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                                           PART 27

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Rohan- btw where u both were??????

Sachii bta bhukadd kya kha k aye hai??? Ye kya lga hai???? N pointed to geets lip

Maan remembered the moment when he himself did this. Bt he forget to take advantage of it.

His naughty plan was in vain. How he can forget this.

He let out a sigh!!!!!

This is it. Geet was in sherni mode. He called him bhukad. How dare he.

Geet- rohan dont u dare to say this again. Btw y shd we tell where we were???

Aur  khane ki baat thre is 1 more person who eat with me.

Bhukadd mn nhi tum ho. huhh

Rk- relax geet. Bas kr

Geet- huhhh n made pouty face

Rohan- achaa tu khush reh aur khaa jitna marzi, bs my champ shd be hot n handsome jst like me

Geet- vry funny

Maan excused 4m there to make some calls

Geet- vaise thankuu to u both for being with me all the time, n telling maan.

Rk- its fyn yr. u r our besty. Tere liye kuch bhi

Rohan- maan ko toh isliye btaya tha k he hav many contacts, so it will be helpful in finding out abt that pretty chudial.

Geet- huhh. May god gives this type of frnds to no1.. rohan n rk were bemused

As I hav u both n aise frnds mere hi ho skte hai, no1 else.

Trio shared a hug together

Then a sound came from behind

Mai bhiii

Geet found the voice familiar. She turned n saw the angel in front of her

She ran toward geet n geet gave her arms to encircled the small petty body of her n picked her up in her lap

Geet kissed on face all over

Whispering- awe my princess, mumma missed u

Jannat broke the hug n said while opening her arms wide- mn v miss u innaaa vala. Sachii

muchi?? geet asked her though she know tht how much she missed jannat, jannat too missed her

Maan came from behind with a smile on his lips. Geet turned to him n said thanx

Rohan said seeing the cuty- olee toh ye hai jannat

Jannat heard her name n said- yes, m jannat, papa ki jannat

Rohan- toh mn konsa the le k jar ha hu

Jannat- mn jauga vi ni.. aap gande uncle n showed her tongue

Geet heard her sayng the word- baby bad words. Say sorry.  Who told u this word?

alee mumma, vo doremom mei gean hai na ganda, motuu sa. She said while laughing n putting her hand on her mouth

I told u she is addicted to her doremon maan said . he sat on the chair near her

baby but ye vo nhi hai then geet said to jannat by pointing towards rohan

haan alee vo toh motuuu hai. She giggled. he said he will take jannat away from papa she turned towards maan

nahi na dada????? she asked maan abt this

noo princess. no1 can take u away from me maan said to jannat n jannat gave  atoothy smile to maan n again showed her tongue to rohan n then her small thumb saying do doo

mumma se v nhi jauga she hugged geet tightly

Rohan retorted ” bilkul tere jaise hai ye

Geet- haan I knw, pretty like me n winked

They talked for sometime then time to leave

Jannat- mumma chloo

Geet thought, how she can go there. If sasha comes to know abt it, maybe she will again harm maan

Rk- aree geet.. do 1 thing, u go KM, as u r jannats mom, the way u came to office u can go to home too

Rohan- sasha ko thode se tough look de dena

Geet- aaj toh vaise bhi bechari ki both band baji hai

Rohan- vt????

Jannat was feeling lil sleepy, she was half sleeping in geets lap

Geet- kl btaugi. Abhi..

Maan declared that she will go with him, without geets no ifs n buts

geet u r my wife, so there wuld be no prob going to home

geet nodded n both headed towards car, n rk n rohan moved to their place

in car

geet wants to go home with them, bt still there was some fear

maan placed his hand on geets hand sensing her tension n blinked his eyes, he ensured tht all will be ok.

geet m with u. hmm.. aur hum kisi k darr se door kyu rahe???? Aur jab maan singh khurana tumhare sath hai, toh darne ki kya baat hai maan said n lighten the atmosphere with his last cmnt

Geet smiled to it

hmmm.. aur fr mrs. Khurana hi kisi se nhi darti

Both giggled with their lines

Soon they reached home. It was dark outside, jannat was sleeping till now. She has content smile on her lips.

Maan came out of car n dn went to geets side, open the door n took jannat from geets lap. Both enter the KM n moved to room

(stinna- chavvi di happy???? Maan geet together n bck to home?)


From far person is having an eye on maaneet. He watched them going inside. He followed them 4m hotel. After it he made a call to some1 n inform abt them going inside


Maaneet was happy being together.



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17 thoughts on “PART 27

  1. Hiiii…..hws u?
    Awesum, lovly, mindblowing stinnu 😀
    Seriously maaza aa gaya update pad kar…….😀😀
    Loved d geet , jannat n Maan’s part 😘
    Also luv maneet moment n thnk God dey r together…..☺️😊
    Thnkq swty for such a wonderful story 👍
    U shuld try black or red one piece dress for cat walk……
    I lovd ur both stories….😀
    Frst update dis full story after dat write d next story update……dis we’ll b helpful for u😀
    Frst one to comment 😉😃

    • thnxx
      m glad u liked it
      hmmm pehle ye krlu fr vo strt krugi 🙂
      n abt dress thnx 4 suggestion.. going to market 2moro. lets see vt i’ll get

      • hellooo
        hows u guys????
        first i wanna ask forgiveness from u all.
        m really sorry 4 disappearing, without informing
        i really felt bad 4 this.
        i knw i didnt updted chaha hai tujko 4m so long
        i hav my reasons
        1st my freshers was going as u all knw. btw it was fab.
        then i participated in youth fest. so daily their rehearsals r going on, clg is not evn allowed to attend my lectures too. i hav to go to clg on suday too. see so much na insafi naCryCryCry
        then my net was not working 4 one week
        then i got ill. didnt touched lappy 4 whole week.
        let my youth fest get over n dn 4m 30th my exams r cmng,
        so sorry for delay.
        bt will ensure u will give compensatory updte 4 sure
        long vala updte, when i’ll be free will type.
        so all were these reasons of my not updtng.
        hope u understand meSmile
        luv uuu boht zada vala.

      • Hi 😀
        Thnk god u’r back swty……vry happy 2 see u 😊😊
        It’s ok dear…..don’t b sry
        It happens sumtym 😀

        Tkc f urself……..😀
        I understand But We want an update soon 😜😉😀 plzzz
        Luv u too 😘
        Waiting for u’r lovely update…..

      • not back yet
        but will b back sooooon promise
        let exams get over i’ll be back with bang
        n hopefully with both stories. fingers crossed

        sorry 4 delay

      • Hellllllloooooooooooo dear
        H r u?
        Where r u??
        Missing u n u’r lovly updates 😔
        Kaha ho tum
        kaha ho tum…..😜
        Want an update soon………..waiting

      • hellooooo
        m all cool. u say
        me at home 😀
        miss u too yr.
        aapka hukum sarakho par. updte given 😉

  2. superb dear
    jannat was sho cute
    now who is following maan & geet
    i don’t want any more pain for any one of them. they had already suffered a lot

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