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                                           PART 26
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“maan kuch zada tha. U shouldn’t be so vicious with her” geet said

“what???? Geet still u expect me too be gud with that fu***g b****”

“maan” geet said, she don’t want him to use such words tht useless ppl.

“okk. Wont happen again” maan smiled n geet nodded


“why u called” geet asked reason of calling her there

“eloo..  I hav right to meet u. u r my patni na” maan said mockingly

They were enjoying being together,


Maan stopped the car

Geet squinted her brows asking where they r going????

Maan blindfolded her with black cloth

Geet asked him vt he is doing????

“geet kuch der chup raho na. plzz” maan plead her

Geet kept quite.

Maan came out of the car n moved to geet’s side

He very carefully helped geet in coming out

He hold her hand protectively n led her in. they walked 15 steps when maan left her hand n came to her back.

Maan’s breath fell in geet’s ear. Geet felt Goosebumps with his closeness.

Her face shade become scarlet.

“stay here n don’t remove the cloth” maan whispers n left 4m there

Geet(st)- uff babaji, ye maan kha gaye hai???


Then maan’s voice came

“geet’. Take it off”

Geet strted removing the cloth while murmuring “uff shukar hai.. bt maan aap”

When geet was done. She saw straight where maan was standing.

Maan was standing in front with a chef hat n apron on him. And a cute smile on his face.

Geet asked thru his eyes vts this???


Maan came forward

So mam vt u will like to hav????

I hav- world’s best gol gappe’s ,

He was sluggish towards her.

 delicious tikki with tangy flavor chatni,

He kept walking while saying with smirk on his face.

 bhail puri, he was now fronting her

he came close. N huskily said “lots of dairymilk too” he showed her dairymilk.

He take it close to her mouth n geet took 1 bite of it.

Geet was astounded with this.

Maan knowingly put some dairymilk near her bottom lip n then took 1 bite of it.

“do u like it wifey???” maan asked looking straight into her eyes

Geet’s eyes showed some naughtiness. She moved back n then saw the stall.

“hmmm .. achha hai. Maan aap both kanjoos ho”

Maan squinted his eye balls. “mai aur kanjoos”

“why that so??” maan asked geet coming near her

“aur nahi toh kya???? Huhh chocolate dib hi vo bhi 5 rupee vali aur vo bhi half khud khali” geet said making a face ignoring him.

“ab mn chocolate share v nhi kr skta hai??” maan asked geet

“aur ye sab???? Aap ne toh paise bacha liye. In sab chizo ko bnayega kon???” geet said while pointing towards the delicious food

“geeet.. thts not fair. I did all this 4 u. huuhhh” maan made pouty face.

“oh hoo maan.. I was joking” geet pulled maan’s cheek.

“achha ab kuch khilaoge ya???? Paise bachane hai??? She said last words in whisper bt maan’s ear was on her only n he heard it

“geet u hav to pay 4 this???” while maan came to that stall.

Geet made a O shape mouth “ab iske paise mn dugi kya?????”

“noo shona. I was sayng abt the words u said. Now tell vt u will hav?? I thnk gol gappe” maan asked her

Geet nodded feeling excited to hav it

Maan wore the gloves n mixed the material.

He gave her plate. Maan then served her golgappa

Geet gulped it in 1 go

While having it “mahhaan iikka pani do na”

“geet 1st eat na. then say” maan said while making 1 more n served her

Geet finished the 1 that was in her mouth “hmm.. I was saying.. tikha bnao.”

Then geet asked him to hav it. 

She put the 1 full in his mouth. It was with spicy water only. Maan don’t hav  habit to hav it. His breath choked.

Geet searched 4 water. she got bisleri water bottle. N gave it to maan, he drank the water. N felt relieved.

“geet u r not going to have it.” Maan ordered worrying abt her health

“houu maan. I like it in this way.” How can maan say like this, its her fav. She made golgappa face

“geet itna tikha nt gud na. u hav smthg else.. bhail puri????” maan asked n told to tr smthg else

Geet nodded.

Maan moved to tht stall n made bhail puri 4 her mishti

he brought it to geet in a cuty way. “here it is. World’s best bhail puri by world’s best chef n for best wife”

geet took it n hav 1 spoon of it.

She asked him. Geet took spoon near his mouth, maan open his mouth bt then geet moved the spoon to her mouth

After havng it, geet showed him tongue.

Maan glared her

Then geet again took spoon of bhailpuri to maan. Maan moved his head to other side, geet came to tht side, forward the spoon bt maan moved his head to other side

“achha baba sorry na” geet made a pleading face n then again asked him

Maan hav it. Geet smiled.

“abhi mje v toh do na” geet then said

Then maan made her eat it.

Then after spending some quality time together both moved 4m there

Then maan stopped the car infront of hotel.

Geet asked “maan hum yha kyu aaye hai???”

Both entered the hotel n thre her frnds rk n rohan were sitting. Both were glaring at them.

Maaneet sat on chairs with them n said helloo

Rohan- u knw hum log toh yha makhiaan maar rahe the

Geet- ohhh achha tabhi yha pe koi nhi hai. Gud job

Rk- kha the tum???? We r waiting 4 half an hour yr

Rohan- haan.. aur yha toh koi hot si he roamed his eye balls n dn saw maan he changed the line to hot coffee bhi nhi hai

Rk n geet suppressed their laughter

Maan- yaa tell kya pta chla

Rk- tht doc is not in city now. Bt his family is in city hope so

Maan nodded

Maan- n evry month a grt amount of money is deposited in sasha’s a/c n I told my investigators to knw abt it n they r going to give me all info abt the calls  sasha’s call too

Rk- grt news

Geet- toh isliye hum yha aaye.. maan aapne investigation strt bhi krdi

Maan- geet I hav to do this long before. M sorry coz of me u hav to suffer a lot.

Maan’s eyes was showing guilt.

Geet placed her palm on maan’s cheek n gestures to no no.

To lighten the atmosphere rohan changed the topic

Rohan- btw where u both were??????

Sachii bta bhukadd kya kha k aye hai??? Ye kya lga hai???? N pointed to geet’s lip

Maan remembered the moment when he himself did this. Bt he forget to take advantage of it.

His naughty plan was in vain. How he can forget this.

He let out a sigh!!!!!

This is it. Geet was in sherni mode. He called him bhukad. How dare he.

Geet- rohan dont u dare to say this again. Btw y shd we tell where we were???

Aur  khane ki baat thre is 1 more person who eat with me.

Bhukadd mn nhi tum ho. huhh

Rk- relax geet. Bas kr.


PRECAP- don’t knw. Hehehehhehe


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12 thoughts on “PART 26

  1. Hey swty 🙂
    Frst f ol thnkq thnkq thnkq thnkq soooooo sooooooo much for d romantic moments……..luv u those moments § luv u tooo :*
    Geet ke yummmmy gol gappa’s
    Muaah mei paani aa gaya seriously 😜
    I too luv gol gappas 😀
    Both f dem r bck wth der romance 😉
    Maan ne investigation shurubhi kar di luv u maan for dis……he truley loves Geet…..luv it 😀😀
    Love d way jaise Geet faces banati n lovly pictures 😀😀
    Keep going swty…..luv d story alot 😀
    Waiting ki kon h vo jisne Maaneet ko alag kiya tha………
    Thnkq so much dear 😀😀😀😀

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