Geet had his dinner quietly bt a with a wide smile on her face..
Sweety was seeing her suspecting her’
She thought’ kuch toh baat hai, vrna ye aur itna muskraye.. hunn.. pta lgaana hi padega’ chl sweety ho ja shuru’
They had their dinner n both went to their room..
Swwety- geet..
Geet- hmm’ geet was checking out his wardrobe 4 her night dress.
Sweety- aree sun na..
Geet- sun rai hu.. bol
Sweety- edhar toh dekh..
Geet turns to her side getting angry..
Ufff kya hai’ mere ears hai na.. agar teri tarf nahi bhi dekhugi toh sunai dega mje’ n hit her forehead with her index finger’
N went to washroom to change..
Sweeety-( st) hmm.. kuch toh gadbad hai..
Geet came out aftr changing to her night dress..
She came to bed n sits near to sweety’
Strd her prayers by folding her hands n closing her eyes’ she is used to do this daily’ to thanks to her babaji 4 evrythng..
When she opens her eyes. She found sweety sitting nt to her with her big wide eyes’
Geet got shocked found her infront n she moved back’
Sweety notted her eye brows like asking her ..
Geet- vt?????
Sweety- itni der kyu ho gae???? Aur aaj tu kuch zada hi khush lag rai hai.. haaan..
Geet- kuch nahi baba’ bs aise hi.. ab mn khush bhi nahi ho sakti kya’ had hai yr..
N sets her spread on her legs’ n slides under it’
Sweetyy with O shape.. she is sleeping without answering her, hw dare she’
She immediately took the spread 4m geet.. geet snatches it..
Sweety again pulls it’ geet again took it 4m her hold..
Sweety was nw again to take it. Bt geet was holding it tight this time’ n sweety fell backs’
Sweety- thik hai.. mat bta’ hunn.. jaa mn bhi bolti tjse.. hunn
She took her spread n slept near her’
Sweety turn off the lights’. Geet fears 4m darkness’ she suddenly sits on the bed’
Geet- kamini.. lights on kar’ she was patting heavily
Sweety- ufff’ she turn on lights’
Kya hai yr’ dekh tu kitni badi hai.. fir bhi andhere se darti ho..
Geet- agr the pta hai.. toh off kyu ki paagal..
Sweety- mje gusa a gya tha isliye’ n tu paagal
Geet- haye babaji.. vt to do with my this mad sis..
Aree sweety’ she cupped her golgappa face..
Sachii’ kuch nahi.. bs dance krte huye didn’t notice the time. So got late.. thts it.
Sweety- pakka???
Geet- haan’ chl ab soja’
Sweety- theek hai.. n kiss on her cheeks’ n both hug each other
Soon dy both drifted to sleep..

Maan reached home..
He found no1 for him’
As alwz no1 in house waits 4 him’
He was having his dinner..
Her mom came 4m her party’
Maan- hy mom..
Mom- hy baby’ hw u???
Maan- m ok’ u..
Mom- as awlz.. okk m tired.. feeing sleepy.. bye gud ni8
Maan- hm mom.. byee’
Maan got irritated’. N he left his dinner without having it.. n move to his room
She strt punching to his punching bag vigorously ‘. Having anger in his eyes..
Suddenly geet came infront to his eyes.. dancing’
Her dance moves’ her talkings’
He smiles’ remembering her.. he called her sherni’
He leave the bag.. n moves to her big king sized bed’
He took his pillow’ n lose his eyes’ she appears standing on her 1 leg n her arms up’ he smiles’ he instantly open his eyes..
“ye geet baar baar kyu dikh rahi hai mje’ ufff”
“vaise name toh kitna cute sa funny sa hai uska’ GEET’ like a sweet song’ par ho to bilkul sherni cc’
Kaise ghur rahi thi’ apni badi badi ankhen dikha k jaise kisi ko khana ho’
Maan soja’ kl mil lena use..
Par kha milege???? Usne toh ka tha college mn’
Okk miss geet sherni.. meet u 2moro..
Maan soon went to a deep slumber..

Geet woke up’ n she wears a red clr suit n both went to college..
She was moving 4m dance rehearsal room.. she remembers her dance with him’ n smiles a bit..
Sweety notices this.. bt she choose to be quite..
Dn she went to libray to return the books’
She remembers her encounter with maan in libraray.. the punishment..
She hits plyfully on her forehead with her hand.. n said “paagal..”
Sweety- kon????
Geet nooded to no.. kuch nahi..
Her eyes were in search of sm1′.

