Merry Christmas to u all’.  May Jesus fulfill all ur wishes.. n bless u all.. may u all get lottt of gifts..

M here with a new OS as a treat of Christmas n my comeback’




Geet geet’. Sm voices were cmng’

Its 12 in night.. full darkness outside.. n cold night.. its month of December.. bt geet didn’t listen to any1 .. she was jst running upstairs to get her gift.. her chritsmas gift’

Mom- geet dhire jaa.. gir jayegi..

Bt she didn’t care 4 any1.. she jst need her gift, n wanna see vt she get this year.. eager to knw vt is it???? Will her gift be there or not??? Off course yes.. as like all years this year again she will get a gift n also of her choice’

She reached on terrace.. she is shivering in the cold.. bt she don’t care.. saw here n there n strt searching 4 her gift.. n there she saw it..

She runs tht side..

There was box lying on the edge of railing’. Packed in red clr gift wrapper.. she picks it

A boy was standing at a distance 3-4 houses in b/w.. he saw her 4m corner of her eyes.. geet saw tht boy n smile .. waves her hand..

Hy maan..

Boy- hy geet..

Geet- merry christams..

Maan- thanks.. to u too..

Geet- pura bolne mei tera bill  padta hai gadhe??

itni thand mei bahar kya kr rha hai???

Achha see n shows him tht gift box.. uss mote santa ne mera gift de dia.. the mila kya???

Maan gestures her with no..

Geet- chl koi na’ nxt time sahi.. byee. Gd nyt.

Maan- gd nyt..


 n strt running downstairs..

when she goes.. maan  saw to tht side n smiles n too goes 4m there’


she reached to her room n closed the door.. as she was running fast so her heartbeats rose’ her heart was beating fast..

She sits on the bed.. n saw the gift with utmost love in her eyes’ expected n thinking vt she get this year..

She slowly strt unwrapping the gift ‘ soon she is done n saw the gif.. her eyes twinkle seeing it..  so beautiful.. n the best gift she got..

A heart shape pendent with  a heart inside it’ too pretty it looks..

She hold it n place n walks towards the mirror.. a beautiful box was lying ther.. she opens it n place tht pendent in it.. in tht box a , a chain, ear rings, anklets were also there.. n were matching to tht pendent’.

Saw herself in the mirror n smiles n blush was also there on her face..

She runs back to bed n took tht gift box.. there was red clr letter in it.. she took it n read tht..


“Hy geet..

Hope like the gift..

Bt nxt year will be special for  u.”

Geet smiles reading it.. n holds tht letter close to her heart .. put the blanket on herself n soon dozed off’

GEET KAPOOR- a 22 yrs old girl..  ambitious n full of life girl.. loves her family a lot.. apple of all the family. Only child of her parents.. 4m past 4 yrs she get gifts 4 Christmas unaware who place tht gifts.. bt evrytime she got tht gift she loves it a lot.. n alwz written on it.. TO GEET’


Next morning geet went to college..

She was sitting in canteen with her frnds..

N all were chit chatting usual..

Geet- hayeee u knw nupur..

Nupur- heheh.. hw I’ll knw.. tu btayegi toh na

Geet- ohh yaa’

Geet- vt santa gave me this year???

Nupur- naa.. bta tu.. nt interested in her talk n strt eating pizza.

Geet- aree guess kr na yr..

Nupur- oh ho.. tu bta na..

Meantime man came n took the chair n sat on it..

Took the pizza 4m nupur’s plate n hits on geet’s head..

Geet- oucchhh maan..

Maan- kya dia hoga.. hr baar ki tarah koi jewel dia hoga..

Geet- haan’ mje gift toh milta hai na..

Nupur- pta nahi isse kon paagal bnata hai har saal.

Maan- aree hoga koi paagal iske jaisa..

Geet greeting her teeths’ maan.. u  call me paagal.. ruk tu..

Maan strt running geet behind him..

They both take rounds of nupur..

Nupur’oyee chup kro dono.. kahi bhi shuru ho jaate ho yr.. had hoti hai..

Chlo class mei..

Geet- nupur har baar ye shuru krta hai.. u knw na..

Nupur- maan.. plzzz tang mat kr usse..

Maan- tu chl haa..


N they went to classroom..

Maan n geet r bestest buddy.. they fight a lot with eachother..

Knws each n  evry single secrets of one another..

Geet thoda thoda like him’ bt don’t want im to knw this.. as dn all will tease her.. so she kept fighting with him’

Dy r together 4m 5yrs, whn maan came to their colony n bcm their neighbors..  


Now its their holidays.. their winter holidays till new year.


There was a small get-to-gather on nupur’s home..

All were there.. maan,geet, mayank n nupur..

It’s a late ni8 out on nupur’s home..

All were sitting in bedroom fighting ovvr which movie they gonna watch..

