Hellooo’. M back ‘. Again with a new OS’. It’s a strange OS.. m trying this type of concept 1st time’ its new 4 me n maybe 4 u all also’.’ hope u all like it’Plsss shower ur love as alwz to my other writings to this 1 also’



actually i wrote this in september..

bt didnt hav the guts to post it.

bt now i think i shd post it..

so plzzz give ur views..


 till now no name hav been decided.. need ur help 4 this

so give sm osmastic , coolest names..



A white light came 4m upward at corner of room”surrounds the area’ slowly slowly sm stairs of gold formed their.’ having diamonds in between.. sparking’ light is full pure’

With the light the whole room shines’

Beautiful feet wearing diamond heels

 n anklets stood on steps’ it came downward n slowly the white gown seems’ it is soo beautiful gown’ fully white like pure soul’ shining.. the figure is seeing till its waist’ n a girl hand is their’ wearing a big diamond ring n a beautiful bracelet’ her hand is milky white’ seems so soft.. it was like a rose petal’ she stops on the way’ after a moment she again strt walking cmng downward’ taking the steps slowly n more of all vry elegantly’.she is holding a wand  it was a magic wand’. It’s in shape of a heart.. have a small diamond in the center’. She is holding it vry securely yet softly n in a elegant manner’ her neck is seeing’ she is wearing a beautiful diamond small neck piece.. only a small pended’ of heart shape’ sparkling with all its light’ nw her beautiful face appears’ she can be fully seen’ her head has a crown’ wearing small ear rings’ her eyes r so deep’ dy r mirror of her heart’ she is a fairy descended 4m heaven’ any1 can tell tht by seeing her.. her clothes’ her posture’ her manner speaks tht she is truly some a fairy or pari.. she is so beautiful’ he skin is milky white n soft like rose petals’ her beauty can make any1 crazy’ she can also turn an devil into a true person’ she has the ability to fall any1 4 her’ her beautiful supple lips.. 4 which any1 carve’. She is like tht 4 which any1 can die 100 deaths’ yes she is’ she is a fairy.. the pari.. she is like a rajkumari’ wearing crown.. beautiful gown with matching & amazing accessories’. She is shining’ like she is drenched in the  bowl or tub of diamonds n pearls .. n covered with all over diamonds n pearls’ she slowly came down of stairs..



Bt smtimes“jo dikhta hai vo hota nahi aur jo hota hai vo dikha nahi”

Smtimes the thing which seems r not true .. u nvr knw vt can happen at any time, any moment..


 within a sec all stairs disappear’. She moves ahead’ n came near to a bed.. where sm1 is sleeping.. she pulls the duvet 4m is head’.

 Boy was sleeping peacefully dreaming’ he is so handsome’ his eye lashes r beautiful’ when she pulls the duvet a small smile carve on his lips’ his M shaped lips’


she stares at the boy’ n patted her fingers softly on his face.. on jawline slowly coming 4m his head to his chin..  tht boy open his eyes’ he was so much seeing a divine beauty infront of his eyes.. he stood up.. sits on bed seeing her with love.. he was speechless n couldn’t even utter a single word 4m his mouth’ seeing a fairy or goddess in front of his eyes’ he saw around.. the full room was  shining’. There was light all over’ fairy hold his hand n takes him with her’ he didn’t even utter a word kept following her’. He didn’t even blink is eye lashes 4 once’ he was so much lost in her’ soon dy were in a garden.. their was greenery all over.. droplets of fog were on the grass’ both were walking on grass’holding hands.. seeing in each other eyes’ actually lost in each other’ big trees were there’ beautiful  flowers were singing their’ sounds of birds was cming’. Soon fairy leaves his hand strt running on grass’ stretch his arms’ n strt revolving around the boy with full happiness’. She was very happy.. seeing her boy too feels happy.. joy, excitement’. Like his moto of life is this’ nw his life is free.. he got everything seeing her smile’..


she went to boy n whisper in his ear’ maaan’.. I want u’

Boy was shocked hw she knws his name’.

Maan- who r u???? hw u knw my name????

Fairy-  main’ she lower her eye lashes.

Maan was waiting 4 her to answer..


She smiles’.. n place a small peck on his cheeks’.

She pecks his another cheek’. She was moving back suddenly stops n came forward.. near to him..  so close’. N bite his cheek so hard’ maan wince in pain’ blood ooze out of it.. she was nt leaving him’it was paining him a lot..

