Helloo.. m here again to make u irritate.. lolzzz

Bt vt to do with my lil brain.. don’t knw why smthg peeped in it..

Here m with my new os.. hope u will like it.

              Before reading it let me tell u 1 thing. I will say this tht u shd try it once 😉 my heart says tht no1 will hav any problem with it.. as all are maaneetianzzz..

               Its all on geet story.. so who hav any problem with it plzz stay away as I dont want any bashing over here .. k why  maan’s part less n geet’s more… m sorry with this part.. I knw m getting rude here bt I don’t want my lil sa heart to suffer. So saying this before.. read on ur own risk don’t blame me afterwards..





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Geet was sleeping peacefully in her softy bed under  duvet n cuddling her lil pumpkin pie.. lolzz pumpkin pie. Hm its was chottu sa teddy’s name. its tht whn she  heard the add on tv. Tht “hello honey bunny, feeling smthg smthg hello honey bunny. U r my pumpkin pumpkin.” So she gave her teddy name as pumpkin..


Then her phn buzzed.. she wriggle in her sleep.. don’t want to wake up. She put the pillow above her face n turned to other side. The phn kept ringing.. she took it in her half sleep state n cut the call without seeing it.

Then again went to her sleep… its having the caller tune of “MAAHIII’ MAAHII VE MAAHI MAAHI VE,”

(stinna- my all time n I thnk all maaneetianz all time fav tune.. rite na)

Ufff whnevr she heard this tune a smile came down don’t knw  4m where on her juicy n pinky lips.. bt whn it didn’t stopped she she opened her 1 eye n took the call.. she in half sleep n said

“gud mrng. all calls r busy plz try later” n dn she cut the call..

On the other side the lady thought “morning.. bt it seems to be noon I guess.. she chk the time on the clock n its saying 1:30pm. Yaa till I knw aftr 12 its call noon. Vt a lady she is.”


but like destiny said tht you hav to woke up n the phn srt ringing again. This time she got angry with this n sat on bed  turned to the phn n received the call n she jst blasted on whoever it is on other side

“ufff vt the hell yr.. why u calling ppl so early cant u let ppl sleep peacefully. Why you so eager to wake me up so early??hello r u deaf??? Oh plzz don’t say me tht u cant speak.. omg!!!! Why ppl take phones then??? N keep disturbing the angels at this hour when they r in beautiful sleep.. u dont evn knw tht I maybe dreaming of my dreamboy.. bt all coz of u’ it might be broken.. omg!!! Vt to do?? Seriously r u???

On the other side the way she blasted the lady kept phn lil far from her ear. N was praying to her god tht why she is there to listen all this

“good afternoon mam..” the lady said sweetly

“good??? 4m which angel it is gud???? N its morning yr..” geet said.. now she is calm enough.

“mam its nearly abt 2 in noon” the lady again said politely.

“oh ho.. u knw darling.. MISS GEET HANDA usually wokeup at 2 yr, so its my morning.. now can u plz tell me why u woke me 15 min earlier??? Plzz don’t say haan. Tht u r sm customer type or 4m bank call”

“no mam.. I want to knw tht did u evr send any cards or letters to MK SIR??

“are who MK yr??? n why shd I send?”

“u r not miss geet handa???”

“oyeee’. Rite now I said tht m geet.. mn hi hu geet achha.. hunn”

“dn only u mst send cards to MK sir.. n I got ur no.”

“ohh really?? 4m where u got??? N which MK?? MK mnz toh both kuch hota hai like- mannat kumar, meet kaur, meen kaur, manoj kumar. Ohh yr. hmm koi bhi”

“no mam , m talking abt MAAN SINGH KHURANA”

“OMG!!!! Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.. she said so loud tht gaain the lady had to keep the phn far frm her ear’

u.. u. mean to say the maan singh khurana.. the msk.. the rockstar msk??? Ohh really ??? u mst be kidding rite???? R u playing fool of me?? Hy its april bt 1 april toh gae???

