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                                   PART 17


Huhh vry bad no1 told me abt the words.. I think u all didn’t check it or read carefully or u all r vry gud in English.. hehehehhe , bt m not na

Chlo leave it.. u didn’t find the words tht I wrote.

Now back to updte



She moved to her room.. did some work

At sharp 6pm in evng she left 4m there. N came back.


Next day she came to office n did her work..

Adi was not getting time to hav a talk with her. To ask abt where she was?

Geet kept an eye on all, if she get any clue abt the caller.

As per the plan, she , who threaten her will call her  again. Bt it was not happening.

Maan nevr talked with her

When they saw eachother, maan anger alwz rises

Maan was sitting in his cabin, n was talking to his lawyer

Maan- so???

Lawyer- sorry mr. khurana, as u said there is no solution regarding this.

you had given the shares to ur daughter , n she is not in state or u can say her age is not to take over or handle this buss, so till she attain the age of 18 , her shares will remain to her guardian, i.e her mother, mrs.khurana.

that holder can only be changed by ur daughter, tht to when she is able to take the decisions by her own.

Till then u cant do anythg

Maan- did u checked all the ways????? Maybe u left any clause

Lawyer- no mr.khurana.. no way left.. yes u can do 1 thing, bt

Maan gestures him to speak-

you can change the guardian only aftr 6 months, as u transferred it n u r also her father..

bt hav to wait 6 months

maan- dam it!!!!!!!!

U can leave now

Lawyer nodded n left 4m there

Maan put his head on the back of chair with close eyes

Geet I miss u.. I need u..




After 2 days..

Geet was checking out the files, when she got a call.

It was an unknown no.. seeing it, she thought tht maybe it’s the caller call.

She alerted herself n picked it

Geet- hello!! Whose this

Caller- hello sweety!!! Oh u forgot me so soon

Geet got it, thts the caller.. as their plan she didn’t hav to show n talk like sad person, se hav to show some attitude

Geet- ohh u.. no. how can I forget u

Caller- wow. Thts gud. May  i knw why u came back???

 U knw na vt can happen with ur darling ppls???

Geet- hy 1st I wanna thank u yr.. u made my life so cool.. after leaving them I realized tht there is another life also, which I forgot, n yaa abt ur ques. Its my wish, I can do anything,

Geet put her phn on speaker n se opened the app of her IPHONE, there she got the app which she was luking for

CALL TRACKER. she immediately opned it

(stinna- hy guys, I didn’t knw if any app is ther in IPHONES or not.  As per need of story n what i can think, I included it, btw there r some devices of call tracking tht I knw and also  saw this in CID many times. )


Caller- u enjoying????? Then y u came back???

Geet- u did some work 4 ur own purpose, so m here also 4 sm purpose.

Caller was bemused with her answer

Geet clicked on the button n tracked the position of the caller..

There was loading going onn here it came, a map shown.

They shown the current place of caller n geet’s position

Geet was shocked to see it, the app was showing the position of caller in office itself.

Geet- oh ho.. didn’t get it.. I need money to live, so hav to get it 4m here only,

Geet followed the direction tht was showing.. it was showing the place with a DOT. She was following it.

Caller- bt vt abt maan??? U don’t want to save his life??? U knw na anythg can happen. Ur 1 wrong step n


Geet reached there n was stunned to see SASHA holding the phone with handkerchief over it. She was facing her back.. she saw her talking, she immediately hide behind the pillar.

Geet- n u don’t knw ur 1 wrong step can take u where

Silence prevailed ther 4 smtime.

Geet’s statement was vry devious

Sasha was sweating now, with her comment she checked here n there, ther was no1.

Caller- vt u mean???

Geet- nothing!!! M here 4 smtime, when m done with my work I’ll go back, n yaa I do care 4 them whom u talking abt, bt not like before..

N ended the call.

Geet saw sasha with aversion

Sasha was muddled. She was not getting abt vt happening.

Her eyes got widen she she heard her name

She turned n was more shocked to find geet there

Geet- vt happen?????

Sasha was in fidgety . she was blinking her eyes

Geet came forward n sasha step back.

Geet gestures again like vts wrong.

Geet took the handkerchief 4m table n took sasha’s and n placed it on her palm

Geet- u need this.. btw y u sweating.. geet saw other side

A/C isn’t working kya??? Bt I guess its normal.. then??

Sasha- vo.. vo main.. u need something??

Geet- ohh yaa.. was in vry much need of a coffe..hshhh!!!!!!!! vry tired yr. can u make it fast.. okk cya. Meet u in my cabin in  5 mins.. ok.

She did a tap on her shoulder n left 4m there

When geet left.. sasha had a sigh of relief.

Sasha- did she saw me???? No.. if she then she hav to say smthg..

Leave yr.. hav to give her black coffe.. grhhh I wish I could put poison in it.. her dam chapter would be finished over there..

Geet was again hiding ther n she heard it…she just want to confirm this…

Geet came back to cabin n called rohan n rk to meet at place XYZ at 5pm.


After sometime sasha came therewith her coffee

Geet was packing her bag at that time.

Geet- oh hy.. hy bring tht building project file soon. Hav to go 4 its meeting

Sasha- bt tht was after 2 days na.

Geet saw her- do I need to get ur permission  to go before any meeting? M ur boss na.. so??

Geet was vry cocky. – I told u to bring something. Go get going

Sasha left 4m there n bring the file n gave it to her

Geet elude 4m there

Sasha-grhh.. I hate u!!!!!




The was abt to run bt then she walks carefully remembering abt her baby

Bt then she saw the lift getting close

She screamed stop!!!!!!!

N she reached ther n put her feet n enters the lift. She lost the balance

She was abt to fall n closed her eyes

Next moment she was in his protective arms.. she opened the eyes 1 bt 1. Vry cutely..

Her hazel eyes met with his deep ocean like eyes.

Aweee maaahiii moment


(stinna- really I miss this yr.. love this moment a lot)


Maan made her stand on her feet properly

Maan- geet cant u walk slowly.. vt wuld happen if m not there????

Maaneet was having immense love 4 each other in their eyes n heart too.


Done with updte!!!!!!!

Hy guys. M having guest at my home n I hav to do my cousin’s holidays work too. So got late.

N vry busy these days.

Bt m lil disappointed. Only 48 likes n 2 page cmnt????

Plzzz like toh krdia kro..

If u ppl will not cmnt then how I’ll finish off the thread

Plzzz do cmnt.

Thanx 4 reading


so u knw abt the culprit now,
hmmm vt u think y she did so????
so u shd suggest me sm ideas to punish her
@chavvi di.. di idea de do ab jldi se…
m gonna include that in storyWink
@all who thought its maan’s mom.. lolzzz.
hmmm nt yet not yet.. anythng is possible.
ho bhi skta hai nhi bhi
me laughing evilly







i request to u alll.. plzzz give ur views’ 

write smthg here. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  vt u feel abt my writing???

a small request of ur frnd.. TongueTongueTongue




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  1. hehe yupp i thought its his mum bt shasha can b just a mohra type na me too missssinggg mahhiiii its fabbb finally geet ko kuch clue toh mila n maan hayeeeee alwyz thr4his mishty luvvdd it

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