maan kept staring her.. he couldn’t take his gaze 4m her.. her beautiful angelic face’ maan was seeing without blinking his eye lashes’

 he sat on the couch tht was in the room..

Seeing her he soon drifted to deep slumber..  waiting 4 another morning, a new day.. with sm more feelings n with geet..


The next day with  a new hope came..

The sun came to the clouds giving n showering its light everywhere.. warm to all the ppl all over the world.. covers the darkness tht was spreading last night..

The sunlight hit the window of the room’ it came into the room

The room shines with sunlight.. the interior of room was so lavish.. its furniture n floor was fully polished.. the room looking more beautiful whn sunlight fall on it.. it glows..

Geet was sleeping on the bed with a soft blanket over her unkwn of the fact tht where she is??? On whose bed she is sleeping??? Unaware tht vt happens last night. A smile was on her lips.. the sunlight hit into her eyes’ n she make sm movements in her sleep..

Slowly sunlight hit hard to her eyes.. she moved her small palm on her eyes preventing her eyes 4m hard sunlight..

She slowly open her eyes with  a wide smile on her face n sit on the bed..

Patted her hand on her mouth with a yawn

folds her hands n close her eyes n pray to her babaji..

Then she moves her eye balls to the right side to find sweety, to wake her lil devil sis.. bt she got shocked she was not there.

She realized tht she is not there.. her eye balls saw here n there took round of room’

Its not her room’ where is she???

 The only question rung in her mind??? Where is she???? She  tried to recover abt last night evnt.. vts all happened??? Hw she come here??? Where is she?????

Then a beautiful sight caught in her eyes’

A tall boy with Greek looks.. wearing his black vest showing his masculine body.. any girl can go crazy looking at him’

His proper M shaped lips.. ufff’ inviting any girl to cm near him.. his eyes.. n his lashes.. geet was staring at him..

He was sleeping on the couch tht was not made 4 him.. he is taller than the couch.. her legs were hanging at the end of the couch.. she was looking at him in awe.. how he is sleeping there..

Geet rubbed her eyes.. ohh m I dreaming????? No she is not.. maan is in reality sleeping in front of her.. bt vt he is doing here???

Oh god vts happening????


A sound came.. she saw towards maan.. maan was moving in his sleep.. he was not comfortable sleeping on the couch..

Geet stood up 4m the bed..  took some baby steps towards him’ without making any sound.. she was fearing tht might he don’t wake up,.. might she don’t bcm the reason to disturb his sleep’ actually his bad sleep.. he was moving on the little couch..

She came near him.. bent n came on her knees.. she took her hands palm to his face.. to his grew stubble.. her hand was shivering n a fear in his heart.. she saw him.. kept looking at him. Her heart missed several beats’

She was abt to touch his cheek when maan again move n geet in a jerk stood up.. feeling embraced of her act.. why she is coming close to him..

When geet stood up in a jerk her ankle got twisted n she fell..

She tried to balance her fragile body.. bt in vain

She fell on maan’ maan was beneath geet’ geet’s hair were open n it covers maan face.. maan with this got up.. he opened his eyes to see two almond hazel eyes in front’ whose big big eye balls were moving’ both saw in each other eyes’ geet was lost in his brown chocolaty eyes’ geet’s hairs were covering maan face..

Maaannhiii’.. maahiii

Maan slowly took his hand towards geet’s soft skin of face.. he tuck the hairs tht were coming on his face behind her ear.. geet shivers with his touch. She closed her eyes to feel his touch.. the warmth in his touch..

Them geet stood up on her feet.. maan too got up.

Geet was looking evrywher else maan’ she was so much embraced.. it was such an awkward moment.

“geet vt u was doing??? Vt he will be thinking of u??” geet thought n ask to her mind’n was getting sm answer..

When maan cough.. “ahem ahem” to gain her attention..


Maan don’t want this awkwardness to be continued.. so he broke the silence.. 


“geet” he said with his sweet voice.. aweee’ her name sounds so perfect when he says it.. like her name is only meant to be come 4m his lips..

Geet look at him n dn again move her gaze down.. “hmm”

“omgg geet’ I didn’t evr except tht u can do.. he made sm expressions n jumped to to bed.. without completing his sentence..

Geet got confused.. vt she did???? Vt does maan mean???

She came to maan..

“maan.. maan kya kia maine????” she plead her with a puppy face..

“vt geet’ u don’t knw.. u don’t remember???? Hayee tauba.. he gestures like touching his ears n dn shot a prayer to god..

“bachalo bhagwaan.. kaise kaise log hai.” Maan said while controlling his laughter’ hardly suppressing his laugh.. it was great joy n fun to irritate his sherni..

“maan’ sachiii.. btao na vt I did???? Please maan.” Geet again plead to him,.

Bt maan was not in mood.. he was having the mood to enjoy.. to irritate her to the core’

Geet was getting tensed with each passing second like vt she did??? N then she realizes she is not in her home, in her room.. she is with maan..

“haye babaji,.. maan kya keh rha hai..  aur mn yha aae kaise???” she thought 4  a while n dn ask him

“maan how m here??? We were in disc na.. then??? Where are all????

“sab apne ghr hai.. aur tumm. Geet tumm”‘ he move his face to other side to control his laugh.

“kya mai???”

“nahi geet.. I cant speak.. nahii geet” maan again tell in his melo dramatic way

Geet’s eyes were getting moist.. she didn’t knw how she came here???? Vt happen??? She sat on bed with sad face.. tears strted forming in her hazel eyes..

A small drop came  at corner of her eyes..

She murmurs.. “agr veerji ko pta chla toh”

Maan saw her’ awe she was crying.. how he can see his sherni shedding tears.. the priceless diamond 4m her eyes.. he cant bear this. He cant see her like this..

He in haste come to geet’s side.. he wiped his tear with his forefinger n gestures her to no.. not to shed this diamonds’ then he will becm a creditor.. n he can’t pay this debt.. as its priceless’

“oyee kya hua???” maan ask her wiping her tears n sat next to her..

Geet’s head was down.. “tum.. btao na kya kia maine???”

“oh ho geet’ I was jst joking yr..”

Geet saw up n saw him who was moving his head in no no..

Geet then took a pillow 4m her side n throws it on maan’ “uuu’ maan while greeting her teeth

Maan was fast n her got a hold on pillow.. then geet took another pillow n throws to maan.. this time it hit on maan’s head..

“maan.. u.. m not gonna leave u.. sachii..” geet stood 4m bed n was following maan who was now moving to n fro around the bed..

“jhootii..” maan said her while running n saving himself 4m his sherni.

Geet with O shape mouth.. houu.. mn jhooti???

“aree baba.. tum jhooti nhi.. I mean mne kha jhoot bola btao.. I told na I didn’t except this 4m u.. haan toh maine kabhi tumhe vaise nhi dekha.. how I saw u yestrdy..  a new geet..

He stops on his midway.. n said.. a new dhamkedaar geet.

Geet didn’t get his words.. vt he was saying..

                                         PREVIOUS-  PART 12_

PRECAP- ???????????

m giving the updte aftr almost 1 month coz of my exams.. nw my preboards r done.. n gud news i passed with vry gud marks.. bt bad is tht i hav my board exams 4m 1 marchCryCry.. i m giving this updte as i hav this bank epi saved in lappy so thought to give it.. 

so sorry to say.. bt u hav to wait 1 month more.

aftr tht will give 4 sure n my other stories too.

hope u understand my problem.




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  1. lovely………….
    maan bhi na bachari geet ko tang karta rahta hai
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