook his hand with maan.. frndsss..

Dy both were shaking hands’

Maan- vaise tum both khadus aur nakchadi ho.

Geet- hmm.. n greeted her teeths.. tum bohtt dramebazz.. natakbaazz ho..

Maan- hmm.. reaalyyy..

Geet- haannn

Maan- vaise tumhara name bda funny hai..GEET..

Geet- ohh achhaa’ tumhara naam bhi koi hero jaisa nahi hai.. haan.. kya hai MAAN.. hnn.. ye bhi koi name hai..

Maan- vaise jawab to tum saare khrakedaar deti ho.. teri meri khoob jamegi.

Geet- hmm’ maybe.. lets see.. viase tumharii meri sis se jane pategi..


At this time maan leave her hand in a jerk.. like a siren is ringing in his mind with a  name of a girl..


(stinna- hehehhe’ naughty maan..)


Geet with sis remembers.. she is at clg till nw’- ohh noo’

Maan- vt happen????

Geet- omg!!! Time kya hua???

Maan- pta nahi..

Geet- gosh’ u hav a watch dumbo.. n took his hand n shows him his watch.. ye dekhooo’ oh noo.. its 7pm.

Maan- haan toh,

Geet- oh kya.. I hav to reach home in 10mins..

Geet strted bitting her nails’ hayee ab mn kya kaugi’ agr veerji ghar a gye toh.. haye babaji bachaloo’

Maan- aree chill’ don’t worry I’ll drop u..

Geet- hayee sachii.. pakka na..

Maan- aree haan’ pakka’ ab dosti ki hai jhelna toh padega hi’  with a bechara sa face..

Geet hit on his arm.. chalooo n drag him with her.. icks her bag 4m table’  chalooo’.


Both went out of college’

Maan- hy u stay here.. I’ll be right back.

Geet- kha ja rahe ho??? Oyee mje fool toh nhi bnagi na, vaise april toh abhi both door hai

Maan- fool ko kya fool bnana’

Geet with O shape mouth.. houu..

Maan- oh ho’ sherni I mean’ flower hmm.. achha u wait.. n strtd going 4m thre..

Geet- where???

Maan- ufff’ tumhe drop krna hai.. mn jadoogar to nahi hu na’ toh.. going to take my bike..

Geet nodded..

Maan went to parking n hurriedly stsrd his bike’ came to geet’


Chaloo baitho.. sit..

Geet- kaha???

Maan- mere sir pe.. bhuduu pichhe hi baithogi na.. chalogii. U hav to reach home na..

Geet nodded n hurriedly sits on bike’

Maan- oyee khadus..

Geet- hmmm..

Maan- aree vah..

Geet- shutupp’

Maan- ye toh btao’ where’s ur home.. ur address’

Geet- yaa.. lolzz I forgot.. haan’ she tells her address.. her home was at distance of 20 mins..

Maan- wow.. don’t worry.. mn tumhe jldi se puhcha dunga’

Jb maan singh khurana ho sath toh kya darne ki baat’

Geet- ooyee apni dialogue-giri band kro n move..

Maan- hmm.. zara kass k pakad lo..

Geet ‘nopss. M okkk

Maan- as u wish.. baad mn kuch mat kehna’ tht maan ne btaya nahi..


N maaneet went 4 their bike ride’..


The monsoon was mind-blowing’

Cool winds were blowing’ the atmosphere was dim.. they both were only.. lonely on road. No1 was their..


Maan speedup the bike’ he was too fast’

Geet- hy.. slow na..

Maan- uff’ fir tumhe jldi kaise ghar pohchauga???

Geet was holding the back of bike 4 support.. her bag was hanging in her arm was nw talking with the air as maan was really fast.. he was going like a bullet’


4 support.. geet’s hand goes to maan’s shoulder.. he holds his shoulder tigtly with her full strength.. n closed her eyes’


Cant bear with fast wind.. air as it ws hiting in geet;s eyes’ maan smiles a bit after realizing tht she is holding his shoulder tightly..