Maan came to clg asusual he woke up late n dn with a speed came to clg on his bike..
He was sitting in canteen chatting with his frnds..
Geet was going 4m there..
He saw her’ n calls her loud..
All her frnds sitting with him’ were like.. whose she??? N where???
Geet heard her name.. she saw left n right .. bt found no1 thre.. so she moves on..
Maan noticed tht she didn’t saw him’
Prem- oyee. Kon geet??
Maan- aree meri frnd..
Kritika- ohhh in a teasing tone’. Frnd haan..
Maan- haan’ ignore her teasing.. he stands n hurriedly moves towards geet’
He came to corridor.. geet was still going with rosy..
He again calls her.. “geet”.. hyy’ geet”
Geet heard this’
Geet- aree mje kya koi bula rha hai kya???
Rosy- mje bhi awaaz suni’ dy both saw left n right..
Maan- aree sherni’ pichee’
Geet recalls word’ sherni’ she murmurs.. maan’
N turns to find maan standing near her’ he was close to her
They were inches away 4m eachother’ dn geet steps back..
Geet- tum????
Maan- haan’ kyuu u was epeccting sm1 else’
Geet ‘ nahi’
Maan- I was calling u’ u didn’t hear me???
Geet- voh mn’
Rosy- hy maan’ n forward her hand’
Maan did a handshake’ hy babes’
Geet ‘ u knw him??
Rosy- yaa’ bt nvr talked to him’ with a sad face..
Maan- acha chalo.. cm with me.. I’ll introduce u to my frnds.
Geet- bt mn’
Maan’haan.. u r also my frnd na’ remember k bhul gae sherni???
Geet with angry eyes’ stop calling me sherni..
Maan- achha ggg’
Rosy interrupt in b/w their talking
Rosy- ek min’ hw u knw him?? Aur ye kl ki kya baat hai haan..
Geet- are vo kuch nahi’
Suddenly sm1 came 4m back n covers geet’s eyes’
Geet aahhh’. N placed her hands on th hand tht were closing her eyes’
Choddho na’
She nodded to no no..
Geet- agr pichhe se sir hilayegi toh hw I’ll knw’ bhuddu..
Maan was seeing her.. with questioning face.. like hw she knws she is nodding her head..
Sweety- kya hai’
Geet- chod na sweety..
Sweety leave her eyes n..
Kya hai.. hmesha mera plan flop kr deti hai’ hunn’ n dn saw him’ MAAN’ se screams’ n place her hands on her open mouth
Sweety- omggg’.. tum yha’ I mean.. hws u???
Maan- m all gud babes. U say
Sweety- meeting u.. mnz m all cool..
Geet again seeig dm like an alien were standing’
Geet- don’t say me’ u also knw him
Sweety- aree who don’t knw him.. iss pet oh clg ki har girl marti hai..
Maan- oh thnkuu.. bt ese kyu nahi pta?
Sweety- isko study se time mile toh na’
Maan- bt I was wondering dance..
Sweety- bt hw u knw abt dance with her eye brow up..
Geet hit on sweety’s arm’ chup na’
Sweety rubbing her ram’ kya hai di’
Maan- ohh.. toh ye hai tumhari sis’.
Hmm mst say she is gorgeous..
Sweety ‘ hayeee’. With dreamy eyes’
Maan- oh ho.. chalo na’ n drags geet with him to canteen side’
Both sweety n rosy follows them as maan also said dm to join’

Maan went where his frnd were.
Kriya- maan.. kha gaye the??
Kritka- apni new frnd se milen yr.. again teasing tone..
Maan was with a wide smile’
He went to other side’ saying
“tan ta naannn’. Meet geet’ my frnd’
Geet was smiling bt feeling uncomfortable’
She meekly says hy to all’.


Wait 4 it, till than I’ll think.. hehehe

So sry 4 again itn alte update.. m becoming to irregular na..
Bt u hav to bear this’ I hardly got time .. n u all knw I hav an ff n os also’
Hope u all like it’
Give me ur response.. will be waiting 4 it.
Thanks 4 reading



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