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Rk went to KM to meet them.. he stops his car before KM… n enters to the mansion..

The servants told him tht he wait there n he will call maan… tht u had came to meet him..


After some time maan came downstairs n whn he saw rk maan’s  blood strt boiling.. his eyes were spitting fire..

Rk stood 4m sofa n forward his hand n was abt to say maan.. bt interrupted by maan

Maan-  hlo. So hw u here rish.. oh sorry. RK the superstar??

Rk takes out the card- vo mn wedding card

Bt he couldn’t complete his sentence n maan spoke

Maan- ohh so u getting married..

Rk gave a small smile on this.. wow.. geet mst be happy with this. Btw where is she??

The smile 4m rk’s lips vanished in sec hearing this set of words.

Didn’t she came with u??? ohhh she don’t want to see me now??

Maybe busy in her marriage na?? ohkk fine..

His shock was growing n growing with his words.

Rk- maan ye tum. Bt again stopped by maan

Maan- MSK.. mr. maan singh khurana.. u hav no rite to call me maan. Now u may leave.. I hav work.. I don’t want to waste my time on ppl like u. n stood up.

Rk- maan plz behave.

Maan- wow grt.. u saying me to behave. 1st u learn it n dn cm to talk to me..

Now u may go.. I m going with my dear daughter. N I don’t want to wait her.

Maan went upstairs..

Rk was tottaly confused with all this??

If geet is nt here n dn where is she??? Where she gone??? Vt abt maan??? Didn’t she came back tht day??? Maan doesn’t knw anythg abt her

Omg!!!! This mnz tht maan thinks tht m marrying geet.. where r u geet???? I hav to find out soon.. till then al this bcm diffclt to handle




Rohan came to geet’s residence n both were talking in drawing room abt all tht was happening.


Rohan- geet plzz try to understand.. u r nt doing rite..

Geet- rohan plz.. u try to understand me.. I did all this 4 sake of maan;s happiness..

Rohan- no geet.. u hav to understand me. Now m nt gonna listen any crap of urs.. u will now do vt I will say.. m I clear???

Geet didn’t say anythg..

Rohan- geet m asking n waiting.. n I don’t want any arguments here. U hav to agree.

Geet- bt vt r u upto..

Rohan- tht u leave on me..

Now u give me ur SIMCARD tht u was using in India..

Geet nodded n went to her room to get tht sim.


She came back aftr 5 mins. N handed over the sim to rohan

Rohan- ohkk.. now u do ur work n I’ll do my work.. take care. Byee

Geet- bt where u going

Till geet can stop him, he was all gone.


Geet- babaji  plz sab thik krdena.. if rohan believes tht evrythg will be fine n will be like before. Plz help him in doing so.




Rohan came to his house.. he dn made  a call

Rohan- yes I want the whole info abt all the calls as soon as possible.. u don’t worry u will get ur price.

I need results..


Ohkk u send ur men n he will collect the sim 4m my home..

Thxx.. I need results soon.


Call ended.



Rk reached home aftr his encounter with maan.. he was vry much stressed abt geet.. where she can go??

He calls her no many times on his way.. bt it was OFF.

Madhu ask her vt happen??

Rk explained whole the event to her..

Rk again call geet’s n several times bt it was coming OFF.



It was late night now. So he slept.

Nxt day.

Rohan then put the sim in his spare mob n was checking out all the phone calls.

He then went to geet’s home n shows her mob.. n ask er abt the phone calls timings

Geet said tht she didn’t remember tht much bt she told him sm rough guess.

Rohan then goes 4m there n geet went to office..

While driving the phone  strt ringing.

Rohan received the call

Caller- omg!!! Geet thank god ur phone id ON n u picked it.

Vt the hell all this??? Where the dam r u???? m so worried 4 u.

Rohan- hello..

Caller-  who r u??

Rohan- m rohan n u??

Caller- rohan???? Mn rishab kundra..  where is geet??? This is her mob.. vt r u doing with her mob.

