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sryy 4 dealy.. njoy the UD.


     PART 11



Maan saw her brown almond hazel eyes.. tht seems like drunk now.. awe thts so beautiful..

Geet shrugged off maan’s hand 4m her shoulder n goes 4m there to other side..


Disco Deewane
Aahaan.. ahaan

She did the step of disco’ n till now she is fully lost.. unaware vt she is doing n vts happening’ lost in her own dreamland’

Maan holds her 4m her waist.. tried to control her bt she in not in her sences..

She went near a table n stand on it..

N scream loud.. ” hav sm music.. sm Punjabi”

The DJ change over he track 4m hindi disco to Punjabi rock..

Jst like geet wanted.

The music strted.. geet strted doing dance going lost in her dreamland’

Moving her waist n hands matching up the beats..

Tune to this song.. m sure u gonna love it.. 1 of my fav song.. Punjabi hai..

Gippy n honey singh ‘ angrezi beat.


Mundeyan nu chardi thaari thaari thaari ohdi heat te
Marjani paundi bhangra
Angrezi beat te – 4 times


Geet did the bhangra gidhha, bollywood, all mix going lost.. she is standing on table.. all people were giving sheers to her.. maan saw here n there n came to geet..

He tell her to come down’ bt geet didn’t talk to her’

Geet was abt to fall.. maan holds her 4m her waist..

Geet encircles her arms on maan’s neck.. n help her to come down.. geet gave her the best smile’n goes 4m there


Ohde silky silky waal, nasal di gori aa
Oh 6 footi muteyaar, ganne di porri aa
Khafa rata ni hundi, kise di cheat te
Marjaani paundi bhangra
Angrezi beat te – 4 times


Stood in center of dance floor.. all were dancing with her, around her.. geet was dancing whole heartily.. she was too happy.. maan n sweety came to her..

Geet told maan to dance ‘ by holding his arms n telling him to do sm bhangra..

Geet- hunn.. maan dance na.. plzzz mere liyee.. with pleading sound n puppy face’

Aweee this make maan melts’

Sweety- oyee. Krle ab dance.. she oh don’t knw vts going.. we hav to go 4m there.. so chill maar. N jst njoy 4 more 10 mins.


O khad taan ja, tu nede aa
Bai idda naa tu gede kha
Oh kahton enni desperate, saanu dasde ke ae rate
Shoe teri da, dress teri da, ghadi jo paayi, guess teri da
Chaaro paase vekh lai kudiye, charcha hotness teri da
Nachdi mainu lagdi shudain, sacchi main taan ho geya fan
Machdi hik nu saambh kude, ni tenu government ne kar dena ban
That is why salah ik laila, main tera majnu bann meri laila
Main teri laila, oh meri laila
Khad ja pehla saah taan laila
Marjaani paundi bhangra
Angrezi beat te – 4 times


After hearing 4m sweety.. geet was all gone 4m there.. maan followed her.. saying these wordings to her’ geet was taking rounds of the disc.. n maan following her.. maan caught her n take her to dance floor.. both dance there.. doing bhangra+bollywood..

Kriya was all fuming seeing geet n maan ‘ maan following geet.. so she thought to leave.. n she left 4m there’ without saying to maan..

Karan n kritika were also enjoying n doing dance..


Poori beer-sheer pee ke, rum chada gayi oye
Marjaani nachdi nachdi, gota kha gayo oye
Kehnde hundi kharabi, peeti neat te
Marjaani paundi bhangra
Angrezi beat te – 4 times


A waiter passes by 4m geet with tray in his hands of sm glasses of vodka.. geet was on the table again n maan asking n pleading her to come down’

Geet took the glasses 4m tray n gulped it in 1 go’ geet couldn’t hold the balance n was abt to fall n touch the ground.. bt its not possible until maan is there to save her.. she landed on maan’s arm’she saw in maan’s deep brown eyes n gave her a smile n soon closed her by holding maan 4m his neck.. maan saw her with love.. n said

“paagal sherni”

Sweety came to him..

“dekhle apni behn ko.. puri aafat hai ye.. chalta firta disaster”

“oyeee.. don’t a word against  her”

“ohh ho achha’ chl abbb’ isko utha k rakhuga toh mn yha baith jauga..”

“ohh.. chlooo fr chlte hai..”


All karan, kritika, rosy, prem n sweety with maaneet came out of disc.. maan lied geet in his car on back seat..

Sweety- maan..  we cant take geet home in this condition..

Maan- nw vt??? Rosy k ghr chlte hai

Rosy- yaa.. fr we will call uncle tht geet ko neend a gae n vo so gae.. haina.

Sweety- haan.. thts grt.. chaloo..

Rosy- ohh 1 min 1 min..

Maan- now vt yr???

Rosy- mom dad ghr a gaye huye toh???? Uhune geet ko aise dekha toh.. hum kya krege??

Sweety- ohh yr..

Karan- 1st we shd go.. dn vha jo hoga dekha jaye ga..

Kritika- bhai.. m full sleepy.. m going home..

Karan- wait I’ll drop u.. both went together.

They all headed towards rosy’s home.. soon they reached there’ n rosy n sweety came out of the car.. they rung the door bell ‘ it was opened by their servant..

Rosy- mom??? N her father came there.

Father- rosy .. sweety??? Bte aap itni raat ko kha se a rahe ho???

Rosy- vo.. vo papa.. haan.

Sweety pinch on rosy’s arm- uncle vo.. hum rohan k sath padhai kr rahe the.. rohan hume chodne aya tha.. vo dekhiye .. they showed out where rohan was sitting in his car..

Rosy’s father is vry strictAngryAngryAngry.. n rohan is scared 4m him to talk.. he cant evn utter a single word’

Sweety- achha toh mn chlti hu rosy.

Father- aree bte. Its late aap yehi ruk jayeiye.. itni raat ko akeli mat jao aap.. apne mummu ko call krdo . u r staying with rosy..

Now u both come in.. its getting cold out..

They both come in to house.. n closed the door..

Maan saw this went O..  prem was with him

Maan- oyee.. ye kya.. dono toh andar challi gae.. he saw back to geet.. who was sleeping.. she was looking like a sleeping beauty.. so beautiful.. an angel descended 4m heaven..

Ab geet???

Prem- kya kare???

Rohan came to them.. oyee yr now vt to do?? Uske parents ghr hi the..

Prem- ab geet???

Sweety hurriedly went to the rrom n calls to maan..

Sweety- hello

Maan- oyee where u both gone.. leaving geet???

Sweety- oh ho’ uncle ne kha  yehi ruk jao.. ab mn unko geet ka btati. Ki madam ji fully talli ho k so gae hai???

A sound came.. its of rosy’s motherAngry– lights off kr k dono so jao ab.. subah college bhi jana hai..

Sweety- now u hav to do smthg.. kuchkro meri paagal behn ka..

She cuts the call.

Maan- oh god!!!.. prob hai yr.. now geet kis k ghr jayegi???

When maan was talking to sweety rohan got a call n he left 4m there.. now prem , maan n geet were left..

They drove 4m there..

On the way maan was thinking.. n he got message 4m sweety..


Sorry 4 delay’ as u all knw its all coz of my xams’ bt now too m not tht much free to give u all regular updtes.. as its my board class’. In the edn of this month of pre-boards will also be strted.. so hav to do study also.. jismei mera biljul mann nhi lgta..

So co-operate with me.. n keep reading n giving me ur love n support like alwz.

Thanks 4 reading. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Love stinna ” 


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