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Adieu….  A good bye..

Love never dies.. it alwz remains n last in our heart forever.. the memories last forever of our loved once in our heart

These memories become the only reason of our survival after the our loved ones left us.. left us alone in this world to live on

It’s a story of girl who loved sm1 unconditionally.. story of  “GEET” “Geet khurana”



It was a cold night… I was standing near a window n looking out towards the people roaming on the road… cold winds were blowing n making the atmosphere so pleasant.. the night has its darkness in the sky.. its too chill here n people were roaming out.. I think why they were out at this time??? Whats the reason tht dy r out in this cold night???? I kept looking at them to get the  answer..

Two nurses were talking there… I was facing back at them.. they both were talking about their night shifts.. they both wanted to go home as sm1 special is waiting 4 them at home.. it’s a valentine day.. bt coz of their duty they were stuck n hav to be there n to do their duty.. 1 nurse said “look at doc. Geet… her eyes r red na” the other nurse answer “yup.. she must be thinking of that day”

Nurse- “its too painful yr .. tht day was such  a dark day in her life. I never saw her crying n yelling expect tht day.. I pity 4 her”

Nurse2- “hy speak slow. What if she might hear this?”

The nurse asked me “vts she doing there near the window.. doc u got urself too much engraved in ur work.. ur duty is over doc.”…Bt i  heard their talk bt I pretend tht I didn’t.… it was audible to me. “yup I was jst leaving” I bid bye to them n left 4m there…

I was leaving to home though there is no1 waiting 4 me there.. jst a  small lil cat is waiting.. I drove to home in reached home.. 1st thing I did was feeding my lil cat “Diana”.. she is so lazy n don’t do anything jst she kept sitting at home all alone. I gave her name Diana as I found her pretty.. the white fur of her was making her cute.. bt her eyes were so dull like me.. m too like her  with a difference tht now I don’t cry n she cries… my tears r no more left in my eyes to flowed down… last year the same day.. the Valentines day.. I was sitting with him.. with MAAN n was having my lunch with him.. we were having our fav dishes.. it’s the valentines day.. the day 4 all lovers.. n he is my life.. without him I cant think my life.. bt he is not like others. Who used to pamper their GF’S.. gift them roses n said beautiful lines to them. He is different 4m all. My MAAN is different.. n I was getting angry on him.. tht he didn’t gave any flowers this day.. nor evn  a card.. I made a puppy face n sat with my arms crossed to chest.. “hun… u cant evn give me flower maan??” I said pouting my lips..

“yaa okk.. I’ll give u an e-card” he replied.. “vt?? An e-card.. u r going to give me an e-card??” while pouting my lips n making faces.

“Okk I’ll send u an e-card.. vts is this in flowers n cards..”

“maan.. u r not evn  a single percent romantic.. hun. Hayee romantic toh sharukh ki movies hoti hai.. hayeeee…”

“vts in his movies??”

“I knw u don’t watch them.. u toh jst watch ur boring sa business news channel.. u knw I jst saw his new film.. vt  a film it was”

“ohh.. vt was in tht film??? Tell me.. okk u tell me vts so special in tht movie.. I hav to go office.. if u can tell me in 10 mins dn tell”

“vt??? A 3 hrs film in 10 mins.. okk..

It was tht sharukh luvs Katrina, mnz he luvs him insanely.. he waits 4 her. Coz of sm stupid c vow Katrina leaves him. He met her aftr 10 years, bt in end sharukh’s love wins..”

“toh ismei kyat tha???”

“aree it is love na.. tht remains in his heart 4 her n he get her.. it shows kudrat ko bhi pyaar k samne jhukna hi padta ha”

“ohhh…. Okk hav to rush now..”

“mee too going.. don’t forget to snd me card.. hmm”

he left 4m there bt I was happy tht its okk he didn’t gave me any flowers nor any gift bt he said tht he will send me a e-card.. tht was enough 4 me.. it satisfies me.. I hurriedly went home n turn on my PC.. n open my mails.. I waited n glued my eyes on the screen tht whn m gonna get his reply… while thinking..

We were neighbors 4m childhood.. I came to his colony n I shifted their to pursue my studies.. we were in same school n same class.. we used to fight with each other a lot… with no reason, cant see any sight of one another..

As m 4m village he used to call me “gavar” “ill- mannered” many times… vts in tht… if he is 4m city tht doesn’t mean he can call me with any name.. n on this topic we fight a lot.. he jst keep pulling my cheeks.. he said m soo fluffy n calls me elephant… n I pull his nose.. n call him arrogant.. as anger alwz keep sitting over it..

One day I was sitting in a corner in my house n was crying.. he came to our house 4 sm work bt my parents were not at home.. so he came to me.. n asked me.

“ee bhootni.. kya hua???”

“bhootni kisko bola tu????”

“oh ho. Abhi tk vo baat le k kyu ro rai hai??? Listen geet.. I told u tht he is not 4 u.. u r special yr.”

Actually I hav a crush on sm1.. n later I came to knw tht he is such  a spoil brat.. he jst use girls…

He wiped my tears with his fingers… 1st time  a current passes in me with his touch.. n dn he hugged me.. I stopped crying.. we talk n he made me laugh with different ways.

