Aftr 2 days.. whn geet is fine..

In hospital..

She is quite gud now’ acc. To docs so she is giving discharge..

Rk- so geet.. ab tu maan  k paas j rahi hai.. m vry happy 4 u both.. thank god nthng happen to u

When he said maan’ smthng rings in geet’s mind.. n she stops thre’ maan k paas??? Hw she can go thre..

Rk- haan geet..

Geet- haan’

Rk- I’ll drop u

She instantly said.. nahi..

Rk suspects n said.. kya hua??? Kyu???

Geet- vo I mean.. mn khud chali jaugi..tum fikr mat kro.

I don’t want to trouble u

Rk- vt??? Who said u ll trouble me???

Madhu- haan.. vt u saying????

Geet- aree baba.. m fine nw.. mn chali jaugi

Madhu- ab tu hmari baat kha se manegi

Geet(St)- uff nw vt to do??? M confused n stuck babaji.. inko kya btaun???


Both gave  a smile..

Geet’s phn rung..

She received the call.

Geet- hello’

Rk gestures her tht he is cmng in 5 mins’

Madhu also goes with him.. n geet left alone in room

Caller thts  a lady sound- hw r u nw??

Geet-sorry’ whose it??

Caller- not of ur business..

Geet- vt u mean?

Caller- I hope u care 4 ur dear hubby’s wife n ur cute lil child???

Geet- vt??? Who r u??

Caller- oh ho geet’. Itni jldi bhul bhi gae’ thoda badaam khaya kro..

Geet was all silent’ who is she??? Hw she knws abt her??? Kahi ye vhi log toh nhai who wanna kill maan.. nahi..

Caller- kya soch rahi ho geet????

Hmmm yaad aya kuch ya karvau’ n gave  a evil laugh..

Geet-vt u want

Caller- tht u knw baby’. Dn in a hard tone.. leave him..

Geet’s ground like slipped’ she is saying her to leave’mnz she is right’ she is talking abt maan.. to leave hw dare she.. who is she to say her??? Say herto leave him????

Caller- I thnk u r not taking me seriously????haina???

Geet- nahi vo mn’ geet’s eyes were wet to the mere thought of leaving her jaan..

Tears strt flowing 4m her eyes..

Caller- chchch..(like whn we say a baby nt to cry)

U toh strted crying’ abhi toh waqt haiin ansuoon kogiraane k liye..inhe sambhaalk rakho geet’ baad mei kaam ayege agrtum nahi gae.


Caller- oh so.. vts ur decision???

Geet composed herself-m leaving’bt dare u touch him..u will not harm him.. promise me..

Caller- ohh..toh dhamkide rahiho’oh ho’mn toh darr gae..

Geet-jo kahogi’i’ll do..bttum unhe kuch nahi karogi..

Caller- done’

N call ended..


The phn slipped 4m geet’s hand n she landed on floor’.

Shedding the most precious diamonds on the floor’ her tears were not stopping 4m flowing’its like a water fall..


“kaise jeun gi main aapke bina maan??? I cant evn think my 1 sec of life without.. n here I hav to leave 4 for lifetime.. only 4 ur gud’babaji mje shakti dena.. plzzz..

Maan plzz don’t  hate me..ur geet luves u infinite'”


“Unke bina ye zindagi bejaan c hai

Khoon ki ek ek boond unke naam ki hai.

Marr mitege unki khatir..

Agr mauka mile toh..

Kabhi dua mein hi hume yaad kr lena.

Bs hume kabhi bhula mat dena”


( by me)


Madhu enters the room’

She saw heron the floor.. so she runs to her..

Kya hua???

Geet immediately wiped her tears.. nahi kuch nahi..

Vo.. n she strted searching smthng under the bed.

“vo mera phn gir gya tha.. vhi doon rahi hu..”

Madhu nodded.. n she too saw here n there..

Geet’s phn was near geer she picks it n stand.. mil gya..

Madhu smiles to her..

Rk enters’ lets go ladies’

Both nodded n  moved towards the parking..

Rk got a call..

He has to go urgently 4 shooting smwhere’ n work is urgent.. madhu too hav to go with her.. as its her work too..she also called..(both r shooting 4 same film as leads)

Rk- I cant.. I hav work’ cancel it

Geet-ohho.. u both go na’ican go by myself.. see m fine now

Madhu- bt geet’ u’tje akele kaise chod k jaye..

Geet- jao na’ all r  waiting 4 u both..go plzz

Rk- bt.

Geet-no if no bt.. only yes..n u both r going..

Rk- okk.. bt msg me haan. Whn u reached’

Geet- haan baba..krugi.. ab jao..

Rk- hum the aadhe raaste mein chod dete hai..

Geet- no..i’ll manage..

Dn both rk n madhu leave 4m there..its an outdoor shoot..


Whn dy go..geet text to sm1′ “THANK YOU..”

(geet called sm1 on shooting n said them to call rk urgent n keep him busy..she is vry gud frnd off her. So she agrees’ n here rk got the call)


She took a taxi n went to airport’

On the way..



Geet saw outside of window pane’ pain is clearly visible in her eyes’ she will miss him’no she will not’ kehte hai na..yaad unko kia jaata hai jinhe hum bhula de’geet maan ko kaise bhula skti hai’hw can 1 forget to breath????maan is geet’s breath.. so to survive she needs to breathe n will alwz remember her maan in her heart’

She said in a low whisper.. “love u maan..sorry..”

A unknown tear..  a peral made its way 4m her almond hazel eyes ..

Before it can touch the ground or to taxi’ ground.. it came on its finger’

She saw up..

Here maan is sitting with angry n puppy face.. he nodded him to no’ not shed those  priceless pearls 4m her eyes..

“mishty tumhe koi haq nahi giraane ka.. u belongs to me.. n without my purmishen u cant do anything not evn to shed these.. he gestures to tht tear’


He licks tht tear’

Geet smiles in her teary face’ n nodded to yes..

She was abt to touch maan’s face n it vanished’

Maan was not there’ hw he can be’

He toh not evn wants to see my face’ hmm hw can sm1???



Maan was not having his food properly’ he was silently having the food while sitting on dinning table’

Daadi was talking n maan jst saying hu.. haan to her.

Not evn listening vt she is saying

N get up 4m there n moves to his room’

He was like a dead body’

Who don’t knw hw to live without his mishty, his jaan, his geet.. bt he hav to’ he hav to survive 4 his lil princess jannat’

She need her father.. n he ll alwz be ther 4 her..


aasmaan, tera mera hua
khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
aasmaan, tera mera hua
saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan



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