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Maan- oh god!!!.. prob hai yr.. now geet kis k ghr jayegi???

When maan was talking to sweety rohan got a call n he left 4m there.. now prem , maan n geet were left..

They drove 4m there..

On the way maan was thinking.. n he got message 4m sweety..

Sweety- where r u taking geet’

Aftr the call’ rosy’s mom came to room n she turn off the lights saying both the girls good night n tucking both them under the blanket.. sweety messaged maan 4m under the blanket’ rosy was also was awake..

Maan- while driving he gave her reply.

Sweety’s mom buzzed..

She open’s the message.. “abhi socha nahi.. khud toh vo kumbkarn jaise so gae hai.”

Sweety replied him back.. prem took mob n read it.

“don’t dare to call her kumbkaran.. listen.. we don’t hav any other option.. jst 1 I hav”

Maan- kyaa???

Prem- kya??

Maan- konsa optn hai???

Prem- ye nhi likha usne..

Maan- paagal ki behn bhi paagal.. puch usse kya idea hai.

Prem texted her abt vts the idea n he got reply of sweety.

“take her to ur home” maan hears this when prem spoke.. maan took the mob 4m prem.. n msged her back..

“vt r u saying??” its 10 mins maan send her ,message bt he didn’t recive the message. He tried her no.. it came switched off..


When sweety messaged maan sweety’s mon battery got low n its turn off.. n her mob charger is not there, so she cant message maan’ rosy was now drifted to sleep.. moreover when sweety took rosy’s mob.. its showed the balnce zero..

Sweety- grhh.. sabhi pange aaj hi k din hone the kya.. haye babaji.. bachha lena.. aur iss gadhi.. she looked towards rosy.. isse mn subah baat krugi.. balnce bhi zero rakhti hai. Kanjoos kahi ki.


Maan- now vt shd we do???

Prem- take her to ur home.

Maan- agr kisi ne dekh lia toh?

Prem wih his 1 eye brow up- kon dekhega??? Mr. maan khuran darr rha hai kya???

Maan- mn aur darr.. dued.. these are 2 opposite things haan.. I’ll take geet to my home.. n haan..

Let me remember u.. I hav a outhouse too.. with a smirk..

Prem jst shook his head’ -right dued..

Maan dropped prem to his home.. they both bid bye to each other..

Prem- take care of her.

Maan- aur meri kon karega???


Maan droved to KM to his home..

He stopped his car’ in front of KM’ watchman opened the gate n he drove in.. he took his car far 4m his Mansion towards outhouse’ thts not too far 4m there.. jst at distance of 5 mins’

Maan stopped his car there.. to his outhouse.. where no1 else maan comes..

Maan came out of the car n opened the door of back seat..

He saw geet.. who was sleeping.. with a cute smile on her face.. maan didn’t want to disturb her 4m her sleep n he didn’t woke her up.. he took her in his arms.. geet was in deep sleep..

Geet encircles her arms over maan’s neck.. n maan took her into house..

Maan kept looking at her with love.. how sm1 can be so cute??? The questions rings in maan’s mind..

“sote huye kitni shant hai.. aur jaise hi ankhen kholti hai.. bapre baap.. sherni mode on ho jaata hai”

Maan holds her protectively n took her into the room.. n lied her on the bed..maan tried to stood up bt geet was holding maan 4m his neck.. n maan fell over geet’s right side.. he controls him n didn’t let his weight to be put over her, n take care tht she might don’t get disturbed.. he slowly put her arms down 4m his neck’ n stood up.. he smiled seeing her innocent face..

 He cover her with smooth blanket.. Tucked it near her neck.. covering her milky white skin.. tht she was exploding tody.. when maan was abt to go.. geet holds her hand’ maan turned n saw her.

“uff.. now vt to do??”

He came near her n caresses his palm over her head lovingly’he came close to her.. ‘ his lips came close to her forehead to kiss her..

Bt then he stops jst mere inches away 4m her forehead’ n went back.

“vt r u doing maan” maan’s mind ask him.. he freed his hand 4m geet n then turn off the lights n closed the door’

He came downstairs.. “vt I was going to do.. ohh god!!! This girl will make me mad..” maan questions himself.. abt the act he was going to do smtime ago.

He was going out of the house bt then stop in midway..

“ohh.. agr geet uth gae tih. If she need smthg??  No I cant go.. I hav to be with her n hav to stay there tody..hmm”

He turned back n went upstairs.. he came in to the room.. he saw geet.. was sleeping peacefully.. with a smile carved on her lips.. the window was open n cool wind was coming in 4m there.. geet’s hair were dancing in wind n singing in the air.. sm hair strands came to geet’s face.. maan came near to geet.. he bend n sat on his knees on the floor.. he took his hands near her face.. n tuck those hair strands behind geet’s ear..he sat their on his knees n kept looking at her with love, care..

 bt with the wind it again came on geet’s face. Maan again put it behind her ear.. n caresses her face with his palm. A word came 4m his mouth “so soft” then maan chuckle to the word.. vt he said.. ohh god!!!!!!.

Air was coming to room 4m window n geet’s hair were disturbing her.. they were coming again on geet’s face.. then maan saw to the side of window.. he smiles n stood n shut the window.. the cool breeze stops.. n geet turned  a lil in her sleep.. like feeling relived.. as if she was feeling cold before.. bt now the atmosphere is   all good according to her’ maan kept staring her.. he couldn’t take his gaze 4m her.. her beautiful angelic face’ maan was seeing without blinking his eye lashes’

 he sat on the couch tht was in the room..

Seeing her he soon drifted to deep slumber..  waiting 4 another morning, a new day.. with sm more feelings n with geet..


Precap- ???????



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4 thoughts on “PART 12

  1. Not fair sweety leaving sharni with maan…maan is falling for geet..I wish there morning becomes super duper laughter

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