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                PART 13

Geet got up 4m  bed.

When she woke up sm dried tears r alwz there to welcm the new morning tht she is spending alone without her love maan.

She take a quick bath as rohan informed her tht he is cmng to meet her n its vry urgent,

Whn she came out. Of washroom

Rohan was sitting with pari.

Rohan ‘ ohh here she cms.. hy sexy.

Geet- stop it rohan.

Pari- okk u gys carry on.. I’ll bring smthg to eat.

Rohan- omgg!!! Geet u r still the same.. the glow on ur face whn u came back 4m bath.. the water droplets on ur glowy face.. really angelic yr.

Geet- shut up.. now tell vts so imp tht u cm this early?

Geet took the comb n opened her tied wet hairs n it fell on her back n water was oozing out of it making her back wet too.

She combed it

Rohan- hmm its imp geet.. abt calls.

Geet turned hearing the word call.

Geet- vt u found out???

Rohan- achha btw who is RK????

Geet- why???

Rohan- kyuu u cant tell me. Huh

Geet- oh ho’ he is my frnd. Ab tum btaoge

Rohan- nthg he called me ystrdy.

Geet came forward n faced him..

Vt??? U talk to him??? Vt did he said???? Evrythg is fine na

Rohan- oh ho volcano.. shant ho ja shant..

Geet- plzz btaoo na.

Rohan- calm down n listen me 1st.. he made her sit on chair.

Geet the calls u was getting r sm 4m phone bhoots.  So it will be diffclt to track tht calls. N sm.

Geet narrowed her eye brows n was waiting 4 him to speak.

“n sm r 4m maan’s office itself.”

Geet left in shock- vt office???? Bt hw?

Rohan- yes they r 4m office.. khurana construction.

N I thnk we hav to flew to indi to find out all these things

Its all getting vry complex. Nthg is getting in my mind. N yaa I talked to RK. N he want to talk to u.. u plz call him.. n we shd go to India as early as we can.

Geet was shocked n confuse with the news. ‘

Bt rohan who will call me 4m office??? M nt getting anythg.

Rohan-  thts y my Barbie doll we hav to go there n find out.. nthg will get in our hand by staying here’ so r u ready???

Geet ‘ bt vo maan??

Rohan cupped geet’s face- geet u trust me na??? geet nodded to him..  so lets go.



Rk was worried for geet.. abt her whereabouts. Confused why she is there n nt with maan.

He switched on tv.. n news was cmng

They was showing a party of khurana’s

In which maan was with lil princess jannat. N both were cutting a big cake.

Truly jannat is lukng like an angel.

News- congratulations to lil jannat khuarana.. her family is vry much happy with this. Her father maan singh khuarna had given 51% shares.. yes 51% means the major stake holder  is now jannat khuarna.. its gift by her father.

Rk was concentrating on the news carefully.

Reporter- congratz mr. khuaran n to this lil princess. maan was holding her tight. Jannat was playing with her fathers ear n nose.

Maan- thnku.. baby say her thanks

Jannat with her cute talk- thnnkuu n gave  her chubby smile.

Reporter- so mr. khuarana.. why u take this imp decision???

Maan- its jst tht all the property n evrythg is of lil princess  bt I want this to be legally her by now.. as we cant say anythg abt vt can happened???

Reporter- ohhk.. n sor vo mrs.

Maan didn’t let her complete

Maan- ohkk I thnk thts enough now.. n goes 4m there


When rk was listening to this his mob strt buzzing.

He didn’t saw n received the call.

Rk- helloo

A sweet melody voice- hello

Rk was stunned hearing her voice- geet u.

Geet nodded her head

Rk- oye pagal sir mat hila.. geet where r u yr???

Geet- vo main.. miss u yr.

Rk- huhh miss u too yr. vt r doing yr..

Maan- rk ye awaaz kaise????  Where r u?

Rohan snatched mo 4m geet

Rk- geet vo. M watching tv.. nthg else.

