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                PART 14

Geet n rohan reached the airport.

Nt before doing sm office work or formalities.

So tht geet job remain to herself.. rohan said tht they both r going to india for sm work. Geet will now assist her in his new project tht is in india.

Both sat in their seats in plane

(stinna- I don’t knw anythg abt airport. So bare me with mistakes. )

Geet was holding her mob tight in her hand with maan n her pic with jannat..

She lovingly touches the image with her fingers n 1 tear drop fell on it.

Rohan kept his hand on her shoulder

Geet turned to face him

rohan gestures by moving her eye lashes up n down

Rohan- all will be fyn.

Geet nodded n gave  him a small smile.

Rohan- vaise DQ vt u think it will be a girl or boy?

Geet- DQ.. rohan u still remember???? Plzz dnt call me with name. I hate it

Rohan- huhhh drama queen ko DQ hi bulauga.. aur kya.. achha jo pucha vo bta

Geet- huhh’ with a small pout on her face.

Hmm I don’t knw.. hw I’ll knw n touches her tummy

Rohan- I thnk this tym it will be a boy.. n he will nt like u ronduu n yaa darpok

Geet wide opn her mouth- houuu..

She playfully hit on his arm. ‘ rohan shutupp ohkk. Mn ronduu nhi hu

Rohan- ohh really.. so y there is alwz waterfall on ur face??

She stammered  a lil- vo.. vo main.

Rohan – chal jaa chodh dia.

Now u av sm rest.. we will reach to our destination in sm hours.


(stinna- I dont knw much time it take to reach.. so its jst random guess going on)


Geet closed her eyes

After smtime she opened her eyes as she was nt feeling sleepy..

She turned to rohan side n a smile crept over her lips seeing the sight..

Rohan was sleeping with his mouth open..

Geet closed it with her hand bt it opn again.

Geet giggled n again try to shut it. Rohan stirred in his sleep n closed his mouth

Geet- pagl kahi ka.




Plane landed to india

Rk reached on time to receive them.

With reaching to place where she born, she spent her childhood n found her true love n left him too 4m here for sake of his life leaving all behind , evn her daughter.

There was smile on her lips.. it was content smile, she was feeling like now evrythg will be right n he will be his mana soon.

She saw rk standing there

She hugged her tight

Rk- miss u yr.. kha thi tu..

Geet- miss u too.. u knw bhuddu where I was

They parted 4m hug

Rk- yaa I knw.. bt y u was there nt here??? Vt happened?

Rohan came there- ohh hoo. Can we go now plzz. M hungry guys.. thnx rk for cmng n will tell u all in the way

Rk n geet nodded n trio goes 4m there

Rk 1st took them to his home.

They had dinner n hey were now sitting

Rohan n geet told evrythg abt calls n reason behind why geet was nt in India n was living in London

Rohan- 1 more thing I want to tell

Both asked n tell him to proceed

Rohan hold geet’s hand- geet listen to me carefully.

Before leaving I went to hospital n I got to knw tht..

Geet-plzz speak up rohan..

Rohan- its tht.. u ..




Other side in KM


Maan was starring at moon.

He turned with tap on his shoulder. N found his daadi there

Daadi- maan bte jannat so gae??

maan- g daadi.. vo apne room mei hai,, bs abhi soe thi.

Daadi- bte vo geet ka kuch

Maan- daadi plzz.. geet toh shaadi kr rhi hai

Daadi- ye kya keh rahe hai aap

Maan- g daadi.. vo rk aya tha card le k..

Daadi’s eyes welled up.- m sure there is smthg behind all this.. geet can nevr do this.. I knw her

Maan- daadi maa I too knw her.. bt tht geet is nt this geet’ meri geet toh kahi kho gae hai.

Daadi- aapko ek baar unse baat toh krni chahiye thi

Maan- kya baat daadi.. if she is happy with this, I hav no prob

Daadi- no prob??? Then vts all this??? U r nt sleeping at night.. u r becmng a workaholic. U don’t smile like before.

 I jst see u smiling whn u r with jannat..

If u r happy thn move on

Maan- nhi daadi.. mn thik hu.. aap jaye jaa kr so jayei. Its getting vry dark now

Daadi- vt abt u??

Maan- m too going..



Rohan- Vo.its tht


U was nt having any cancer prob.. it was all a lie.

Doc called me to give ur reports n I asked her abt this n she said tht thre was no cuh prob.. she was nt been operated

Rk n geet left in shock

Rk- bt hws tht possible???

Geet- rohan r u sure??? Bt aisa kaise?????

Rohan- tht I don’t knw geet.. its all is getting vry complicated.. we soon hav to solve this puzzle n hav to find out who is behind all this.

Geet- bt y doc will do this??? Vt I did??? Tears came to her eyes.

Rk’s blood strt boiling with this piece of info. ‘ I’ll nt leave tht bastered now. We hav to find out

Rohan- omg!!!!! Ek yeh  rondu queen n u. oyee u r hero in films nt here ohkk..

We shd 1st plan n then sm action shd be done.. without this do u think tht tht doc will opn his mouth infront of u.. ohh common yr.. u two r dumb..

Both shot an angry glare to rohan

Rohan- vt????? Ohk okk.. now 1st hav to find out who is the 1 from office.

To find out this u hav to enter office.

Geet- bt hw??? Maan hates me now n I cant evn face him

Rohan- u hav to.. bt 1st tell how u can enter n spend smtime there.

Rk- hy I think I knw.. ystrdy only maan had transferred his 51% shares on jannat’s name.

Geet was left in aweee’- he is bst father. Geet said in low voice.

Rk- listen.. jannat is nt 18 nw. so she cant be active shareholder. N before this her shares will be on sm1 else name. we hav to 1st find out who is tht person..

Maybe shares will be on geet’s name as she is her mother.. so till jannat attain 18 all the rights of her shares will be of geet. Bt we hav to be sure.

Rohan- wow grt idea dued.

Geet- bt dn vt we will do??

Rohan- dumboo thn u can work there was shareholder tht to of major stake.. n I think tht sm1 who called u 4m office he will surely calls u back seeing u there.

Rk- ok I’ll find out by 2moro noon regarding all this or any other way o get into office.

Geet n rohan nodded.

Rohan- ohk guys.. m off now. M going. Geet u too take care.. nt gud for my champ.

Geet- ohhh’.

Rohan- hmm.. n we hav to shift to hotel  2moro also..

Trio went to their rooms.




Maan n daadi talking

Both’s talk intruppted with maan’s mom. She entered

Mom- maan. Don’t be a child. Jst look at urself.. my son was nt lyk this. He was a fighter.. plz don’t spoil ur life coz of tht girl

Maan- mom.. her name is geet.. she in nt any normal girl.

Mom- maan now plz stop taking her side. Evn now.. huhh.

Maan- mom.. I cant listen any bad words for her.. vtevr she does, she did with me.. I don’t knw vt u hav a prob

Mom- maan m ur mother.. I care 4 u.

Maan- where was u whn I was leaving KM

Daadi- u too plz stop.. maan bte u go to sleep. N u gestures to maan’s mom to come with her

Daadi n maan’s mom came out of room

Daadi- m waring u.. plz stop irritating maan.. kahi aisa na ho.. itne saalo baad vo yha vapas aya hai.. tumhari vajah se kahi fr na chla jaye

Mom- still u saying to me.. its useless to talk.

She left 4m there


Maan took photo frame n hold it close to his heart n try to sleep.

Soon he slept

In wait of nxt morning tht maybe cm with new hope n shine








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