Don’t say han tht he read my letters??? Really???

“yes mam m taling abt him only?? N m nt fooling u”

Geet was so happy.. she strted jumping on her bed.. doing some dance.. dhinkaa chikaa. Dhikaa chikaa..  hurray.. usne meer letters padh lia.. ahaannn.. hoyee balle’ oyee.. she sat on the bed.. sachi kiye honge  na.. then she realized abt the call..

“seriously na u not kidding?? Btw who r u??”

“no mam.. m PA of mk.. we got ur letters. N MK sir alwz personally read all letters n he said to fix an appointment with u. he gave me ur name n no. so do tell me r u coming??”

“coming.. u asking me?? Aree 4 sure.. jst tell me where.. I’ll be there”she was so excited.. se felt sm butterflies in her stomach.

The lady told abt the place n time. Geet was feeling out of the world. So excited.. the feeling was so sweet.. she nvr felt like tht before..

She with a big smile on her face descended downstairs singing maahi maahii.. her mom was shocked hw this is be??? She so happy thts smthg new. She wokeup before her time n nt angry.. this is smthg new seems to her eyes.

Geet came close to her come n hugs her tight closed her eyes.. “usne mere letter padh liye.. yeepieee..”

Mom was shocked.. “aree baba kisne???”

“oh ho maa’ MSK ne.. mere maan mom.. the sexy rockstar mom.. u knw na I wrote him letter.. usne mje aj milne bulaya hai.. omg omh omg!! Mje ready hona hai.. hav to go at 4pm. Ufff vt m gonna wear mom..” now she got lil panicked with the thought his meeting with his dreamboy. Vt she will talk. Vt she will say.

“oh ho geet.. calm down baby.. relax kr tbhi kuch kregi..” her mom said shooking er 4m shoulder to make her relax.

“ohh mom. Relax. How I can be.. I thnk jb mn usse itni close dekhugi toh m toh gonna’. She then landed to her la la land..

It was sm months before.. she was getting bore n dn here cms her frndNEHA.Embarrassed She is having her mob in her hand n was listening song being played. It was by famous singer MK..

Geet listend to it dn bcm his diehard fan.. 4m then she strted collecting his pics, his evry album. She wnet to his evry evnt, once she wnet to his event.. he was singing the song n playing guitar..

“hayee neha thanku yr.. tune mje isse milavaya..thnx for arraging passes.. luv u darling n hug her tight..

“tere liye kuch bhi jaaneman” her frnd said as n hug her too

When she saw him singing her eyes met his for brief time. Uff when he saw her she was jst out of mind, out of sight. N then she found herself in her home.

“ohh ho. Pagal, jhali hai tu.. u got fainted yr.. I mean jb mk said u to cm on stage n tu vhi gir gae. Paagal.. sara evnt close ho gya fr.” Her frnd neha said this holding her hand when she opn her eyes.

“vt??? Sachii.. kya kru mn. Jb vo dekhta hai mera mjpe control nhi rehta. Making cuty face she said this”

Coming back out of flashback..

U knw na mom how I am.. aj kya hoga???” she asked her mom.

Her mom assure her tht nothg will go wrong. She got ready n landed on the place where she was to come..

She was shocked to see it. It was all over decorated with red n white roses..  here was red carpet in tht hotel.. she came forward n saw a man with his back facing her.. she thought tht it mst be him. She took slow steps towards him n gave a tap on his shoulder.. there he turned.. his brown eyes met her almond hazels n poor geet landed in his arms.. maan sprinkle sm water drops over her face to wake her up

Her phone strted buzzing again.. she stood up on the bed with haste. On saw here n there

“uff geet kya kya dream dekhti hai tu yr.. maan n u. saci paagal hai tu,, aur ye phn.. uff .she took the phone n press the   slider of receiving call.

“hello” on other side a sweet manly vice came.

