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                                                        PART 24

Rohan n rk came to the hospital where geet operated.

They asked for the doc. They came to know tht he is not here. He left the hospital the very next week after he operated geet.

Rohan n rk knew smthg fishy n thts obvious.

They investigated abt the doc form nurses n other doc with hope tht they will get any clue.

Bt no1 knws where he elude??

Some1 told them abt his home where his family lives.

They thought to ask for him there next day. As its late now.


##     ##      ##


Maaneet bid adieu

Maan started the engine of car n moved from their.

He reached the mansion . its 9 pm now n it was fully dark outside.

Maan went upstairs to meet her princess

Who was as usual watching her doremon.

Maan entered n make some noise.

“papa mn doremon dekh rha hu ” Jannat in her cuty talk said

Maan made a small pout.

“had hai. Maa beti alwz order me. Huhh” maan said in low whimper

Maan came n sat on bed near her

Maan narrowed his eyes “vt did u told to ur mom???”

“dada I said truth.. aap mje doremon kab dekhne dete ho??” she said in her child talk.

“princess u alwz watch ur doremon. Aapke paas toh papa k liye time hi nhi hai” maan said making a puppy dog face.

Maan backfire on jannat.

“apko mumma ne data na????” she asked moving her lil forefinger up n down.

Then she showed him tongue to which maan chuckle .


“I don’t told u bedtime story na. okk fyn. Byee n raho apne doremon k sath” he said this n stood up to walk out

He knew it n jannat hold his hand saying “rutooo”

Maan saw er from corner of his eyes

“aap nalaazz ho gaye???” she said words so cutely. N maan felt like to kiss her on the vry moment.

Bt he maintain that angry pouty face n nodded his head.


“mn toh apki koi baat hi nhi manta na???? huh” he freed his hand n went near the window to watch towards the twinkling stars in his posture with his arms crossed near his chest


Jannat plyfuly hit on her forehead with her lil palm “off fooo papa v na.. doremon mn abhi aya papa ko mna te. Okk” she came down of the bed carefully n went near maan

Maan was continuously watching her from corner of his eyes


Jannat pulled maan’s jean to take his attention.

Maan said “huhh” sulking his upper lip.

Then jannat goes 4m their to corner where a small chair was lying. She dragged it with the energy she hav in her. N also a CD player she press the play button of it.

She placed it near maan n went up on it.

Music of song started.

She reached a lil up from maan’s waist now.

(SONG FROM MOVIE- MAIN AISA HI HOON. Its 1 of my fav song. Do listen this song.)

Chanda Ne Poocha Taaron Se


She stretched her arm towards the half moon

N said this cute words..  a lil she can match to lyrics.

Maan smirks seeing her

Taaron Ne Poocha Hazaaron Se


She wide open her tiny- miny arms addressing the whole world.


Sab Se Pyara Kaun Hai


With her hand she asked him like who is most sweetest person???

Papa Mere Papa
Papa Mere Papa


Then she pointed towards maan n said loudly

Papa.. jannat k papa..

With a toothy smile on her lips n a small dimple to her left cheek

She open her arms n said to pick her up

Maan took her in his arms

Papa Mere Papa
Papa Mere Papa


She moved her nose near to maan’s nose n then shook her nose


(stinna- u understood the way I want to tell u???? are inna cute scene hota hai na yeh)


Maan smiled.. awe she is so adorable.  N maan did the same with his nose.

Jannat left a damp kiss on maan’s cheek


Chanda Ne Poocha Taaron Se
Taaron Ne Poocha Hazaaron Se
Sab Se Pyara Kaun Hai



Maan tickle jannat in her stomach n jannat laughed, smiled, giggled with this

Its like a serene moment between a daughter n father


Papa Mere Papa


When this lines came, jannat again said

Jannat k papa

Papa Tere Papa


Then maan said “jannat k papa”


Whenever maan is angry bt its not possible, as when he want her princess to pamper her father he makes a pouty face n jannat alwz manofy him playing this song.

DVD player hav this CD of song alwz in it.


Daadi heard the song tht was playing n maan n jannat giggle. She smiled n went upstairs.

Maan’s mom too came up to see his son smile

As he rarely smiles.


Meethi Meethi Baaton Se Woh Sab Ko Hansata Hai
Pyaari Adaaon Se Woh Dil Behlaata Hai

Duniya Mein Aate Jaate Woh Pyaar Lutaata Hai


Daadi came into room n said these lines.

She came to both of them n kissed jannat’s cheek n caressed maan’s cheek

Maan put jannat down..

Saagar Ne Poocha Naiyya Se
Naiyya Ne Poocha Khiwaiyya Se
Sab Se Pyara Kaun Hai


Jannat twirled 2 times

N the again asked daadi with her eye brows up

Papa Mere Papa


She run to maan n hug him actually to his legs. Maan was in dire need of this love.

Daadi smiled seeing him so much happy.

Papa Tere Papa


Then maan’s mom said this words n came to jannat.

She patted on her hair n gave her a flying kiss.


Music was going on


“I wish tht u both alwz keep smiling like this” daadi said to maan

Maan nodded his head.


Jannat came n dragged maan. She said to come with her downstairs.

Maan followed her princess n came down


Chanda Ne Poocha Taaron Se
Taaron Ne Poocha Hazaaron Se
Sab Se Pyara Kaun Hai
Papa Tere Papa
Papa Tere Papa.


She took him to the kitchen. Maan knew her princess’s mischief.  why she took him there.

There was a small fridge in kitchen. Jannat went near it n made a puppy dog face.

Maan knws what her darling wants.

He opens it n take out a chocolate icecream box from it.

He put the ice cream in plate n both came to dinning room. Maan made her sit on table.

Both eat the ice cream laughing n talking.




Geet came home with a smiley face.

She had her dinner, she wants to talk with maan. She thought to call him bt then dropped the idea.

She was lying on the bed not feeling like to sleep.

When her mob beeped

She smiled n guessed whose it can be???


sorry no picsCry


part dediated to all the fathers n mine too. luv u papaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

n yaa sab frnds k liye. as frndship day hai yr. luv u all.LOLLOL





If u ever likes my any work
do give ur views here.. its my appreciation thread.. all comments r welcome.. u need to jst post
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10 thoughts on “PART 24

  1. Hey…..hru?
    A vry Happy frdships day swty 😀

    What an awesumest update……love d daughter n father’s part……its so lovly n emotional yaar 😀
    Eyes mei water aa gaya 😉😀
    Geet ko bhi hona chahiye tha bt koi nai
    Next tym hi sahi 😀
    Love d song ❤️
    Papa jannat ke papa 😉😀

    I thought u’ll update it on saturday bt koi nai bt nw update as soon as possible 😉😀
    wooow Maan § geet both r happy nw bas ab jaldhi se mill jaye (i thnk dono se wait nai ho rha 😜)
    Thnkq for a lovly update 😀😀

    • thnkuu for such a lovely cmnt
      i love reading ur response.
      it motivates me a lot
      thanx a ton!!!!
      nopss i alwz updte on sunday 🙂
      aj hi krugi nxt part

  2. Sooooooooooo cute I just luv this song it makes me remember my childhood days with my dad…..imagination was just mindblowing kash geet bhi hoti

  3. thz update lyk chooooo cuttteeeeeeeeeeeeee luvvddd it alott n supa song luv maan n his lil princess thy rockss n so u tooo my sweetuu lyk u thz part fullyyy rockingg :* … Call ya toh villian ki hogi ya hero dono mein se ek ki :p

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