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                                           PART 30



He kissed on jannat’s forehead saying”good night my princess. geet’s face was facing towards jannat. She smiled seeing him

Maan came near geet, he kissed on her forehead while geet closed her eyes in reflex. Good night my lil princess, when she jerked open her eyes. Again princess???

“dekhege” maan said to her.


then he kissed on geet’s cheek. Gud night wifey n now sleep



next day

maan wokeup with the sound of his phone. Jannat stirred in her sleep.

Maan hurriedly picked it up. N pressed the red button to cut the call.

Maan came to portico attached to his room. n checked whose call was at 7 in the morning.

He saw it was of the detectives whom he said to investigate abt the person who deposit money in sasha a/c n he too gave them the random numbers 4m where tht lady called doc several times.

Maan called them back.

“hello mr.khurana. sorry to disturb u this early.” Men on other side said.

its okk, whts the matter???” maan asked

sir the no. u gave us is highly confidential, so it might be of some powerful person. But u don’t worry sir we r doing our work. Both the reports will be in ur hand till 10. We assure u.” men said

Maan nodded n said to do it fast. He cant delayed it, he cant wait more to punish the culprit.

Call ended.

When he came back to room. He saw jannat delving something. She was rubbing the back of her palm in her eyes n was yawning.

Maan came n picked her in his arms.

“vts my princess searching??” he asked her

“gud morning dada” jannat said n gave damp kiss on his cheeks.

“olle gud mrng angel”

“allele dada, ek naam bola taro na” geet complained of calling her angel

“oh hoo.. ohkk princess. now tell me vt r u searching?” he saw her eyes were moving here n there

“papa retote(remote)… doremon dekhna princess to” jannat said in her language

Maan chuckled with her demand of watching doremon.. uff these kids, so much addicted to tht blue clr ka mota. Maan thought.

“yaa princess bt its early morning, n tody is Sunday so no sch. U shd sleep baby” maan tried to made her agree

“waooo suntay. Jannat’s face shine hearing holiday.. hmm dada princess day. Yeee” jannat jumped to maan’s lap

(stinna- maan took jannat to somewhere n alwz spend the Sunday with her)


Then her eyes moved to sleeping geet

She slammed her lil palm on her forehead “alee mumma v toh hai, mai bhul gya. Aj hum pitnic pe jayege aur ice cream v khayega. Haina???”

Maan nodded n kissed on her chubby cute cheeks. “yes baby”

“mai mumma ko uthata hu” she slowly crawled towards geet n maan tried to catch her. He don’t want to disturb her jaan’s sleep.

“baby let mumma sleep na” maan said in low whisper near to her ear

Jannat stopped on mid way of bed

“alee papa, don’t speak in my ear na. huhhh” she made pouty face.

“ohkk sorry.. now u go to sleep” maan made her lied on bed.

With haste jannat stood up “nahii mje doremon dekhna”

With sudden movement geet stirred in her beautiful sleep. She moved the back of her palm on her eyes. Sunlight from the balcony came n hit into geet’s eyes. She couldn’t open up her eyes properly.

Geet yawned n her hand moves towards her mouth. Her eyes were close. Seeing geet moving, moved stood up n put the curtain sideways so tht sunlight wont come in n her jaan can sleep peacefully.

When maan turned, geet was trying to get up.

“dud morning mommy”

Geet smiled n pulled jannat in a hug  “gud mrng angel”

Jannat gave a damp kiss on her cheeks n geet too gave her kiss on cheeks

Maan smiled seeing them, he hurriedly came there n jumped on bed.

Startled mom daughter saw maan. Maan moved his cheek n pointed to cheek “me too”

Jannat giggled n gave a kiss on maan’s cheek. Maan moved forward n said geet to kiss on his cheeks. Maan closed his eyes. Geet moved closer n instead of kissing she slapped plyfully

Both daughter mother laughed seeing maan’s cute stunned reaction

Maan gave geet “I’ll see u later look” to which geet returned sorry look.

Moved stood up n went to washroom.


Uff vt to do with him, now why he got angry.. babaji aap samjhaiye na maan ko.

