Car stops outside KM’ tht brings maan to his senses

When driver applied break n maan realizes tht he was day dreaming..

Remembering their days.. cherishing the moments..

Tht will alwz be close to his heart

Tht will alwz be with him until his last breath’ vt evr his mishit did bt he still loves her.. loves her a lot..

If she left him dn it doesn’t mean tht he will not love her anymore..

Its jst he is angry at her at this time’

The bitterness he hav for her at this time will vanish away with passage of time.. maybe..

Nw he no more wanna think of her,. D more he thinks it reminds him of her betrayal her words’ tht hurts him

Vt hw he can think without his heart..she lives in his heart.. its impossible 4 him to not to think of her.

He moved to his house.. his own house’ tht he left 4 sake his mishty, his life, his love..

Nw returning home.. it’s a grt felling itself’

He enters his room’ its same lyk he left.. no change is thre in the room’ its in same state in which he left it.. his eyes were lil wet to see it’

His mother came 4m behind n patted on his shoulder

Mom- aapke jaane k baad yehi toh tha hmare paas’

Dekhiye aap ka room bilkul vaisa hi’ the way u left it..

Maan turns n hugs his mother tight’. While his eyes were shedding tears’ he is feeling so gud.. he is overwhelmed to see the love of his mother for him’

Maan- thanks mom..

His mom caresses his head.. “I miss u beta”

“Miss u too mom”, maan replied..

“maan. U get fresh nu p.. n came down for lunch’ n hav ur fav food.. hmm”

Maan nodded..

N he goes to washroom’



On other geet was getting quite well’ she is now recovering acc. To tht doc.

(stinna- kamine doc kahi k )

Rk- geet, nw as u r fine.. nw u hav togo to maan.. n clear all ur MU’ he loves u a lot’ n I cant see u both like this.. u promised me tht u will tell him aftr ur OT’

Geet- hmm’ mn bta dugi

Rk- smiles’ hmm thts gud.. n haan.. if u not tell him..i’ll tell him. Okk.. so its better u tell him all this

Geet- haan baba..

Geet(st)- nw vt I’ll do’ I cant tell maan abt this’ n if I’ll go to him.. dn they will.. no no I cant afford tht.. dy can do anything’ nw vt ll do??? Babaji show me sm path.plzz..

I hav to do smthng’

Rk- kha kho gae???


Geet- hmm.. kuch nahi..

Aftr smtime rk left 4m there as he has sm work..


Geet(st)- I cant evn go to maan.. n cant tell anything abt all this to rk.. vt can be done to this now’

Hmm.. yaa I shd go smwhere else.. thts gud..

Sorry maan.. plzz mje maaf krdena’ agr ho sake to  mje samjhne ki koshish krna.. apni mishty pe bharosa rakhan.. plzz nevr remember me with hateres’


Ur geet loves u.. m doing all this 4 u.. for ur life..

She called sm1..

Yes plzz do it fast.. I needed dm till tody night..

Yaa thankuu..

N cuts the call..


Maan came down on dinning table..

Where he saw jannat was in daadi’s lap n having his food by doing tantrums n also troubling daadi a lot..

Though daadi was njoying this’. She is having a grt time with her..

He sits on chair’

N nakul served him his fav pasta’

Mom- I knw u luv pasta.. so I specially make this  4 u’ did u liked it?

Maan hav a bite of it.. n nodded to yes n gave  a smile.. thts not happy like smile.. bt he did this 4 his mother..



“Maan.. maan’ jldi aao na.. where r u..

M hungry’ n our lil baby is also hungry..”

Maan was far so he said in loud voice.. “haan baba.. a rha hoon'”


Dn maan enters the room.. he his wearing a apron n a chef hat on his head.. n holding a plate in his hands.. tht is shut..

His clothes were messed up..

“tan ta nann.. mn a gya jaan”

Geet with golgappa face was sitting on the bed’

“hun.. itna time maan'”


“oh ho.. apni jaan k liye bna rha tha.. toh kuch special toh hona chahiye na..”

Geet- achha to kya special bnaya hai aapne??

Maan was vry excited to show her.. he taken the plate tht was covering the plate..

“Here comes’. Delicious pasta 4 my darling wife n kissed on her forehead n 4 my cute baby” n kissed on her tummy’

Geet- kya maan’ geet was red red.. she is blushing hard..

Kuch toh sharm kro maan.. nw u r going to be a father..

Maan- so vt???? I cant evn kiss my wife kya???

Geet- achha toh kuch khau mn..

Maan nodded n gace her his most killing smile’

Geet made a face to see pasta’ kya maan.. again pasta.. nahi mje nahi khana’ ye sukha sa pasta’ n yes this salad.

Maan- nahi jaan.. u hav to eat the sala 4 our baby.. its gud for her health..

N pasta.. hmm mne apni jaan k liye bnaya hai toh’ vo bhi khana bnat hai

Geet- a haan haan.. ye achha hai’ pasta k elava(else) aur kuch bnana nahi aat toh apne naam se mje khilao.. ye achha hai.. n haan.. salad mn khaugi bt for my son.. haan

Maan- geet.. I told u na.. its my princess’

Geet- nahi maan’ its my rockstar son

Maan- geet..

Geet- maan’.

Maan take a spoon of pasta n hurriedly puts it into geet’s mouth..

Yee nw thts gud’ geet gulped it..

Nw like a gud wifey n gud mommy finish it..

While making faces she strted eating it..

Geet- maan u hav it??

Maan- u eat na..

Geet- no’ she take the spoon 4m his hand n fed maan..

Both fed each other n while laughing n giggling’


Maan.. maan’

Maan saw ‘ he was again thinking of her..

Evrythng is reminding him of her..

Mom- maan bte’ kha kho gaye aap???? Hav ur food na..

Maan stood up n goes 4m their’

Giving no answer’

His mom calls him bt he didn’t give ans n lef 4m their to his romm

Daadi- he needs tym.. give him sm time. Hw ll fine.. rigt nw he is not in his senses..

Hope u understand

His mother nodded..


Maan went to his room’

He closed the door of his room..

He took a pic 4m his bag n sits on the bed..

He caresses it..

Tears were not in his eyes’ his tears were also not left in his eyes’

“y u did this???

Vapas a jao na geet.. plzz.. vapas a jao

Tumhare bina tumhara ye maan adhura hai geet..  I need u..

Tumhe bhulna chahu fr bhi nahi bhula pa rha hun geet’ ese ku ho rha hai geet???

Har cheez mje tumhari yaad dila rai hai.. chah kar bhi mn tumhe apne zehan se kyu nahi nikal pa rha hu????

Chah kr bhi mn tumhe bhul nahi pa rha hu’

Kyu???? Kyu????

He slept thre while holding his mishty’s photo..


Duniya me jeene ki chahat na hoti
Agar khudane mohabbat banayi na hoti,
Log marne ki aarzoo na karte
Agar mohabbat me bewafai na hoti.
Yadon me hamari wo bhi khoye honge
Khuli aankhonse kabhi wo bhi soye honge,
Mana hasna hai ada gam chhupane ki
Par haste haste kabhi wo bhi roye honge’
(its not by me’ bs  liked it.. so thought to post it.)


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