PART 15


Really yr had hoti hai.. mne itni der baad aapko updte dia..

vt u all gave me????? jst the cmnts like- osm, luvly, nyc updte. really nt liking thisCryCryCry

plzz its a request nt to write these words. add jst 1 line to it. like vt u like in the part??? plzz m saying only this n expect only 1 line cmnt. bt u guysCryCryCry

i gave rply to sm of u on page 105 do chk if thre is any urs ques.

a big hugs n thnx to x_mishti_x. really like ur cmnt darlingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

enough of my long bak bak. i knw no1 of u is interested. m wasting my time as alwz.

 go n read ur updte.CryCry


Geet- maan where is first aid box??? Maan’s eyes were closed.. he didnt answer to her.

Geet- maan.. she shook him.

Maan- han haan..

Geet- first aid box???

Maan tell her the direction n she brings the box, n took a tube 4m it..

She massaged it slowly on his forehead..

Geet- maan dhyaan kha tha tumhara??

Maan- tum par.

A samall eye lock- maahiii


Geet- kya???

Maan- aur nhi toh kya geet.

I told u to get ready n u.. u r roaming here n there.. now we will get late na..

Maan moved his face to other side

Geet- maan.

Maan- hmm..

Geet- edhar toh dekho.

Maan- its okk geet.. ab sorry vorry mat bolna haan.. now plz get ready

Geet with soft voice- maan.. tumhare ghr pe ek showroom hai

Maan- achha kha pe??? Konsa???

Geet- aree clothes ka.. girls wear.. haina?

Maan- nhi toh..

Geet now angry mode- toh fir??? Mn kapde konse pehnugi mr. khurana???

Saying jaoo get ready, we will get late..

 hw to get ready?? When I hav no clothes to wear.. she make a pouty face n moved his face to other side.

Maan- ohh achha.. hahahah vo toh maine socha hi nhi..

Geet- stop laughing n do smthg.. crossed her arms to her chest.

Maan- aree yr’ when the hot n dashing maan is here, then vt to fear sherni?

Geet- ohh pulseee haan.

Maan took the plate 4m table n bring to geet- u eat this I’ll be back..

N he goes 4m ther in speed of shatabdi express.

Geet- aree sunoo toh.. she stretch her arm to the direction in which maan goes. Bt she can see only retreating figure of him

Failed geet look to the plate.

Geet thought- hmm vaise bhook toh lagi hai..

She took the plate tht was covering the other-

N she got shocked to see-

She made a face too see it- vt pratha????

Ohh ho.. not again..

Ghr mei maa isse khilati n thr also.. I don’t wanna eat this..

N then too it n sm ghee drops fell on the plate.

Geet- itna ghee’ no ways.. m not gonna eat this.

Vaise bhi maan said m fat. Yaa.. no geet u cant eat this.

She saw here n there.. n then glass of milk attracts her- oh no.. maan bhi na..

He brings milk 4 me.. sachii full mom type hai..

Cant he bring sm bread toast or juice? Vt to do???


Maan came back to KM. n he took sm steps like a thief entering to room..

He enter a room.. n he without making noise open the cupboard.. saw here n there.. no1 was there saw he check out all the dresses in wardrobe..

He pick 1 dress 4m there n closed the door of cupboard carefully..

N again saw left n right.

To witness two big eyes seeing to him.

Maan murmurs in low voice- ab ye kha se aa gayi

Maan straighten himself- gud morng aniee

Aniee (maan’s younger sis)- gud mrng bhai

Bhai.. can u plz tell me vt r u doing here in my room????

N yaa also doing with my dress

She snatched the dress 4m maan’s hand..

Maan- vo aniee n maan snatched it 4m aniee..

Aree aniee- ye na dress.

Aniee- kya bhai.. u knw na.. its my new dress.. u brought this 4 me n now u taking it back kya???? Making cute puppy face

Maan- von hi aniee.. vo mje toh

Aniee- kya??? Aap isse pehnoge kya???

Bhai ye new trend aya hai kya??? Boys to wear girls jeans n top??

Maan- anieee.. angry tone n showing his big brown eyes

Aniee did the same- bhai’ she roar like a lioness.

Aniee- bhai spit out the truth..

Maan- vo ye toh mn geet.

aniee- hmm geet’ ko hai hmm.. in a teasing tone.

Maan-  shutup aniee.. she is my frnd.. vo actually na. she is in outhouse n she needs a dress.. so..

Aniee- kya?? Outhouse??? Vt she is doing in our house??? N too this time???

Maan- leave it yr.. now hav to go.. talk u later. Goes 4m ther taking the dress by gving a peck on his lil sis forehead..


Aniee- hmm.. geet.. cute name.. chl k dekhu toh sahi kon hai ye.. pehli baar us kriya k elava koi toh aae..


Maan came back to outhouse

Maan- ye geet k karn na mn both slim ho jauga’

Ohh mere n saw his both biceps..

