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“maan.. u.. m not gonna leave u.. sachii..” geet stood 4m bed n was following maan who was now moving to n fro around the bed..

“jhootii..” maan said her while running n saving himself 4m his sherni.

Geet with O shape mouth.. houu.. mn jhooti???

“aree baba.. tum jhooti nhi.. I mean mne kha jhoot bola btao.. I told na I didn’t except this 4m u.. haan toh maine kabhi tumhe vaise nhi dekha.. how I saw u yestrdy..  a new geet..

He stops on his midway.. n said.. a new dhamkedaar geet.

Geet didn’t get his words.. vt he was saying.


Geet stops there..

Geet- maan btao na.. plzz tum abhi sach bol rahe ho k jhoot???

Maan- mn sach bol rha hu geet.. a cute baby innocent face.

Geet sat on the edge of bed with a pouted face

Aree geet.. kl. Vahh.. kl kya dance kia tha tumne yaar.. tumne toh Katrina ki bhi chutti kr daali.

Sorry Katrina bt kya kru meri sherni kl thi hi aise.. bt iske baad aap hi ho haan’ like talking to sm1., maan said.

Geet was sitting with vt r doing expression.

He came to her.. n hold her arms..

sachii. Geet. Ystrdy u rocked aur uske baad.. maan paused..

geet got tensed n ask him with her eye brows.. uske baad kya???

Maan- Uske baad .. kya????

Geet- vhi kya???

Maan- kya???

Geet- maan plz don’t play n spit out. Plz

Maan- kuch nhi.. tum so gae.. aur haan tumhari v pyaari si behna chod k chali gae tumhe

Geet with what the hell expression’ n don’t u dare to say a word against sweety

Maan- omg geet’ yr plzz thoda kam khaya kro.. hayee babaji mere arms.. n saw both his arms.

N then he kissed on his both biceps

Oyee mere sunny.. oyee mere john.. tum thik ho na.. ufff bechare kitna weight uthaya na tumne..

Geet tum both moti ho yaar’ n geet ith O shape mouth n gonna kill u face.

Geet- kya kha tumne mje?????

Maan- kyuu kaan khraab hai kya???

Geet gritted her teeth- maaan..

maan- I knw geet mera naam maan hai’ jst love my name.

geet- mn moti nhi hu achha

maan- achha’ meri kl buri halat ho gae tumhe yha late huye.. tumhe kya pta

geet- kisne kha tha fr yha le k aane k liye

maan-  toh????? Koi aur option nhi tha madam.. vrna

geet- vrna kya????

Maan- chodo geet.

Geet- nhi bolo na tum

Both were seeing each other with so much fire in their eyes n their fingers facing each other

Then maan turned n said- chodo yaar.


Then geet could say anythg maan’s phn buzzed


Its was ringing again n again..

Maan was jst holding it in hand n was not receiving the call

Geet nudged him with her index finger on his shoulder.. n asked him by gesturing with her eye brows.

Maan too did the same.. he nudged her bt hard.. n geet said oouchhh n rubs her arm

Maan- kyuu???? Tumhe hi pain ho skta hai ‘ mje nai

Geet- vt?????

Maan- sherni why u nudged me?????? Vo bhi itni zor se.. he rubs her arm making cute face.


Geet- maan u r jst..

N the again


GEET- maan phn uthaoo

Maan- dumbooo n hit on her forehead.. phn maine already uthaya hua hai.

Geet- thts the limit..

N geet snatched the phone 4m his hand n press the received button.

Geet- hellooo..

On other side sound was


Actually it was maan’s alarm, daily 4m company he got this call to wake him up with this call or this song..

Geet was now hell angry.. she moves her big big eye balls towards maan..

Who was standing making cute baby face..

Maan- maine kha tha pick krne k liye??

Geet- vts this???

Maan- oh ho mishty n pull her cheeks.

Geet- mishty????

Maan- tum yr.. ye mera alarm hai bhuduu

Vo kya hai na.. mn jldi uth nhi pata so mne ye setting krvai hai.. so tht I can woke up by listening to this song. Mast hai na????

Geet- yuck maan’ koi aur song nhi mila tumhe

Maan- kyu ismei kya khraabi hai???

Geet- nahi nhi koi nahi.. njoy ji.

