Maan said happily.. 
Meet geet’ my frnd.. n urs too..
Geet gave dm smile’ 
Kritika stood n gave her hand 4 a shake n also said hy..
Its kritika’  geet shook to her n said’ geet..
Geet dn meet with prem’ 
Kriya was not so happy meeting geet so she while sitting said hi to geet.
Then they meet with rosy n sweety’
All welcomed them in their gang except kriya’ 
She don’t like any other girl around maan’ she wants only her near him’
Dy all sit together’ 
Maan was abt to sit near geet’
Than sweety hurriedly sitd near her’
“sorry.. mje iske paas baithna hai.. aap. She forwards a chair’ aap yha baith jao..
Maan had no other choice so he sits their’
They all chatted their 4 smtime’.
The  bell rings n all left 4 to their respective lectures’
Geet n sweety r free’ 
Maan n kriya went together’ 
Rosy n prem also become frnds n dy have to go to 4 same lecture so dy went together’.
Now sweety got the chance to ask her the rapid fire..
Sweety- hmm.. ur frnd 
Geet- haan’ vo
Sweety- kb??? 
Geet- kl.
Sweety- kaise??
Geet- kaise kya matlab?
Sweety- mnz how???
Geet- aree bs kl hum mile .. thodi c baat kit oh frnds ban gaye
Sweety- achha kl’ ohh’ jb mne pucha tb kyu nahi btaya???
Geet- yeh koi btaane vaali baat hai kya?
Sweety- offcource’ 
1 min 1min.. tabhi madam g kl itna muskura rahi thi’ jb pucha toh kehti hai kuch bhi nahi’
Geet- kuch bhi mat bol’
All her ques were continous’
Sweety- chal jhooti’
Geet- sacahiii’
Sweety- hunn’ fr bta dete. Tera kya jaata..
She made  a puppy face’ turn to other side..
Geet- haye babaji.. kaise sis di hai’. Ufff’.
Ab sun na..
Sweety- nahi’ pehle sab kuch bta..
Geet- kya???
Sweety- hw u meet??
Geet- yeh koi sunne vaali baat hai kya???
Sweety- haan’ 
Geet- okk’. Hearing okk.. sweety got excited n turn to geet’ 
Vry gud.. chl jldi jldi bta.. sab kuc.. string se end tak’ she said this in 1 go’.
Geet- vo.. kl mn jb dance kr rahi thin a..
Sweety was hearing vry intersingly.. like she is listening a lovestory’ full to engrossed in it’
Achhaa tabhi he said abt ur dance..
Geet- haan’ 
Tb vo vha aya’ n dn..
Sweety- fr’
Geet- fr’ 
Geet- haan bta na..
Geet was hesitating in telling abt their dance’ so she opt to skip tht’ 
Fr hum library gaye’ dn thodi c baat ki.. dn he drop me home as koi auto nahi mil rha tha.. bs thts it..
(stinna- houu.. chupi rustam’ apna starring drooling maahi session sab skip kr gae’ )
Sweety- achha gg’. Toh aap kl late ho gae thi’ ohh’ in a teasing tone
Geet hit on her arm n stands’
M going’ 
Sweety- where???
Geet- jahanum (hell) wanna come??
Sweety- yaa sure.. jahan tu main vahan’
Geet- chl fir’ 
Both went together to park..
Maan was too bore in lectures.. he was not listening to it.. so he thought to bunk the class..
He slowly slides 4m the classroom.. without knowing to the lecturer.
He was roaming heer n thre.. so he thought to go to geet’ 
He search her t she was not thre’ 
So he went out..
Thre he saw sitting on a bench with sweety’
He went to her’ 
Sits in b/w both..
Both made O shape’ houuu’ tum yha???
Maan- shut ur mouth u both.. otherwise sm1 will came in ur mouth,
Both shut their mouth.
Geet- tum yha???? 
Maan- haan toh’
Geet- tumhara lecture??
Maan- yr voh prof. bda pkka rha tha.. so I came.. 
Geet- u bunked??? 
Maan- so vt??? Y u seeing me like this???
Both were talking n forget abt sweety.. so sweety got angry’ 
She stands in front n wave her hand in b/w both  faces’ 
Oyee hello’ 4 ur kind info m also here’ okk
Maan- so????
Sweety- vt u mean so???? I was talking to geet..
Maan- so nw ur time overs’ 
Sweety- noway.. she is my sis’ she will talk to me..
Maan- she is my frnd
Sweety- a new new’ m her sis 4m 20 yrs’ 
Maan- u r so old’. 
Geet scream’ shutuppp  u both’
I don’t want to talk to any1′. Hunn’ n goes 4m there’
Leaving sweety n maan thre..
Maan- all is coz of u’
Sweety- ohh achha ggg’ hunn n sweety also goes 4m there’
Maan was left alone again’.
(stinna- lolzzz’.)
Geet came clg with sweety’
Maan 1st time came clg early’.
