part 6



Geet woke up nxt morning..

To find maan sitting next to her..

A a small smile carve on her lips to see him sitting near her…

She heard a beautiful sound “good morning jaan”

Awe.. tht was like honey for her.. like she heard this words aftr ages.


She cant express the feeling vt she feels at tht moment.. like she was blessed..

Its gud when u see ur loved 1 standing in front of u when u open ur eyes.. n tht words r more beautiful tht u heard 4m him/her in tht morning.. it makes the whole day pleasant 4 u..


“jab hum chahe kisi ko,

Uski ek dhun bhi madhur lgti hai…..

Jb vo kareeb na ho,

Toh shehad(honey) bhi kadvi lgti hai”

(few lines by me.)


Bt tht smile, tht happiness was not for so longer…

Her dream broke with the sound of “good morning” frm rk n madhu who were sitting near her.. n were surprised to see smile on her lips..

It was like a new sunshine… both were happy for their frnd..

Bt as geet open her eyes… her smile vanished… it vanished away with the thought.. tht she hurt his jaan…

Rk- geet.. hws u now??

Bt geet didn’t answer.. she jst nodded her head..

Rk- gee tab udaas mat ho… nw u will be with maan.. haina.. so happy na yr..

Madhu- haan geet… nw we can tell evrythng to maan.

Geet- nahii…

Rk- kyuu… u said na.. if u recover dn u will tell maan..

Geet- nahi.. mn voh.. haan kha tha..

Hy.. m nt feeling gud. I wanna be alone. Plzz.

Madhuwhile caressing her hand on her forehead.. hmm. U take care..

Hum abhi aate hai.. hmm..


Both rk n madhu leave 4m there..


Nahi.. mn maan ko nahi bta skti.. he will be more hurt.. he will feel tht I don’t trust him.. thts y I didn’t tell him anything..

Bt hw I can go.. mn uske paas bhi toh nahi jaa skti na..  a tera escaped 4m her eeys.. remembering bat tht day… the dreadful evng of her life.. tht vhanged her life.. tht made her apart 4m her life. Her jaan. Her maan…

Tht didn’t let the love birds to be together.. tht snatch a mother 4m a baby..




 Geet sits In the car in which she was told to sit..

She asked dm abt jannat bt dy were mum..

Dy gave a angry look to her.. so she kept quite.


She didn’t said anything 4 the sake of her lil jannat..

The full journey was silent…

Geet was scared 4m inner… vt if dy had done smthng to jaanat.. hw she will be able to live without her.. she don’t want tht..


Dy took geet to deserted area,she was being led by 3-4 big big healthy mans.. dy had surrounded geet 4m all sides.

Geet- where u r taking me??? Hw is jannnat. Plzz tell…

Man- chup chap chl..

Geet- plzz tell me.. hw is she..

Dy eneterd to a room. It was dusty.. a man was waiting 4 her..

Man- aao.. baitho..

Geet- geet’s eyes were spitting fire.. nahi.. pehle btao.. where is jannat.. hw is she.

Man- thik hai vo.. chinta mat kro

Geet- mje yha lane ki vajah???

Man- tumhara pati.

Geet got confused.. vt does tht man means???? Vt he wants 4m maan???

Geet- kya??? Listen.. don’t do anything to my jannat n maan.. vrna..

Man- kya karegi??? Police ko batayege???

Sun.. agr kisi ko kuch btaya na toh pehli toh teri bachi gae.. uske baad tera maan… fr kya karegi?

Geet- nahi.. tum aisa kuch nahi kr sakte… nw her eyes caught sm fear…



A man came with a mobile.. he played a video…

When she saw the video… her eyes become teary n fear strt engulfing in her.. vt if dy might hurt him??

The video was of maan.. where he was going, his doing work in office.. his meeting with his frnds.. everything.

Man- hume iske bare mn ek ek khabar hai.. har waqt koi na koi uske paas hota hai.. tera yha muh khula aur vo….


Geet murmurs.. nahi.. nahi esa nahi ho skta..

Man- aur apni bachi kit u pehle hi dekh chuki hai..

Koi aur sabut chahiye tje??


Geet- kya chahte ho tum??

Man- usse chod de

Geet- nahi…

Man- thik hai.. toh hum usse yeh jahan chudva dete hai.. fr the takklif krne ki bhi koi zarurat nai hogi..

Geet- nahi.. plzz usse kuch mat rna.. tum jo bologe mn vo karugi pakka..


“this is called love..