Maan- tht I am doing..

Maan’s phn buzzed.. with ringtone of main agar kahoon only music

(stinna- vo actually its my ringtone, jst luv this music. Hehheeheh)


Maan receives it..

Maan- vt the hell yr.. how u can do this.


Maan- I was waiting 4 u’ n u


Geet thought ye kiska call hai tht maan is shouting like this.

Maan- ab kuch bologi bhi k nhi????

Sweety- sryy

Maan- bs ek sorry.. vry gud haan..

Edhar teri behn ne tang kr k rakha hai aur yha tune..

Bachaa lo bhagwaan

Geet- sweety ka call hai??? She asked maan.

Maan- geet ek baat bataogi

Geet- haan bolo

Maan- tumhari 5-6 sisters hai kya???

Geet- nhi toh.. 1 hi hai sweety.. kyu

Maan- toh obvious dumboo sweety ka hi call hai..

Sweety- ohh heloo.. mjse baat kro ya apni sherni se.

Maan- hmm.. chl clg mei milte hai..

N cut the call.

Geet- oh.. mjse baat toh krva dete

Maan- kyu apni sweety ki sweet si voice kabhi suni nhi kya???

Chloo jldi ready ho jao.. or else we will be late 4 clg.. okk.. I’ll be back. Saying this maan left 4m thre

Geet- grhh.. hw I’ll get ready dumboo.. I don’t hav clothes to wear. Dammit.. n ye.. bina baat sune chla bhi gya..

She sat on the bed by taking the soft pillow in her lap.. the only companion of her in this house.



Maan came to KM.. n ran to his room.. as alwz no1 was there to look 4 him. To ask 4 him. Where he was??

He took a quick bath n dashed to dinning table..

All was set on table.. juice, milk, bread butter, pratha’s

Maan took pratha n rolled it n took the bite

Nakul( head servant)- maan baba.. baith kr kha lijiye

Maan- oh ho chill na.. aap roz kehte ho.. aaj tk koi faida hua??

Nakul nodded to no

Maan- toh apni energy waste mat kia kijiye na.. achha abhi na mje 2 pratha’s n 1 glass juice la k doge.. plz

Nakul- yehi toh hi table pe.. n signals to the table.

Maan- nhi ‘ make sm fresh na.. hot hot.

Nakul smiles n went to kitchen.

As nakul left 4m ther.. maan hurriedly took plate n placed pratha in it, took glass of milk n went 4m ther..

Nakul came back to ask him does he want anythg else.. bt maan was nowhere..



Geet was getting bore while sitting in room.. so she thought to explore the house..

She went downstairs.. the dcor was very classy. Ther was many pics of maan on the wall..

Some of was of his childhood.. she smiles seeing him

Maan came to the out house..

He saw him moving in the house.. he placed the plate n glass on the table, taking in mind to make no noise,..

N follows her 4m corner so tht she cant him.

He was admiring her.. her cute little antics, her cute face, her little nose tht bcm red whenrv she gets angry..

A small smile came on his lips seeing her.. he was watching her n didn’t notice the pillar in front n banged to it..

Maan screams- ouchhh.. n rubs his forehead.

Geet heard it n moves to tht side n saw maan.

Seeing him she ran to him.. n placed her soft petal like palms on his forehead.

Geet- oh ho maan.. cant u walk properly.. omg’ see.. she rubs his forehead.

Geet blow the air 4m her mouth on his  forehead

Maan closed his eyes to feel the warmth.. geet saw here n there..

Geet- maan where is first aid box??? Maan’s eyes were closed.. he didnt answer to her.

Geet- maan.. she shook him.

Maan- han haan..

Geet- first aid box???

Maan tell her the direction n she brings the box, n took a tube 4m it..

She massaged it slowly on his forehead..

Geet- maan dhyaan kha tha tumhara??

Maan- tum par.

A samall eye lock- maahiii


Precap- ?????

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11 thoughts on “PART 14

  1. That was so lovely..
    Maan’s alarmtone was hilarious..
    This maan is such a naughty and sweetipie.. 😉
    now wat abt geet’s dress?

    • Ohh.. dnt knw. maybe while typing some these mistakes occur
      actually i dnt edit it, thts y
      will keep in mind nxt time

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