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okk 1st wanna tell u abt my disapperarnce.
1st here u go.. me in my freshers party 
2ND i participated in youth fest in mime, as i told before. our team stood 3rdBig smileBig smile
dont laugh.. okk u can. as my family too laughed. i knw m looking like bhootniLOLLOL
then my exams. they wre gud. n thnx fr ur wishesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
then my csn sis marraige.
its my mehandi


i told all my reasons.
now here is updte. njoyyy
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                                           PART 28





Next day.

Jannat was happy seeing her mom near her.

She was showing tantrums tody, she says she don’t wanna go to sch n want to be with geet. She fears that she will go to sch dn geet will go smwher else

Geet ensures that she ill not go n she too will come to pick her up 4m sch.

After promising her 4 ice ream n shopping jannat agreed to go to sch.

Seeing geet at home, 1 person was happy n other was lil happy.

Daadi was happy 4m bottom of her heart

On other hand, maan’s mom was not, though she likes maan’s smile.

Geet was going to kitchen n then cmng back to dinning room.

Her lil princess n maan was making her to go too n fro. Finally jannat was ready n trio sat in car

They drop jannat in sch n then moved to office together.

Maan stopped the  car n geet came out. Maan didn’t. she was standing out, she kept her face on her palms by supporting it on the car window

Geet asked gesturing through her eye brows n with her orbs

“kha mr.khurana??”

“aap chaliye mrs.khurana. mn aata hu” maan said

“aur jannat” geet asked n reminded him of jannat to take her from sch so she want him to be on time.

Maan stopped the car at some place. It was a small house

He came out of car n then rang the bell of house. He did it again

N then a lady opens the door. She was in her forty’s.

“dr. Sharma lives here” maan asked the lady

“ji.. kahiye aap” the lady answered. She said maan to come in.

“aap baitiye mn paan” lady said bt maan interrupted in between

“its okk. Can u tell me where is dr.sharma??” maan straightly asked her.

“he went outside. Will be cmng any moment” lady replied n went to kitchen.

From the interior of the house he judged tht they were not in good condition

Lady came with glass of water n offered maan.

At tht time doc came there

Both greeted each other

Maan said he want to talk to him alone.

The lady went in saying she will bring smthg. Maan n doc were now alone

Maan- dr. I straightly come to point. M here to talk abt geet, whom u operated  oh sry actually I shd say fake operated

Doc hav some drops of sweat on his face.

Maan offered his handkerchief to doc.

“I jst want to knw abt the person behind this, otherwise u too hav to pay for this, then no1 can save u from wrath of MSK, tht u cant evn imagine”

He had heard abt MSK, how much arrogant he his. With words he though he must be his husband, as geet was actually geet khurana. He had no other option left except telling the truth.

With haste steps doc went to maan’s feet n begged him.

“m really sorry, there was no bad intention behind this. I was jst”  maan made her stand, he don’t felt it right tht an old man being begging in his feet

“seeing so much money infront of my naked eyes, I was blind tht came in tht lady’s word. N now m paying for my bad deed.”

n was angry n furious hearing his acceptance

He narrowed his eyes with hearing last set of words “paying?”

Maan asked “matlab”

“tht lady, she bribed me saying tht she will give me money if I faked the surgery. She gave me lump sum money n then she forced to leave my job threatening tht she will tell evry1 abt this. She hav pictures of mine taking the money. Now she stopped giving me money also” while saying all this man was crying.

The lady came from behind

“g bhai sahib. Ismei inki koi galti nhi thi.. tht time we need money bt we don’t know this all will end up in this. Now he don’t hav job, we hav a daughter in house. If truth came out where we will go??” lady too had tears in her eyes

Bt maan was angry. There was also no fault of them in this

“bt all bcz of u, how much we hav to suffer?????” hatred towards whoever she is had been increased to nth times.

He moved his fingers in his hairs  thinking vt he shd do now


After a while maan spoke “okk call her n tell her to meet. I’ll give u money bt I want tht lady. N dare u tell her abt my visit here” His eyes hav sheer arrogance n were red.

