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                                                        PART 20

Next day

Geet was sitting in her cabin

Her chair was moved to other side. She was holding jannat n maan’s pic in her hand..

She softly caresses it

Geet- when u  will come???? tody m gonna tell u evrythg.

When thre was a knock on the door

She composed herself n turned n said the person to come in

Seeing her , geet’s blood strted boiling.

Sasha gave her black coffee n was abt to go when stopped by geet

Geet- sasha tody u hav to complete the full a/c of mr. gupta project n I want it in nxt 2 hr on my table

Sasha- bt tht is adi’s work

Geet- oh sweety!!!! I told u na.. so u will do it

Sasha got agry n nodded

When again geet told

“make the blue prints of mr.mittal new building also, call the staff, I want to do meeting regarding mrs. Neha project n I want u to be there

Sasha- bt how I’ll do all this

Geet interrupted n stated

“thts not my prob. I need this work to be done soon. N I don’t like ppl who got late in doing their work

She said like she is giving sm1 a challenge.. with daring voice

“get me some homemade pasta tht to spicy soon after meeting.okk”


(stinna wondering-bechari sasha ki band bajing itna kam kr k.. happy chavvi di????)


Sasha was now like volcano tht will burst any moment.

She came out n informed all to come 4 meeting n she herself strted making blue prints

She dialed a no. on her phone

Sasha- I don’t knw vt had happen. She is getting mad.. she had overloaded me with work!!!!!!


Really m getting insane.. hw m supposed t do this??


Hav to do somethg soon.


Call ended.



Maan came to office..

He was abt to enter his cabin bt he stopped n turned to geet’s cabin

He was to knock bt then didn’t find it necessary n came in

Geet was staring at his pic

With his sudden entry she got sacred n her mob fell on floor

Maan hastened n came to geet who was picking it up.

Phone’s battery, body n sim came out.

Maan when was abt to pick the battery geet too touched it

With this their hands came in contact

Geet shivered with his touch. N saw in his eyes tht was showing love 4 her

Geet stood up n maan took all scatted pieces of mob n arrange them

Maan- geet did u chk the doc

Geet- vo mai..

Maan- I knew it.. lets go we will go now n dragged geet by her hand bt geet stopped him

Geet- maan I want to talk to u

Maan- han geet bolo

Geet- vo maan… actually

(ST)- bol geet.. he trusts u, loves u n will believe u sure. Vt r u waiting 4?? Speak na

Maan was waiting 4 geet to proceed


Bt then the door flung  opened n a lady came in

She was wearing black pencil jeans n the top was tucked in. her braid was tied in a French style.

Her eyes were showing spark . Her wrist was adorned with a diamond bracelet

There was a smile on her lips.

She came n hugged geet

Lady- oh geet!!!!!!!!! Vt a surprise.. miss u lot yr

Geet- hiii naintara

Naintara (NT)- omg!!!!!!! I told u so many times call me tara

Geet smiled

Then She hugged maan- hy maan. Hws u?

Maan- m gud. N broke the hug

NT- oh geet, where was u??? seeing u aftr a long time..

Geet- vo main..

Geet was cursing naintara 4m bottom of her heart, as she ruined all. She got courage to tell maan with grt difficulty. N now she cant talk with maan. Though she is her frnd, bt she cant tell her anhythg.


{geet, maan n naintara were frnds. Naintara met maan through geet. She too liked him. (evry1 like him yr) naintara had done MBA so she is also  KC’S partner.. as maan n geet want to help her, she was not rich tht time, bt now she is considered as one of richest businesswomen , vry sharp in taking decisions, n bachelor too.. she had her own company now, used to visit KC couple of times.  many want to marry her, bt she jst knw how to use ppl. (huhh. Is chudail se kon shaddi karega)

She is like kabaab  in maaneet.. evrytime she ruined their romantic moment. When trio was working in KC}


Maan- u talk here.. I hav work

Geet stomped her foot {st}- uff.. ye moka bhi gya. Kuch aur plan bnana padega.


NT- So geet.. u in office???

Geet- han vo. Aise hi. Tum btao how ur work going??

NT- its going grt..  all wants to workwith grt NAINTARA RATHORE

Geet- waoo.. such a grt news.. its all ur hardwork

NT- nhi geet.. hardwork k sath thoda dimaag bhi chahiye, she said with a smirk

Geet didn’t get the meaning vt she said n asked her to clarify

NT said to shrug it off

NT- how jannat????

GEET-han vo bhi achi hai..

NT- lets go then

N she dragged geet with her.

(stinna- only maan’s family know tht geet left maan.)

Maan saw both of them going – ye kha jar hi hai???? Aj bhi geet se baat nhi ho pae

NT made geet sit In the car n both goes 4m there

Geet- hum kha ja rahe hai????

NT- tere ghar yr.. jannat se mile boht time ho gya.

Geet whispered “mje bhi”

Soon they reached KM. geet was feeling scared like vt daadi n mom will say with her sudden arrival. Bt she was happy tht she will meet her daughter.



 PRECAP- maan come to knw abt truth.. 




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6 thoughts on “PART 20

  1. Hi stinnu cngrts 4 ur admission dear….maine apna mood refress krne k liye tere updates read kiye….hmmm tho wo shasha thi jo geet ko call krti thi….kamini shasha acha h geet uskn dher sara kaam krwa rhi h…..ok phle mujhe lagta tha jo kuch hua uske piche maan ki mom h but ye update read krne k baad lag rha h ki jo kuch hua uske piche ye chudail NT hai….precap tho awesum h par maan ko pata kaise chalega truth… thinking ummm oye stinnu maan ne geet ko uska mobile wapas kiya k nai re….agar nai kiya tho kahi maan ko geet k mobile se tho truth pata tho nai chalega na…..EAGERLY WAITING 4 NXT

    • thnxx di.. uff monday my 1st day in clg.. hope all go gud
      happy seeing u back. was missing ur cmnt a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      hehehhe hmm kamini sasha k sath aisa hi hona chahiye
      nhi di vapas krdia
      so nothg abt truth getting 4m mob. vaise idea achha tha
      truth pta chalega in nxt prt
      i will post on sunday hopefully
      thnxx 🙂

      • Arey i m not fully back yet dear….i m here 4 refreshing my mood…
        Hmmm tho clg ka 1st day…excitement k saath nervousness bhi h kya?? Chal all d best 4 1st day….n dekhte h maan ko truth kaise pata chalta h

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