“Enough maan” enough

I cant take this anymore’ jst cant’ nw it’s the limit”, geet said angrily’ her eyes were droopy’ tht hav so many emotions’ love, satisfaction, anger, hatred’ hmm hw it can be hatred’ she toh love him na.. he is her life.. so hw she can hate her life.. he is her heart’ so hw she can hate her heart’ bt smtimes we hav to do this also’ 4 our heart’ 4 him’


“Maan ‘. Plzzz.” Geet said..

“No geet’ no.. u cant do this’ hw I’ll live without u.. think again geet.. hw u can leave me????”

Maan’s eyes were teary’ he was crying’ begging his geet.. his jaan his misty’ his life his everything.. if she is leaving dn hw this man can survive’. His life has no colours without his jaan’ he cant evn think his life his 1 sec without her.. n here she is leaving’ his eyes.. his heart is not ready to believe this’



“nt any more maan’ I need freedom.” Geet said n turn her face on other side'” hw she can see him like this’ she dies hundred deaths seeing him like this’. It was piercing her soul.. her heart seeing her love like this’ begging crying’ it was hurting her’ she wants to take him in her embrace n holds him like this till eternity’  till end of her life.. bt she cant’ she is helpless’


“Freedom???? Vt r u saying????? We r happy.. we love eachother’ n vt u r saying.. u need freedom???  U was alwz free’ I never stop u.. warn u to do anything’ ur 1 word becomes my command’ n u saying abt freedom”

He questions her with his teary eyes’


Geet’s her was crying inside’.  She immediately turn after cleaning her face’ removing her every drop of tear 4m her face.. so tht he cant see her’ cant find out’ tht she was crying’


“Yes I loved u.. bt’ bt nt now.. it was past’ nw I cant live with u..” aweee’ y she won’t die before saying this words to him’ she was feeling like sm1 was pinching her’ thousands of needles were thrusting to her body..






At time her phone rang’ it was placed on a table tht was either side of maan’ maan came near to mob.. it was flashing a name.. seeing tht name.. his eyes were spiting fire’ his eyes become angry’ he was like a volcano tht will burst anytime’ 

Geet hurriedly came n picks the call’  n turn to other side..

Geet- yaa’



Come within 5 mins m all ready’ okk bye


Call ended’


She turned  to saw’ maan was standing with anger filled eyes though his eyes were droopy bt it were red’

“Ohhh.. nw I came to knw.. y u don’t love me anymore.. y u want freedom’ y u cant live with me.. yaa nw I got it..

U love tht ba***d ‘  u love tht RK’ right geet..” maan said angrily ‘



Geet saw him with disgust n just a slow voice came 4m her mouth.. vt???? ‘

She thought’ hw he can think like this.. hw evn think tht I’ll betray her’ evn in my life I cant do his.. so hw he thought like this’.


Btao geet’ nw y r u not saying anything??? Speak up dammit..  maan  holds her tight 4m her shoulders n jerk her’

Hw can u do this geet????? I love u.. I was madly in love with u n u.. u betrayed me’ u need freedom haan.. u need money’  n turn to sideways’

I knw’ I knw I cant give u luxuries.. I don’t hav enough money.. bt my love is strong.. tht  can give u happiness tht u will never can  buy with money’  my love is selfless geet’ m trying na’



Hw can u think like this????? Geet said.. her voice was slow’ she cant evn believe his words .. vt he said rigt nw.. he suspects on her love’ bt it was audible to maan..


Maan also cant believe this.. he knws his geet’ he don’t love money’ bt all the circumstances said tht’

” dn tell me???? Tell me reason'”


Geet(st)- geet its right’ u hav the opportunity.. jst let it be.. this is the only way u can leave maan.. say yes to him’ chahe use kehna tere liye liye kitna hi mushkil kyu na ho.. par the ye krna hoga’ uske liye.. maan k liye’

“yess ‘.”

Maan- kya????

Geet- haan.. sahi soha tumne.. mn use pyaar krti hu.. vo mjhe sab kuchdega.. tht u cant give to me’ nw I’ll be happy’

Maan- bt.. u loved me..  I luv u so much geet..

Maan can’t think his life without her’ he still wanted to hear 4m her tht all vt she is saying is all false’ she is lying  to him’ his heart was nt ready to believe the dreadful truth of her words’

Geet- she holds his hands in her’ u love me???? Maan nodded to yes’

Ek baat monoge meri????

Maan- isme puchne vaali kya baat hai????

Geet- mje jaane do’ maan suddenly took his hands back n steps backward’.



He hits the wall behind him’.  Like the ground slips away 4m his feet’ vt his jaan is asking him to give her???? This is unbearable’.

Geet- maan.. let me go’ u want y happiness na’ mai use mn khush reh paugi..  ab mera dam ghutta hai yha par’ mje jaane do’

Maan’s eyes were questioning her’ hw she can leave him’

Maan- nahi’.. geet ek baar fir soch lo’ achha mera nahi to.. toh jannat k bare mn toh socho.. vo kya karegi.. hw she will live without u.. she needs u’ he saw to the right side’ with love..

Where a small girl’ merely of 4 yrs.. was standing.. with hopefull eyes’ she was wearing a pink clr   frock’ her eyes were same as geet’ deep beautiful.. n her lips’ were same as maan’ the perfect M shaped lips..

