.. MAAN SINGH KHURANA the only heir of khurana industries.. a rich boy.. lives life happily.. vry cool person..

Alwzys keep smiling n joking with his frnds only..

He loves his family a lot as well his family too..

In his family he has lost his father @ age of 15′ his mother is full of attitude bt when it comes to his son he is her life’ his daadi.. an elegant lady.. loves her grandson like anything’ maan is like the apple of eye’

He was rude n arrogant too’ he like plasters a face on his cute n happy face’


Maan- maan aap geet k bare mn kuch mat bolo plzz.

His mom agrees by making face’

They all went towards the car to go home.. to khurana mansion.. to his house which he left 3 yrs ago’

He is now returning their’ his daadi n mom both were vry happy’

Maan sits on the back seat with jannat n daadi’ n his mom on front seat’

Maan really donno vts going around him.. he was not in state to tell or react to anything.. he was jst going with the flow’


“jab kuch samj na aye..

Hum jaye uljhate

Chod do kuch sochna

Socha hoga us khudha ne

Bs uski dikhae rah pe

Chalte jaa chlte jaa..”

(Few lines by me)

He was lost in his own thoughts..  jannat slept in her daadi’s arm.. maan’s car was struck in traffic.. he recalls..



A hot handsome man’ wearing sun glasses’ tht makes him more hotter’ the girls dies for his 1 look’. Bt he doesn’t give a dam to dm.. he is sitting on back seat doing smthng on his lappy’ n was struck in traffic’ its monsoon season.. the weather was pleasant’

He was sitting with tough face’

His mother n daadi was handling the company aftr his father’s death.. n the company is jst fab doing..

Bt aftr maan completed his mba jst 1 month  ago he joined KC’ all fear frm him.. how much he is rude n tough to others’ he is tht much sweet n friendly to his frnds..

Kehte hai na’.

“vo ek narial (coconut) ki tarah hai..

Bahar se sakht aur andar se narm”


Maan- kitna time lagega?

Driver- sir jst  mins..

Maan ‘ hmm.. he dn again was abt to look into his lappy when smthng struck him.. attracts him.. he suddenlysaw to tht side’

A girl wearing  a white salwar suit complementing to her white milky skin wearing sunglasses’ her hairs starnds was flowing n coming to her face.. she was struggling with them as she was driving the active.. if she leave the active n move the hair strands back her balance would go lost.. so she was hell irritated with it’ she saw her watch n make a cutyy expression’ seems like she is going smwhere bt got stuck in tht dam traffic.. maan smiles a lil seeing her glowing face…

  (imagine only geet sitting)



He with the buttons on the car window lowers the window panes..


2 cheap boys were also standing on the road on a byke..

They were seeing her with lustful eyes’

The blow a whistle seeing her’ n pass a filthy comment ” ee chamakchaloo kha jaa rahi ho akeli akeli.. hume bhi sath le chalo”


Maan didn’t like tht’ his blood boil with the dirty comment’

Bt vt he saw nxt make him amazed’ he was impressed with it..

Girl ‘  she too blow a whistle by putting her finger in her mouth’

oyee kutte kamine’ ullu de phatto’ police station jaa rahi hu.. chalo tumhe bhi sath le chlti hu’

boy- chlo g.. aapke sath kahi bhi chalge..

girl came down frm her scooty’

she removes her sandals’ she is wearing high heels’ n took in her hands..

girl- han g.. bhaiyaa g chlo.. le chalti hu’

she shows him a punch’

n saw them with angry eyes.. like she will burn them on the road’ ekk chamata(slap) lgaugi’ police station ki bjaye sidhe pagal khaane pohnchoge’ btaoo jaoge kya’

with it she was chewing  a gum’


the boys were scared with her attitude.. they were on road’ so dy cant do anything.. or else dy would be beaten up by the crowd around them.. so the slips their byke finding sm way 4m there n goes 4m there..


girl came back n strted her scooty .. to tht time the traffic was less n smhow she manages to go 4m there..


maan lifts his window panes up’

his car too strted, on the way’ as its monsoon’  coz of rains water was on the roads’ the roads were also not so gud’ as in rainy days due to continuous rains the roads got damaged..  there were holes on the roads n in which the water was filled’

maan’s car was pn full speed.. he was on his black audi n his window panes were closed n of black..

the girl was too on her way n was on same road.. though they didn’t saw each other n don’t knw eachother’

maan’s car came up with full speed splashing the road dirty water on tht girl’ the girl’s white suit became double shaded with white n brown coz of dirty water of road..

the car didn’t stop.. it goes 4m there leaving full angry n drenched in water scooty with tht girl..


girl- grhhh.. she stops her scooty’ kuttee kamine.. ye kya kar diya.. rukk tu abhi btati hu..

all ppls around her saw her’ 

hunn.. bhag gya darr k.. hunn geet handa hun yaad rakhna.. mil tu fr btaugi..

