Kriya goes 4m ther.
Maan came near to geet n sits thre..
Geet gave him smile..
Maan gulp water 4m bottle..
Maan- geet..
Geet- hmm’ she was doing her work.. so didn’t notice the smirk on maan’s face..
When she can see him maan drags her with him.. to the middle of room’
N dy both stand facing eachother.
Geet- ohh ho.. kya kar rahe ho..
Before taking her maan on the music player.
The song strted’
Tune to this song’ song Frm movie-  AISHA.. BEHKE.
Behke behke nain,
Cheena dil ka chain,
To ye pyaar hain,
Koi intezaar,
Kar de bekara,
To ye pyaar hai,
Yaadein, dil ko tadapaye,
Sansein, ulajhti jaye,
Ankhen, sapne dikhlaye jab anjane,
Bato, se tu ghabraye,
Rato, main so na paye,
Hato, ko malta jaye,
Tu diwaane ha,
Maan took her hand n placed on his shoulder..
N put his hand on her wiast..
Geet had sm new feeling with his touch..
Smthng tickles her.. when maan touches her..
Maan did a step.. geet follows him..
She hav to follow else it may hurt maan.. coz of footsteps..
Geet- maan’ vts this??
Maan- tum mere sath dance kar rahi ho..
Geet- bt I hav work. N I don’t knw this..
Maan- u jst follow me..
Geet shrugged of her hand n strted walking bt maan hold her 4m her wrist
N turn her.. his did this with force n geet collide with maan.. her head was on maan’s chest’
Then maan twirl her.. 2-3 times..
They dance with the song.. geet was following him
Hote hote o yaar,
Ho jaane do na pyaar,
Dhoondti hain nazar,
Ek haseen ko agar,
Koi armaan leke,
To prem nagar,
Ki taraf hain safar,
Dil ka saman leke,
Both saw eachother’
The beats of song were fast.. so as the song..
Maan picks geet in his arms ‘ geet saw up..
Slowly geet came down.. she caresses her hand on mana’s face’ while coming down..
Pighla sa pighla sa,
Ho jo mann,
Sulga sa sulga sa,
Ho jo tann,
Dil jo dhadakta hai,
Shole bhadakte hai,
Hosh to hota hain,
Pyaar job hota hain,
Hote hote o yaar,
Ho jane do na pyaar,
Kriya came in’ she was shocked to see maan.. more of geet who was dancing with him
Both were jst lost in eachother’s eyes’
Maan was doing dance with her’
Dy were jst following each other.
Kritika also came in with kriya.. kritika went O shape’
Seeing both’s chemistry..
Both hav sm spark in their eyes’ n both were complimenting each other.
Kritika- oye yr’ dekh kitna achha kr rahe he..
Kriya was full jalli hui’ SHE said with fake.. hmm
Kriya was abt to call him.. bt kritika stopes her.. n didn’t let her to speak..
Kriya with questioning eyes??? Y did she stops her??
Kritika- oh ho.. kyu disturb kar rahi ho..
See na.. dy r doing dance .. omg!!! Both looking so cute..
She was drooling on the couple’
Kriya- bt ‘
She didn’t listen to her..
She stops the music’
Bt it didn’t effect our maaneet.. dy were standing n seeing eachother..
Kriya couldt see this more..
She came to maan’
Maaneet apart 4m eachother..
Kritika happily’ ohhh geet.. u was fab yr.. n hugs her tight..
Geet with a smile. Say thanku..
Maan- dekha.. mne kha than a.. u will do well
Kritika- maan’ u was sying u r nt in mood to dance .. n u was nt dancig with me?? Nw?
Maan- haan. Tb nahi tha’ bt I danced with her’ n saw geet.
(stinna- ab voh geet k sath hi dance karega.. ter sath thodi..)
This make kriya more angry.. she left 4m ther’
Maan- isse kya hua??
Kritika- pta nahi’
Achha bro.. getting bore.. vts say abt party? N also of geet’s entry in our gang.. toh arty toh bnti hai na
Maan- yuppp’ y is dull life na.. so shd hav sm colors..
Vtss say geet??
Geet- as u wish.. aapko krni hai toh krlo..
Maan- uff mishty’.
Kritika- mishty??? Who??
Ohh achha’ geet madam ko aap mishty kehte ho.. in a teasing tone.
Maan- hmmm’ as she is so sweet na..
Are tere liye party hai.. tub hi to ayegi n.. toh tera opinion bhi chahiye..
Geet- m not cmng..
Kritika- vt???? Bt y??
Maan- no.. u av to cm’
Geet- I cant.. I hav work..
Maan- u leave’ I’ll talk to sweety vahi smjhayegi..