When he reached clg he saw geet coming with sweety.. she was wearing a white clr suit..
Geet was laughing n giggling’ her hairs were flowing in air’
She with her milky fingers tuck them behind bt again dy came in front n were irritating geet’
Maan was nt able to see geet’s face.. he goes to left n bend fully’
To see her 1 glimpse..
Maan was don’t knw y seeing her like this..
He was smiling’.
IMP NOTE- mst be thinking vt writing here’ I gave notes in the end n evn in strt bt I thn no1 pays attention to it.. so thought to give it in mid..
M fedup with the poor response with the updtes..
I thnk u r nt liking the concept. If there I any kind of prob do tell me.. I’ll accept evry bad words.. I really don’t mind.. 
Especially if readers. I pm many people.. evn tht m getting to much poor response.. thts too sad n disappointing .. its hurting me.. hope u will give me response tht I expect. Sorry 4 interrupting in mid..
He felt a tug on his shoulder..
This brings maan to present n he turn around..
Prem- tu itni jldi??
Maan- kyuu a nahi skta kya???? 
Prem- par.. tu.. tere kaise clg aane ka mood ho gea?
Maan- kyuu agr clg auga tera bill padega kya???
Then sweety saw maan.. she call him loud  “maan'”
Geet- use bulaane ki kya zarurat thi?
Sweey- hou.. frnd hai toh bulau na..
The nahi miln. So u stay here. M going..
Geet- sun na..
So both went to maan.. maan smiles seeing dm.. he also strt walking.
Sweety forward her hand 4 andshake..
Bt maan forward his hand o geet’. Saying hy sherni???
Geet was seeing here n thre..
When she heras the word.. she turns to maan..
Geet- I told u.. don’t call me with this name..
Maan- oh ho’ mn bhul jata hai yr..
Sweety- oye hellooo’.. btw I call u.. n u didn’t say hello to me.. n make baby puppy face..
Maan- oh ho’ he came near sweety n encircle her with his arm’ hy kabbab’
Sweety went O shape’
Oyee vts this kabbab??
Geet- haan ye kya hai maan???
Prem was the silent spectator who was njoying n also was happy seeing his frnd happy..
Maan- vo kya hai na’ tum na kabbab mn haddi types ho.. mje kabhi baat hi nahi krne deti
Sweety- oh achha..
Maan nodded..
Sweety- di see na.. kitna bakwaas sa naam rakha hai..
Prem- haan maan’ 
Maan- oye tu mera frnd hai k inka??
Geet- hmara..
Maan- ye toh glt baat hai.. meri sie koi nahi.. not fair..
Geet- all is fair’ hunn’ 
Kriya was comig n dn she saw maan ‘
She was shocked seeing maan at clg at tht time.. as maan n early in clg.opposite sides’
Dn she saw the girl to whom maan was talking
She fumed in anger seeing geet’
Maan saw kriya.. n called her..
Maan- hy babes’ hws u doing???
Kriya- wow’ hotty.. u at this time..
Maan- vts the big deal????
She say hi to all other three standing thre..
They chat their 4 smtime..
Whole day was like talking,, leg pulling.. gossips 4 all’
Geet introduced he frnds to other gang,.
Karan, rohan n rosy’ though rosy met with them before..
They all were nw frnds n all talks n chat’
Maan bunked his classes n chatted with geet 4 a while bt kriya came in..
N took maan with her saying dy hav to do dance rehearsals..
Bt maan is maan.. maan also took geet with him..
Kriya again fumed’ 
Geet resist 4 going bt maan drags her with him..
Maan- chl na.. plzz’ it would be fun’ 
Geet- maan.. plzz.. I hav sm work.. I av to make project..
Maan- make tht later na.. nw come..
Both with kriya came o dance room’ 
Geet sits to the side thre was place for sitting.. 
Maan on the music player.. n song strts..
It was strting music’ tune .
Kriya placed her hand on maan’s shoulder n maan placed his hand on kriya’s waist..
Geet saw this n she felt a lil sad.. 
Y tht she don’t knw.. t she don’t like maan touching another grl’
The dance with the beats’ dy were doing salsa..
Bt nothing was going right..
Maan was nt in mood to dance’
Smtimes he bumped with kriya..  bumped her feet with his..
Kriya- vt happen maan??? Vt u doing??
Mana- don’t knw yr..
Geet was making her project’.
Maan keep seeing her 4m corner of his eyes’
Kriya ‘ maan.. jst stop.. u r nt here.. wait.. u sit I’ll ome in 5 mins..
Maan- okzz.. 
Behke behke nain,
Cheena dil ka chain,
To ye pyaar hain,
Koi intezaar,
Kar de bekara,
To ye pyaar hai,
Hope u all like the updte..
Will be waiting 4 ur cmnts’
Silent readers plzz cmnt.. it only takes evn less dn 1 min to cmnt.
Thanku 4 reading’

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