PART 16

Maan- chl tu.. we r getting late.. lets go geet.. hold geet’s hand n drags her with him.

Geet said bye to aniee

N aniee too bid byee to them.. hav fun guys.

Maan sits in the car n tell geet to sit in car.. she stamped her foot on ground n sit in car..

Maan started the engine of car n saw to geet’s side who was sitting with a small pout on her face..

Maan-  aree y this sherni is in sherni mode???

Geet was confused with his words n she made cute expression like vt r u saying?

Maan found her sooo cute n urge was there to pull her cheeks n he did the same

He pulled her cheeks soo hard n dn geet yanked his hand n rub her cheek softly

Geet- maan u r mad. M saying u.. u need to go to doc.

Maan- oh ho geet.. doc ki zaroorat mje nhi tumhe hai.. dekhoo ab is cute se face pe ye sherni vali mode on rakhogi toh vt will all ppl think

Geet- vt??

Maan- they will think tht u had kidnapped me.. sochoo geet


Then their was traffic lights on the road.. maan stopped the car. N geet was sitting as the way she was.. with a differcnce as her pout bcm bigger

Geet touched her empty tummy n grumbled under her breath

Hunn babaji.. inn rat, elephants jo bhi hai chup krvaoo na. grhh m hungry n this maan n saw to his side who was listening to the music n moving his fingers with rhythm on straying wheel. This increases geet’s anger. Then she moved her ead to other side

Then she saw a roadside stall of bhailpuri standing on road  at sm distance

Thts it.. her mouth bcm watery by seeing bhail puri n tht rats strted jumping more in her stomach.. she hurriedly went out of the car n banged the door hard n thus maan saw her going

Maan loudly asked her- hy where?????

Geet pointed towards the stall while moving n went to tht side.

The red lights were now green n all the cars were blowing horns with loud voice as maan’s car was in front n all the ppl were screaming to move on.

Maan again said loudly- plzz cm back yr.. we hav to go.

Bt geet was nowhere listening to her..

Till now she has been reached to stall n the staller was making bhailpuri for her

Maan moved his car slowly bt all the ppl behind were blowing horns..


Maan;s thought- uff ab isse ye abhi khana tha kya..

Seeing no other optn he moved his car to tht stall n drags geet who was holding the plate full of bhail puri in her hand n made her sit in  the car.

Geet tried to make her free bt now she was sitting in the car

With the process of dragging sm bhail puri fell on the ground.

Maan came n sat on driving seat n strtd the engine n moved his car..

Geet was angry with maan now n was eating her bhailpuri with rage in her eyes. As coz of maan her bhail puri fell on ground n now only sm is left in her plate.

Maan was angry as coz of her all were scolding him.

Then a voice came- rukoo rukoo

Maaneet then saw to eachother bt both were quite.

Then again sound came ‘ rukoo rukoo

Maan was driving slow coz of traffic bt nt tht slow yr.

Then they again looked at eachother-

Geet- did u hear smthg. Maan nodded to yes. Then they heard it again. The sound was cmng 4m back

They saw back n a man was running n saying them to stop. Geet sa him clearly

Geet- mne isse khi dekha hai

Maan- haan tumhara bhai jo lgta hai.. dekho bilkul tumhare jaise shakl hai

Geet playfully hit on his arm..

Geet- aree haan.. ye toh vo bhailpuri vala hai.. haan..

Waooo mera mind kitna sharp hai..

Maan was seeing him with the mirror n geet by turning her face.

Maan- bdi jldi pechaan lia.. bt why he running???

Geet- pta nhi


“aree mere paise toh de do.” Tht man said loudly

N maan stopped the car with a jerk n this made geet’s whole plate lolzz the half plate of bhailpuri to fell in the car

Geet- meri bhailpuriii

Maan- my car

Bhaiya- mere paise

Geet- maan vt is this????? Pehle tumne road pe girai I didn’t said u anythg n now u again

Maan- uf geet.. u ruin my car yr.. I made it wased jst sm days ago.. uuu

Tht man reached near the car..


(stinna- are itna mat socho k the man runs so far to get the price of his bhaipuri.. maaneet were nt tht far.. they were again stuck in traffic so driving was slow)


Geet- ahan han han.. ye mne kia.. maan nodded his head

Mne kuch nhi kia achha.. u was the 1 who who.. tumne meri bhailpuri gira di.. ab mn kya khaugi

Maan- bhukaddd kahi ki.. tbhi keta hu man geet tum both moti ho gae ho.. all time food food n food

Geet- maan don’t u dare call me moti again

Maan- kyuu kya krlogi tumm.. loo motiii

Geet- grhh.. maan don’t u say it gain varna..