Rohan- hy wait.. who r u??? m geet’s frnd n

Rk- m also geet’s frnd.. n is she is alright??? N where is she??

Rohan- yes she is fine.. n she is in london. n hy wait.. u knw maan??

Rk- vt???? Vt she is doing there???

yes he is her husband.. bt vts going on???

Rohan- hy rk. I need to talk to u urgently. N will tell u all vts happening. Bt rite now m going 4 imp work.. u plz call me on my no. I’ll snd u. ok bye


Then rohan send rk a msg.

4m there rohan gave the Sim to the office which will now give him all the info regarding the phn calls.




It was night n maan was trying to sleep.

Bt whn he close his eyes he jst see one picture thts is of his mishit who was smiling n calling him.

Then he stunned open his eyes n then his talk with rk came in his mind

He came out of his room to balcony.. where chill winds were blowing.. there was darkness all around n the only source of light was the moon.. maan’s face was glowing in moonlight n were showing his teary eyes..

The tear drop landed to corner of his eyes n with moonlight it shines n slowly it slides to his cheeks.

Then soft finger came close to his cheek n rubs the area tht was wet with tear.. maan turned to her n saw geet who was saying him no to cry.

Seeing geet maan face bcm like small child who was crying due to his wound n complaining in front of his mother..



Maan- geet u r marrying??? Why geet why???? How u can do this with me??

U said u will alwz be with me till the end of or life n she left me alone.

I need to talk to u once.. need to ask the reason why u did this with me..

Money was nvr imp to u. bt vt happens now suddenly???


Maan forward his hand to touch his cheeks bt whn he touched it geet disappeared.. she was nt there

Maan saw towards the moon n ask

Geet why u did this?? I hate u geet I hate u.. bt I cant hate u n he came to his knees..

Her eyes shed sm more painful tears.

He close his eyes n he was seeing his mishty n only mishty.


Mishty I love u.. plz cm back. M waiting 4 u… saying so maan slowly drifted to sleep.









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    • thnxx dear
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  1. Wow stinnu u updated CHT 😀 mai thoda refresh hone k liye aai thi but ye update dekh k apne aap ko rok hi nai pai 😛 (waise b study kr kr k mai pagal ho rh hu)
    any ways awesum update yar….tho rk ko pata chal gaya geet maan k sath nai h…aaahhh maan soch rh h k geet shaadi kr rhi h…..idiot stupid maan ek bar tho card dekhta….oye hoye rohan apne kaam pe lag gaya h n rk ko b pata lag gaya k geet london me h…..tho ab culprit saamne aane wala h….stinnu kuch aisa kr k maan k saamne saara truth phle aaye n phir wo geet ko search kre…aur pls ho ske tho 3rd june k phle ek aur update kr de

    • ufffffffffffff dii..
      i was waiting 4 u.. u knw??????
      i specially wrote it only 4 u..
      aapne kha tha k exams hai. isliye
      bt u was nt on fb 😦 aapne cmnt hi nhi kia.. mne tag v kia aapko 😦

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      • Stinnu maine fb se brk le liya h dear…mai fb me exams k baad hi aaungi…arey wah nxt update sunday ko milega…i m waiting 4 update

      • ohhhhh…
        chloo aap achhe se exam ki tyari kro
        n yaa i knw u gonna rock it!!!!!!!!!!1
        hmm sunday ko hi free hougi toh updte krugi 😀

  2. I just knew it that maan will misunderstand him…yaar I just wish they meet soon…can see their separation n tears in their eyes….both frnds meet nw they will make plan….soon that culprit get in hands then everything done….I luved….update dosto mei dewangi also na :):)

    • thnxxx dear
      yaaa now sb sort out ho jayega.. as m gonna end this story..
      so covering all up
      bs iske 4-5 prts dn dosti mei deewangi type krugi

      actually busy in classes… lolzz nt abt study.. ainvii holidays vaali. bt got busy n tired. soo

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