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                                                        PART 21

Geet n NT came into mansion

Geet was having a tickling feeling. As she gonna meet all here after a long time

She knw tht they hate her. Bt vt abt her she will react seeing her. Did she remember??? Off course she will.. its not that long tht she will forget her. Bt vt maan had told abt her missing n not being with her.


Maan’s mom was not at home, she went to her frnd’s home

Daadi was at home n jannat as usual was playing or watching her cartoons

Geet entered then nakul came..

Nakul- geet baby aap????

Geet smiled- g.. vo daadi

Nakul- mn abhi bulata hu

He informed daadi abt her arrival also tht NT is also with her

Daadi was vry happy with news tht geet had come home. She thought tht maan had talked to her, so she came. Bt didn’t knw why naintara came.. daadi didn’t like her.. ab ye kyu aae hai

Geet saw daadi n she greeted her by touching her feet. Daadi gave her blessings.

NT said Namaste to daadi.

Daadi- kaisi hai aap?????

NT- M all cool daadi’ btw tody I came

Geet interrupted ‘ daadi jannat????

Daadi- haan she jst came back 4m school. Upr room mei hai

Geet stood up n went upstairs’

She was in dire need to see her angelic face.

 her eyes becm moist when she saw her watching tv

Geet hurriedly came in n took her in arms n kissed all over her face.

(stinna- hope u will like it, who asked 4 baby mother meet )

Geet- ohh my baby.. miss u soo much n again hug her tight.

Jannat- miss u too mammaa

Geet left in awe.

Geet then asked her “achha mela baby kya kr rha hai”

Jannat didn’t ans, infact she asked “aap kha thi???? Aapko pta papa ko toh bed time story v nhi aati” she made a grumpy face,

Awe geet smiled seeing her cute pout. “papa ne sunai thi aapko?”

Jannat nodded.. “mje doremon v nhi dekhne de rhe the kl”

“aap papa ko gussa krna.. ok”

“hmm princess.. papa ki aj khabr lenge”

Again she hugged her. Geet was having an urge to hug her again n again, to be close with her, shower all her love, only geet knew how she lived being away 4m her. Bt now she will not.


Daadi stopped NT down, n asked 4 some food.

NT gota message o she said tht she will come later.. an urgent work came. So she left

Daadi- chlo achha hai gae..


Daadi came upstairs n saw geet hugging jannat

She came in.. she was happy seeing her. Bt she was angry also 4 leaving maan n jannat

She want to ask the reason. Also why she here now?

Daadi called her “geet”

Geet saw towards her n stood up

Daadi- geet hume kuch baat krni hai aapse. She said this staright.

Geet knew tht this time wuld come. n she hav to ans.

Daadi- may I knw why u r here??? I said nothing before as NT was also there. N I dont want our personal matters to bcm public.

geet, I asked u something.

When geet got a call 4m rohan. He asked weather she told maan?

Geet on the call- no.

Rohan- ufff’ acha listen meet me XYZ place, its urgent. Come here fast

Call ended.

Geet- daadi maa.. I will tell, reason also.. u trust me na??? daadi nodded.. abi mje jana hai..

Mai jld vapas aaugi..

Daadi caressed her cheek-god bless!!!

Geet came to jannat n said she will be back soon.

Jannat was not ready to leave her, bt geet said tht she will bring teddy n chocolate 4 her..


Daadi informed her tht NT went 4 urgent work.. geet took a taxi n left 4m there


Geet reached the place.

She saw rohan n rk sitting there

Geet- vt happen??

Rk- geet hav to tell something.. we had checked all the phone records of sasha, she got call 4m a particular no 4m 2 months.. the talk is alwz of 1 min

Geet- so????

Rohan- uff geet’ abhi tumne hi toh kha tha k tht u cant believe tht sasha is behind all this.. she maybe the puppet.. the one who is playing with u some1 else. So maybe this caller is tht person.

Geet- haan..

(trio had the convo before abt this tht main culprit is some1 else,as sasha had no gain in doing so. N geet believe tht she don’t hav enough brain n money also to bribe the docs. There is a powerful person behind all this)


Then maan came there



When geet left 4m office, maan got a call 4m rohan. He said tht to meet him at ‘ place.

