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                                           PART 29



Then geet saw tht they were near railway crossings. N it was going to close.

“maan drive fast na, or else we hav to wait here till train arrives” geet said

Bt maan didn’t did this n slow down the car. n hence the fatak(sorry I don’t knw its exact English word) shut down

Their car was standing 1st.

“maan.. now we hav to wait na, aur jannat maybe hungry also” geet complained.

“mumma aj mje ice cream khaani” jannat said sulking her lips. Geet nodded.

After 2 mins. They heard train’s sound. Jannat’s eyes shine hearing it.

She clapped “abhi koo chuk chuk ayegi.. yeee” jannat loved seeing trains, so maan stopped the ar their.

Soon train came n jannat bid bye to train. There was constant smile on her face. She kept saying bye bye till train becomes disappear.

Geet smiled seeing her smiling n glowing face.


(stinna- actually lil csn bro did this, so thought to include it, n btw I too used to do the same,, I think many of u too did????)


She turned to maan n gave a smile to him. They drove off from their n then stopped the car to a ice cream parlor so tht her princess can have it.

Jannat again clapped seeing ice cream shop. She gave a flying kiss to maan. Maan bent n kissed her cheeks. Jannat too gave him a damp kiss on his cheeks. They were abt to go when maan stopped calling geet name.

He bent towards back seat n bring a red rose n gave it to geet. “sorry jaan” with a cuty face.

Geet took it n smiled. Then she turned other side so tht they can get out of car. then geet turned a gave a quick peck on maan’s cheek. Maan was shocked with her sudden act. He caressed his cheek with his hand.

Till he can say anythg, she was going towards the parlor. Geet turned back n winked to maan.

Maan parked the car n came out.

They ordered their ice cream n have them. They had a great time together.

They giggled, talked, laughed.

After having ice cream they went to garden insisted by jannat. They played their.

After all the day chorus jannat was tired now. It was 6 in the evening. They drove off to home.

Jannat slept in geet’s lap during the way to home.

there was complete hush in the car.

maan dropped geet home saying tht he hav meeting, will be back soon.


 **  **  **

Maan went for meeting..

When he was returning, he got the call from the doc. He picked it immediately.

“hello mr.khurana” doc spoke on phone.

“hello” “hmm did u talked??” maan asked

“yes. I told her tht I have some proof. 1st she was not agreeing to it, then I cut the call. As u say she called me back n asked… 4m her voice I can say tht she was scared. She agreed to meet me 2moro at XYZ hotel at 5pm” tht man told evrythg to maan vt he talked

“so I was right she is afraid, if truth comes out” maan thought

“okk. I’ll call u 2mror then will tell next step. Hmm” maan said in stern voice

Call ended

Maan called some1

“yess I need security at this place but tht shd be from far. No1 shd come to know abt it, not evn the owners of the house. I want each n evry sec info of ppls who r living there. Clear.. hmmm”

Call ended.

Maan instructed to hav an eye on doc. House. Jst to ensure tht he is not making any lame statement or if he is speaking truth, then tht lady may try smthg to harm her. She can go to any extent to suppress the truth

“I swear whoever u r, jst strt counting ur days, no ur hours I shd say” maan thought. He said with feisty .

He has sheer arrogance in his eyes n aversion for tht lady


Maan reached home.

It was past 10. It was dusk outside. When he entered his mansion, it was exquisite with new colors. The only presence of some1 special had change somthg in the mansion. It was like the air has changed

He let the air hit into his nostrils

Its like some1 giving him soothing massage to threw away all the stress of the day. The scent of geet’s presence near is enough to make him relax.

He straightly went to his room. Jannat was sleeping peacefully n tucked in her pink soft duvet. With her pooh near her. He came near her n gave a small peck on her chubby cheeks.

He saw other side to find geet, bt she was not there.

He went to freshen up.

Geet was downstairs waiting for him. He saw him entering n went to kitchen to bring dinner for him. When she returned maan was all gone to room. So thought to take dinner in room

When she came to room maan was not there, perhaps he is in washroom.

She set the plates on near by table. She was pouring water in glass when maan came from back with slow steps.

“bhauuu” maan’s sudden sound made geet scared n she jumped. The water fell on her dress.

She turned to maan who was in his black vest n tracks, towel in his neck. Some water droplets were making their way to his neck from his short hairs.

His look was hard to handle

Geet gulped her saliva seeing him. As when she turned maan was standing very close to her. They were just inches away from them.

Tinge of naughtiness came into maan’s eyes seeing her lady love lost in him.

He forged towards her. Geet closed her eyes in reflex. Maan came more closer. They can hear even there breaths.

Maan then moved to her ears

“jaan change krlo vrna cold ho jayega” maan said in her ears n moved towards the table.

Geet opened her eyes n cursed why she alwz got lost seeing him. Dam its so many years of their togetherness, still she cant resist his charms. She alwz gets allure towards him.

“uff m starving geet…” maan checked the dishes.

“geet jldi change krlo aur dinner????” he asked her

 geet gave him tough look n stamped her feet on floor n went to wardrobe. she barged into the washroom.

She came out changing n went directly to bed not before giving maan “will eat u look”

Maan put food in the plate n went to bed, sat near her.

“ufff yee nakhraa, gussa is nose pe kitna baith ta hai na” he said while pulling geet’s small slender nose in sneered tone.

“huhhh” geet turned to other side

“geet wont u feed me?” maana asked in pleading voice

“r u of jannat’s age??? Help urself. Don’t disturb me” geet put duvet over her head

“ohkk fine I’ll not hav it till u feed me with ur hands” maan stood up keeping the plate on side table.

When geet hold his hand n maan stopped. Maan had winning smile on his face.

“okk sit” geet said.

Maan’s face like “I m innocent baby” he sat near her

Geet took the plate n handed a morsel to him. Which maan turned to geet n made her eat “I knew u too didn’t hav anythg”

Geet ate it.. then she took another morsel of food n fed to maan.

They both feed eachother, in this session geet’s anger was all long gone.

“geet u didn’t be starve 4 so long” maan said keeping plate aside.

“maan how can I hav when I know u didn’t hav something” geet explained reason of her not having dinner

“bt jaan now its not abt u only, its for my princess too na” maan said looking towards her belly.

“hmm” geet nodded when she make her eyes big..

“maan what did u jst said???? Princess???” geet asked

“haan geet. My lil princess” maan said

“maan this time its prince charming. Okk. N I don’t want to argue on it. Bs final.” She said folding her arms near her chest

“achha g.. meri nakal???” he looked towards her posture.

“dekhege geet.” Maan said

“hmmm.. jst wait n watch” geet retorted back n laid down.

Geet was 1 side while jannat was in the middle. Maan went to other side of jannat n laid down there

He kissed on jannat’s forehead saying”good night my princess. geet’s face was facing towards jannat. She smiled seeing him

Maan came near geet, he kissed on her forehead while geet closed her eyes in reflex. Good night my lil princess, when she jerked open her eyes. Again princess???

“dekhege” maan said to her.


then he kissed on geet’s cheek. Gud night wifey n now sleep



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  1. Hey Im gud 😀
    Awesum fab beautiful mindblowimg n all d adjectives for dis update
    Seriously maza aa agaya😀
    Loved the train part(bie bie train👋😜)
    § also maan n geet romance 😍😃
    Uuf yeh maan ka tease karna…….😉poor geet…..
    Dress was nyc n luking gud 😀
    Thnkq soooo much 4 a wonderfull update 😘😀
    Sry this tym im d last one to comment
    Bie tc😊

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