Bt  she was like glued on his cheeks.. don’t want to apart away 4m him’

Maan- chodo mje’ its paining’ stoppp’. Leave’ aahhh he wince in pain.. aaahhh’.


Suddenly he woke up’. He was sweating’. Soo much scared’. He saw around no1 was there’. No fairy’no girl.. no light’.

Ye kya tha’. N touches his cheek where she bite’. There was a small line’ a scar.. he touches it.. its paining’

Agr vo mera supna tha ‘ toh ye nishaan kaise???? He was standing in front o mirror seeing his cheeks’ the wound’.

Suddenly smthng appears’ it was 1st like a shadow’ it was nt clear’

Maan came close to mirror’ touches it where tht shadow was making’..

A whisper came out 4m her mouth’ maaannn”

Maan in a jerk moves back’.

Girl – maan’ aao na mere paas’ tm kha chale gaye???? Plz come back na.. ur geet is waiting’. Her voice was sweet tht can melt anyone’ her beautiful shining face can attract any1′. Maan nodded to yes’

Maan- he nooded’. mn auga tmhare paas’.

He turn back’.

There was no1′. Jst only darkness’. No1 is in the room’.

Maan- ye kya ho rha hai mere sath’. Kuch samj nai a rha’

Mje uske paas jana hai’ jana hai mje vha’.. vo mje bula rai hai..

Sound was coming’  “maan.. maan.. aao yha.. mere paas.. mere sath”

Numerous sounds’ it was infinite’. Maan got irritated’. He closed his ears with his palms’. Bs bs karo’.


Maan got faint n fell on the bed’ n went into a deep sleep” he suddenly dozed off’


Nxt day morning’.

He was sleeping’ with a sudden jerk he woke up’. Screaming loud geeet’. His right arm was stretch straight’.  Like asking sm1 to come.. carving 4 sm1′  pain was in his eyes’. A silent tear slipped 4m his eyes’

He touches his eyes’ n took the drop 4m his his face to his finger tip n got scared.. his eye balls were moving right left with full speed’

 his eyes got widen seeing a black clr tear’ hws tht possible??? He was sweating badly even the ac was on.. he runs to mirror’ n saw her face.. check his eyes’ nthg was there’.

Maan- vts this all happening to me???? Omgg!!!! M going mad’ grhhh”..


He rush out of room’.

All was white’. There was nthg.. no furniture’. No curtains’ nthnggg..

Whole hall, the lobby, drawing room was white’. In kitchen there was nthg’ he goes there’ a jug of glass was jst there’. He took the jug n gulp the water suddenly’fastly he was gulping it’ like he havn’t had it since 1 week’ when he was done’ he place the jug on table’. N up his eye lashes n saw around’. Evrythng was on place’ furniture, curtains, utensils’. N nw clr was also nt white.. it was of smwhwere red, cream, light green, textures’. 


He went into room n rush into washroom

Put his hands under the water tap’. The water came’ n strt splashing it on his face’. Washing his face’ does it 3-4 times’ n open his eyes’ n saw the water was red’. His eyes widen in scare.. he moved back in a jerk’. N saw up’ thre was  smthg written on mirror

” m waiting 4 u”   its written in red.. like with the blood’..  he gulp his saliva’ n saw down n again up’ the same shadow was there’ asking hi m to come to him’.. he took the vas 4m near n throws it on mirror in frustration’ the mirror broke’. The pieces of it fell on floor’ one piece fell on maan’s hand’ blood strt oozing out of it’. He shakes his hand’ n blood strains fell on ground’..

He goes out n jump on bed’. N dozed off’..


The blood strains were there’ on the floor’. Sm footsteps came there’ she bend down’ rub her hand on it’.  Blood was nw also on her hand’  she licks it’.



Nxt part sooonnn’ wait 4 it’





want u all to write there.. TongueTongue









Hehehehheheh’.. all the rotten tomatoes’ juttis’. chappals’ are most welcome’ plzzz jo mann mn aata hai bta do’ I knw its wired’ soch rahe hoge k kya likha hai ye???? Bt aisa hi hai’. Hehehehe  *evil laugh* ‘. Kyuu lga na zor ka jhatkaaa??????

Ab plzz btana zarur kaisa hai???? Do like n cmnt mere dosto.. mere silent readers’. If I don’t get, mn nxt part port nai karugi’ hmm’ mn both chalu hu’ ab kuch toh krna hi padega na,.. vrna aap to cmnt aur mje btane se rahe’

Chlooo bye bye’. Luv u all.. thnks 4 tolerating me sooo long..

Ur frnd..



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