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                  PART 23

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MAANEET  hold hands with hand.

Geet (St)- geet kb btayegi maan ko??? Ye bhi tjse nahi hoga. Rohan sach kehta hai tu kisi kam ki nai.

Maan saw the walls of corridor, it has baby pics. Maan didn’t knw why they r here. Bt he kept walking.

Maan- kya hua geet??? R u fyn??

Geet gave him a smile- haan.. vo maan.

Maan interrupted- geet doc. Geet saw tht they reached to doc cabin

GEET- maan mje aapse ba…

Maan didn’t stopped her to speak further by placing his finger on her lips

“geet we can talk later.. abhi doc k paas chale. I knw u r not well.”

He caresses her cheek with his palm

“see u luk week n u fainted ystrdy also” maan said her with immense love in his eyes

Geet- par

Then maan took geet to doc cabin.

Maaneet sat on chair. They said hello to doc. Then doc take geet to a corner not before giving a smile to maan. N maan smiled back.

 it was separated with a glass. U cant see vts happening there bt the person who is their can see vts happening out.

Doc made geet laid down

Doc asked some question n geet gave all the ans.

Doc said geet to take care of herself. I need to do some tests.

Geet- doc vo aap unhe bulayegi.

Doc agreed n she attached the machine of ultrasonography

Maan was walking too n fro in the cabin. He cant sit silently their. He was worried for her

When doc called him n said to come in.

He came when he saw geet laying there.

Doc started tht machine n came out giving them some privacy .

Maan came n sat near her on stool

Maan caresses her cheek- geet r u ok??

Geet nodded- maan aap k liye ek gift hai. Maan narrowed his brows not getting vt she meant.

“Aisa smjh lijiye. My compensation of leaving u”

“kya geet” maan asked not understanding her

Geet looked towards the screen tht was on maan’s back a lil to right side.

n gestures to maan through eyes her to see their

maan looked their. The screen was showing the scan of her stomach with a small dot type thing in it. It assembles like a baby. He saw it before


(stinna- sholly I don’t knw anythg abt it. Knw all tht I saw in tv n movies. M toh lil girl of 17.5 na, so bare me with mistakes)


Geet took maan’s hand n hold it tight. Like she was in dire need to do this. To see him close to her.

Geet seeing direct to maan n maan’s eyes were like glued on the screen

“ye nanhi si jaan, hmare pyaar ki nishani hai maan”


Maahiii ve maahiii maahii ve..


A small tear escaped from maan’s eyes seeing it. He cant imagine he going to be a father again.  He is on cloud 9. He thanks the almighty for giving this beautiful gift to her n to her mishty.

Geet called maan.

He saw geet whose eyes were also welled up seeing a content smile on his lips.


“maan…. Now our family is complete”

Maan saw towards the screen again. He cant get enough of it. He wants the moment to be stop their.

Its best thing he heard in this whole hectic day tht was like a roller coaster to him.

He was astounded with this set of news.

“geet.. thanx for coming to my life. u made me complete. I love you” maan said looking into her eyes

Geet was in dire need to hug him.

She embraced him tight n maan hugged her back

Geet whispered near his ears- love u too maan

Though it was gospel n no need to tell bt she expressed her feelings


Awe it was again  codec moment. Bt lolzz abhi koi nahi hai, so who gonna click this.


They broke the hug n geet gave a quick peck on his cheek to which maan smiled.

dn maan helped geet in coming out of tht small room n they sat on the chairs

Doc was not their.

Doc came n said sorry for making them wait. She said tht she went to take some reports n to give her geet’s sample of blood for her tests

Doc- evrythg is good n baby is fine. Bt mrs.khurana seems u not taking crae of urself. U seems a lil weak

Aur mr.khurana aap???? U shd take care of her n baby. Vt will happen if u being so careless??

Geet was abt to speak bt maan didn’t let her by placing his hand on her

He blinked his eye lashes n said noo.

Maan- m sorry doc. Bt  assured u tht this will not happen again

He saw towards geet

“I will take care of her. U need not to worry” he said completing his words

“I hope mr.khurana. thid wont happen again” she said while writing medicines on slip


(stinna- sorry for using this similar scene form serial. Koi na chlta hai na???)


She handed over the prescription of medicines to maan n said to take them regularly n come again next week to collect the reports n for checkup.

Maan said thanku to doc n both came out

Both walking through the corridor. Geet was holding maan’s hand

Maan took the medicines form the shop tht was in the hospital itself.

She hav to take 1 doze now so maan bought a bottle of water also


The came back to the car. maan opened the door of car for her. Geet sat their n maan came to driving seat

Maan opened the bottle n gave to geet n then he took out the capsule n then gave to geet

Geet made a grumpy face. She don’t like it. She moved her head in denial

Maan – geet..

“maan plzz.. I hate it,” geet said in pleading voice, with hope tht maybe he agrees.

“no geet. I knw u don’t like them. Bt u hav to na. chloo now take this n don’t be like a child. U r going to be mom of 3 children now” maan made his attempt to make her gulp tht 2 capsules

“plzz maan. Not now. I will hav it later. Pakka vala promise. Sachiii” geet made a puppy face

“muchi????” he asked her. He knew she don’t like having them.

“okk. Bt take them okk” maan said n geet nodded.


Maan drove the car to rk’s house. It was dark out.. he didn’t take her to KM though he wanted to. Bt he wanted to find out abt the culprit n in no way he will leave her.

Maan- geet u suffered so much.. job hi hai mn usse nhi choduga. His pitch changed. He is angry it can be knwn form his voice

Geet place her hand on maan’s shoulder to make him relax.

“maan… plz relax. Now don’t talk abt tht. N smile.. for me plzz” maan smiled to her wish

“aur haan… meri princess ko achi si story sunana n let her watch her doremon” she ordered maan

Maan narrowed his eye brows. He mull over her words.

“my princess told me tht u wont let her watch her doremon” she said giving him reason how she knew abt it.

“nahi geet.. u don’t knw how much she is addicted to it. Thts gud na n yaa she watch it whole day” maan gave his explanation making an innocent face.

“okk maan. U go. She must be waiting 4 u” geet came out of the car.

They bid adieu. She slugged to the gate of house.. then she turned n smiled to him

It was a beatific smile for maan. He smiled back .


Maan moved the car to mansion .



PRECAP- father daughter encounter


sorry for mistakes. didnt re-chk itSmile

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10 thoughts on “PART 23

  1. Hey swty……h r u?

    D story s going vry well bt for me if u add sum more romance 😉 loved it alot seriously……
    Dont b sry for d mistakes itna toh chalta h 😉 rght 🙂
    Nw abt d update: it’s awesum
    Wooow Maan knws everythng n ab uski khair nai h jisne Maan ki Geet ko tang kiya h 😉
    Love u Maan § Geet n d update
    Thnkq so much swty 🙂 🙂
    Happy for d long comment 😉 🙂

  2. wowwwwww maaneet choooo cutooooooo together,, Maan nt gonna spare who did all tht wid geet waiting4how he gonna do i luvd thz1 sweetuuuuu lyk u thz part iz too superr sweeetuuu

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