m vry much sorry for delay.
1st was my health n then a marriage came, so was out of town.
when i returned i got busy n then i wrote updte 2 days before by having a fight with my sis as i said her tht i hav to type n she got angry. lolzzz
then nxt to manofy her we went 4 movie n the whole day gone.
tody whn i was to updte then my health said nooo u cant.. CryCryCry
now also nt tht well bt m already vry late so.. 
didnt chk the upde so bear the mistakes
sorry no pic for this part.
                                                       PART 18

Maan bring his finger near her lower lip n rub it softly n then with thumb he rubbed the area..

Geet saw into his deep ocean like eyes.. awe she was like drowning in it.. maan saw her lost.

Mana- ho gya.. chale ab.. geet nodded n both headed towards the main area of clg


Maaneet were late they knew this so they were sitting in the canteen.

Geet was having a sandwich thre

Maan- geet tum kitni badi vali bhuakad ho na.

Geet- shutup maan having a bite of sandwich .. n yaa hit on his arm. Don’t change the topic

Maan– kya topic’ tht was over haan. We were late only coz of u

Geet- ohh really.. maan nodded to her

Nahi g its all coz of u.. bs maine keh dia keh di.. now topic end

Maan- houuu having mouth in O shape.

Geet made it shut with her hand- muh band krlo. Makhi ghus jayega. Hunn

Maan- achha sara blame mjpe lga k now topic end haan

Geet nodded- hmmm..

Then the bell ring.. geet got up 4m her seat as she wanna meet her lil sis sweety

Maan asked her- where???

Geet- she turned n placed her hands on her waist. Why??? Where I’ll go I shd tell u kya??

Maan- yaa I thnk so.. frnds shd tell

Geet- ohhh achha g.

Maan- hmm han g

Geet ignored him n turned n banged with her angry sis.. who was fuming n glaring at her

Geet asked with her eye brows like vt happen?

Sweety- kya kya???? Apni ankhen mat dikha mje tu. Achha’ ystrdy u was toh fully talli n dancing. Bt u knw hw much I hav to suffer.. don’t knw vt gonna happen if bhai cms to knw abt this..

Sweety was cmng forward n geet going backward.. she hits the table tht was at her back..

Sweety- n whn I called maharani g having food in caf.. really geet thts limit..

Geet was in bending position n sweety over her with threatening eyes n finger pointed towards her

Maan n pari was hardly controlling their laughter seeing both sis.

Geet- sweety thoda upr toh ho yr.. mn gir gae toh??

Sweety got up n turned- toh kya??? Mje kya??? Hunn

Gete had a sight of relief n she too got up bt her ankle got twisted n she was abt to fall bt then two strong arms encircled her petty waist.. geet’s eyes were closed n maan was holding her securely..


(stinna- I really want this to happen so added this. Lolzzz’ pta nhi kyu baar baar geet ko gira deti hu)


Pari was seeing them with dreamy expression n sweety keplt blabbering unknwn of fact tht no1 is listening her.. poor sweety wasted her energy

Geet slowly opened her eyes n her eyes met with maan’s eyes n brief eye lock..MAAHIII.. MAHII VE MAHI MAAHI VE.

Sweety saw pari n  then saw to direction to which it was seeing..

like vt the hell happening..

sweety thought- mn yha boli jar hi hu n she.. ufff’ ab ye laila majnu ka mahi mahi fr strt toh nhi ho gya, aj kl ye kuch zada hi ho rha hai yr.


Maan- faller???

Geet got confused n any1 can guess with her expression.

Maan- tum hi. Jb dekho girti rehti ho

N made her stand on her feet.

Geet- mn na jaan much k nhi girti. Achha

Sweety- oyee hellooo.. stop fighting haan.. 1st tell me y r u late?

Maan- vo tum apni sis se puchogi toh tht will be ok

Geet- vt??? No sweety its all his fault.. 1st he himself ate all the food tht he bring 4 me n dn traffic. I was hungry so we went to caf.. thts it. Sachiii

Sweety was nw nt angry. She knws her sis.. n she cant be angry 4m her 4 long.

Kriya n kritika came thre

Kriya directly cm to maan n hugged him “hy maan”

Maan to hugged her back- “hy babes  hws yr”

The four ladies near them were starring at them.

