GEET was in hospital..

Nurse came n gave er an injection’

Geet asked er abt vts this 4???

She said tht she is gonna operate anytime so this injection is 4 tht’.

Geet nodded..

The nurse fill the medicine in syringe..  n came close to geet’s arm’ she inject her injection’ geet  closed her eyes  n a  drop of tear fell 4m her eyes..

Nurse leaves 4m thre’ telling her to lay on the bed n keep her eyes close’  geet nodded.


Geet closed her eyes..






Maan has high fever n was sneezing n coughing too’

Geet was worried 4 him. She insisted him to go with her to doc.. btt maan refused’

He said he don’t need to go anywhere’ he will be ok..

Bt geet was nt satisfied’ so she took him with her..

The doc checked maan.. n tell him tht he has fever.. it happens in this season.. nthng to worry’

Maan- dekha’ I told u.. nt to worry..

Doc- I’ll give u an injection.. it will be gud 4 u’

Maan scream noo’.. with hearing the word injection’

Geet- maan.. vt happen???? 



His loud voice make jannat scared’ she was sitting in geet’s lap.. she saw her papa’. N got scared..

Jannat- papa’ dada’ mama..

Maan- no doc.. u give me tablets hw many u want to give.. bt not injection haan’

Doc.- bt mr.khurana’ with injection u will be fine soon..

Geet- maan.. vt r u saying’ see u sacred jannat..

N tum abhi tk bchho k jaise injection se darte ho’

Maan- aree nahi toh.. mn nahi darta..

Geet- fir lgava lijiye na..

Agr kisi ko marne k baat aye.. toh to aap to kuch nhai hota..

Aur ek sui(pin) se darr rahe ho..

Maan- mn nahi darta.

Geet- mn nahi manti..

Maan- okk doc.. aap injection lga dijiye..

Geet gave a winning smile to him..

The do fill her injection with the medicine’  maan’s facial expression was changed’ bt dn geet saw him.. maan straighten himself’

Doc came close o maan’s arm.. the syringe was inches away 4m maan’ maan closed is eyes’

N doc gave him injection’ maan closed his fist’ tight..

Jannat giggle seeing his dada like this’

Geet- dekha itna sa kaam tha’

Maan- par mne lgava lea na..

Geet smiles’..

N both leave 4m thre’.







Geet smiles in his sleep remembering his maan, his life.. to whom she loved’ he is his life.. so hw se can let anything happen to is life’ he can die 4 his life’ 4 her only his life matters nothing else’

His this cute nature make her fall 4 him.. 4 his cuty hubby’

Aftr smtime she drifted to deep slumber’.




The boys came’ (hospital valle) ‘

Dy took geet to another room’

She is sleeping..

Rk asked abt this.. dy said dy r taking her 4 surgery’

4 it she is need to be unconscious’.


Dy take geet with them’


In OT’ geet was lying over the bed.. she is still sleeping’


Outside Rk n madhu were full tensed’ dy were really worried 4 her.. their bst frnd.. praying to god.. tht may this operation got successful.. n their bubby frnd got her bubbliness’ cuteness back’ may she will get fine n can go back to her jaan, her life.. her maan & jannat’

Both were worried..

Its been 1 hour’ dy taken geet to OT’

Smtimes the doc came out n nurses.. bt no1 gave him any answer.. with passage of time dy were getting worried 4 her’.

Doc came.. rk askd abt geet..

Doc- we r trying our best’ u jst pray’

N doc go back to OT’



Doc- 44 hw many more time we r here???

Doc2- jst sm more time’

Both were sitting on the chairs’  n were chatting..

Nurses were also thre.. dy were also jst chatting ‘

Doc- bina koi kaam k hume itne paise mil rahe hai..

Doc2- thts too gud’ we r nt doing anything.. evn we r getting too muh money..

Doc- we hav to jst say a lie.. n see we ll hav hw much money’. Hahahah..

Doc2- hahhaha’

Doc- I thnk nw its enough’ lets go nw.

The other doc nodded..


Dy both came out.. their faces were like tht dy had work so hard o save the patient.. who knws the truth behind this.. tht were jst doing gossip’


Rk hurriedly came to doc’ n asked

Rk- hws geet???? 



Doc gave him a smile’.

All is fine.. the surgery is successful’ nw she is fine.. we hav remove the cancer’ tht was in her body’

Bt she need to take the med’ n u shd take care tht hse shd not take stress..

Rk nodded happily’

His eyes hav tears of happiness..

Madhu came n dy hug eachother’

Both’s eyes were wet.. dy both were happy 4 their frnd..

Dy went to gurudware in the hospital’ to thank to god 4 saving her life’


Soon geet was shifted to her room’.

Till nw she is sleeping coz o seductive’


Both rk n madhu were sitting near geet’. When she will gain conscious  n dy will tell her this news.. she will be so happy’


Geet slowly open her eyes’.

Rk saw it.. he caresses his hand on his forehead .. madhu hold his hand tight’.

Rk- geet.. hws u???

Geet saw a blur image’.

The first word she spoke is maan’.

Rk- haan.. geet.. ab tu apne maan k paas jana.. vo tjse gussa nahi hoga..

Geet slowly open her eyes’

Madhu- geet’ u r fine geet’ nw nthg gonna happen to my princess’ she kissed on her forehead..


The nurse came n check her.. she did the checkups tht were needed.. n gave her an another injection.. coz of it.. she again drifted to sleep’




Maan came home’ he went to his room’

His eyes were red coz of anger’

Hw dare he.. hw dare he can say me like this’.

He recalls Rk word’ “u hav no right.. she had signed the divorce paper”

 . he wants to kill him at tht moment when he say like this’




He took the flower vase tht was on nearby table’ n throw it on the floor’

It broke into pieces..

He again took another glass thing n throws it on the floor’

He kept doing this’.

“Geet hw could u.. hw could u do this like to me???? I didn’t expect this 4m u”

Hearing the sounds adi came in to room’

He was shocked o see maan like this n the room’

He didn’t thought maan can do smnthg like this evr..

He tried to stop him’ bt maan didn’t listen to him’

Aadi- maan.. stop all this.

Maan- no aadi.. hw can geet leave me?? She toh love me na.. u knw na aadi

Aadi- yaa maan.. bt listen.. vt will happen doing all this???

Maan saw him..

Aadi- mana.. doing this it will hurt u.. n think abt jannat alos.. she needs u the most at this time’ when her mom is not with her,, n u also knw abt her health.. so  shd be strong maan..

He walked on the broken pieces of glass tht were on the floor’ dy thrust into maan’s feet’ n blood strt ozzing out of it’

Aadi- maan sambhal k..

He took geet’s photo 4m table’

He caresses his hand on geet’s photo’

Geet.. tum plzz kehdo na’ tht all u doing is nt true.. all is false geet’

Aadi placed his hand on his shoulder to console him..

Maan,..  u hav to accept it..

Maan- u knw aadi.. I will not be hurt.. she said all those words to me’ I can take tht.. bt when’ when she said abt jannat.. tht I cant bear aadi’ I cant forgive her.. nvr aadi’



Both hugged.. aadi patted is hand on maan’s back..

Maan-  Aadi..  I cant live here.. the more I ll be in this place will remind me of geet’. I wanna go 4m thre..

Aadi- ok maan’ u jst take rest’

Maan- hmm’                         

Aadi made maan lay on bed.. n ask him to sleep..

Aadi took leave 4m thre closing the door’.

Maan was not having  any sign of sleep.. bt soon he slept..


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