Nupur says any sharukh’s film

Mayank says any action movie

geet want a comedy film

N Maan wants a horror 1..

So its getting difficult 4 them to select any1..

Geet- plzzz’ making a baby puppy face.

Maan- nopss.. pichli baar humne tees maar khan dekhi thin a..

Geet- haan toh kitni mast thi yaar’

Mayank- kyat hi.. usmei kyat ha teri kaif ka..hw she was acting

Geet- oyeee.. not a single word 4 kaif..


(stinna- actually kaif is my favv.. so I took her.. lolzz)

Mayank- hum action dekhege.. kuch stunts.. haan

Nupur- koi meri kyu nahi mnta.. sharukh ki koi romanticcc vaali.. giving a dreamy type look..

Maan- no no no.. this time only horror.

Geet- no..

Nupur- noo

Maan- darpokkk

Geet- kon???

Maan- chl jhooti. Maan ja tu darpok hai..

Geet- nahi hu.

Both stands on the bed to strt their fight <//> <//>







Mayank n nupur both hold their heads.. ye fir shuru ho gaye

Mayank- stoppp’ movie cancel.. hum kuch aur krte hai.

Geet- gud idea..

Nupur- truth or dare.. it ll be perfect.. haina???

All agreed to it..

All sat on the floor.. taking a bottle in middle.

Mayank spins it.. n it is towards nupur.. she choose truth

Mayank- chl bta.. tune kabhi kisi’.

Nupur- hmmm

Mayank- ladke ko seety(whistle) maari hai??

Nupur- haan maari hai na sharukh ko.. ehhehehheheh

Chlo chlo ab next.. paagal mayank.. tuje koi aur ques nai mila tha kya..


Bottle spins’ this time mayank.. he choose dare.

Nupur- haan sach bolne k liye na himmat chahiye.. jo tujme hai nahi..

Chl ab apni jacket utaar aur 5 min k liye terrace pe jakar khada ho

Mayank- vt??? Tu paagal hai.. bahar thand dekh kitni hai..

Nupur- dare lene se pehle sochna chahiye tha..

Mayank- the agli baar mn nhi chodugi..

Nupur- ja jaa..

N poor mayank hav to go upstairs.. n return aftr 5 mins..


(stinna- lolzzz’ I cant go out of my bed these days its too cold here)


Bottle spins n this time maan.. he choose truth

Geet- vaose toh I knw evrythng.. bt kya pta tune mjse kuch chupaya ho.

Achha bta.. tune kbhi kisi ladki ko gift dia???

Maan- haan. With a smirk on his face

Geet- kisse???? Tune kabhi nhi btaya mujhe

Maan- poor geet.. u can ask only 1 ques.. so iska jawab nahi dunga..

Geet greet her teeth

Last now geet is left so maan ask her truth or dare..

Geet- jaoo mujhe nahi khelna..

Maan- geet ye cheating hui na.. tu har baar bhaag jaati hai

Geet- tune fr kabhi btaya nahi mje kis kis ko tu gift deta hai

Maan- aree yr.. abhi mom ko mn gift bhi na du bta

Geet- achaa mom ko.. with a relieved face

Maan- kyuu’ with a questioning face  n a teasing smile came on his lips.

Geet- kuch nahi.. chl mn aur darpok nhi hu.. I’ll choose dare

Maan- sochle

Geet- soch lia..

Maan- okk then’ ab yha se seedhi store room mei jaa upar vale..

Geet- vt??? Mn akeli.. aree vha toh both andhera hota hai na

Maan-haan toh.. tune hi dare choose kia hai.. ab palti mat marna tu

Geet stammering- haan haan.. mn nahi darti. Chli jaugi mn.. usmei kya hai.. haina.. haan..

Achha toh mai jau.

Maan stand their crossing his arms over his chest- haan jaa na

Nupur- maan kyu bhej rha hai usse..

Geet- mtlb mn na jau cheering smile

Maan- no.. u r going n u goo..

Geet half heartedly left 4m there..

Mayank- aree u knw na. she is scared of darkness.

Maan- aree kuch nhi hoga.. khud serni bnti firti hai..

Chl a jaa.. aag mei thodi ghee aur daalte hai.. mza ayega.

Nupur- ab kya krna hai???

Mayank- mje nahi aana.. mje neend aa rhi hai u carry on.. m off.. n he went to a room

Nupur- me too m going..

Maan- dono kumbkarn khi k

Ab iske piche toh mje hi jana padega. 1 no. ki darpok hai ye

Geet was chanting continuously- babaji.. bcha lena aan.. paagal hai geet tu bhi.. dare lene ki kya zaroorat thi tujhe.. aur vo maan.. gadha kahi ka.. he knw mn andhere mei khi nai jaati fr bhi.. tharrr.. her teeth were making sound coz of cold..