“bt what if she denies.. she never picks my call. N says me not to call her”

“thts not my prob u hav to make her agree” maan retorted back

“okk listen. Jst tell her u too hav some proof. Thus she hav to come to meet you. U call her n then give me full details of all.” Maan said

Maan strted going out when he stops n turned

“jst do what I say or else I too don’t knw what might can happen” saying maan goes 4m their

Maan strted engine of car when he got call from geet

With geet’s name flashing he bite his tongue,

“how can I forgot????” He saw the time in his watch. Its almost time of jannat’s dispersal

“ab toh tu gya maan” maan selft thought. He drove fast n pressed green button n kept the phone on speaker

Here comes geet’s voice

“maan where r u??? u r vry careless”

“M sorry geet. M jst on the way”

“han han koi zaroorat nhi hai. Mn khud le aaugi apni beti ko. Aap kro apna kaam.” She pouted her lips

“Geet don’t make such face, or else u will look more fat”

Geet made O shape mouth. “Maan, huhhh.” She cut the call

Maan speed up the car n he reached to office. He saw geet standing there with angry face.  Maan horned n geet saw him

Geet muttered under her breath “huhh aa gaye late latif”

She came n sat in the car.

Maa strted the car n strted driving to jannat’s school

She didn’t speak any word nor maan

Geet was stealing glances towards maan.  Maan smiled seeing her. Bt he didn’t said anythg

Geet complained in low whisper “dekhaa babaji. Abhi baat v nhi kr rahe. Huhh”


Soon they reached school. They were 5 min late n jannat was playing with toys. Teachers were instructed there tht jannat shd be entertained till maan’s arrival.

(stinna- MSK’S power. U know???)


They took her 4m their n headed towards home

“hows my princess” maan ask while driving

“papa’s princess is grt” jannat gave a toothy smile to maan

“mamma u knw tody tash (yash) n pliya (priya) had fight. She said in her language

Geet didn’t get the names she was saying

“bt why???” maan knew abt them. They were jannat’s sch frnds n both were bro-sis.

“alee dada, vo tash k papa ne pliya ko doll di na, aur tash ki do do” jannat explained reason of their fight.

She giggled while telling.

“off fooo” She hit her forehead with her palm “mumma u don’t knw tash pliya???”

Then maan spoke “vo geet they r jannat’s frnd.

Geet nodded her head.

Then jannat talked abt what happened, vt she did their. Geet was listening to her like some1 was telling her best story of the world.


PRECAP- He forged towards her. Geet closed her eyes in reflex. Maan came more closer. They can hear even there breathsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed




LUV UUEmbarrassed


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8 thoughts on “PART 28

  1. stinna it was amazing. so finally maan is trying to know who was the culprit behind all the mess of his life. emotional part was that when geet and her baby was talking. geet had lost most precious year of her baby. but now all are together. precap is superb. and i am so much exited for next

  2. hey hr u???
    miss u alottttttttttttttttttttt…………..kisne kaha ki aapko kissine miss nai kiya ya comments nai kiya……….meine toh hamesha msg karke yaad kiya u n ur updates ko……
    miss ur updates alot………….thnk god ur bck wth an awesum update 🙂
    nw d update s sooooooooo gud mindblowing:) 😉
    luv maan n geet n kab pata chalega vilian ka?????????
    thnkq for a wonderful update 🙂
    n nw abt ur pics-u r luking nyc n lovd ur mehndi 🙂 🙂
    nw update as soon as possible coz nw our wait s over 😛 coz ur bck 🙂 🙂

    • hyy
      m all gud.. hows u???
      yaa dear u alwz cmnt, i knw. luv u for tht. u r such a darling :* :*
      eheheh u like in tht dress?????? lolzz i luk so wired

      hmm yaa updte cmng sooon now
      as hav to end it sooon na. fr dec mei exams aa jayege. isliye
      thnxx for cmnts :*

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