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                PART 15

Maan took photo frame n hold it close to his heart n try to sleep.

Soon he slept

In wait of nxt morning tht maybe cm with new hope n shine



A women’s feet or on the entrance of the KC..

Soon with a lot of attitude, with perfect walk they entered into the lift.

The women was holding some files in her beautiful soft petal like milky hands, watch on her wrist

As she enters the KC’S main  office all the ppl strted greeting her

She is known person to all of them

Bt not like this.. she is in a perfect businesswomen attire.

Black jean  with red inner n a black coat covering her arms n ya tummy 😉

Her hairs were open n left straight.

Some men’s jaws were left wide open , n girls too seeing the angel walking into their work area with so much grace.

Sasha- oh hy geet!!!!

Hearing her name geet stopped n took 2 steps back.

Geet- oh hy.. mind it darling n hav a habit to call me mam.. hmmm

Sasha was fully shocked with her way of talk.

She was not like this, out spoken.. she was an innocent girl tht knw hw to win ppl’s heart with her simplicity,

Sasha jst nodded n geet again strted her walk

Taking 3 steps she stopped

Geet- hy bring me sm coffee darling!!!! N be fast, I don’t like ppl getting late sweety!!!

Sasha was in shock

Tasha came 4m behind n tap on her shoulder

Tasha- mam.. ye isse kya hua??? Kaise aapko order de rhi thi yeh. Jaise ye company iski ho

Sasha- huhh iski my foot.. bt how this change yr. n hiw she came here.

Tasha- I think u hav to make her coffee na.. I’ll go to my work

Till sasha can say her smthg tasha flew 4m there

Sasha make coffee n knocked to geet’s cabin

Geet was in cabin next to maan’s

Geet let her enter

Geet- omg!!!!!!!! U r so lazy sweety. Hmmm.. she saw the time on her watch

U r exact here aftr long(stretching it)10 mins.

Sasha- voo..

Geet- anyways.. okk get me all the files n all info regarding all the current projects, deals n evrythg in jst half hour..

All shd be on my desk ASAP!!!!!!!!!

Got it????

Sasha nodded

So vt r u waiting for??? Go get going if u don’t want to get late.. hmm

Sasha turned n was thinking why she is here????

While thinking she was abt to bang into the door. N geet alerted her saying

Geet- keep ur eyes n mind on the way, might u get hurt!!!

Sasha came out of her cabin n went to adi to inform this


Geet came to office tody aftr vry long time, when she was working here n when she got married with maan she nvr stepped in office though maan comes here

Bt then maan too nvr came here

Bt 4m past 1 month maan is here.

No1 knws the actual reason of maan’s disappearance. All jst knw abt the stories n rumors tht goes 4m here to there



Sasha told tht geet came to office n told vt she wants.

Adi- so do it fast sasha, if she said to do so. We hav to.. aftr all she is wife of maan sir.

(Adi knws tht geet is not here n no1 else)

Adi hurriedly came into geet’s cabin

Geet- adi sir aap

Adi smiles seeing her- geet tum.. m so happy to see u here.. how r u

Geet- m fyn..

Adi- geet tum k.

Adi was to continue his talk with her bt sasha interrupts them he leave 4m there


Then here comes the entry of the MSK. He is mostly in foul mood.

Ppl nevr saw smile on his lips. Bt he is perfection list.. he does his work with sincerity.

He enters into  the lift n then sudden smell his into his nostrils n closed his eyes

Geet’s smiling face flashed in his eyes

He reached to his office n enterd

All employees greeted him, though he nevr answered any1.. jst smtimes nods his head a lil

When he walking through the corridor, e again felt sudden attraction

A similar scent enters into his nostrils n he was feeling content with it. He cant resist himself to close his eyes.

he was abt to open the door of his cabin when an sudden urge was there in his heart to open the door of geet’s cabin which is next to him

he felt like geet’s is here

tht fragrance which was pulling him towards tht room it can be of only geet.

He shrugged off his thoughts thinking how it can be possible.

Maan entered to his cabin

Mostly sasha came to greet him n tell him the long day schedule, all abt tody’s meeting, where to go, all the presentations. Bt strange tody she didn’t came.

Then thought she mst be on leave,

He called n ordered a coffee 4 him..


Sasha passes by maan’s cabin to geet’s cabin

Maan saw her n was amused with her action.. he got lil angry

Sasha entered to geet’s cabin 

N gave her few files

Sasha- here r some files n

Geet took er 1 eye brow up asking vt??

Sasha- n rest r with maan’s sir cabin.. will get u all aftr smtime. Hav a meeting now with maan sir.

Geet- ohh.. u may leave


Sasha came out n now she was fearing how maan will react??? He gonna shout at her 4 being 15 mins late.. maan is vry ,uch punctual with his work n tody she did a mistake.. she thought tht not prob.. she was doing his so called wify’s work, so vt he will say.

Fearing he knocked n enterd into maan’s cabin

Maan- vt the hell is all sasha???may I knw?

Sasha- vo MK.. sorry 4 being late. Actually g..

Maan interrupted her – u knw I don’t like excuses.

Sasha- vo MK.. actually I was to come bt  dn geet..

Maan’s ear alarmed with geet’s name..

Maan- vt???? Geet???

Sasha- yes  MK, she told me to get all the files of all ongoing projects of KC.. so was doing tht work only.

Maan was in shock bt was lil happy too bt then confused

Maan- u may go now

Sasha left 4m there

Maan (ST)- Geet  yha??? How ?

Vt she is doing here???? Did she came back to me. A small smile crept on his lips with this thought

Bt it was not so longer, it vanished away with the next thought-  no she left me, she herself said tht she want to live with me.

Geet tum kyu aae ho???

I think I need to talk to her.. daadi too said this.. I think this the time when I get all my ans 4m her

He was angry with her n his eyes said this.


Maan stood up n walked to geet’s cabin.

He didn’t knocked jst barged into cabin.


PRECAP-  how maan gonna react?????? Happy or angry???


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8 thoughts on “PART 15

  1. Ohhh now what will happen maan will be soo angry na…love made him feel the presence of geet….wnt next part fast plz

  2. thzz was just osmmmmmm yr luvd it to the core just fantasticc sweetuuu finallyy maaneet gonna cme face2face excited4whts gonna happen keep it upp!! I toh luvd itt ❤

  3. Beautiful 😀
    Just awesum 😀
    Luvd it 😀

    Can’t say abt maan……he’s unpredictable…may b happy coz she’s back or may b angry coz she left him…..anything s possible😀
    Thanks n update soon 😀

    • aweee..
      yr i was to add more in it.. bt then guest came n hav to do my cousin’s work.. so
      dont worry i’ll post nxt prt soon

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