She reached to store room.. its full of darkness.. she is in the store tht was upstairs.. there was no light there.. it is closed 4m so many years.. n dy use the another store room..

Maan was following her without making noise..

He took his mobile n plays a ringtone of sound of a cat.. meeoowww

Geet shivers with the sound’

Geet- kuch nahi hai geet.. darr mat.. bs yha 2 min rukna hai.. haan..

Maan hardly controls his laughter..

Geet slowly walks ahead, her feet get touched with the furniture tht was placed nearby her.. geet got scared n she runs backward saying.

Aaa’. Maan who was hiding came out hearing her scream.. geet saw him.. maaannn’. She was running as like sm1 is following her’

Maan- ab isse konsa saap(snake) sung gya..

Geet was running so she bumped with maan. Maan was standing near ladder it too falls n hit sm furniture near to it.. n tht falls on door.. n door got closed.

Geet n maan both landed on ground.. geet was screaming continuously.. maan place his hand over her mouth.

Maan- chup” bilkul chup.

N a small eye lock. Maaahiii maahiii

Ab btao chilla  kyu rahi ho..

Geet murmurs.. vo .vooo’  maan took his hand back..

Both stands.. aree vha kuch tha

Maan- geet kuch nahi hai yha.. bs purana furniture hai.. ab chlo yha se. darpok kahi ki

Geet- mn darpok nhi hu.. dekho mn aae nay ha pe

Maan- haan dekh lia maine

Both reached near door bt it got locked.. maan tried it bt in vain

As its too old so it get locked.. maan checked his mobile bt no network.

So they sat on the ground.. aftr talking smtime.. both dozed off..

In morning they were out whn nupur noticed tht gete is not in room n maan too’

The year passed like this..

Next year. before Christmas day @ 11:30pm

Geet calls maan- u knw nupur

nupur- agr btayegi toh hi I ‘ll knw na bhuduu

Geet- ohh haa’ m vry excited 4 this year gift as pichli baar letter pe likha tha.. nxt year will be special’

Nupur- tohh.. geet u knw

Geet getting excited

Nupur- mujhe na boht neend aae hai.. mje sone da tub hi so jaa na plzzz. N cut the call.

Geet- make O shape mouth.. houuu.. kamini kahi ki.. phn cut krdia.. kl btaugi tujhe..

Hayee bt usse neend aae hogi na.. chlo koi baat nahi.

Hayee mera gift’

She saw the time n runs upstairs to find her gift..

She saw all the places’ bt this time nthg was there..

She got sad as there is no gift 4 her this year.. she was cmng back n saw  a letter. She took n read “hmm sad???” Geet nodded.. “don’t be.. come to left side” geet was happy

She moves to tht side to get another letter. “now take 10 steps straight” geet did this.. here she got a letter with a  small gift. She unwrapped it n it was a heart pillow. On paper written “now close ur eyes n count till 5”

She close her eyes n strt counting’ 1 2 3 4 5

N open her eyes bt there was nthg.. dn she saw down to find maan on his knees.

Geet- oyee tu yha????

Maan- merry Christmas geet..

Geet- haan haan tujhe bhi..

Bt this tym mera gift nahi mila na..

Maan- tumhara gift mere paas hai..

Geet- houu.. tumne chura lia.. sharm nahi aati tuje kya.. ab de mera gift.

maan came on his feet.. kya yr geet.. full romance ka popaat kr deti ho yr.. thoda kam bola kr.

Geet got confused with romance..

Maan came close to her n holds her 4m her waist.. geet got lost in his ocean like eyes’ n maan slides a ring on geet’s finger.. n came close to her ear..

“will u be mine forevr??  Hmm apne santa k liye itna toh bnta hai’ haina???”

Geet notices her finger n saw a ring there of heart shape.. her eyes were lil wet to see tht.. to knw tht maan is her santa.. thts y whnevr she get the gift he saw maan ther..

Maan- ab haan toh bol

Geet- bhuduu.. n hit on his arm’ haan hi hua na.. vrna ye teri ring utaar na deti mai..

Maan- sachiii.. n hugs her instantly..


N says.. I love u love u geet

Geet too hugs him.. n says luv u too

Maan- tune kabhi btaya nahi darpok

Geet- tu tune konsa btaya gadhe.

Maan- ab toh gadha mat bol na

Geet- tub hi darpok kyu bola fr..

N their lil cute fight continues like this

They talk 4 2 hrs ther n slowly talking dozed off’


                                  THE END


Heheheh.. I knw its lil bakwaas si story’ bt kya karu kuch aur dimaag mei aya hi nahi.. bt mood tha k hav to write on this day so write this’ lolzzz’.

Bt do tell me ‘ m ready to get alll type of cmnts.

Will be waiting 4 ur response.


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