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                                                          PART 19

Maan- where r u???

Geet- where u left me

Maan- ohk be there.. n cut the call

Geet- bt y.. bt maan cut the call before she can say this.

Geet (st) vt he is doing???


It was almost 8 in the night.. geet’s meeting was over till now.

She came out of the caf n was standing there..

Cold winds were blowing

There was a lil drizzle also.

This makes the weather romantic..

Geet saw up- kya babaji!!!!! Hw I’ll go home. Car is also in office.. hav to go in taxi in this hayeee vale weather mei??? Huhh vry bad haan..

When she look forward.

Car stop there n he came out of it

A small smile came on her lips seeing him

He came running to her

“geet why u standing here???? U r fyn???”

Geet was left in awe seeing his concern n got lost in his eyes.

Nxt moment she found herself being dragged by him n she was sitting in car.

“maan where r we going?” geet asked him as he started the car n to moved 4m there

“meeting is over???” maan asked her ques without giving ans to her ques

Geet nodded in reflex.

When geet’s stomach make some sound. Geet hold her stomach.

Geet was starving as she didn’t hav anythg. Though hav some chat, bt she needed complete diet for her health . n she didn’t hav it.

Geet (ST)- uff babaji.. ye stomach. Abhi bhuk lgni thi kya???

Maan saw geet lost

“kya hua????”

Geet nodded to no when her stomach make some sound again..

“did u eat something???”

Geet made a puppy face – vo mai..

When maan stopped the car, making geet bemused.

Geet saw to other side n there was a stall of pav bhaji n pizza

“actually m lil hungry so ..”

“bt maan its roadside stall. U nvr eat anythg 4m there” geet asked

“yaa.. bt u like na”

Geet smiled with his cute gesture

“mje bhuk nhi lgi maan”

N a boy came there ,he asked vt they wanna eat. Maan said him to bring plate for pav bhaji n 1 pizza.

Then there was silence

Geet hesitatingly said – maan ek baat puchu

Maan nodded

” how is jannat????” geet’s eyes were lil teary

Name of jannat brought all the bitter memories back in maan’s mind. His eyes were not having the same emotions now.

“the way u left her” maan replied to her luking straight into his eyes.

This word pricked geet.

Geet turned to other side. Not wanted to sow the tears in her eyes. Not wanted to get weak.

Then maan spoke- geet mn ek baat puchu

Geet looked at him

His eyes were deep.. having lots of emotions

Geet nodded n gestures through her eyes to ask

“why did u left me???”

Geet lower down her eye lashes..

Geet (st)- I think shd tell maan.. n now I hav proof also.

Maan again asked – haan geet???? Aren’t u happy with us???

Geet couldn’t speak anythg, like smthg struck in her throat.

“vo main..”

When the boy came there n there talk left in mid.

He gave them the pizza n pav bhaji.

MAANEET hav hav it n didn’t speak while eating

Maan gave the money n they moved 4m there

Maan (st)- geet kb btaogi mje??? I thnk daadi was rite, thre is smthg tht I don’t knw.. will wait geet.. jb tak tum khud mje kuch bta nhi deti

Geet (st)- maan, nw I’ll tell u evrythg.. ur trust on me is still the same, how much u love me.


(Stinna wondering dono mann mei bolte raho, ek duje ko keh do)


Maan stopped the car, geet came out of thought with sudden break

Geet saw to maan who was looking forward. Then geet looked to other side

They were standing outside rk’s home

Geet- thnx maan.

Geet came out of the car n strted moving towards the gate

Maan then saw toward her side

Maan (st)- I wish I can stop u geet!!!!!!!! I wish we can go home together!!

Maan strted the engine of car n goes 4m there




Maan came back to KM. meeting geet is heart was lil content.

A small smile came on his lips

He went upstairs happily to meet his darling daughter.

Seeing him daadi smiled inwardly

Daadi- kuch toh baat hai.. hav to find out


Maan came to jannat who was watching doremon

Her eyes were fully glued on tv.. maan saw her n called her

Bt no effect on jannat.. while watching her fav cartoon, she jst concentrate on it only.. she hav no concern vts happening around.

Maan called her again- princess.. papa came.

Bt in vain

Maan came n stood in b/w her doremon ,n jannat couldn’t watch it

Jannat- papa . side hattooo..mera doremon

Maan- baby papa came..wont u give mea hug

Jannat- pehle hatto toh

Maan- elloo.. baap ki koi kadar nhi hai

Jannat came to  maan n pushed him, acc. To strength she hav

Maan- okk baba.. dekhlo doremon

Jannat strted watching it again. Giving no attention his father


(stinna- my lil bro did this daily.. lolzzz. He used to throw things on me if I change the channel)



Maan went to get fresh

When he came out he saw jannat sleeping.. he came close to her n stared at her innocent face..

Daadi came 4m back- kya baat hai maan

Maan- kuch nhi daadi… dekheye she is so much like geet.. her cheeks

Daadi- tody suddenly abt geet???vt happen?

Man stood up n was now fronting daadi- I think daadi u was right… geet is hiding something 4m me.i can see this in her eyes. This I can knw easily as I love her daadi.. aur use mjse zada kon jaan skta hai

Daadi was bemused- geet??? U met her???

Maan- g daadi..geet vapas a gae hai..

Daadi- kya??? Aap ne hume btaya nhi maan

Maan- how I’ll tellu daadi.. she came here to take money, to handle buss. ,

Daadi- aap fr kuch galt samjh rahe honge bte

Maan- bt daadi.. jb tak geet nhi btayege hw I’ll knw

Daadi- so find out my son.. promise me u will ask her 2moro.. maan nodded

Both say gud nite n departed to sleep.


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  1. superb update

    i thought that she will tell him d whole truth but in dono ko apne aap se baat krne se fursat mile tab na

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