Maan- vrna kya???? Hana bolo bolo

Tht man was poor spectator, watching them by moving is head to left n right from right to left.. poor man.

Bhaiya- vrnaa mn marr jauga.

Maaneet- kyaa???? N saw to the source of sound..

Bhaiya- mje mere paise dejiye aur mn jauu fr aap apna vrna vrna khel lena bhaisaab

Maan- geet tum bhi na.. all time bs charne ka shonk hai paise dene nhi aate.

Geet- maan is there any tree of money??? Nhi na.. toh???

Ab paise doge???? Maan nodded n he gave the money to tht man

The man goes 4m their


Maan then strted the car..

Both were silent..



Pari’s phn buzzed while she was going to leave home for clg

Sweety with her eye brows asked her who???

Pari  did face expression by bringing out her tongue like dead..

She received

 the call-

sweety- helloo bhai’ gud mrng

Brij-  sat shri akal sweety.. then sweety bite her tongue as she forget to say this first.

Brij- where r u both??n wy ur n geet ‘s phn is cmng off

Sweety- g bhai. Hum college k liye nikl rahe hai, infact nikl chuke hai. Aur vo mera phn ki battery low ho gae thi n di ka phone.. pari shows her the glass of water vo.. vo pani mei gir gya.. haan..

She said this n took a sigh of releif

Briij- hmm.. sb thik hai na.. tumhara project to ho gea na

Sweety- g bhai.. sb thik hai

Brij- meri geet se baat krva.

Sweety- g bhai geet di se.. haan vo..  sweety asked pari to vt to do now???

Pari with her hand made sm actions- like going

sweety- bhai vo gae..

Brij- gae???? Kha age???

Sweety galred pari for making her say this.. nhi bhai mera matlab di yehi hai..

Brij- toh baat krva fr jldi

Sweety- g haan bhaii kyaa.. vo awaaa.. helloo helloo.

She strted rubbing her hand on the speaker of her mob..

She cut the call..

Sweety- tu paagl hai.. kuch btana bhi aata hai kya tuje.. daffar.. achha hua bhai se baat nhi hui.. vo to mera dimaag chl gya vrna tut oh aj marva hi deti.. chl ab clg.


Geet saw a caf their n her stomach strted making sounds again..

She didn’t hav anythg till now.. its almost 9..

They were again standing at red lights n there was a long line.


Geet said with sweet voice- maan sunoo na..

Maan- kya hai geet.. pehle toh ye itna traffic hai n here u

Geet- aree baat toh sunoo. Plzzz

Maan- geet mere ears hai bolo

Geet got angry again with his cmnt bt she calmed down- don’t worry geet.. control

Geet- maan us acfe mei chlo plzz

Maan- mishit we r getting late

Geet- I don’t care..

Maan- don’t be childish geet.. u wanna eat again???

Geet- aree kaise boy ho tum maan’ all boys don’t wanna go to clg n heer u saying u want to

Maan- mnz u don’t want to??

Geet-  aree nhi.. m starving maan’ I didn’t hav anythg 4m so long n my chotu sa tummy making sounds now

Maan- geet chottuu nhi motuuu

Geet again shot angry glares at him


PRECAP- will maan taker to the cafe???










i request to u alll.. plzzz give ur views… 

write smthg here. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

a small request of ur frnd.. TongueTongueTongue




Will they will be late for clg.

To knw keep reading n cmnntg guys.. as without it u will nt knw  😉

Do tell mw hows it..

Will be waiting



8 thoughts on “PART 16

  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha geet ki bhelpuri…..motu geet…hehehehehehe poor bhelpuri wala…..yr maan aur geet har jgah shuru ho jate hai…..I think he will take her to cafe

  2. Awesum update stinnu…..aaawww poor geet hungry h aur maan ko koi fikar b nai……khud ne tho brkfst kr liya aur geet ne tho brkfst b nai kiya h…..maan ne tho geet ko bhailpuri b khane nai di…..uff ye maaneet b na jb dekho ladte hi rhte h…..poor bhailpuri wala phas gaya maaneet k beech…..ooppss brij ka call abi tho sweety ne jhoot bol diya but i hope kahi brij geet ko maan k sath na dekh le……i think maan geet ko cafe le kr jayega

  3. Maan-Geet ka na kuch nahin ho sakta….jahan dekho wahin jhagda….
    but yahi jhagda to unko ek doosre ke kareeb lata hai….
    bechara bhaiya bhi chakra gaya….
    very entertaining update….
    thanx for pm….

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