Sweety whisper- chipkuuu..

kritika- sachiii mei

pari n sweety 1st saw saw each other n then to kritika..

kritika- vt????

Then the three burst into laugh.. bt the 4th one was having smthg tickling in her stomach n her eyes.. it was unbearable  scene 4 her

Pari nudged sweety n sweety to kritika to saw geet’s face.. tht was lil red n nw she was seeing them thru corner of her eyes

Maan n kriya were having lil chit chat.

Kritika went to maan- hlooo’ u forget abt me.. with a lil pout on her face

Maan cupped her face- naa.. mn apni princess ko kaise bhul skta hun.. hmm vt a chocolate milkshake???

Kritika- hmmm’. With a big dairy milk chocolate n 1 movie .. n let me think.

Maan- oh ho.. wait yr.. u toh going with metro speed.. vt I did tht I hav to compensate this lonnggg list

Kritika- houu.. without any fault u cant do this kya???? Vry bad


The three ladies- pari, sweety n geet were admiring their bro- sis relation.. they were so cute.


Sweety scream- hang on hang on guys’

Maan- sweety we hav ears okk.. vts need to speak so loud.

Sweety- okh fyn.. we shd go 4 movie.. we all. Tht wuld be grt na.. as our ystrdy’s party she looked at geet..

Kritika- ek dam osmmm hai yr.. both gave a hi5 to each other.

Maan- wait let me call all other..

Maan msg prem, karan n rohan to come to canteen.

Rohan came thre n hit sweety on her head.. n then came to maan.

Rohan- aree wah yr.. ek akela maan aur itniii saari hot hot.. he saw around n all girls were glaring at him with their big eyes..

Mera matlb itni coffee kyu nhi mangvaee????

All laughed with his change.

Meanwhile prem n karan to came..

Prem- so???

Kritika- we all r going 4 a movie

Karan- ohh.. thts grt

Swetey in low sound- omg!!!!1 ye  saare laila majnu mere hi palle padne the kya

Rohan ‘ kyu kit era majnu koi hai nai isliye.. n winked at her

Geet- wait yr.. m nt cmng.

Maan- we all knw this.. tera har bar prob padta hi hai.. bt u hav to cm as coz of u our party spoiled.. so u hav to compensate.

Kriya- ohh let it be guys.. if she don’t wanna cm so leave na

Kritika- aree aise kaise nhi.. she will come.. haina geet

Geet said no.

Pari- aree yr geet.. don’t  say this yr.. it wuld be grt

Feet- oh ho yr.. I hav sm work.. so cant cm

Maan- oyee the konsa kaam aa gya??? Let me remind u we all r in same class.. I don think we hav any project.

Sweety- yaa di.. no project. We ll hav fun.. chaloo na. plzz. Plzz.


The bell rang n they all hav to go to attend lectures..

Geet- ok we ll discuss it later.. lets goo now.


All headed towards the lectures.



Precap- lolzz same.. sorry didn’t included it this time.. bt in nxt part.


This part was all of frnds.. hope u like it.. wanna show their bonding.















i request to u alll.. plzzz give ur views… 

write smthg here. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

a small request of ur frnd.. TongueTongueTongue



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  1. Hi…….hws u??

    Today I’m d first one to comment 😉

    Awesum, beautiful, luved it a lot 🙂

    Sachi mei maaza aa gaya…..:-)

    Luv geet § Maan. 🙂

    Thnkq so much for d update:)

    Tkc f urself:-)

      • m here at home sweety
        actually nt getting time to type so getting late..
        plz pray tht i got time..
        will try to updte soooooooooooon

      • Don’t b sry……it’s ok
        Bt update soon 😉
        § yes congrats for d result 🙂
        Issi baat par ek pyara sa update ho jaye 😉

      • thnxx dear
        hehehhe updte
        abhi u hav to wait 4 it.
        as m now giving n working on my another story.. aftr ending that will continue dmd.
        hope u like tht1 also

  2. Awesum update stinnu…..lovd it…ohho angry angry sweety….aaahhh ye chipku kriya ko dur bhagao maan se…..stinnu i want to see jealous geet yar

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