Then we become frnds.. actually sm feelings strted arousing in both of us.. bt we never said anything.. I looked upon him more than a friend n maybe he too..

Bt now its time for our separation… as I want to become  a doctor.. so I choose  science n he was to do business so he choose commerce.. so we hav to go another colleges n to shift 4m there..

I was not happy with it n he too… we did our studies there n we meet each other.. to pursue further studies our parents send us to another Country to USA… as we were new there n don’t knw any1 there.. our parents bought an apartment 4 us.. n we lived in same home.. I draw a line with chalk in centre telling him “not to cross it” “this is my side n thts urs”.. we fought a lot there n laugh too together.. bt till now no1 4m us had confessed the love 4 each other.. once it was a valentine day.. n I was with another guy.. 

Maan saw me with him in a restaurant laughing n giggling.. he came home.. I returned home n found him out of house door sitting on stairs…

“who is that?” he straightly asked me

“ohhh u knw maan.. I m sensing sm smell..”

“Vt??? N I ask u smthg”

“ohh.. so MR. maan singh khurana is jealous haan..”

“No m not. Why shd i?”

“jao fr mai kyu btau vo cool dued handsome sa kon tha.”

He pulled me n hold me tight on my arms.. “okk fine geet.. I accept.. now u r going out with me 4 dinner.. thts final.”

“Dusht danav kahi ka.” I murmurs bt not tht slow tht he cant heard it. Then we went out..

 After tht we spent evry valentines together… bt same he never gave me flowers.. thts the thing he is not romantic… he is too arrogant.. after our studies I become an intern n he strted his small company which later become big company with his hard work..


I kept luking at the screen.. tht was showing empty message box. I called him..


“yaa geet.”

“where is my card???”

“vt u didn’t get it???”

 he was sounding busy.. but I don’t care.. I want my gift na.. tht too jst an e-card.


“noo.. now send it again.”

“ohh.. I’ll send u 100 times  a card. Is tht enough 4 u??? he sounds arrogant n too rude.

“ok no need to send me any card. Now u happy. N plzz don’t cm to pick me up. i’ll have my dinner alone tody. Bye”

“Ohhh ho geet.. stop being childish yr. m busy now”

“vt.. m CHILDISH???” n I cut the call…

I was soo angry on him…  switched off my mobile n PC too.. we had spent so many valentines together..  n he never gave me any flowers nor evn I asked.. bt tody he is tht busy tht he cant send me an E- card.. I went to hospital.. I said all not to give me any calls tody as I m quite busy.. there r so many patients..

Now my duty was of, n I was collecting my all things  n sudddnly nurse ame to me.

“dr. Geet…. dr. Geet.. Come fast. There’s sm emergency”

I strted going with her.. “vts the condition of patient? N vt happened?”

“he is vry critical… he had an accident..” I reached  to OT.. n other doc said tht his heart beats  r going down.. I said them to get the shock equipments.. I wear my OT clothes n gloves n mask on my face hurriedly knowing the condition.. when I came to patient.. I become numb..

I saw him, I screamed loud.. “MAAAAANNNN”

Tears strt flowing out of my eyes..

“noo vt happened to him.. maan maan.. open ur eye na.. plzz maan.. 4 ur geet.. plzz open ur eyes.”.

I took the paddles n shocked his body.. his body moves up and down. nurses saw my condition n called another doc.

Then I tried with my hands. I pressed with all my strength with a  hope tht he wuld retrieve to it. Bt he don’t.. though we fought a lot, he never said me those words.. bt I love him.. I want him back.. he owed me a card. He cant go.. I was getting crazy at tht ime..

Then Dr. Ridhimma came n she pulled me.. I was taken a back.. n was repeating again n again. “ no maan.. u cant leave me.. u owed me a card. No no..” I sat on the ground near the door.

Dr. ridhimma came to me. She patted on my shoulder.. sorry geet..

She knows him.. once I introduced maan to him on her engagement.. after we all met 2 times..

I stood on my feet n was repeating. “maan maan.. no no he cant go.” I was going out of control.. dr. ridhimma tried to calm me.. bt tht was not in her hands..

“geet.. geet.. listen to me.. u r a doc geet.. u have to be in control geet..”

“bt m  a normal person too ridhz.. n I love him.. tears were not stopping 4m my eyes.. they were keep flowing like an waterfall.. I want him ridhz.. he cant leave me.. haan.. he still hav to say me those words.. no..” I wiped my tears n went close to him..

I again tried.. to get him back.. to revive his soul.. bt he didn’t.. he had left me.

“I want u maan.. I need u maan.. u cant go.. plzz maan I beg to u. plz come back, ur geet needs u.. now who will.. my hiccups strted.. it was getting difficult 4 me speak now..

Now .. now who will save whenever I’ll fall??.. who will make pasta 4 me??? Who will all me elephant haan?? Bolo.. I shook his body..