Maan- mne pehle hi kha tha..

Geet- okk.. kitna time lagega

Maan- bs u open ur eyes n u wil found urself home.. at ur home sweat home’.

Geet- oh pulesse’

 Suddenly speed.. the winds stops’ maanstopped the bike..

Geet- bike kyu roki??? N open her eyes’

Maan- as I said.. u will find urself home when u’ll open ur eyes’ so here u go..

Geet moves her eye balls to find her home infront..

Maan stops the bike at few steps before..

Geet came down of bike n stood straight on ground’

Geet with a big smile.. thankuuu..

Maan- hmm’ jst in 9 mins.. utill nw hav 1 min left babes’

Geet- hmm.. voh to hai.. thanku so much..

Maan- m nt gonna talk to u..

Geet- ab vo kyuu

Maan- as in frndship thre’s no sorry n thanku.. n u break that rule.. else u don’t accept me as ur frnd.. n make a puppy face..

Geet- ollee’ sahi kha’ bade natakbaaz ho tum.. achah baba sorry..

Maan widen his eyes..

Geet- oppss.. opps.. ok ok.. fine.. no sry n no thanku..

Maan- much better n smiles..

Geet- okk byee.. nw hav to go. Byee..

Maan- u going??

Geet- haan’

Maan made a sad sa face..

Achhaaa..  geet strtd walking towards her home’

Chha sherni suno.. kab milogi??? I want to meet my new frnd.. where??


Geet was walking.. turn to his side.. n was walking backways.. 2moro at college’

Maan- okkk’. Byee’

Geet wave her hand n said byee n enters to her home’


Geet hurriedly goes upstairs to her room n banged to her room’ throws her bag on bed..

Bt on bed sweaty was lying n listening music.. bag hits on sweaty’s head’.

Sweaty- ouchhh’. N turn to find who is this’ n saw her cuty sis who was very happy’

Geet.. vt u doing.. bt geet didn’t listen to her ..

Geet suddenly went to her balcony’


Maan turns his bike n was abt to go.. bt don’t knw why he turns his face n saw up.. where geet jst banged in’

Maan smiles to saw her..

Geet waves her hand n bid byee..

Maan also said byee


(stinna wonders- oyee bas karo.. kitna bye shye karoge??)


Geet signals with her eys to go.. maan nodded.. okkz

Maan goes 4m thre.. geet hit on his forehead with her small sa hand’. N realizes tht she hit herself..

N went in to her room..


She found her lil sis sitting with angry face n pouted lips’


Sweety with her 1 eyebrow up’. Where was u???

Geet- vo mn..

Sweety- itni der kaise ho gae???

Bahar kya krne gae thi.??

Geet- ohh ho.. meri sweetoo.. hold on.. take a breath baby’ r u asking me a rapid fire??? N ine saare sawal??? Kis liye?????

Tu khai CID mn to jaane ka nahi soch rahi???

Sweety- shutup.. ans me..

Geet- haan.. toh deti hu na’ mn konsa bhaagi ja rahi hu’ m here at home na’ so jst chill babes’

Sweety- babes n all.. tut oh aage kabhi nahi kehte yeh’ kis se sikh k ae????? She was asking question like suspecting her’


Geet- aree baba.. kissi se nahi’ mn toh bas aise hi..


Sweety- achha gg’

Geet- hang g’

Sweety- badi khush lag rai hai aaj

Geet- kyu ho nahi sakti kya???

Aur tu na apne chottu se brain pe itna stress mat de..

Chal mje na badi bhook lagi hai.. lets go’




So frnds.. hw was it???? I knw I waited all u 4 so long.. bt it was nt my fault na.. exams came..

Nw I had given a long update.. . more than 2000 words’ so I also expect long cmnts also’. Plzz give ur response towards it.. don’t be mum guys’ hy silent readers.. do cmnt.. plzzz..

Waiting 4 ur response’






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