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                        PART 17

Geet- aree kaise boy ho tum maan’ all boys don’t wanna go to clg n heer u saying u want to

Maan- mnz u don’t want to??

Geet-  aree nhi.. m starving maan’ I didn’t hav anythg 4m so long n my chotu sa tummy making sounds now

Maan- geet chottuu nhi motuuu

Geet again shot angry glares at him

Maan- ohkk nhi kahuga ab..  bt I broght breakfast 4 u, evn then u r hungry.. he said in whisper “bhukadd”

Geet- 1st mn bhuakdd nhi hu achha.. n voh jo le k aaye the na tumne khud hi khaya tha.. yaad krlo.. now take me there n thts final. Plzz

Maan- vahh order bhi karing n pleading bhi.. hmmm

Geet- dono chize bta di, nw choose

Maan- okk we will go bt u hav to be quick, I don’t like going late. U knw.. MSK ka style nhi hai..

He said dramatically by doing his collar up

Geet- ehhee.. hunn..

Maan stopped the car at caf. Maan came out n strted moving towards the caf..

Geet saw him going n made O shape mouth

Geet- uff e don’t evn knw k whn girls r with u, the courtesy says to opn the door for her.. bt no.. hw he can do this he is MSK na.. grhhh.

He then opened the door herself n came out n follows maan.

Both entered the caf.. it was nt crowdie as ppl were less there at this time.. they both sat on table..


The boy came on their table n asked them vt to order.

Geet- hmm.. ring me 1 black coffee with 1 cube sugar n 1 pizza.. the boy turned to maan’s side n asked him vt he would like to hav.

Maan took the menu card n was starring n finding smthg to eat.. bt he didn’t said anythg..

Boy asked him again bt maan was still now finding in menu card

Geet shook his hand- maan order do..

Maan- kya duu??? Koi achhi chiz hai hi nhi..

Geet- kya??? Chodo.. I’ll order.. bring same 4 him

Maan- oyee nhi mn vo fikki kadvi si coffee nhi pita.. bring hmm.. haan coke 4 me..

Boy nodded n goes 4m their..

Within 5 min they hav their food on table..

Geet sipped the coffee n hen hav the bite of pizza.. she offered maan to hav it.. maan took the piece n hav it

Maan- geet.. hw u can drink this tasteless coffee yr.

Geet- maan tasteless nhi hai ye ohkk.. much better thn ur milk.

Maan- oyee milk sbse achha hota hai achha..

Maan’s phn  buzzed.. the name flashed as PARI” it was lying on table so geet took it.

Geet- helloo pari.. geet said excitingly.

Pari- ohh hyy geet.. hws u yr???

Geet- mn achhi hut u bta..

Sweety saw pari talking n then she snatched phn 4m her

Sweety- hlloo madam.. hangover khtm hua k nhi??? Abhi kha hai aap.. batane ki takleef karege

Geet- nhi takleef kyuu btati hu na.. mn caf mei hu..

Sweety- vt??? Vt r u doing there

Pari- film dekh rhi hu’ caf mein log khate pite hai. Vhi kr rhi hu

Sweety- vt bat clg.. I thought u mst be ther

Geet- yaa we r coming there.. okk bye byee

Geet took the pizza’s piece in her hand n drag maan with him..

Geet- chloo maan itni der lgaoge toh we will be late na

Maan- wait geet’ isse paise toh dene  do.. ye vo bhaiya nhi hai jo hmare piche bhagega..

Geet bite her tongue.. she went out n sit in the car..

Maan gave the bill n came out..




Pari n sweety reached clg. When she was talking to her they were on gate..

Prem came their n greeted both of them.. nt forgetting to wink at sweety..

Sweety blushed  a lil seeing him.

Sweety- tum dono ka khtm ho gya ho toh andhr chale.

Pari shot angry glare a her n trio strted walking in the campaign of clg.

Rohan playfully hit on sweety’s back saying helooo chudail..

Sweety’s anger was on highest peak now.. she was angry lil with brij’s call n then geet in caf was like ghee in fire n now rohan..

She strted running after him to hit him back.. to take her revenge

Sweety was fully frustrated with all day event 4m ystrdy.