All goes 4m ther’
Geet was attending her lectures..
Maan called sweety n rohan to meet in canteen..
They came. N met thre..
Maan n kritika wa waiting thre 4 them..
Dy say hi to each other..
ALL took their seats’
Sweety- hme yah kyu bulaya???
Rohan- any work kya??
Kritika- wanna hav a party
Sweety said happily n loud.. yee party’
Maan- oyee loudspeaker chup kr’
Sweety shot an angry glare to him..
N vt u r???? sada hua karela.. hunn n turn to other side.
Maan- listen.. we r planning a party’ as u all r also member of our grp nw.. so thought 4 sm party
Rohan- thts grt idea buddy..
Kritka- I knw I knw. Assuming .. Collar up
Sweety- tu kyu hwa mein udd rahi hai
Kritika- bcz thts my idea..
Sweey- oh ho.. bade idea dene lagi hai
Maan- bt thrs 1 prob
Rohan- vt?????
Krtika- geet..
Sweety- smjh gae.. she said tht se don’t wanna go.. haina.
Maan n kritika nodded..
Rohan- btw where’s the party???
Maan- xxx disc..
Sweety- superb’
U don’t worry.. wen m here, toh geet will be thre.. mn le augi usse..
Rohan- ok dn done.. tonight at xxx disc’  @7..
Kritiak- achha tum apni sabi frnds ko bol dena
Sweety- kon frnd.. hume toh pta hai
Kritika- I mean.. karan..
Rohan- ohh achhaa’ teasing tone.. haan haan zarror.. aap bulao aur von a aye..
Kritiak- I mean rosy..
Sweety- palti maarne vaali.. in a low voice bt kritika heard it’
Okkk done’
All gave a hi5 to each other n left 4m ther..
Maan calles kriya..
Maan- y babes..
Till nw kriya was okk’ she was happy tht nw maan called her
Kriya- hy.. vtss up
Maan- vt abt disc tonight @7???
Kriya- thts grt’ will be thre.. tell me plce..
We will hav fun
Maan- for sure yr’.. ok bye. Hav to call prem
Call ended.
Maan called prem while walking in corridor..
He called bt prem cut the call. He again call bt he cut..
Maan- nw vts with him.. call kyu cut kr rha hai..
Prem- coz mn ter samne khada hu bhuddu,
Maan- ohh hy dued.. bih hugged..
When did u came???
Prem -When u was busy in phn..
Maan- okk we all r going at xxx disc.. a jana.. thik hai
Prem- okkzz..
Maan got a call..
Its sweety.
Maan- haan bol.
Sweety- prob prob..
Maan- thst not fair.. u said k tu usse mna legi??
Sweety- are 2 prob hai..
Ek toh teri sherni.. meri sis.. geet’ usse manna.. uf’ nxt to impossible..
Aur mera bhai.. usse bhi toh manna padega na..
Maan- ab????
Prem ask him.. vt happen.. as maan’s face become sad hearing geet ko mana padega..
Maan- ab????
Kya yr.. kuch kr na tu
Sweety- mn bhai ko mnati hu.. geet ko.. u alos think smthng na..
Maan- hmm’ achha..
Sweety- idea???
Maan- kya hua??
Sweet- bhai ko toh kaam ho gea’ geet ko bhi vahi kuch krte hai.. I’ll call u later. Bye
Clg was over’
Geet n sweety came home..
Dy informed rosy & karan abt party..
Sweety- geet..
“did maan told u abt party???”
“haan’ “
“toh chlte hai na.”
Both were sitting in their room.. geet still oding her project n sweety watching tv..
“naahi.. yr.. n vaise bhi we cant go.. u knw bhai.”
“hmm.. achha mje kuch kaam hi.. mere sath chl na rosy k ghar chlte hai.. bhai vha jane se toh nahi rokege na”
“vha the kya kaam hai.”
“hai bs.. n u r going. Coz if u will go with me.. only dn I can go .. u knw”
She make baby puppy face n say pulseee’ plzzz’
Geet agree..
Sweety tell to her mom tht she has sm work. So dy r going to rosy’s home’ dy might be late.. so plzz make bhai agree to it..
Her mom agrees’
Bt she was worried also’
Sweety- aree maa’ u don’t worry’  hum ache se rahenge while having an apple..
She murmurs.. ab mza ayega.. ehehhee..
Rano- kuch kha kya?
Sweety- are kuh nahi. Chlo bye bye..
Sweety with geet came to rosy’s home..
Precap- geet full talli’
Maan drooling over her innocence
New lovestory’ prem n rosy..
So guys.. hws this updte???? Hoep u all like it
Bless me with ur cmnts
Will be waiting.
Thanks 4 reading.

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