Geet strted going to job’

Its jst a week she had joined the office.. bt she was very friendly with all the people.. she used to wear jeans with kurta or tops.. bt she nevr missed to wear her short n small “mangalsutar” in her neck n “sindoor” on her  forehead’ tody sm imp clients r cmg to the office’ tht r new partners of the company..

Geet as the new n talented n experienced interior decorator in office.. so all is to be handled by her’

The new partner came to office n he was greeted n met all the staff.. aftr couple of hours there was a meeting’ at time geet met with him’ a smile came on her lips.. then the meeting was over.. the new partner came to geet’s room.

Geet was sitting there facing her back on the chair n  holding her mobile in hands.. n was continuously watching maan n jannat’s pic on it.. with her eyes lil moist..

He knocked the room.. getting no reply he came in’ he coughed  a lil to gain her attention bt geet was not in her senses ‘ she didn’t realized n hears any sound.. he took sm steps towards geet n stood in front of geet.. then geet came to present’

Geet- ohh u rohan’ when did u come??? N both hugged each other’

Rohan- achha g’ abhi aya when u was fully with too much love looking to his pic.

Geet- hmm.. achha vaise aap yha??? 

Rohan- vaise vo mera ques bnta hai achha,

Geet- mn vo.. chod na.. tu bta na.. ye kya company ka partner haan.. u wasnr interested in it. Then???

Rohan- hmm so u marry him.. toh usne meri geet ko mjse chura hi lia.. I m too jealous u knw

Geet- ab iska kuch kr toh nahi skte hum.. ab kya faida
“jab chidya chug gae khet” heheheh’.

Rohan- tu nahi sudherege’ haina??

Geet- koi shak’ tht day was the 1st day when geet smiled whole heartly meeting his childhood frnd rohan there…

Rohan alwz used to flirt with geet..  aftr their college.rohan went to USA for his studies..

Both were talking when geet feels  a lil low  n effect can be seen on her face..

Rohan- kya hua???? Geet jst nodded to a no..

Bt in sec she jst fainted’

Rohan made her lied on sofa n called  a doc there..

Geet got his conscious’ pari too reached there.. rohan was standing there..

Doc- hws u now?

Geet- m gud doc.

Doc- nw u shd take care of urself.. get gave a confuse expression.

Its  a gud news.. u r 2 mths pregnant ‘

A wide smile came on geet’s lips. Pari came n hugged her tight’ congratz geet..

Doc- m giving sm med.. u keep taking it n come to clinic 4 chekup

N doc left 4m there.

Rohan came forward.. waoo pretty vt a news…n hugged her

 where is maan???

Aree haan vo angry young man hai kha??? Meri pretty ko yha akela chod k kha gya????

Geet- vo vo’ rohan find smthg fishy.. he asked her with his eyes.. vts going??? She asure him tht hs ewill tell him all later bt not now.. rohan agreed..

Rohan- chl mere ghr chal mom khush hogi tjse mil k.. aaj dinner pe..

Geet agreed to it..




   Rk n madhu had returned 4m their shooting’ they called geet bt it was coming unreachable..

Its been 2 days now they had returned bt tey didn’t talk to geet once.. they were getting worried 4 her.

So they decided they will go to her home n this alo be a surprise 4 her.

The nxt day they both get ready to meet geet.. n the happiness can be seen on their faces..

Rk drove to maan’s home.. where maan n geet live..

Rk came out n saw the lock on the door.. both were confused..

Where they both went???? They saw a aged man going 4m there..

Rk- uncle. Suniye.. yha pe jo rehte the bo kha hai?

Man- bte. Vo toh chale gaye.

Rk- par kha..

Man- ye toh pta nhi beta.. shyad vo shehr chodne ki baat kr rahe the.. zaada toh hume pta nhi

Rk- okk uncle.. thanku


Madhu- shehr chodne ki baat’ bt dono shehr kyu chodege??

Rk- pta nhi.. lets go.. I’ll find out dono kha hai..

Madhu nodded n both went 4m there..


Maan was regularly going to office’ he used to spent his time with jannat.. he don’t want her lil baby to suffer.. she kept asking of her mother.. bt he alwz made any lame excuse abt where she is.. she will be back soon n will bring lots of gifts 4 princess’

N jannat agreed to it as her father said this to her.. so it must be true.. janant alwz used to hear a story 4m maan n only then she go to sleep..



Geet told rohan abt the caller .. who was threatening her.. n telling her to leave maan or else he will be dead,

Rohan was shocked to hear tht.. bt he was evn more shocked tht geet left maan 4 this.. jst as sm1 was calling her n she agreed to it..

He was not linking tht..

Rohan- geet vt u hav done.. vt maan will be thinking of u. do u hav any idea????

Geet- I knw rohan.. bt I had no other option .

Rohan- vt??? Is this is a option to leave maan???? Shit geet.. how u believe I sm1’s talk.. I thought u r intelligent.. u don’t evn knw anything bat tht caller.. whom she was??? He jst blackmailed u n u agreed.. don’t knw vts gonna happen to u??

Geet- so, vt shd I do then???? Geet’s eyes were moist’

They showed me jannats’ video n also they hav each nervy info abt maan.. where he goes n vt all he do.

Rohan- bt geet.. dimaag se soch.. vo toh koi bhi jaan skta hai.. u too knw abt maan.. evrythng abt maan.. where he goes, vt he does??

Right na’

N now u hav to think abt ur child too yr.. u r pregnant geet.

Geet- I knw rohan’ bt vt if they did smthg to maan.

I cant live without maan.

Rohan- vts now happeneing???? R u living happily??? No geet.. he shook her with her arms..

Geet listen yr.. thts really not right decision u taken.. I thnk u shd tell all this abt maan..

Geet- no rohan I cant. He hates me

Rohan- bt he loves u geet’ thts vt matter.. n u too love him yr.. n believe me nthg bad gonna happen.. if u both r together, dn no1 can do anythg..

Geet left 4m there’ she was not tht satisfies with rohan.. still geet was having fear..

Rohan- I hav to find out, hav to do smthg 4 her,

Kahi both der na ho jaye.. hmm..



Rk 4m sm sources came to knw tht maan is now living in KM’ he had shifted there.

So he decide to go there n meet both of them..

Rk went to KM to meet them.. he stops his car before KM’ n enters to the mansion..

The servants told him tht he wait there n he will call maan’ tht u had came to meet him.


15 thoughts on “PART 11

  1. Suprb update stinnu… geet pregy h 😀 n geet ne rohan ko sb kuch bata diya…..i hope rohan kuch kare aur pata lagaye ki ye sb kisne kiya h…….mujhe abi b maan ki mom pe doubt h…..chalo rk n madhu b wapas aa gaye dekhte h ab ye dono kya krte h……i hope ab tho maan ko geet ki jhoothi bimari k baare me pata chale jiski wajah se geet usse n jannat ko chod k gai thi

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