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                                                       PART 25

sorry for giving it late nite, bt got time now. 

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“did u take ur med?”  it was from maan.

Geet made  a pouty face

“huhh msg kia bhi toh kia..”

She got another msg

“don’t make tht funny face. 1st take them”

Geet smiled n took tht medicine from side table tht she don’t want to take. Bt then she hav to

She gulped it 1 go n made a yucky face.

“maan you hav to pay for this” geet said like threatening him as if he is infront of him


Then her phone rang. She hurriedly picked it

When geet could speak or say smthg she heard a beautiful voice

“mummaaa…. Mishh u”

Awe her darling’s voice. Its alwz a bliss to hear mumma from her mouth

“miss u too princess” geet said giving a kiss on phone

“mumma papa sabse ache hai aur mje aj ice cream v khilae” she gave a toothy smile to maan.

“aur papa ne v khae?” geet asked her

Phone was on speaker so maan said “kyu mere khane se kya hai??”

“haan mje sab pta hai. U like tht ice cream thts y u alwz give her n eat urself taking her name” geet said this as she knew this habit of both, having ice cream

Maan was abt to speak when jannat interrupted

“mumma aap ghr a jaoo fr aap v khana yum yum vali ice cream”

“yess. Very soon jannat.” Geet too want to be with her


“baby now u sleep okk. We’ll talk 2moro..

Maan tell her a sweet lullaby okk.” Its getting late so geet said bye

Maan n jannat said in huddled. Byee. Umaahhh

 Geet too did ummaaahhh”

Call ended.


Maan changed jannat in her night suit n put her in bed n tucked the duvet.

He too came under the duvet

Jannat cuddled near maan n maan place a sweet kiss on her forehead .

Soon jannat went into a deep slumber.




Next day maan was sitting in his cabin

Tody he didn’t shout at any1. He was desperately waiting for geet to come.

Then suddenly he felt something.

Like sweet n cold winds of love strted blowing

(stinna- lolzz office mei konsi hawaeye????? Hahahha fullon filmy cum serial cum ff scene.. abhi geet ayegi toh hwa chalegi hi. Hai na????)


Geet enters the office n walked through the corridor. Geet too felt the certain scent hit to her nostrils.

She rancid the air.

She was walking through maan’s cabin n stopped n saw maan

Whose too eyes were glued on glass door to hav her 1 glimpse.

Geet smiled seeing him waiting  4 her

Then she passed from their n entered to her cabin.


Maan called sasha

When maan saw sasha, his blood starting boiling. He trusted her n she, vt she did to him??? He wont forgive her for this sin. Of separating him with his love

Maan’s face was in grimace

He said her to make blueprints of a project n a quick presentation of it. He said tht he need it ASAP, he knws tht he will do it. Only she can do it such a short span of time.

Sasha was happy hearing gud words from his mouth. She went out n strted doing work.

She hav such short time bt she was suer he will do it. She made rough figures of it.


After half hour.


Maan called an urgent meeting where geet was also present.

They didn’t talk as usual, as they don’t wanna give any hint to sasha.

In meeting lights were off as presentation was going on a project. N sasha was dictating all the points.

On the other hand, in the dark room maan’s eyes were on a hazel orbs that were shinning. Geet saw him starring at her. She couldn’t handle is burning gaze on er.

She smiled seeing him. Her cheeks turned to crimson red. She felt shy n dn moved her eyes towards sasha.

Maan called the meeting purposely. After 5 min sasha ended the presentation n lights went on.

Sasha was waiting for maan to say abt it with smile plastered on her face.

Bt she didn’t knw abt maan’s intention

She thought for the honey comes out bt it went opposite. Maan blasted on her.

Maan- vt the hell is this. He threw the files on floor.

He saw towards her with immense hatred n eyes spitting fire.

“Sasha” he called her. Sasha was bemused. She quiver with his loud voice. she don’t knw vt she did???? She did exactly vt maan said. Then????

