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                                          PART 16


Maan stood up n walked to geet’s cabin.

He didn’t knocked jst barged into cabin.

Maan was having so many emotions..

With the sound of opening the door geet stood up suddenly

Both saw each other

There was a small smile on geet’s lips. Bt it was nt tht longer when she saw maan’s eyes which were filled with anger only

Geet bowed her head down n compose herself..

She was unable to meet his eyes.

Maan’s gaze was like sm1 pricking needles in her body..

She saw up n saw maan who was coming forward..

Geet was totally blank, maan was too blank till now.. his anger lighten a lil.. a smile strt coming on his lips. Whn he reached near geet.

He was about to touch geet’s arm n to spoke her name

Bt geet moves backward.  Geet was behaving very  peculiar .

Mana got shocked n dn he remembers tht she is not her geet. The one whom he loved..

Maan looked at her with disgusting expression… geet couldn’t handle it n turned to other side.

A small tear fell 4m her eyes to her cheek. She immediately wipe it off.

She straighten herself n turned.

Geet- hi maan

Maan- geet tum

Geet with full of attitude- so vt??? Cant I come here??

Maan was confused with her way of talk.. he thought when they will meet. At least she will ask hw he is doing???  Or jst ask abt her darling princess bt all his thoughts cm to  an halt whn she spoke again

Geet- I thought u mst be happy seeing me.. bt seems like

Maan- vt u doing here???? Now y came here???? Is rk don’t hav money now??

Geet strted walking n goes to other side. As she don’t want to face him

Geet- no maan who said tht.. he hav enough money to fulfill all my wishes.

M here jst to handle my business.

Maan was bemused.

Geet- maan I think u forgot.. let me tell u.

U himself transferred the major part of ur shares i.e. 51% to my darling daughter.. n she is jst too small to handle this.

So as a mother its my duty to do this na.

Maan- ohhh duty????? Dn where was u when she needed u..

Maan came to geet side. Both were fronting each other.

. he hold her from her arms n shook her with coerce

Where was u geet when she cried at night n she don’t sleep??? Haan??

Kha thi tum??? Jb vo apni mom k bare mei puchti thi???

Geet – maan leave me.. u r hurting me?? She tried to free herself.

Maan- n u hurt me geet .. maan was in delirium

His was getting frenzy with  each passing minute..

Maan then cupped geet’s face with his hands..

Maan- btao na geet.. why did u go???? Why???

Tell me dammit!!!!!!!!!


Maan spoke this loud tht made all the employees jump on their feet.

They were thinking like vts happening???? Why their boss is so much angry


Maan left her n dn geet spoke

Geet- maan plz stop hurting me.. m here jst to do my work.. I m major holder so I will work here now.

She then came back to her seat n sat there

Now I hav to do a lot of work.. u plz excuse..

Maan was bewailed.. he turned n strted walking towards the door,  n came out n shut the door with great force tht it make sound.

As maan went out geet srted crying

She didn’t like the way she talked with him.. with her maan.. she nvr did this.




1 day before.

Rk, rohan n geet were sitting

Rk- ohkk now I got the way, how u will enter in KM.. as I told tht jannat’s share will on sm1’s else n guess vt its urs geet.. her mother had this right to take her place till she is 18..

Rohan- wow grt dued!!!

Rk- n 1 more thing… he cannot change this now.. this all legal formality will take more than 6 months to done

Rohan- wow.. till dn we will find out all… we don’t need tht much time.

Geet smiled a lil

Rohan- hy DQ now smile yr.. plzzz..

Geet- bt rohan how??? I mean how I’ll do it

Rohan- geet u can do this yr..  u hav to do it.. don’t u want to punish the culprit who did this with u. hmm????

Geet nodded

Rk- don’t worry geet.. we r alwz there 4 u.

Geet was left in awe..

Trio hugged together.

I hav such a grt frnds..

Rohan – ohk now u will go to office 2moro.. n plzz show some attitude ok.. don’t be like hii. How r u??? r u fyn?? I don’t want this…  not a simple girl..

u hav to bcm a new geet.. who knws how to take revenge

u hav to show audacity in ur actions darling!!!!!!!

Geet- bt.

Rk- no bt shut!!!!! Jst do as we we will say to..

Both rk n rohan gave  a hi5

Rohan n rk told her how to show attitude n walk with grace.

Rohan- oyeee sun.. agr kuch ho toh give a call.. okk

Geet blinked her eyes




Geet then took her phn n called rohan

Rohan- hy vtsss upp my darling!!!!

Geet was crying continuously n was now hiccups had been strted,

Rohan was bcmng restless on other side getting no rply

Rohan- vt happen????

Geet- rohan.. vo.

Rohan- geet tell na.. hua kya??

Geet- rohan I cant do this.. I cant face him.. he hates me rohan.. he hates me. I cant evn stand to his side.. his eyes r like spitting fire.

Rohan- baby stop rying.. shsshh!!!!!!

Dekh geet… this was to happen.. any how.. later or sooner. U hav to be strong na.. if u want to be with maan dn u hav to do this.. now wipe off ur tears n go to washroom n clear ur face… ur kajal mst be fully messed…

There r many adversities  on this way n u hav to face them.

Hy if u feel  weak na.. jst see ur princess n ur hubby’s pic.. tht will give u power..

Geet nodded to him.

Rohan- now go..

Call ended,

Geet wash her face..

She saw her reflection in mirror.  N gave a promise to herself

I’ll find out soon  n tht person hav to repent to her deeds.


Geet did some work in office..

She take a round of offie.. noting was change there.. evrythg was same.. she came to cafeteria..

N then she lost in her old days

She remembered how she n maan used to fight there

It’s the place where she made coffee  4 him.. the place where maan made pakoda’s 4 her n they both ate it together..

She shrugged off her thoughts n was coming back.

When saw maan who was resting his head on chair’s back..

His forehead was having few thick lines on it.

His face was pale.. geet want to run to him, close to him n hugged him tight.

To massage her hairs.. she  want to make him relax..  she want to see him smiling like before.

Bt she is bounded.. she cant do this..


She moved to his room.. did some work

At sharp 6pm in evng she left 4m there. N came back.


NOTE- hy guys… hope u liked it..

Did smthg new in this.. u guess.  Okk???



.okk I’ll tell u.. actually I wrote few new words in English in the updte.. i alwz wrote in english bt its sm new words.LOLLOL m making my English gud.LOLLOLLOL. hope u got tht words. I want to thank my cute di.. mona di EmbarrassedHeart 4 this.. only coz of her I did this.

Plzz try to track the words tht I wrote 1st time.. I had to think a lot in order to make a line using the words..

Fingers crossed





Geet got a call n she saw the person

Guess guess who is she????









i request to u alll.. plzzz give ur views’ 

write smthg here. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  vt u feel abt my writing???

a small request of ur frnd.. TongueTongueTongue



8 thoughts on “PART 16

  1. luvd it sweetuu the way Maan ws angry the way Geet reacted only to find out the real villian felt bad for Maaneet bt happy tht atleast thy came face2face it can b Maan’s mom whoz doin all thz waiting4 d nxt part it rockedd :*

    • aweee
      m sorry darling!!!!!!!
      actually its holidays na so my cousins are at my home n i hav to do their works too
      so held up in it
      jst a lil bit more wait..

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