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                        PART 22

Geet was sitting with rohan n rk when she saw maan approaching her n cmng near her

Soon he was standing near her

Geet couldn’t understand anythg

Maan came on his knees. Geet was baffled with this. She ad no clue vt was happening.

Maan took geet’s hand in his.

Geet said in lil whisper “maan ye”

When maan placed his finger on her supple lips n stop her 4m talking

“shhhshh… how much u talk” maan said looking direct into her eyes

A current passes down through her spine feeling his touch.

Geet was still not getting of maan’s peculiar behavior

“geet don’t u trust me?” he asked her with hopeful eyes

Geet nodded her head.

She trust on him more than herrslef

“then why u didn’t told me anythg n left??? Haan geet” maan again asked her.

Geet saw to rohan side.

Both rohan n rk was left in awe when they saw the angry maan singh khurana on his knees.

Both knw how they love each other. So they were happy seeing the re-unite of them

Maan’s gesture was so cute though.

Rohan blinked his eye lashes n geet guessed tht they had told evrythg to maan

Bt why they told???? She said na she herself will tell. So she shot an angry glare to rohan

Rohan whisper to rk- I told u, usse btane de. Ab the nhi chodegi ye sherni. Akhir hai toh angry singh khurana ki wife hi.

Rk- shubh shubh bol


“mishty” this word diverted geet’s attention back to him. Awe she is listening this word after so long!!!. Its so soothing to her ears. Its like honey coming out 4m his mouth,

There was a tint of guilt in maan’s eye.

As why he didn’t trust his mishty, his geet

A layer of water formed on corner of her eyes  seeing him guilty

As he was not at fault. All fault was her only, she is one who left him.

She too came on her knees matching to his height. She hold his hands

“geet m sorry” his head was down saying this, he cant see into her eyes

“how geet how??? I can believe tht u will left me 4 money?? I was fool geet”

Geet nodded her head in denial n then placed her finger on his lips.

“nahi maan..” a drop of tear fell on her cheeks n flowed down to his hands

“aapki koi galti nhi. Maafi toh mje maagni chahiye. M sorry maan” geet said

Both saw into each other eyes


Rohan- oye inka toh sorry sorry hi ktm nhi hone vala

Rk- yeah dued.

Rohan- oye helloo. Heer ranjha. Apna sorry game baad mei continue krna. Lets over it yaar


Maaneet saw towards rohan


Rohan said in low voice ” I mean.. abhi chodoo na, raat gae baat gae” “haina rk”

Rk- haan. Abhi its happy time. N see where u both are??

Maaneet saw left n right. There were jst 3-4 ppl around. Not much crowd coz of season tht change evrytime. 4m sunny to drizzle to downpour n then cloudy or again sunny.

Bt they were in public place yr.

Maaneet stood up.

Rohan- cry girl stop crying

Geet didn’t like this. How he can call her with this name tht to infront of maan.

Maan with rub his thumb on her pinky cheeks. N said not to cry through her eyes

“I love you geet”

Geet hasten n hugged him tight.

“love u too”

Maahiii.. mahiii ve maahi maahiii ve


Rohan- hayeee perfect picture na.

Rk- yupp.. the happy end of cute lovestory.

Rohan- naa naa.. abhi willan ki band bjni baki hai mere dost. Oyee filmo mei tu kam krta hai.. bt inki life bhi kitni filmy hai.

Rk- yeah!!!!!!!!!! Its codec moment don’t u think so??

Rohan then take out his mob n clicked maaneet pic.

Maaneet came back out of their dreamland with sound of click.

Geet’s cheeks were crimson red. There was a new sheen on her face.

Thts obvious, as now maan is with her. N there is no more rona dhona. She is stupid who didn’t told the truth to maan


All sat on the chairs.

Maan- thnx to u both.

Geet- haan thanku rohan n rk.. tumne maan ko btaya. bt mn btane vali thin a

Rohan- ohh achha kb???

Maan saw her with 1 eyebrow up.

Geet- haan toh btana hi tha

Rk- achha chl vo vali baat nhi btae.. tht u will tell.

Geet didn’t understand nor maan.

Geet asked him through gestures like vt ??

Rohan- aree vo vo baat. He said moving his head

Geet- konsi???

Rohan put his hand near his mouth n whisper- baby khurana. Bhuduu

Geet gave him toothy smile.

Maan- vt u all talking abt???

Rk- geet teri aj doc k sath appointment hai na. chl ja dekh time ho gya hai. N drag geet n maan both

Chlo maan ab all is sorted out so u both shd go

Rohan- byee


Maaneet left 4m there


Rohan- abhi hum bhi chale. Vo usse bhi toh niptana hai

Rk nodded  n they too left 4m there




Maaneet reached hospital.

The drive was silent though maaneet steal some glances in b/w

Geet’s cheek’s clr was scarlet red with smile on her lips.


Maan know tht geet was not well.

Both hold hands with hand. N moved to doc room.





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