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an was shocked heaing the words’

He got threatened’ hw is his geet??? Vt happened to her??

He hurriedly moves to RK..

RK got shocked seeing maan here’.

RK- tum??? He was thinking may he listen abt geet???  Vt he is thinking??? Nw vt will happen?? Nw vt I will say to geet???

Maan- where is geet???

RK- none of ur business’

Maan- not of ur also.. tell me dammit.. where is she

Maan pulls her collar..

RK-  she is at home n happily living..

Maan- u r lying ..

RK- maan’ its been limit’ leave me’ if u don’t want to belaive dn its okk’ I hav work.. leave me..

Maan- tell me truth’ where is she.. maan leaves hi collar..

M his husband.. I hav the right to ask bt her

RK- not anymore maan’ did u remember’ geet lef u.. n she also signed the divorce paper..


This line make maan remember her betrayal.. hw geet left her’.

Maan steps back’ her eyes were showing pain n disgust..

Haan.. vo toh mje chod k chali gae thi.. who I am to knw abt her’

He goes 4m there’.

RK was relieved’ tht maan doesn’t knw anything abt geet’

Rk- m sorry maaan.. I cant tell u anything.. m bound to geet’s word.. plzz maan forgive me.. kash.. u hear this talk so u knw abt her situation.. n with tht I don’t hav to say lie to u’ nor my words to geet will break.. bt.. u don’t knw anything’

Y geet is doing to herself???? I hav to tell her’ hav to make her realize.. vt she is doing is all wrong.. yess’

He goes 4m there


Maan was hurt.. he was hurt with RK’s word’

They way he said he had no right on his geet.. his jaan’

She is happy without me’ his eyes again became moist’

He came where jannat was’

They all leaves 4m there taking jannat’

 jannat was quite better nw..

bt maan was all blank.. he was not listening to nay1.. he didn’t evn paid attention towards doc. Words’. He was lost smwhere..

so adi decided to be with maan’

all came home’


Rk came to geet.. she was admitted so she is a hospital room’

He slowly peeped into room.. bt geet came to knw abt it’

Geet- tum yha??

Rk- haan.. maan aya tha

Geet- kya???? Use kuch pta toh nahi chla??

Rk- nahi’ geet had a relief.. tht maan doesn’t knw anything..

Kab tk chuayegi???? Agr maan ko pta vhl gya toh???

Geet- kon btayega???

Rk- geet.. meri baat sun’ plzz maan ko btade na.. without telling u r also suffering n maan too’ he is broken geet’ today I saw pain in his eyes’.  His heart was broken.. he was asking me abt u.. tu kyu kar rahi hai esa???

Geet- plzz rk.. I with vry difficulty taken this decision.. nw agin u r making me weak.. m doing all this 4 his happiness..

Rk happiness?????????? Konsi khushi???? Uski khushi tujme hai geet’ plzz baat ko smjhne ko koshish kr.. he need u.. if u tell him he will be with u’

Geet- he will be broken

Rk- ab kya hai voh??? Nw also u r breaking him’

Geet- nahi’ u knw na.. I hav vry less chances. Fr mn use ese nahi dek paugi.

Rk- dekh geet..  I knw.. bt if he will be with u in these days.. he will be ur strength.. n abt the chances.. m sure if he is with u.. than god cant evn dare to u snatch u away 4m him.. his love is more stronger than god’s will’ n its all visible in his eyes..

Doing this. U r hurting urself n maan..

Geet- nahi bta sakti mn..

Rk- kyu nahi’. Bhagwaan na kre esa ho’ agr kuch ho jye.. toh tu apni aakhri din apne pyaar  k sath toh hogi kam se kam’ n u will be happy with him..

Those days will be with maan’ he will also be happy..

Bt like this he cant be happy..whole life he will think tht u betrayed her’ n he will hates u’ n remember ur betrayal..

Thts not right na..

Geet- she turns to other side’ uske liye yei achha hai

Rk- ifu ont want.. I’ll tell her

Geet- no.. u will not’ the meri kasam..

Rk- geet har baa kasam de k kya karegi???? Dekhna 1 day man will knw abt this’ tht day he will broke more’

He will feel guilty’ he will think tht he cant trust u’ n not be with u in these days’

Evry word of rk was like niddles to geet’ it was unbearable 4 geet to hear this words.. she knw this.. she is doing all is wrong’ bt she is bound to do this’ 4 his sake.. 4 his maan..

