i really wanna write smthg on this occasion bt dint get the time… bt then ystrdy i tok my lappy n strted writing smthg… dont kn how it came out.. i didnt evn read it . i jst wrote it. i hav o concept or any topic in my mind. i strted with smthg else bt thn ended up writing smthg else.. 

plzz do tell me hows it. i knw its not gud.. plz jst give it 1 try. 

all the rotten tomatoes n all criticism is welcomed.. it will motivate me n i can improve myself..



She is looking here n there.. its midnight.. she is standing alone at road. .. waiting 4 any hope. Might she get anythg n she can go.. bt like god is against her tody..

Stars were twinkling n the clouds were making sounds. Cold winds were moving n tickling her fragile body.. she shivers whn it passes away touching her soft petal like skin

She is having nthg with her else a purse like bag which is hanging near her side waist.. n was bouncing up n down as she was taking steps.. she again saw here n there bt odndt find anythg. She is wearing a knee length capri flaunting her milky white legs n with a balloon top.. her wrist is having sm dozen of bangles matching her dress..

she is covering her arms with hands as it was getting cold at midnight..

She is walking unaware of  where she is going.. unaware of fact tht pair of eyes r following her

She felt sm1’s presence bt dn ignores n strted her walking journey again..


Two legs were taking long steps at her back.. cmng closer to her.. tht was following her 4m so long.. now reached near her..  he is wearing sports shoes..

Girl then feel the aroma around her vry strong n turn to see whose it.. nt forgetting to get ready her arms being folded in a punch so tht she can do sm action..

As she felt a tap on her shoulder she turned n gave  a tight blow of punch bt it didn’t hit anythg.. else it moved in air.. dn her eyes balls move left to right to find any1 bt failed.

Dn she saw down.. here it is..

Girl with full arrogance n attitude in her voice- hy

The boy was sitting down with her bowed head. With the voice he saw up.. her  angelic n almond hazel eyes met with his chocolate brown eyes.

There was a small eye lock n dn her stood up.  It broke ther eye lock n she again

Showing her folded hand in punch n tight fist.

Girl- why u r following me????

Boy- no m not???  The words came 4m his perfect M shaped lips.. they moved up n down n she was watching them without any hesitant..

Boy noticed this n says- yaa I knw. No1 can resist MSK charms

Girl- ohh pulse.. haan.. nthg like tht

MSK- ya ya I knw.. btw u too r not less yr.. he check her out 4m top to bottom..

Girl- hy look up.. into my eyes.. signals him with her fingers.

MSK- uff these killer eyes r like ocean I will drown in it yr.

Girl- shutupp!!!!!!!! She strted moving ahead n he follows her

MSK- oh ho sexy tell me ur name na

Girl- vt did u call me????

MSK- y ur ears r nt working kya???? Okk i don’t hav habit t repeat my words agaIn. Bt only for u lady.. he came close to her.. n whisper in her ear SEXY.

She pushes him back with all her strength bt he was enough strong to get  hold on her.. she tried to get herself free bt the hold only gets tighter..

Girl- don’t mess with GEET HANDA. Unless u will regret why u came to my way. Her eyes were spitting fire. There was no fear in her eyes..

He loosened the hold

MSK- ohh easy easy.. so geet.agr pehle bta deti I don’t hav to do this na

Geet- vtever!!!!!! Now go away 4m my way

MSK- ohh rhyms..

Geet- vt????

MSK- uff sab kuch maan ko hi btana padega.. he hit on her forehead with his middle finger.. ujst now rhymed.. “go away 4m my  way” n winked to her

Geet- omg!! U r soo irritating yr.. y u r following me??

Maan- coz I too was walking n u too.. I got bored so thought to hav a talk to u

Geet- no ways.. m nt gonna talk to u

Maan- oh ab kya stars count kr rahi ho.

Geet without giving any answer started walking..

Maan- btw.. r u on midnight walk kya???

Geet- none of ur business.

Maan- ya I knw.. I hav sm other business yr

My father hav a huge company n he wants me also to work their. Its s boring yr.. doing all day work n scolding on other ppl’

Geet- y u r telling me this??

Maan- see.. u too r walking alone n me too.. so we r soo similar to each other na.. I thnk hmari khoob pategi.. frnds n forwards her hand for handshake

Geet smiles at his cmnt n don’t knw why she gave in n shook her hand with him.

Maan- vaise u girls r vry much like tht animal..

Geet- u call me animal???

Maan- aree 1st tell me name yr.. tht who changes clr evrytime.. where he goes.. smthg like giirvt.. kyat ha yr

Geet- grasshopper???

Maan- aree m talking abt it in hindi yr.

