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                                                    PART 18


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Her hazel eyes met with his deep ocean like eyes.

Aweee maaahiii moment

Maan made her stand on her feet properly

Maan- geet cant u walk slowly.. vt wuld happen if m not there????

Maan asked by holding her 4m her shoulder.

Geet said in low whimper- nothing will evr happen till u r here

Maan- asked with his eye brows up

Geet- vo maan.. m going 4 meeting.. so jst tht

Geet hold her head.. she was not seeing anythg  clear..

She landed in maan’s arm again.. her eyes were getting close

Maan-geet.. maan patted her cheeks.. geet .

Lift door opened

Maan took her in his manly strong arms n take her to the car..

he made her sit on front seat.

Her patted her cheeks again calling her name-  geet’

Geet slowly opened the eyes.. “r u okay” maan was vry curious to knw.. she wanted to hear a yes 4m her..

A nod came out in reply.

Maan bend n took a water bottle tht was lying there near the seat.

He opened it n made geet drink the water..

Geet hold her head, she felt it lil heavy.. then saw maan,

Maan was vry stressed seeing her like this.

Maan- hws u feeling now?

Geet- m fyn.. thnku

Geet tried to get up 4m seat bt then found herself back on seat.. maan didn’t let her stood up

Maan- geet where u want to go??? I’ll drop u.

Bt I think u shd go home.

Geet- no maan.. m jst. Vo doing work na. so thts y..

U don’t need to worry, I’ll go.

Maan- geet kabhi toh baat manlo meri.

Geet gave him a smile.. n nodded..

Maan put the seat belt n came back to driving seat.

He started the engine of car n goes 4m there.


(stinna- don’t get confuse with maan’s behavior. As I alwz wrote maan still love her.. n seeing her in that state, he cant stop himself, so he was dropping her, he care for her)


Maan called her n ask abt the address where she want to go

When he turned, geet’s head was on windowpane n her eyes were close. Maan didn’t want to disturb her. He jst want to stare at her endlessly

 Maan tap on her shoulder

Geet saw to his side,

Maan- u alright???? Geet nodded

Maan- m saying u again.. u take some rest.. btw where u going???

Geet- vo mai.. haan.. mr.mittal k project ki meeting hai.. so

Maan- it can be done 2moro also. Else I can go there

Geet- no maan.. they r going out of town n I m handling the project. U don’t worry.. I’ll manage.

Maan- bt

Geet- maan XYZ cafe. .. I’ll take care

Maan nodded.

In 5 min they were to their destination.. geet came out of car

Maan called her, geet turned

Maan- go to doc  also.

Geet nodded n bid adieu


Yes!!! He still loves me..  she was having a small smile on her lips



In caf.

Rohan- vt happen??? Y u called ?

Rk- kuch kam hoga tbhi bulaya

Geet- stop fighting u both..

Rohan- I too said this to him

Geet- grh!!!!!!!.. I called u coz i got her call tody

Rohan- see I told u, she will call u 4 sure seeing u back

Rk- n vt she said????

Geet- as we thought, she asked reason of my coming back.. n

Rk- who was she??? you used it?

Geet nodded

Geet- its sasha rk. 

Rohan- whose she now??? U sure??

Rk- sure geet??? Bt why she will do this???

Geet- oh ho rohan. I tracked her no..n I don’t knw vt she wants

Rohan- vt???

Rk- didn’t u get it???? We made a plan tht whnevr she will call her, geet will track her position through her IPONE app.

Rohan ‘ vt??? U didn’t told abt this to me

Rk- vts the use to tell u.

Rohan- thts not fair yr

Geet- stop yr.. u both started again.. we r here to discuss my problem.

Rohan n rk sat their quietly

Geet- I nevr thought this yr’ bt y she will do this. I cant believe it

Rk- bt she is the 1.. now I think u shd tell all this to maan

Rohan- bt we need a proof too

Geet took her mob out n showed them a video

It was of sasha when geet hide behind the pillar during the talk

N after geet met her n sasha said the tht she wanna give poison to her

Rohan- omg!!!!!! Why pretty girls do this

Rk- gud geet!!! U did exactly like valor

Rohan- now maan will surely believe

Geet- rohan if don’t hav this na, he will believe me then too..

Rohan- ohhh hoo.

Geet called the waiter n said him to bring chat for her n extra chatni with it

Rohan- moti!!!!!! U will become more moti if u will eat it. N then forget abt maan

Geet plyfully slap on rohan’s arm

Geet- I will eat it..

Rohan- geet I think baby boy is vry strong, see u slapped me so hard

Geet- thts gud na.

Rk- geet keep smiling like this.

Geet hav the chat.. yummy.. she liked the chatni a lot!!!!!

Geet- ohk guys.. I hav meeting here now. U go, will meet u later.

She stood up to say bye when she felt weak on her feet n sat on chair back.. she hold her head

Rohan- hy vt happen???

Geet- vo kuch nhi.. there is infirmity in pregnancy


(stinna- don’t knw anythg abt pregnancy!!!!!! Writing vt I see in serials.. lolzz)


Rohan- doc ko dikhaya

Geet smiled, remembering maan’s talk.. he too said her to check 4 doc.

Rk- oye pgal ho kya, why  u smiling.. we r not going anywhere

Geet- no m fyn. Yaa I’ll go to doc 2moro. Promise. U plz go.. I hav to attend the clients

Rohan- pakka na..

Geet- haan baba

Rohan- m nt ur baba okk

Geet- go now yr.. m fyn.

Rk- no.. 1st u call doc n take appointment..

Geet- ohkk.. geet called the doc n take appointment.. she got day after 2moro time.

Geet- happy now???

Both rohan n rk nodded n left 4m there



 Maan on his way

“geet didn’t take care of herself.. I think I shd go back n chk on her..

Yes.. I’ll finish this meeting n then will take her 4m there.

Bt vt if she goes 4m there.. hmm I’ll call her

Maan dialed her no.

Geet was doing meeting n was talking abt project when her phn buzzed

Geet- hello

Maan- where r u???

Geet- where u left me

Maan- ohk be there.. n cut the call

Geet- bt y.. bt maan cut the call before she can say this.

Geet (st) vt he is doing???


check the post below’

might be of use

its fun



PRECAP- ?????? don’t knw..lolzzz






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    Lovly yaar…..Maan loves towards Geet was just mindblowing….💞
    I want them together…..jaldhi se finish ho yeh sab😀


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