Maan- geet.. geet..

Geet was sitting thre by holding the glass of milk in her hand..

Maan- geet jldi kro.. now get ready.. we r already vry late.. all hav been reached in clg..

Geet took the dress n went to washroom..

She came out in 10 mins.

Geet- maan.. she was tucking n setting the dress.. she mostly wears suit bt smtimes jeans also.. so she was comfortable wearing it.

Geet- maan vais eye kis se chura k le k aaye hoye??

When she came back maan was njoying eating pratha..

Awe he was luking soo cute. She came n sit near him on sofa..

Geet- maan’ aaj hum na clg se chutti hai

Maan- vt?????? Sachii geet.. yepeeii.. maan did a lil bhangra dhinkaa chikkaaa

He was doing it by standing on sofa.. balle balle..

Vaah mishty kya news btai hai.. dn smthg came in his mind. He came back on floor.

Maan- bt geet.. prem ka call aya tha he didn’t tell me this

Geet- haan.. actually mhe bhi abhi pt alga.. as the way u was njoying having ur food.. hmari toh pakka chutti hi ho jayege.. haina.

Maan- sherni its vry bad joke

Geet- hahah.. I knw.

Achha tell na.. whose dress is this?

Maan- ye.. ye toh hmare ghr mei ek servant hai.. us se mang k request kr k laya hu.. vah tumhe toh ek dam fit aa gae..

Geet- vt??????

A sound came 4m back- yaa now m servant

Both saw to the source of sound-

Maan- aniee.. tum

Aniee- hmm.. m ur servant na.

Maan- oh no my baby.. I was jst joking yr..

Aniee- hy geet.. ignores maan n moves towards geet n hugged her.

Geet was confused hw she knws her name??? is she is servant.. bt she don’t look like a servant.. she is quite pretty

Aniee- don’t stress yaar..

Hy m aniee n forward her hand 4 hand shake.. m maan’s sister n passes a angry glare to maan

Cum new servant.

Geet smiles toh her n shook her hand. M geet.. hmm maan’s frnd

Aniee- btw.. this dress seems like made 4 u.. fits u perfectly..

Geet- thanku.. bt really good choice.

Aniee- ohh’ thts bhai’s choice.. I bought this 4 me 2 days ago

Geet- ohh this is ur new dress.. m really sorry

Aniee- ohh its okk yr.

When both were talking maan was the silent spectator who was watching them n getting hell bore

Maan- oyeee’

M also here..

Aniee- hunn.. aapse kon baat krta hai

Maan- chl tu.. we r getting late.. lets go geet.. hold geet’s hand n drags her with him.

Geet said bye to aniee

N aniee too bid byee to them.. hav fun guys.

Maan sits in the car n tell geet to sits in car.. she stamped her foot on ground n sit in car..

Precap- ??? yar mje khud ko pta nhi hota.






i request to u alll.. plzzz give ur views… 

write smthg here. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Hope u all like it.

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10 thoughts on “PART 15

  1. After a long time….yr I am really liking its journey and want to take full pleasure of it…ur exams r also over na nw pls try to update soon kya yr itna gap….geet is motu sherni ..hahahahaha brothers r always same haad hai anniee ko servant bna diya and maan doing bale bale wah yr….offcourse maan brought so the dress will be perfect on her…..I know u saidone line comment bt kya karu addat se majboor

    • awee.. thankuu so much for more thn 1 line cmnt, i really liked it.. yaa my exams r free n will try my vst to give updte soon.. thankuu

  2. Awesum update stinnu…..lovd itt… maaneet’s moments……geet’s cmmnt of having showroom of grls cloths was fab yar…….love maan n anniee’s bonding…..haila maan ne annie ko servent bana diya… annie n geet ki tho 1st meeting me hi itni achi bonding ho gai……waiting 4 nxt

  3. oh dear how lovely maan geet
    can’t stop to read
    Aaj Kal maan bahut jada hi geet ko tang karne nahi lag gea ????
    chal Aab geet Ki class toh bahut lag gi Aab maan babu Ki class lagwa uski sherni se
    phir toh geet bhi balle balle kargi maan ko tang kar ke kitna Maza aaye ga
    aur Aab aniee badla lagi maan se usse servant kehna ka
    awsm superb marvelous great ……..
    and my best scene ….
    Geet : maan tum kaha Dekh rahe the
    Maan : tum ko
    Aab Jaldi Jaldi update Dena ka aur Apne readers ko khush karne ka bole toh ek dam Jaldi wala update……
    waiting …..
    for next part….

    • thnxx 4 cmnt bt u r late darling!!!
      u saying to updte sooon bt here u r cmntgf n reading aftr such a long time
      vt this?????
      khud toh time nhi hai n saying is nanhi jaan ko u[dte dene k liye
      chll de dugiii 😛

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