She is daughter of maaneet





 “geet think abt her’ okk u don’t love me’ bt u love her na'”

Geet move her face other side in denial’

Geet- maan plzz.. don’t make it difficult 4 me’ I need to go’ nw plz don’t do tht ur fav key.. the emotional blackmail.. I cant take this anymore..

N abt jannat’. She is ur daughter also’ u can handle her’ as u r her father.. its ur duty to take care of ur child..

Maan- its ur duty also’ u don’t hav any duty towards her????

See her geet’ u don’t hav heart???? Can u see ur.. ur child like this’ carving 4 a mother’s love’. Crying’ geet.

Geet- I don’t care’ awe.. 1st she is saying all tht words to maan.. n its was piercing her soul.. n nw she is saying 4 her own daughter.. her god will never forgive her 4 saying this’ she herself cant forgive her 4 saying like this.. tht she don’t love her,, she don’t care 4 her’.


Jaanat came near to geet’ she pulls her kurti.. mamma maama’ y papa is crying???? Ye bags kyu pade hai???? R we going smwhere?????

Mamma pap ko bolo na’ chup karein.. I cant see him like this’.




Geet came close to jannat n cupped her face’

“baby.. u love ur mamma'” jannat nodded to yes n smiles’

“achha baby.. mamma hav to go smwhere’ she will cm to meet u’ u take care of ur papa.” Jaanat again nodded


“mamma aap kha ja rai ho???? Mn bhi aapke sath chalugi”


“no baby.. u cant’ u hav to be with ur papa na..”


Maan- agr jaa hi rahi ho’. Toh bachhi ko jhoot kyu bolna.. tell her the truth na’ tell her u r leaving her’ ohh don’t hav the guts’ let me help u’

Jannat.. cm here’ jannat goes to maan..

Baby.. app inki baton mn mat ao.. ye na hume chodd k jaa rahi hai’

Geet- maan’.

Maan- vt geet’ use bhi toh pta chlna chahiye’ uski mamma kha ja rahi hai.. n ussee jhoot nahi bol sakta.. m nt like u..

N yes. I love u.. I will alwz love u’ I alwz wanted ur happiness.. so nw u r free.. u r free geet.. u can go where ever u want to go.. I’ll nt stop u’ I can take care of my child by my own.. I nt need the help of any1′ n picks jannat & hugs her tight’



A horn sound came 4m out’

Ohh’ toh aa gya voh.. jao geet’ do vt.. in which u find ur happiness’. Nw u will nt see me n my baby anymore’

Geet straighten herself n controls her emotions’ her crying heart’.

“Okk’   u will get the divorce paper by today evng.. “


She tries to touch janant’s head’ maan steps backward’

Maan- u don’t hav the right to touch her’. U had lost it..

Geet- maan’.

Maan- also my name’ don’t take my name 4m ur mouth ever’.  It not anymore suits u’. suits on ur lips..

 Jst go.. jst go away 4m my eyes’.

Geet’s hand was craving 4 her daughter. To touch her once’ bt she had lost the right acc. To maan..

Geet- okk’

She turns’ picks her bags.. n was going out’.  Jannat’s eyes became teary.. she wants her mother’

“papa’ mje mamma k paas jana hai” jannat plead.

“Baby.. papa is with u na'” caressing her head lovingly..


Geet steps out of the house’. Maan shuts the door’ with a bang’ 

Geet slowly steps out 4m their’ her heart was crying’ she is dyeing’ she came nears the car..

RK came out of the car’

“vt happen???? Did he said u anything????” n take the bags 4m her hand n placed on the backseat of the car’ he turns to found geet getting unconscious’  she holds her’.

Saves her 4m falling’. Picks her in his arms n placed her on the front seat’

“geet’. Geet utho???? Vt happen???” RK said by patting his hand on her face’


Maan as shuts the door’ slids down.. he was on his knees’. Jannat was in his lap’ she slowly drifted to sleep.. maan was cring silently.. he was numb with geet’s word’



He  feels bad’ after hearing tht she don’t love him anymore.. she loves RK’.  She won’t live with him anymore’ bt it hurts him more after hearing tht she don’t love jannat.. she don’t care 4 her’ hw she can say tht words’. He will never forgive her evr in his life’ he will never forgot her words vt she told to him’ never..

Maan’s eyes were sleepy.. his eyes were dark red.. coz of lot o crying’  at 4 in moring’

Slowly maan dozed off’.  He is on the floor’


PREAP-  nothing’

       previous- proluge

So frnds’. Hw u find this?????  I’ll accept anything.. juttis, chappals, rotten tomatoes’ give ur views over this’ I want ur response over this’

Its too saddy na’ I knw’ u will came to knw abt all in nxt update’ I’ll reveal all’ its an OS’ so it will hopefully end in nxt part’


2 thoughts on “PART 1

  1. It’s amazing and thank god that I asked u abt it otherwise I would have left a golden opportunity…who is rk.what is he for geet…geet loves maan then why such separation..why love always suffer….nw will geet come back..jannat is very cute 😉

    • hehehhehehheh..
      thnxx.. m glad th u liked it
      dear rk is geet’s frnd.
      n regarding who i behind this will be revealed soon.

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