She stopped in mid way as she couldn’t catch rohan. Rohan was fast then her. Her breath choked with continues run..

Rohan saw her coughing so he came back to her..

Rohan asked her vt happened with his eye brows.

When he came near her, she made a fist in punch him in his stomach.. it was so sudden tht rohan didn’t react for sec dn he realize n saw sweety  going showing her tongue n her thumb.. saying loser




Geet was sitting in the car having her pizza.. her hands were fully messy.. maan saw her made a face

Geet saw him n offer him pizza bt man refused to hav it

Geet- mat  khao.. mje kya. Hunnn’

Geet finished it soon.. n was seeing here n there to get smthg..

Maan gave her his handkerchief n geet took it 4m his hand n clean his hands n her mouth..

Maan- geet how u eat yr???? jst like animal. Thts y I call u sherni

Geet- I jst like humans. Okk I thnk ur eyes hav sm defect’ thts y u saying m fat she touches her stomach.. mn moti nhi hu achha.. n u get it straight.

They hav reached clg at tht time.. maan said her to get down. He is cmng in min..

Geet- where???

Maan- uff geet.. is this road of ur bro.. nahi na.. so hav to parked na..

Geet nodded n she turned to go 4m there to be stopped by maan’s call..

Maan called her loudly. Geet turned to face him.

Geet- now vt???

Maan- ur face geet.

Geet- vt?? M lukng pretty??? Thnku maan

Maan- huhh joke of the day.. if u didn’t clean ur face na then 4 sure u will luk like a monkey.. hahahha

Geet shot an angry to him n maan shut his mouth.. he indicated with his finger like ther sm sauce near her lower lip.. she brushed her finger near the area as he said..

She asked with her eye brows is now its fine??? Maan nodded to no.. geet again tried to clean it with her thumb bt in vain

Maan indicated her tht he is cmng wait’

He hurriedly pulled the back gear of car. n then gave race to car n took it with speed n parked the car.. geet was standing teher n was waitng 4 him to come.

He saw maan coming.. he reached near her..

Maan- u cant do a simple thing mishit..

He brought handkerchief 4m his pocket n take it near her lips n geet step backward..

Maan- now vt??

Geet- its dirty maan.. see. Maan saw the handkerchief. There was sm sauce in it

Maan- its all ur work g.. nt my fault..

Geet make  a sweet lil pout.

Maan bring his finger near her lower lip n rub it softly n then with thumb he rubbed the area..

Geet saw into his deep ocean like eyes.. awe she was like drowning in it.. maan saw her lost.

Mana- ho gya.. chale ab.. geet nodded n both headed towards the main area of clg




Lectures hav been strted n all the members of grp were there except MAANEET.. seeing this kriya was like a volcano which will burst at any moment,

Her anger rises more when she overheard the convo of sweety n kritika.. she fumed hearing tht both r in a caf n together n r coming in clg. Mst be reaching anytime..




PRECAP-  don’t u dare

If u sai this to any1 na.. 

Sochlena.. varnaaa
















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10 thoughts on “PART 17

  1. Haye is like a cute kid eating pizza….hahahahaha agar is bar firse bill ke liye cafe wala baag ta then ???? Kriya u can’t do nw dear….maaneet r in their world….lagta hai geet wanted maan to clean with his finger and then to get lost in his eyes……;)

  2. hehehehe geetuu choo cutieeee as alwyzz.lyked sweetyy yr shez such a sweetheartt.maaneett toh kahin me bhi shuru ho jate kbhi ladai toh kbhi romance hehe luvedd itt keep itt upp sweetuu!!! :* ❤

  3. Suprb update stinnu….love maaneet’s nok jhok…..geet eating pizza like kid…..aaww maan dnt like coffee…..haaayee maaneet b na kb fight krne lagenge h kb ek dusre ki eyes me lost ho jayenge pata nai chalta……kirya stay away 4rm maaneet.,….kuch nai kr skti tum maaneet ko tho humesha ek sath rhna h

  4. Tooooo gud…..:)

    I really luv d way u wrote it deep § intence.

    Thnkq so much for this……really liked § luved it😀😀

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