“Mommy” I heard jannat’s voice. She nudged me again to divert my mind to her which was on maan

“yes baby” I replied to her cupping her face in my palms

“m hungry” she made pouty face

I said tht will make oats for her, but she is too her fathers daughter n was adamant to eat noodles.

I decided to get down n make noodles for her

When I heard the washroom’s knob being moved n flung open the door.

Maan came out with towel around his neck, wet hairs. Water droplets make their way from tip of his hair strand to his neck. Some drops were on his ears n forehead.

Babaji ne badi fursat se bnaya hai sachi mei.

Hayee he is so tempting. He came forwards n shot an angry glare to me.

Nw vt I did???? Baad mei dekhti hu inko. 1st hav to get ready n make noodles for jannat.

I went to take bath. Ooppss I forgot to take towel. I called maan but no response from his side. Ya yaa how he will rply. He is busy giving me angry glares na

I called his name again. Then I thought to get it myself. I peeped out my face from door to see where he is??? I can also tell jannat na.

I moved my eye balls to right n left.. hmm raasta saaf hai geet. Jldi se jaa le aa towel.



I knw m over reacting by not talking to her n not answering. But m too jst usually playing the way she did. I knw she hit playfully. But thoda sa bhav toh bnta hai na.

I saw her going to washroom n the towel outside. Then the idea peeped in my mind to tease her now. Wow maan singh khurana u so clever. I tapped my shoulder feeling proud in my thoughts.

She called my name again. I hid behind the curtain tht were near washroom. Hmm she herself will get the towel come jaan, wanna see u.. I was smirking with big grin on my face.

She called jannat name this time

I smiled a bit remembering, jannat is in toy room. Yepiee m so smart na, I send her there saying she hav to pack her toys for picnic.  I knew she will call her too.

I peeped out a lil from curtain, n saw towards the washroom. The door was shut. I thought for sec where she is. Then I saw from other side in room to check weather she is in??

“where she gone??” I thought getting back inside the curtain. When I got a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see geet who wearing a pink colour bath robe,  she was looking dam sexy in pink n with her hairs all over messy. Some hair strands were on her face. I got lost in her beauty.

She asked vt I was doing here???

I didn’t answer actually was lost in her na. vt to do. She is irresistible.

She nudged me to get her attention n I came back to senses.

“haan vo m geet.”. I stammered getting less words.

“haan haan mn btati hu na.. maan aap na bade . she was pointing her slick finger towards me n moving forward n in reflex I was moving back.

“both hi bigad gaye ho aap maan.” She was looking like a tigress who was moving close to her prey n will eat him at the moment n would satisfy her hunger

Oh god where my thoughts r going????

Then I hit the back of wardrobe. She turned her face to other side. Her eyes were showing fury

“jab dekho mje tang krte rehte ho aap” she then made a complaining face with golgappa mouth.

She stomped her foot on the floor n moved to other side to walk away

I dragged her with her arm. She collided with my chest. her face was in my crook of neck.

She tried to go n when my hold on her waist got tighter. With my free hand I made her look towards me by lifting her chin.

Some hairs strands came into her eyes. I was moving my hands to tuck them behind her ear. When se blow air from her supple lips n the hairs moved in air.

Oh hoo ye to boht bhadki hui hai yr.

This didn’t effect me at all. I moved closer to her.. made her look into my eyes. We were close tht air couldn’t evn pass b/w us,

I moved closer towards her lips. My eyes were like glued on her pink supple lips. They were inviting me. So how can I not accept an invitation.

Grhhh.. then my phone buzzed n geet moved back freeing herself from my grip. She giggled seeing my plight. 





precap- whose phn call???????



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8 thoughts on “PART 30

  1. Hey😃
    Awesum superb beautiful fab update h yaar😀maaza aa gaya😀
    Loved the description f handsome maan n stunning geet😀😀
    Babaji hi bache hamei s Maan se😉😜😀
    Loved d jannats talk n small romantic fights of Maaneet☺️😊
    Chooo swt in jannats style 😉
    Thnkq swty for a wonderful update😀
    Waiting………who calld Maan😉😀
    Update soon…….

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