“hello.. geet as irritated. 1st abt dream n dn tht phone. Whose it??”

“is it geet handa” on other side

“haan baba mn hi geet hu.. apni tariff btaye?”

“oh tariff mnz praise.. hm so I sing vry gud n girls go flat wih my 1 glimpse”

“hhehe joke maar rahe ho kya.. mne name pucha n why u called me.”


“teri ek jhalak k liye tarse baithe hai hum

Teri ek mulaqaat k liye raah mein baithe hai hum

Vo din sbse haseen hoga jisdin mera dilnashee mere kareeb hoga”

(by me)

Maan said these words to her..

Geet’s thought “oyee ye toh I thnk mne hi MSK k liye likhi thi. Haina.. haan.. bt isse kaise pta.. iski awaaz v suni suni si lag rhi hai.. hy babaji kya ho rha hai.. haan isne kha he sings gud. Kahi ye’ aree nhi geet ye vo kaise ho skta hai haina.. bt fr kon hai.. chlo puchti hu.

“who r u???”

“aap ka toh kehna hai tht u knw me more then myself n here u don’t evn recognizing me. I thnk all vtevr I read till now its jst fake.” His voice is jst so sweet tht take any1 to some dreamland..

“r u MAAN” she said hesitating

“thank god.. sm1 knws me now.. I want to meet u right now if u r the only girl who sends me letter.”

“how I’ll knw tht u r real MSK. Tht u r not making fool of me.”

“thts ur problem princess.. if u don’t want to some its all fine bt dn don’t evn blame me abt this n cut the call..

Geet thought for a while- he said tht he is MSK.. bt how he come??? Bt usne meri poem v toh boli na.. n princess.. oh yaa.. in his evry interviews he call evry girl as princess.. its his way making all girls ogle for him.babaji help kro na.. agr yeh sachi mn hua toh?? Agr na hua toh??? Her mind n heart both were fighting bt her heart was lil more powerful,.. it was overpowering her mind..

Oh ho geet agr nhi bhi hua toh kya.. ghum ke vaps a jana..haina haan,hmm aur koi optn bhi toh nhi hai.”


While she was thinking here mob buzzed n she got message.. in the message

“suraj bhi pheeka sa lgta hai

Jabse aapka deedaar hua hai

Phoolon mein bhi vo masumiyat kha

Jo aapki ek muskaan mein hai

Aapse chand k liye toh hazaaro sitare honge

Par iss sitare k liye to

Aap hi vo akela chand hai”

(its by my sweetu neha. Luv u darling)

be there at 4:30pm xyz hotel

MSK :*”

She felt Goosebumps by reading this.. her thought went to the day she wrote this


“oh hoo geet.. kya kar rhi hai. Chl na” neha said to her by dragging her arm.. geet was writing smthg n her was chewing the pen cap

“Uff does aunty don’t give u anythg to eat??? Vt r u doing??”

“nehuu plzz ruk na yr.. jst 2 mins more.. plzz jaanuuu” she made tht face n heer neha melt as alwz.. she went 4m their saying only 2 mins..

Aftr 2 mins geet came down n went out with neha.. they were going out 4 film bt geet took her o post office. N dn she posted the letter

“geet vts this.. I thnk we r going 4 film na?”

“yaa bt this is imp na nehu.. plzz..  shollyy” again make cuty pleading face to melt her sweetu

“geet do u really think tht jot u pagal jaise usse letter likhti rehti hai uske paas jate bhi honge??” geet nodded her face with smile

“n do u thnk tht he will read them??? Vaise vt u alwz write in them haan, mje bhi toh bta.. in a teasing tone

“nhi nhi btaugii n shows her tongue.”

Like this geet alwz send him letters with a hope in her heart tht he will read them 1 day..


“houu.. ye isse kaise pta.. ye bhi mne MSK ko hi likhi thi.. omg!! Schi mein vhi hoga.. hayeee..”