Rohan said tht he came to india aftr long time, he want to meet him. So maan agreed.

Maan went to the place where he said.

Rohan was sitting there, he waved his hand to maan.. maan came there..

Rohan shook his hand with him . then  he saw rk was also with him. When maan saw rohan , rk was sitting facing his back.

Maan- rohan I hav to go n shoot an angry glare to rk.

Rk- maan plz don’t go.. wait

Rohan- maan I want to talk to u

Maan- rohan u don’t knw abt him. I cant evn stand to his sight.. he said addressing to rk.

Rohan- agr geet ki baat ho to bhi nhi??

Geet word made maan relaxed, so he sat there

Maan- vt??? Why u call me here???

Rohan- maan. I knw evrythg abt u n geet.. bt believe me maan, she nvr wanted to leave u, hurt u

Maan- bt she did.. she left me. Coz of him.. money.

Rohan- do u really think so???? Money matter to geet??? Oh common maan.. I thought u knew geet.

Maan- I too thought the same. Bt she herself told this

Rohan- aur uski ankhein???? u claim tt u can read her eyes.

Rk- actually maan.. geet didn’t left u.. she was forced to do so??

Maan-u plz don’t talk

Rohan- oh ho mr angry singh khurana.. baat toh sun.. geet ko call aata tha.. n rohan told her the whole story 4m getting the calls n living in London dn coming back. Also abt the fake cancer news.

Maan’s blood boiled on hearing this. Like the ground slipped 4m under his feet.

Rk- do u remember tht day, when u was in hospital with jannat????

Yes maan do remember it

Rk- tb u asked me where was geet., tb vo vhi thi.. sorry I lied to u. bt geet was not ready to tell u anythg..


Maan was stunned with this set of news.  He was totally blank. He was bewildered, tht why she didn’t tell all this to him.

He cant believe tht she suffers this much. He was mad tht he let her go

He chided himself for doing so. For not being there to support her

Maan- bt why she didn’t told me

Rk – aree vhi toh teri geet hai.. bhuduu kahi ki

Maan-  vt abt that card???

Rk- vhi toh hai maan singh khurana.. bina dekhe u thought tht geet’s is marrying. How she can???? Tht was my marriage card with madhu

Maan was feeling like to bang his head in the wall..

Maan ‘ rk m sorry tht u mistook u

Rk said thts its all okk. Now they hav to unite n to get out abt the culprit.. n now maan is also with them. So now no more crying of u both..


Rohan- geet was to tell u all this, bt we need ur help so told u this before she told.

Maan asked them vt kind of help..

Rohan said tht the person is 4m office itself.. geet tracked the call, thts y she came to office. N we hav no other plan to come in office rather then as jannat’s shareholder.

N the caller is SASHA..

Wow another blow for maan.. he is getting shock n shocks only. Maan was muddled. Vt sasha will get in doing so.

Rk- Aur ek baat hai.. vo geet btayegi. N winked to rohan.WinkWink

They said tht geet is coming there n will be reaching here..

Maan went to call some 1.








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6 thoughts on “PART 21

  1. Hey swty….all d best for ur frst day in colg….. 🙂 🙂

    Awesum lovly beautiful update 🙂 🙂

    Mazza aa gaya tht Maan ko sab pata chal gaya amazing as always yar 🙂 🙂

    Again I’m d frst 1 to comment 😉 😉

    • thanxx.
      btw the clg was hell boring. i didnt liked it all
      as there r no sch frnds

      thnx for cmnt. congoo u 1st 🙂

  2. Thank god that finally maan gt to knw truth…bt yr I am shocked that why he didn’t react…..I am happy dat geet meet jannat…ab kya hoga when the culprit will face them..

    • kyuu???
      he was hell shocked to knw abt it.
      i thnk i wrote this tht his blood strt boiling. n like ground slipped 4m his feet
      aage pta nhi. i didnt read it yet

      thnx for cmnt 🙂

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