When the life of ur loved 1 is in danger.. dn u don’t care for urself.. u jst want the person u love to be happy.. don’t matter if u r be with him in tht happiness or not.. u feel happy seeing him happy.. its selfless love.. in love thre is no condition… u don’t want anything in return of ur love…”


 geet loved his maan.. for his life she can hurt herself..

man- bol.. khud chodegi ya..

geet- nahi…

tumeh kya milega ye sab kar k.. like she was begging.. begging 4 her love’s life..

she folds her hand in front of tht morons… bt if fy agree so hw dy will called morons…

man- tere paas 1 month hai…

agr usse btane ki koshish bhi ki toh.. he showed him the mobile.. telling him he hav evry inch info abt him.. vt he does , wher he goes…

so her 1mistake will make her love’s life in danger..

geet nodded.. she will not tell anything to any1..


dn geet was dropped on the mall where dy took her to tht place..

geet was all quite…

hw she can evn think her life without his maan… n thre they r telling her to leave I hav to this otherwise..

no no.. I cant let tht happen… the mere thought of tht man’s word was like needles being thrust in her body…

she came home.. she cant tell  any1 abt this too..

when maan asked y she went 4m the mall without telling.. she said tht she hav sm urgent work..




Nahi.. nahi jaa skti mn maan k paas.. agr gae to vo log..

 Babaji. Ye aap kya kar rahe ho meri zindagi k sath…

Ye sab dukh.. tklif mere liye hi liki thi kya… isse achhaa hota aap mje apne paas bula lete… mgr aap ne ese bhi hone nahi dia…

Kyuu.. kyuuu..

She asked her babaji… y dis happening to her… plzz show sm mercy on her..

Being in this dark thought she slept..



Next day..

Maan packed his bag.. he don’t wanna live in tht house anymore.. the more he will be ther he will miss his mishty … he will think abt her.. her words… nor he couldn’t belive till now y she did this.. her heart was not ready to accept this tht his mishty betrayed him. she left him..

Bt his mind.. he cant evn denayed to her words.. he actions.. words of rk.. tht she left him.. his mind thinks tht she betrayed him..


The fight was all going b/w his heart n his mind.. both were fighting… maan was confused to whom he shd believe… he wanna be with his heart bt tht damm mind alwz came in b/w.. not let him to come to any point..

His thought was broken by the call.. he received the call tht was 4m aadi.

He told him tht he had arranged the tickets 4 his arrival.. his flight is in 2 hrs.. so he shd be ready..

Maan call jannat…

“baby.. where r u??? papa calling u.. hwhere is dada’s lil princess…

He came to other room..

She was sleeping on the floor..

Maan came near to her .. n saw.. she was sleeping holding his mamma’s photo..


“geet.. ek baar hmari jannat k bare mn toh sochti.. hw she will live without u.. she is so small”


Maan tries to take the photo.. bt seems jannat was not in mood to leave it… she was holding it tight. Ear.. close to her heart..

Maan picks her in his arms.. n leave 4m the house..

Aadi accompany him to the airport..

Aadi ask him abt his decision… is its right.. maan didn’t answer.. hw he can answer when he himself don’t knw abt this.. he himself is getting confused in b/w of his heart n mind… he was jst doing.. don’t knw where his decision will take him…


He enters the airport..

He was going when he felt a tug on his shoulder.. he turn to see who it was..

When he turn.. 


small smile came to his lips…

He bend n touched his feet to take the blessings…

The lady kept her hand on his head.. saying “jeete rahiye”

Maan- daadi maa.. aap yha??

Daadi- haan bte..

Dn another elgent lady came thre..

She has full attitude in his eyes..

Maan bends n took her blessing too..

Maan- maa aap kaise ho??

Mom- m achhi hu.. aur aap kha ja rahe ho maan..

Daadi- btatiye bte.. geet kaha hai..

Maan- voh ..

Mom- kuch jhoot mat bolna.. we knw evrythng.. she left u na..

Maan humne aapse pehle hi ka tha.. geet aap k layak nahi hai..

Maan- momm…

Mom- kya maan.. humne aapko kha tha. Us ladki par vishwaas mat kijiye… usse sirf paisa chahiye.. aura b jb aapke paas nhi that oh vo kisi aur k paas chali gae..

Maan- mom.. ek aur lafz nahi geet k bare mn… vo aise nahi hai..

His mom laugh mockingly… ohh plzz.. maan

Maan- mom.. enough.. ab aap kya krne aye ho..

Daadi- bte hum chahte hai aap hmare sath a k rahe.. hum fir se ek sath hassi khushi rahe.. plzz bte. Ab kuch hi din reh gaye hai.. vo hum apne pote(grandson) aur hmari pyaari.. by pulling jannat’s cheek.. padpoti k sath betana chahte hai…

Na mat kehiyega maan.. plzz

Maan- daadi.. aap..

Jannat hurriedly went to the arms of old lady.. she was happy seeing new ppl around her… she was playing with the ear rings tht daadi was wearing..


Daadi make him agree to come with them

So maan goes with them to his home..


Maan … maan singh khurana.. only heir of khurana industries… he is son of rih man.. he njoys luxuries.. live like a cool dued.. bt love make him leave his house..


PRECAP- maaneet’s meet

Hmm pehli vaali ya ab ki????


2 thoughts on “PART 6

  1. wow i’v been looking for this for ages to see what happened after geet left hospital great read still waiting for next please hurry and what is this ff/os called thank you for a great story

    • ohh thnxx di.. sorry didnt updes it 4m long.. actually i jst lost its link.. will be continuing it soon. di its SS.. it will be endong it more 5-6 updes hopefully

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