1 man on byke saw her’

Kya hai.. mela(fair) lga hai kya’ k koi ldki ni dkehi kabhi.. jao g.. jana hoga aapko kahin..


Hayee babaji.. kya krdia.. abhi ghar bhi vapas nahi jaa skti.. late ho jaugi.. kya karu.. chadoo pehle vha pohchti hu.. fir jo hoga dekha jayega..


So she strts moving to the way where she was going..

She drives it with full speed.. “chakk de fatte geet”


Maan ‘s car reached to his destination’ the car stopped to khurana constructions.

He stepped out of the car.. giving hot look.

(stinna- hayee me toh totally fida on this


Geet too reached their..she parks her scooty their.. n too sm files in her hands saw her watch ..

Hayee babaji. Aja bachalo bs..

She walks like a shatabadi express ‘ fast fast..


“jab khuda ki raza ho..

Toh mil jaate hai log.

Unke milne ka nikal aata hai

Koi na koi raah

Agr likha ho naseeb mein unke

Toh vo takra hi jayege kisi mod pe”

(again sm lines by me’ main kuch zayad ni apni tuyti futti shyaari maarti aj kl’hehehehhe)


Now the super fast shatabdi express n the hotty were walking’ express 4m left n hotty 4m right’

Dhandmm.. both bumped to each other’

Express was abt to fall when hotty saves her fmr falling by encircling his arm to her waist’


Both’s eyes came in contact to each other.. both didn’t blink their eyes’ jst seeing eachother..

Their la la land came to end when  watchman came their running screaming.. “oh madam.. madam g”

Maan moves backward.. geet compose herself.. picks her files tht fall on the floor’

Maan moves towards the lift’ n goes frm their’


(stinna- eloo.. ye hotty toh express ban gya.. itni jldi vha se khisak gya..intro toh krrleta’)


Watchman- madam g.. aap apni scooty hatayea vha se

Geet- kyuu g’ ye aapki jagah hai??

Watchman- nahi

Geet- toh.. meri scooty. Mere hands.. meri keyes.. mera petrol.. mn jha mrzi usse lgau..

Achha ab mn late ho rai hu’

N she goes 4m their’

With faster speed..

Watchman- agr sir ko pta lg gea k kisi ne unki jagah pe kuch park krdi toh’.  He was scraed..


Geet press the button of lift’ bt hw it will come maan jo lift mein hai..

So she hav to go 4m stairs.. she took tht way n went 4m stairs’


She enters the office’

She talks with the reception girl.. she was seeing her with wired eyes’ actually to her clothes tht turned double shaded’.

Geet- new fashion aya hai.. tum bhi try krlena.. mje mat ghooro..

She got a relief tht she is not tht late.. interviews for the secretary of MD  has jst strted’

Maan was in his acbin n was taking the interviews with sasha n aadi..

Girls goes into cabin with happy face.. bt came out with dull face.. means evry1 was rejected..

Dn geet’s turn.. she was late so she is the last1 left 4 int.

She enters the cabin.. she was also scared as coz of her clothes might she be rejected..

Sasha- u knw miss geet.. .1st impression is the last impression

Geet smiles’ yes mam

Sasha- dn vts this.. look at u’ thts not the way to come to int

Geet- I knw mam.. I apologies 4 this.. bt I hav no other optn. If I hav to come on time so hav too.. she addressed to her dress,

Aadi with his most famous laugh- hahahha’

Maan was facing his back’

He jst was irritated.. as no1 was selected’ so he without turning said.. sit..

Geet sit.. dy ask the questions to her’ geet gave all the answers with full confident tht was most needed for the job’ maan was impressed with her confidence.. he turns his chair while working on a file,

Congratz u r selected’

A glow came on geet’s face’ maan dn saw up’ aweee he saw her n got lost in her beauty..

Mahiii.. mahiii

She is indeed a natural beauty.. all girls were rejected as dy were like makeup ki dukaan’s..  aur short dresses ki.. dy were there to flirt with hotty..

Bt geet. She is different.. she is there 4 her need’

She is selected..

She strted working with him.. with pass of time’ maan was in love with her as said na.. love at 1st sight’ as all of geet’ maan ke upar toh any1 can go lattu’

Both confess their love 4 each other in conference meeting.. geet make a presentation n she tell him abt her feelings’ aree no no.. no1 is there is conference meeting’  only maaneet’ maan knws tht she too loves im.. btw wanted her to confess.. its all his plan to make her agree’ geet bhi nahi darti kisi se.. so tell him abt her feelings’ n both hugged

 eachother n ”





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