Uf mje ready hona hai.. she then hurriedly took a bath.  She sepnt lot time in deciding the dress.. she choose red  black clr combi suit. N dn comb her hairs keeping them straight n open.. bt sm small hair strands were near her face n were covering her eyes a lil.

She came downstairs with a wide smile on her lips n took her car keeps n strted driving to her destination.

When she strted moving 4m ther a car kept following all the way

She reached there on time.. was looking here n there bt found no1. The full hotel was empty.

A tall man with black clr jeans was following her.

She bcm angry now.. she thought tht sm1 made fool of her.. she was like crying.. sm drops welled up in her angry eyes.

“babaji.. ye.. mn kyu baton mein aati hu logo ki.. bt babaji u saw na.. vo meri poes thi. .aree geet tera letter kisi ne padha hoga maybe’ bt aise kaise ho skta hai’ maybe jis address pe u send vo koi aur ho’ aree nhi he himself had given this address in his int'” her mind n her heart both were fighting taking out the swords n the poor geet was stuck in b/w. don’t knw vt to do..

“pehle toh us kutte ki vat lgati hum n.. haan..” she took her mob n dial tht no 4m wher she got the call.

She called. She blasted on him “vt u think of urself han. Mje bewakuf bna rahe the na.. u uuu.. kha ho tum haan??? M warning u agr MK k name se fr kabhi call kin a chodugi nhi mn tumhe oyeee haan.. whre r my letters?? How dare u read them.. no no no.. how u dare to evn touch them??? Its only 4 MK not for any lalu shallu okk..

She felt sm1 presence there behind her back when she can move the fragrance becm stronger n a whisper came.. “oh so m laluu” it was familiar voice.. she heard it smwhere. When she turned ther was no1. Then again sm1 whisper coming close to her ear..

“vo lamha kitna haseen hua hoga jab aapka deedar hua tha

Uss sbse khoobsurat chand ko bhi aa gae thi sharam

Jb aapka deedar hua tha

Ek pal k liye toh vo rabb bhi mayus hua hoga

Jb aapse juda hone ka khyal aya hoga”

(by my sweetu neha)

She was shocked to hear the wordings n the voice.. most of all tht seductive scent near her.. she turned back n dn her eyes met him.. there was immense love in his eyes.. he hold her hand n drag her with him.. she was not saying anythg jst starring at him without blinking her eye lashes..she couldn’t believe her eyes tht he is seeing him.. his MAAN.. she follows him without saying anythg.. he led her to centre of the place n he came back of her.. hold her 4m her shoulders

“nazre tumhe dekh kar thehar jaye toh kya kare

Dil tumhe dekh kar dhadke toh kya kare

Ek tumhare liye hi toh jee rahe hai hai

Tumhe hi na dekhe toh kya kare”

(again by neha Heart)

Then he twirl her n she was facing him’ he caresses his hand on his soft cheeks.. she closed her eyes to get the feel. Her face clr has been turned to crimson red by having him so close..

He the turned her tht her back can touch his broad manly chest.. they were close to each other tht there was not a inch difference..

He again whisper coming closer to her ear

“dil ka chaino- karar ho tum

Aankhon ka suroor-kajal ho tum

Tumhe dekhe bina yeh dil nhi dharkta

Um bin hum jee nahi skte

Isse zyada kya kahe ki hmare liye kya ho tum”

(by neha)Heart

Then maan again twirled her 2-3 times n she landed in maan;s arm.. he was holding her securely, protectively like he will nvr gonna leave her.

Her eyes were closed.. she didn’t opn them.. then maan realized tht she is fainted. He picked her in his arms.. n took her to the near y couch n laid her on it.. maan was getting tensed with each passing sec..

“uff ye ladki bi na.. tb bhi aise hi behosh hi thi n nw again,, hw m supposed to spend my whole life with this idiot girl.. who don’t evn think once before talking” maan said thi getting panicked.. he sprinkled sm water on her face.. geet blinked her eyes

Geet open her eyes n thought tht she is dreaming again bt as of luck thts not dream..