Rohan- hy.. its rohan.. ohk listen we r cmng to india.. n thn we ll explain all thing to u.. now u arrange 4 our residence n do it in tht way tht ur left and also cant known.. ohkk

Rk- ohk. Ur work will be done.

Rohan- ohk byee.

Rohan cut the call.

Both headed towards the airport.

Then take the plane n flew back to india.



“dada dada.. u told tht mom will come..” jannat ask her father with a big pout on her cute face.

“hmmm.. vo.. haan. Ur mom got sm work baby. Hws all the gift princess?? did u like it?” maan tried to divert her princess mind 4m her mother

“hmm papa.. vo take(cake) tha na bdaaa sa.. by stretching her small arms n expressing as big.

Maan came close to her n pulled her cheeks- “hmm tha”

“vo both tasty tha.. mje fr kb khilaoge??” jannat demanded to her papa in reply

“hmm jb meri princess kahegi tb” maan cheered with her princess n took her up n take her to bed.

“chloo now time to change..” maan then tickle hher in stomach n jannat was laughing showing her 2 small teeth tht were now seen a lil.


(stinna- sorry yr.. baby ka itna nhi pta,.. jaisa lga vaise likh dia. Sorry 4 mistakes)


Maan changed her clothes as jannat was wearing a sweet lil frok n now its time to sleep so he changed into night clothes.

“now u sit here.. papa v change krle??? Be a gud girl” maan said to her by making her si securely

Whn maan turned jannat hold her hand

“vt happen jaan?” maan asked her at her sudden change as there was again a small pout on her face n her cheeks were like it is filled with water.

“m a gud girl dada” jannat complained as maan told her to be a gud girl bt she is na

“ohhh.. sholly jaana.. u r my rockstar yr. chloo may I go” maan again pull her cheeks

Jannat nodded n maan too change in her night attire. i.e. black vest with pyjamas

Maan came back n jannat was lying on bed with her eyes close.

Maan came close to her n covered her with duvet. He too accompany her in bed in sec gulping a glass of water n saw a white glass near it.

“huhh jaana is nt gud girl.. If she will not drink milk then hw she will bcm strong.” Maan took milk filled glass

Jannat opened her 1 eye  n saw maan who was seeing her.. n dn open her 2 eye also as now she is caught.

“jannat baby’ drink milk fast..”

“dada.. its nt tasty.. plzz  nhii” tried to manofy her father bt she cant

Maan made her drink it. N both cuddled together in duvet n drifted to sleep.


(stinna- sorry 4 more baby father part’ I don’t want to bt hav to include it as hav to add new part bt this part bcm small so added this. Bt I liked it. Hope u will too)








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10 thoughts on “PART 13

  1. brilliant but please bring maaneet face to face the suspense is killing me great work keep it up and unmask the eveil person behind this who is hurting our beloved maaneet

  2. osmmm yr i like tht baby part she sounds choooooo cuteeeeeeeee yr maaneet ko jaldi milao bechali meli geet n maan Rk n Rohan true frnds luvedd itt sweeetuu (Y) keepp it upp ❤

  3. Koi baat nahi I loved father n daughter part….jaanat still ask abt geet;( n maan say lie….I just wish both meet…hey m thinking my guess rite abt his mom…

    • thnxxxx
      i too loved it while writing 🙂
      yr father daughter bonding is the best. :*
      yupp they will meet soon 🙂
      hmmm abt ur guess.. cant say anythg dear..
      wait 4 it 😀

  4. Finally u updated….awesum update dear….hmmm tho geet ko call KC se aaye the….ab tho surely yakeen ho gaya h k inn sb k piche maan ki mom hi hai…..geet n rohan wapas india aa rh h it means maaneet k face 2 face hone k chances h…..but agar maan k saamne truth aane se phle maaneet mile tho maan phir geet ko hurt krega:-(
    maan n jannat part was lovly….eagerly waiting 4 nxt….i want 2 know kaun h jisne ye sb kiya h

  5. Awesum as always…….don’t worry (father daughter part) it’s gud 😀
    Maan § geet ko millao jaldhi😉
    Thankq so much for a lovely update 😀

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