Geet- mje itni hindi nhi aati

Maan- let me thnk na then.. wait wait.. think maan think.

Oh yaa.. girgat.. u all girls r like girgat.. chages evrytime.. jst few mins u was nt agreeing to evn talk to me.. n nw she bcm my frnd.. too fast haan.. btw aise itni jldi kisi pe bharosa nhi krti

Geet-who told u tht I believe u??? Its jst to get rid off ur talks.

N yaa don’t evr call me with the name.. vt is. Girgat..

Geet(self thought)- abhi ye monkey thnks tht m tht animal yaa grasshopper. Bt vy to tell him tht m scared walking alone.. 4m his dressing n way of talking he seems a gud guy so I jst thought to be with him.. when I reached smwher will leave him.. jst save me 4 his non stop blabbering god. Help!!


She was in her thoughts.

She came to senses whn he wave a locket right to left in front of her eyes

Maan- tumhe neend a rhi hai’ um so rahi hai

Her eyes got shocked n she made them big..

Geet- vt u doing????

Maan- stop talking. M hypnotizing u. jst look at this. Indicates towards the locket hanging in a chain with his index finger. Tht was moving left to right n 4m right to left

Geet snatches it 4m his hand.. vt u doing. R u mad??? Or vt??

Maan- oh ho yr.. u was lost so I thought make u completely lost.. so tht I can

She saw in his eyes.. ‘ so tht vt????

Maan- nthg meri maa.. u tell vt r doing here???

Geet- mn kyu btau.. 1st u???

Maan- noo.. ladies 1st.. u dnt knw. Chlo 1st I’ll u smthg ok..

“once a girl n boy was going to commit suicide..  they reached to a mountain 4m where they r going to jump.. 1st boy jump 4m there n dn girl was abt to bt dn she back off n goes m thre.. the boy came up with par shoot n says’ alwz says ladies 1st.. 😉

Ehhehehheeh tabhi m saying..

Geet- vry bad joke haan

Maan- kya bad???? Vo girl.. kitni kam.. oh sry.. she cheats

Girl ‘ achha toh vt did boy do haan???? He was havng tht parashoot na .. so he was nt cheating kya??

Maan- ohh freak.. I idnt thought abt it.. oh man. He was so clever na

Girl- ohh yaa.. now tell me vt u doing here???

Maan- nthg yr.. got bore while driving so thought t walk.. dn got bored while walking so thought to talk n I got u

Geet- hmm u r ur car.. where it is????

Maan- its following me.. maybe at distance of 1 min.. wait.. he turns back dn signals her ‘ here it is.. there BLACK BMW was slowly slowly going. Cmng towards them

Geet- wow . nyc haan

Maan- ur turn

Geet- nthg.. ghr se bhag rhi hu..

He stops while walking..

Maan- tum apne ghr se bhaag ae?? Bt why??

Geet- oh ho.. typical boy.. hunn.. aree my father wants me to marry an arrogant n akdoo boy.. n I dodnt want it now.. I want to do smthg by my own.. nt to so soon to get maary yr. nt ready 4 it.

Maan- ohk.. so tell ur parents, they will agree n hw u knw he is akdo n arrogant

Geet- my frnds told me.. they met him..

Maan- ohhkk.. u didn saw him????

Geet- nopss. N I nvr want to.. my frnds peeped into his home with lame excuses n met him..

Maan- omg!!!! U girls..  hw he looks???

Geet- hmm they said he is quite hot..

Maan- then its grt yr.. hotty hubby. Hmm

Geet- shutupp!!!

Maan- dn vt will u do now???

Geet- ja toh rhi hu

Maan- kha?????

Geet- seedha.. heheh. I mean where destiny takes me

Dn a hard light cms to his eyes n she put her arms on her face to protect herself 4m tht light

Dn it went off. A car was there. Driver came n opn te backseat door n feet step out 4m it.. an old man of 50 was standing there with big angry eyes..

He came forward n took geet with him..

She made her sit in car.. geet protest bt fails so she sat in car.. maan was standing there n seeing  her going..  soon the car vanished 4m thre..


“fir dada vt happen??” a lil girl of 5 yrs ask her father who was sitting in his lap n his father saying her to sleep bt she wants a bed time story from his dada

“hmm aage tumhari mumma tumhare dada ko maar dalegi.. plzz princess now go to sleep. She is cmng is few mins. U don’t want ur dada to be beaten up by ur devil mom..”

She giggled seeing his father n nodded to no.

“so now close ur eyes” she closed her eyes..

He crases his hand in her hairs n on her milky n chubby cheeks.. soon she drifted to sleep.. he tuck her lil princess in duvet n stood up 4m their to found the devil standing at door.

“devil haan” she said rolling her eye balls.