“I told u to make the blueprints on vt location u did what???? 1st listen to ur boss carefully instead of doing the gossips in my office. I don’t pay u for this.” Maan spit out the words 4m his mouth.

It was not bizarre for the staff to hear these types of words bt new is to whom he is blasting. He never said anythg to sasha, as of being a loyal employee from many years.

There was sheer anger in his voice.

Though maan was stealing glances on geet bt he too listens the presentation in b/w.

Sasha started shaking n her eyes welled up.

Geet saw maan, she knew why he is doing this. She was happy bt sad too. Happy as sasha deserves this bt sad seeing her insult in presence of all staff.

“what did I told u??” mana asked her. Maan was getting frenzy now.

“vo MK.” Sasha couldn’t say anythg as she was not getting abt mistake, fault she did.

“The entrance was from the east, leave that u took wrong figures too”  maan stated the reason

Sasha mull over his words, she didn’t remember of saying abt entrance.

The maans stated “u r out of this project” he left from there.

After his leaving all other employee came out.

Geet was moving out when she too came back

She was fronting sasha.

She patted on sasha shoulder who was standing with her head bowed. Sasha was in fidgety.

“its okk sweety try to concentrate on work not in some1’s life. she said stressing the last words of her sentence”

“I think u r getting old thts y don’t remember things. Eat 4 almonds daily. Yaa gud for ur small dirty brain” geet sneered.

Geet too left 4m there.


(stinna- hahahhaha.. I m laughing on sasha’s plight. Hope u all r satisfied??? A lil ???? it’s a lil fiddclt 4 me to type this scenario as its not of my type. I like funny things more. Do tell hows it)


Maan texted geet. Geet received n came out of office. No1 dare to ask abt where she going.

All knew maan goes out 4m office angrily..

Geet walked 10-15 steps on road when he came to her sight. She smiled n came there n sat in the car.

“maan what was that???” geet asked her while sitting

“I don’t knw abt vt u r talking?” maan strted driving “hmm I guess these r building n this is car n thts road n many things geet. Stop asking silly question” maan stated

Geet squinted her eyes n then she hit playfully on maan’s arm

“maan kuch zada tha. U shouldn’t be so vicious with her” geet said

“what???? Geet still u expect me too be gud with that fu***g b****”

“maan” geet said, she don’t want him to use such words tht useless ppl.

“okk. Wont happen again” maan smiled n geet nodded


“why u called” geet asked reason of calling her there

“eloo..  I hav right to meet u. u r my patni na” maan said mockingly

They were enjoying being together,


PRECAP- don’t knw. Hehehehhehe


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8 thoughts on “PART 25

  1. Hey swty 😀
    Frstly all d vry best for d exams dear
    Hope sab acha hoga…….😀

    Nw abt d update
    Its just awesuuuummmmmmm😘😀
    Loved each n every moment (thnkq for adding romance😉)
    Wooow geet ki kami puri kar di…..three f dem talking together…….awwwwe😊
    After dat in office scene hwa wala full on flimy😀
    Its gud
    After dat Maan ne jo sasha ki class li…..maaza aa gaya 😝😀
    At last Maan said u r biwi n mera haq h 😉😀
    Thnkq dear for such a beautiful update
    Waiting for ur update………

  2. Hahahahaha…I like ur comments in b/ w…lol sachme hawa chal rahi thi lagta hai…bs volen ki kami thi….maan ka anger mast tha….geet love ur yr 4 almonds daily lol….kash truth jjaldi revel ho…..yr ab dil dosti aur dewangi bhi update krna jaldi …plz

    • thnkuuu
      ehhehehehh yaa hwa chal rahi thi,, voilen nexxt time pakka 😀

      hmmm yr isko boht diffclty se post krti hu.. clg ki vajah se time nhi milta
      now u give me solution. vt i do?????

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