“babaji kya hai.. are nhi is baar aapko kyu blame kru.. then he saw him sitting next to her with a smile on his perfect M shaped lips..

Hayee maan ab aap kyu has rahe ho??? i knw u r nt here.. plzz aap itna v mere dream mein mat aya kro.. mn dream mein hi dream leti rehti hu sab aapki vajah se..

Maan was starring at her.. his thought.”uff she is so cute.. whn she speaks like this I alwz felt like to eat her alive like she is my apple.. uff maan. Make her believe now. Bt hw? She is nt listening..”

Maan came forward n close to her.. geet was feeling it maybe her illusion.. maan pecked on her rosy cheeks.. n dn she pinched herself n led out “ouchhh” n rubs her arm,.

She touches maan;s face.. “aap sahii main ho kya??” geet asked him

“muchii” n hugged her tight,,

He came back n hold her hand n said

“aapki ankhon k bare mein kya kahe

Vo toh sukoon hai hmari ankhon ka

Ye muskaan jo khile huye phollon ko bhi mehka de

Ye sheeshe sa saaf dil jo tumhara hai

Hmare dil k dharkne ki wajah hai

Iss chehre k liye kya kahe bas

Ek chand jo asmaan ko chandni deta hai

Aur ek aapka chehra jo hmare

Jeene ka eklota sahaara hai”

(by my darling sweetu neha)

Maan said tht he saw her in the event n he felt like its called “love at first sight” then he got to kwn abt her name n dn he read all the letters again n came to knw tht all these r send by none other than this girl who made the MK fall for her.. her poems 4 like inspiration 4 her.. he love all of them. He used to read them when he is depressed he used to read them.. the words give him power.. he sings only for her’ imagining her face infront her alwz..

Geet was feeling like on cloud 9.. she was looking at her in awe..

Both hugged eachother again.. n said those magical words to each other..

This way



Hope u will like it.. I kwn its too much long.. its 3400 words.. bt think hw I wrote this.. uff my neck is paining like hell.

Now plzz shower with ur long se cmnts’

all bad cmnts r wlcm they will help me to improve

Will be waiting



i request to u alll.. plzzz give ur views… 

write smthg here. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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20 thoughts on “DREAMS DO COME TRUE

  1. Its dammmmmmmmmmmmm gr8 sach mei and mujhe bilkul bhi nahi lga ki maan ka part less tha….infact I loved each and everything aur pta hai I also wake at 2 in my holidays….yr itni cute geet aur wah rockstar msk….geet ka lalu hehehe

  2. omggggggg sweetuu this z fabbbb supperrrr se bahuttt uparr n my shayari*blush*blush* hehehe i just luvv thiz n all perfecttt i read it 3tymes :p hayeeee geeet choo cutieee pie n Maan thuddd yr lovelyyyy :* ❤

  3. Awesum mindblowing n fantabulous os stinnu…..lovd it a lotttt……truly dreamy update dear……geet ko yakeen hi nahi ho rh tha k maan waha par real me h……i love all ur poems…..stinnu i love ur os yar bcz its my dream also……kaash k mera b dream true ho jaye

    • thanxx di.. n yaa same dream is mine too 😉
      hope mera v fulfil ho jaye 😀
      n poems credit to my sweetu neha.

  4. awwww how romantic
    simo tum na Apne aap ko ase hi Pagal samj ti Ho etna achha toh likhti Ho
    agar koi padta nahi iska matlab Yeh nahi hota Ki likne vala acha nahi likta so just chill and don’t worry we all are ur frnds aur frnds juthi chapal nahi marte
    HAYEEEEE …..

  5. Hayeee it was soooo perfect..I felt like I myself in the story..geet jhali si n maan enjoying it..hehehe mere liye bhi subha dupar ko start hoti h

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