Opss geet!!!!!!!!!! Nw u r gone maan.. he said this in whisper.

“vt did u said????” geet asked him by cmng forward

“kuch nhi g.. meri itni himmat aapko mn kuch kehdu.. na g na” said making cuty pie face.. hs cute antics alwz melt his devil in sec..

Both moved to their room.. geet hold maan closed to her heart.. she slept hugging his hot hubby..


Some rose petals were falling on her face slowly’ she smiled in her sleep n her cheeks turned into crimson red clr..

“happy anniversary jaan” she smiles with the cute wish.. she slowly open her eyes tofind his hubby close to her with a cute smile on his M shaped lips. He is in his vest n looks dam sexy. She crases her hand on his jaw line.

“happy anniversary sexy” took his arm n hold it tighter made maan slip on bed. With this their foreheads bumped..

“ouch geet.” Maan said rubbing his forehead.

“kya hai maan.. let me sleep..” geet closed her eyes n plead him to let her sleep.

Mama dada. Mama dada.. she is having a card in her hand..  see vt I made..

Happy anniversary dada n kissed on maan’s cheek. Happy anniversary mamma dn kissed on geet’s cheek n sat in b/w them.. geet sat on the bed.. maan took her in his lap..

“ohh my princess wake up.. so soon hmm.. apni moma se bhi pehle.. seekho geet kuch”

Maaneet laughed with his dada’s cmnt n geet shot an angry glare to maan tht was enough 4 him to shut his mouth’

Mamma dada ko drao mat haan,.. n she with her small eyes glared at her mom.. see mn v aisha kr skti hu.

Both maan n geet laughed n hugged their lil princess..

“dada aage story btaoo jldi” maaneet said twisting her lips tht were same as maan M shaped..

“princess aage ur mom will say.. say her to tell..” maan said to her patting her hand on his cheeks.

She moved to her mom.. mamma btaoo aage vo uncle le k gaye aapko fr kya hua???”

“maan aap bhi na.. u r telling our story to her.. ufff”

She took her into her lap n dn sai..

“aage fr vo uncle jo aapke nanu hai mje le gaye.. hum ghr aa gaye. At home I hav to listen a lot only coz of u. geet said looking at maan..


Geet’s father take her to home. They did a lot of emotional black mailing n made her agreed to marry.. at last she agreed.. she didn’t saw the pic of boy nor met him.. she decided tht she will tell him tht she want divorce. With this she will be free..

At marriage day.. geet got shocked seeing maan at groom’s place. She married him. At night. .

Geet- mne tumhe pehle kha tha m nt happy with this.

Maan-ohh so m akdoo n arrogant.. wow. I idnt knw abt this yr.

Geet- yes u r.

Maan- bt m hot too na. n winked to her

He jumped to the bed.. geet took her legs back with sudden action of him

Maan- aree yr.. ok u don’t want to marry na. bt u did.. u don’t want to live wih me na. bt u will.. chloo n laid on the bed.. m feeling vry sleepy.. gd nyt sweatheart.. hav ur hotty hubby dreams.. n closed her eyes..

Geet took the pillow n saw here n there.. a voice came

“u can sleep here..  he open his 1 eye .. bt plzz thoda door rehna n keep ur legs straight n don’t disturb me. N dnt anythg with me. Ok.. n closed his eyes.

She stamped his foot on floor. N slept on bed.

Nxt day she told him tht she want divorce. Maan said tht it will take 6 months. She agreed. Their family send her to honeymoon..

With passage of time she bcm frnds.. n geet strted having feelings for him.

When maan gave her divorced papers aftr 6 months she confessed tht she loves him .she tored the papers n hug him tight

Maan- I told u no1 can resist MSK’S charm.  She playfully hit on his back..


Geet was narrating story bt maaneet was sleeping in her lap n maan too by holding her hand.. she kissed on maaneet’s cheek n dn came to maan n kissed on his n cheeks bt maan moved his face n signals with his finger on his lips. She hit on his lips.

“apne khwabon mein mr.MSK.. hunn” geet said n stood up 4m their..


In evng their was a grand party of their anniversary.. they look beautiful together.

Its their 7th anniversary bt no1 can say tht its so many years of their marriage. Till now they behave like newly wed couple..








i request to u alll.. plzzz give ur views… 

write smthg here. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

a small request of ur frnd.. TongueTongueTongue









anniversary treat 4 u alll LOLLOLLOL









  1. dear it was awsm
    there is no need of any jotha chapal ok
    toh maan ko phele hi pata tha ki geet hi uski hone vali Biwi hai
    aur Aadi Raat ko apni would be wife ke saath hi flirt karna shuru kar dia.
    loved it a lot ……

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