“mai dusht kisse bulaugi ab???tumhare har bakwaas se joke par hasna hai mujhe maan..  Mai mai.. haan abhi toh hume Disney world bhi jaana hai maan. U promised me tht u will take me to Disney world.. maan.. utho maan…” I lost my control tht day.. I become unconscious.. n fainted on the floor holding his hand..


After tht I asked to his office staff tht why tht day he went early 4m office??? Where he was going??

They said tht when I hung up the call.. he tried my number but it was coming unreachable.. switched off.. he was worried 4 me .. so he rushed to hospital to look 4 u. on the way his car got hit with a truck.

When I came to know all about this.. I become numb at tht time.. bcz of my stupid demand.. its all coz of my stupidity. Jst I didn’t get his email n I got angry with him.. 4m that day i stopped being childish,,

Now I never ask or demand anything to any1.. to whom I shd demand.. tht person is no more in my life… now m like Diana.. who keep quite all the time.. dull.. I just do my job as being a doc its my duty to serve the people.. to save the life of others..


I switched on my PC.. don’t knw why I want sm1 to mail me.. I opened my ID.. I know now there is no1 to send me or wish me on this day


“Meow meaow” Diana made sm sound.. I saw her.. her milk bowl is finished.. I filled it again n gave it to her..


When I returned I saw my computer screen… it was showing a me 100 message.. I thought who is such free n would send me 100 mails.. I was about to delete them dn I got another message. I opened it.

“because of system error , we were unable to send this messages until today .we  apologies 4 the delay.. the sender was my ISP.

I saw the date of the emails.. I become frozen seeing the date.. it was showing the date of last year valentine day… did maan ha send these???the 1 thing tht came to my mind

My body strt shivering… my hand was trembling to touch the mouse to move the cursor  to open button.. I hardly with courage opened it.. n 1st thing flashed was  a red rose.. & some music strted. The rose was indeed beautiful.. the music was adding sm spark to it.. tht make it more beautiful.. music was so dreamy.. the music touched my heart n I feel like m in some heaven.. the lines underneath the rose were more special..


My name blink on the screen with red clrs n with some hearts n stars dancing near it..

Ohh maan.. u knw my favorite color.. my eyes become moist..

“Geet I never give u any flowers bt tody I give  a rose.. a rose 4 most beautiful lady on this world. 4 my small elephant jhalli.”

I luv the rose.. dusht kahi ka.. abhi bhi naam galt hi bulata hai.

“I know u 4m so many years n u too.. we fought with each other.. bt I never said u abt my feeling 4 u..”

I knw vts in ur heart

“I alwz teased u n screamed on u n made u cry na”

Hmm.. thts gud tht u r admitting to it..

“I m sorry geet.. n I wanted to say.. I LOVE U GEET”

Awe.. I waited 4 so long to jst heard these words 4m u.. I love u too maan..

“n geet.. a gud news.. I had saved enough money”

Money??? U hav enough money maan…

“lets get marry geet!!! I alwz wanted to purpose u bt I was afraid.. I was scared tht will u be ready.. I had a doubt on me.. on my ability.. will I’ll be able to keep u happy 4 the whole life.. can I give u all the comforts of life.. bt now I m determined.. I had saved money 4 us.. 4 our future.. 4 our new life.. 4 our new journey.. the journey of love.. where we both can live happily.. so geet..


Bhuduu .. I was alwz ready to marry u..

Tht was the words, the main, the special words of this card…

I read these words again n again.. I was feeling like m back 1 year n we both r fighting n talking with each other like we used to do…

The music keep playing all the time…

Tears keep coming out of my eyes continuously.. the keyboard was wet with my tears..

“Will u marry me?”

I will.. if he is in front of me.. I’ll be hitting him n pulling his hairs tht If I won’t wanna marry u na.. I will not wait 4 these years n be with u.bhuduu. gadha kahi ka..

I read these words NTH times.. it was  too pleasurable to my ears when I read these words..

I with my trembling hands move my hand to mouse n took the cursor to reply button… n I gave him reply

 “I WILL MARRY YOU.. I’ll be with u.. will be in ur side for my whole life.. for my another life .. I wanted to be with u.. only with u maan.. I wanted to fight n laugh with u.. I wanted to eat tht tasteless pasta of u with you. I will  love u forever n ever. GEET MAAN KI HAI SIRF MAAN KI”

This is how answered him..

I opened another mail… n replied him

“I WILL MARRY YOU.. I’ll be with u. be in ur side for my whole life.. for my another life .. I wanted to be with u.. only with u maan.. I wanted to fight n laugh with u.. I wanted to eat tht tasteless pasta of u with you. I will  love u forever n ever. GEET MAAN KI HAI SIRF MAAN KI”

This is how I gave him reply 4 all those 100 mails.. I opened each mail n just n only music was echoing n giving too much pleasure to ears.. it feels like blessed

I accepted his each red rose n typed him I WILL… with love in my heart tht will alwz remain 4 him…


“I answered you.. what about u maan???”


I’ll be n alwz will be urs maan only urs…


Only love can make memory… the moments of love last forever.. forever in our heart like a blessing.. the moment tht we spend with our loved ones alwz remain in our hearts..


              THE END……





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