She has no other option other than hiding the truth’

4m inner she was crying’ cryig 4 maan’ feeling hurt with his words’

Rk- all vt u r doing.. m not with u geet.. m nt with ur decision of hiding truth 4m maan’

N he leaves 4m thre


Geet turns when he was going out’ he was seeing to the door till his image became blur n dn faded away’

A drop of tear slips 4m geet’s eyes..

Geet monologue-

Kaise bta du???? Haan??

Mje pta hai all vt m doing is wrong’ it is giving pain n only pain to him.. bt I can do nothing’ all is 4 his.. 4 his life I can do anythng’

Its all 4 my jannat’ this is the only way to save both’

I hav to bear all the harsh words of urs n maan’

I also cant tell all to u’ otherwise.. he will kill him.. no cant let tht happen’.

Mn aise kaise hone de sakti hu.. nhi kabhi nahi’

Isse achha yehi hai’ mn chup rahu’ na tumhe kuch btu n maan ko..

This way evrythng will go ok..

I knw I hav less days left

Do u thnk.. I too don’t want to live these days with him’

I also want’ dammit’ yeh jo kuch lamhe hai mere paas.. mn chahti hue s pal mere paas mera maan ho.. meri jannat bhi ho’

Maan will never let anything happen to me.. bt vt will I do.. if smthng happens to him??? ? tht I cant bear’ tht will be more painful to me..

M selfish rishu, m only thinking abt me’.

Maan ko iss taklif mein mai dekh sakti hu par use mje chodte jaate.. mn nahi dekh paugi..

Meri jannat mjse door ho jaye.. vo mn nahi dekh paugi’

She was crying her heart out.



1 month ago’ 2 days before she knws abt her illness’

Geet was out 4 shopping’. She was doing shopping with rashmi’

Maan was to join them aftr smtime’

Geet was waiting 4 him to come’

Geet n rashmi both were in a shop n were having coffe. N were taling..

Suddenly geet’s phone rang.. it was 4m an unknown number..

She picks it..

Geet- hello’

Man- kuch mat bolna’ abhi vha se kahi aur jao’

Geet was abt to say smthng

Man- khan a.. chupp’

Geet- who the hell r u???

Man- abhi pta chl jayega’ abhi ek video ayegi ter paas.. khud hi smj jaogi’

Fr cup chap vha se nikal jana..

N call ended’

She got  a msg’.

It was of jannat’ jannat was playing n 2 men around her’ she got threatened’

Dn again her phn rang’. Her hands strt shaking’ she fears to pick the call’ dn she picks it.

Man- ab pta chal.. chl ab jiske paas hai.. usko chodd aur vha se nikal 5 min mn’

Geet- par’

Man- par var kuch nahi’

Jaisa kha hai vaisa kr.. vrna ‘

Call ended’

Geet went to rashmi’ when her phn rang she excused herself’

Rashmi- kiska tha???

Geet- kuch nahi’ she was sweating..

Rashmi- y r u sweating..

Geet- voh kuch nahi.. achha mn chlti hu. N took her purse’

Rashmi- are par maan a rha hoga.

Geet- m nt feeling well.. mn chlti hu ‘ achha

When rashmi can speak geet was all gone

Rashmi- isse achanak kya ho gya???


Geet came out of the mall’

Than 1 lil boy gave her a slip’

She opens it’ thre was written- “YAH SE SIDDEHE JAO.. EK WHITE CLR CAR HOGI. WITH NO ***** USMN BAITH JAO..”

With this she got a msg.. it was a audio msg..

She plays it.. it was of jannat screaming’..geet screams.. jannat’

Hou.. meri jannat.. nahi.. nahi..

She sits in tht car n dy went smwhere’.






a lady came’

she is wearing a designer saree n carrying a designer purse with her’ walking elegantly.. with attitude..

she enters doc. Cabin.. sits on the chair..

talked with doc.. 4 a while’

she throws a bundle of notes on the table’

there was lust visible in doc. Eyes.. he immediately picks the bundle

doc- thanku madam

lady- I jst want my work done’

doc- yes mam

lady- no1 came to knw at the truth.. understood.

Doc- yes man.. u don’t worry.. no1 will came to knw abt the truth’

The lady smiles evilly’.  N take leave 4m there’

The doc was happy having such a large amt of money’



PRECAP- more to knw’.

Many thing store 4 u all’. Jst wait 4 it’



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